Recruiting a Custodian of the Glossary

Hi guys, I’m looking to see if anyone is interested in becoming the ‘Custodian of the Glossary‘ for Coiling Dragon. See more below. This post will be stickied for a few days.

I’m finding that I’m starting to lag behind in updating the glossary, and if someone is interested, I’d like to recruit someone to help me keep it updated (and I would give them full edit permission for the glossary). The requirements are pretty simple; I’d like it to be someone who has been here a while, is a careful reader, and who knows what to put in and what not. For example,

‘Rutherford – One of the Five Prime Saints who lives in the Arctic Icecaps. Trains in the Elemental Laws of Water, focused on the ice-style in particular. Was killed by Queen Mother Lachapalle on the seventh floor of the Necropolis of the Gods.’

The strikethrough is an example of what I would consider to be ‘too much’ and would not want to put in.  If you’re interested, please post on this thread with your sample glossary entry!  🙂

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      1. How else to describe him then? If you were to say the descritpion of the next chapter, that would be spoiler since that is not when he is first revealed.

        1. Louis- A saint level combatant whose trademark is his pale skin, young appearance, and straw hat. He lives in a wooden house on a deserted island, surrounded by an empty sea.

          1. Louis – A human youngster looking saint level Thorium Devil with his trademark straw hat and pale skin.

          2. Just came to drop by, mentioning that you can edit the Louis part out and just say:
            Thorium Devil: A combatant made entirely out of Thorium, an extremely precious, highly elastic metal able to bond and alloy with a large variety og materials. The Thorium Devil is able to transform, bond with many materials, and is invulnerable to earth, wind, water, fire, dark, and light attacks.

  1. Guess I’ll just move these over for now.

    Queen Mother Lachapalle: Plant type peak saint level creature. Studying the Elemental Laws of Water and Wind.

    Pearl of Life: A type of spiritual pearl treasure which allows a body return to normal after taking damage as long as the soul is not damaged. It becomes useless after one becomes deity level.

    Louis: A pale-skinned youngster wearing a straw hat on an island.

  2. Draconian: A humanoid creature from outside the Yulan Plane that highly resemble the dragon form of a Dragonblood Warrior. They are known to be weaker than a peak-saint combatant.

      1. It was implied by the skeletons on the first floor of the necropolis of the gods and others on higher floors, like the bosses as they were suprised by Linley’s strength and though lowly of draconians . Also, it is in general, like how humans generally are not of saint level and if so generally weak even for saints when compared by magical beasts and other creatures in the necropolis of the gods.

        1. Well, judging by that, the other Dragon Warriors are about the same strength as Draconian when compared to Linley.

          Linley had a major advantage of being both a Dragon Warrior and training in elemental laws.

          If Wharton were to go fight the skeletons and others, they’ll just think of as a draconian since he isn’t strong as Linley.

          Remember that LInley is a freak.

      1. Sample Glossary:

        Bebe – The first and closest magical beast companion of Linley. Is a saint-level “God-Eater Rat” and grandchild of Beruit. Was originally thought to be a “Shadowmouse”.

        Haeru – The second magical beast companion of Linley. Is a saint-level “Blackcloud Panther”. He became saint-level after Linley gave him a saint-level magicite core.

        Magicite core – A stone that drops off magical beasts when they die. Can be sold for a huge sum of money or used for increasing a magical beast’s level.

        O’Brien – A 6,000+ year old demigod-level Deity who founded the O’Brien Empire. Known as the “War God”.

        Catherine – A 10,000+ year old demigod-level Deity of the Yulan Empire. Known as the “High Priest”.

        Harry – First of the three Violet-Gold Rat Kings

        Hart – Second of the three Violet-Gold Rat Kings

        Harvey – Third of the three Violet-Gold Rat Kings. Friend of Bebe who gave Bebe a “black stone” for Linley’s and Delia’s wedding gift.

        Divine Spark – A stone that can be refined to increase one’s level.

        PS: All these people have a more or less significant role in the later books. I’ve read the raw version but I won’t spoil too much ;P

          1. This info is just a quick glossary of Bebe from the first chapter till the current chapter. There’s more information about Bebe in the later chapters that has not been revealed yet 😉

          2. Agreed. For example, if some unsuspecting person was checking up on Bebe, he would see that he is a god-eater rat, and not a shadow mouse. Then he would automatically know why Bebe was so strong and fast in the earlier chapters and one of the minor plot lines would be ruined.

        1. I agree with sam, too much info about Bebe. Remember that Linley and Bebe didn’t know what Bebe was bofore they talked to the saint level rats from the forest of darkness, so revealing what race he is is kinda like in the example where too much info were revealed about Rutherford. About Bebe’s race it should be enough to say that Bebe seems to posess abilities similar to both the Shadow-Rat and the Stone-eater Rat yet he seems to belong to neither.

  3. Bloodshadow Scimitar: A sword-type Divine artifact which can be used by Saint-level experts.
    Clay: A Saint-level expert who trains in the Elemental Laws of Earth has a powerful defense (10 times that of Haydson).
    Pearl of Life: A Divine artifact which contains enormous amounts of life energy, a Saint-level expert who uses this artifact will regenerate from any physical wounds but will still die if their body is completely destroyed.
    Angelic-Descent: A forbidden-level light-style spell that creates a illusionary Six-Winged Angel similar to the forbidden-level earth-style spell “World Protector”.
    Beholder King: A powerful ruler of the Beholder race. His main body is a glowing golden eye, he is proficient in spiritual attacks and can manipulate ice.

  4. Tulily – The Prime Saint living in the eastern plains with the highest attack of the five Prime Saints.

    Desri – Grand Magus Prime Saint training in the Elemental Laws of Light.

    Beirut – Deity ruler of the Forest of Darkness. Has a fondness for rat type magical beasts.

    1. I approve of this Jin Mori.

      The trick is to give ample information without revealing major plot lines. This is by far the most succinct in terms of glossary I have seen from the others.

      However, instead of saying Tulily has the highest, might make more sense to say is reputed to have the highest attack of the prime saints – as they’re all improving, etc.

  5. Rosalie – One of five prime saint, Grand Magus of Elemental Laws of Water.

    Beirut – The first Godeater rat and Bebe ancestor, King and Most Powerful Being in Yulan Continent

    Flame Tyrant – The Guard of Sixth floor Necropolis of God, Ultimate Saint lv Creature Elemental of Fire

    Six Eyed Golden Ni-Lions – Peak Saint lv Magical beast, Children of Deities Dylin / Suanni Lion

    Myriad Swords Converge – Next level of Rippling Wind, A single target attack

    The Necropolis of the Gods – God Tomb of Yulan Continent, Full of Priceless Treasure/Divine Artifact/Divine Spark of Deities

  6. Hello, Everyone!

    I am fairly new to this site but have gone through all the chapters at a lighting fast rate, I am currently reading this story, Stellar Transformations and Zhang Long. I would love to help being a custodian for the glossary, providing information about various characters and large places without giving too much in terms of spoilers. I was actually surprised that Lindley’s wife Delia was not included earlier.

    1. Welcome to the community Emberversent! Delia’s been in the glossary since before we even started here though xD. Please offer your submissions though!

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  8. Pearl of life: A spiritual treasure that bonds with its user and allows near instant speed regeneration of the body. This protection is still imperfect however, and bearers of the pearl of life can be killed under certain circumstances.

    Thorium: An extremely rare material noted for its ability to bond with a large variety of elements while also maintaining a highly elastic property.

  9. Hello Ren,
    Deciding to come out from lurking, I have taken an interest in the job of organizing the glossary of Coiling Dragon Ring if the job is still needed.
    Examples of what I would enter as glossary entries include:

    Abyssal Blade Demon- Creature born from the plane of the Abyss; reputed as the lowest life form in the Abyss . Body is entirely made out of Blades, and is known for its speed.
    The Abyssal Plane- Reputed as the most chaotic anarchic plane with the most slaughter and warfare in all of the multiverse.
    Six-Eyed Golden Ni-Lions – Saint level magical beast type creatures who are the sons of Dylin and have spent time in Gebados Prison. Train in the Way of Destruction.

    1. Thanks for joining our community, and for your submission, Ichidori! I’m leaving this post up for a few days, and afterwards, I’ll make my choice! 🙂

  10. Orson: A close friend to linley, a boy who lived in Wushan town. Stood next to Linley on his first day of training. Dies at age of 18 by claw marks ( which appears to be a magical beast) with his newborn son during Apocalypse day. Whereabouts of the wife.

    Hadley: A close friend to Linley, a boy last seen in Wushan town. Know for telling grandiose lies. Whereabouts unknown.

  11. I’m reading them all! Thank you all for your submissions. I’ll keep this up for a few more days, then I’ll let y’all know! Thanks, gang!

  12. Maybe, there can be option for user to set “Volumes Readed”. Then it would reveal correct ammount of information not spoiling anything…
    BTW: awesome translation speed..just…wow.

  13. I have a suggestion regarding the glossary though I am not up for the job, I have exams coming this month.
    So I think you should divide the glossary in two halves, the first half should be spoiler free, with a very little vague detail about that character. While the second half should be detailed, containing spoilers and proper description. This way those who have read till latest can use the lower half while newbies can use the upper one without their story being spoiled.
    For eg in the upper half there is Bebe: A mysterious mouse, for now we don’t know if it is a stone teller or a shadow mouse, this mouse one day suddenly appeared the court yard of Linley’s house.
    While the second halve can be something like this Bebe: A god-eater rat who haves equal bonds with Linley, is related to Beirut. God eater rats are divine magical beasts.
    I hope it helps.

    1. hmm actually agree with this, just keep updating the detailed glossary after each book is finished for example since we are at the close of vol 11 build glossary including details upto ch 10 and once twelve is midway update it to vol 11

  14. maybe you should just indicate the : name, likes and dislikes. maybe add in some characteristics (features) but nothing about background age or items.

    1. Agreed, I always hit the glossary before picking up a new read… It’s very aggravating to catch any kind of spoiler and will usually turn me away from the story completely

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