Rebirth Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – The Third Chapter of the Book of Order

Nie Yan swept his gaze over every nook and cranny in the forest. When he spotted a certain shrub at the base of the mountain, he was incapable of looking away.

This particular shrub reached up to his knees and had many branches. Its appearance was not unlike a jade sculpture—pure, translucent, and radiating with vibrant colours. Tucked away within the shrub’s leaves was a single scarlet red fruit that resembled a cherry—tender and glistening.

This is a Red Urnberry! I didn’t think a plant like this could appear in such a low-level area!

Nie Yan’s memories were still quite clear; during the latter years of his past life, the selling price of a single Red Urnberry reached up to several hundred gold. Moreover, each and every Red Urnberry held different properties.

Nie Yan walked towards the steep mountain wall and carefully harvested the Red Urnberry from the shrub. Fortunately he had already learned the gatherer skill, otherwise he would’ve had no chance inretrieving this fruit—an event which would’ve been truly unfortunate.

Red Urnberry (Rare Fruit)
Description: The player who eats this fruit will gain +2 Willpower permanently.
Restriction: Each player may only consume this fruit up to three times. Further consumption will not yield any additional benefits.

Considering the Red Urnberry’s inherent rarity, and the fact that it could also permanently increase a player’s stats, it was no wonder this fruit could sell for upwards of several hundred gold.

Nie Yan contemplated for a while before finally deciding to eat the fruit. After all, this was a rare opportunity. Besides, this fruit was meant to be eaten; only a fool would actually sell it.

An additional two Willpower was quite decent. Willpower was a stat that reduced the effectiveness of debuffs (such as sickness, poison, curses, resistance debuffs, etc) on a player. It didn’t matter if it was PvP or PvE, Willpower was a stat that would always be useful. After all, the number of mobs and classes that could cast debuffs on a player were more than just a few.

Nie Yan put the fruit into his mouth. It melted almost instantaneously and became a warm current that flowed directly to his stomach.

He took a quick glance at his Willpower stat. It had gone from zero to two.

Having two willpower at such a low level was rather useful. After eating the Red Urnberry, he didn’t dally any further and headed deeper into the forest.

After walking down a path hidden in the grass for roughly five minutes, he finally entered the deeper part of the forest. Here the trees were more lush and exuberant, but the lighting was much dimmer due to the light having to penetrate through much more vegetation to reach the ground below.

The forest floor was covered in a layer of dead leaves that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Within the dark forest, a single bright ray of light could be seen shining through the dense foliage. The absence of any other lights only served to make it all the more prominent and clear.

At the centre of the ray of light was a meter high cylindrical column that seemed to have been carved out of stone. Placed atop this column was a thick book which seemed to have been eroded by the elements. Its worn state seemed to be a testament to the book’s long and distant history.

This book was, according to Nie Yan’s memories, aptly named “Annal of the Era of Shared Governance.” Its contents detailed all of the historical events that occurred during the Era of Shared Governance.

It was within this thick history book that the Chapter of Courage was hidden.

Nie Yan walked up to the column and extended his right hand towards the cover of the book. The moment his fingers made contact, the book opened up by itself and began rapidly flipping through its pages.

Suddenly, a narration began playing.

Within this secret forest, you’ve discovered a thick book that chronicles the history of an ancient era. Upon placing your hand on the book, you suddenly feel a mysterious force enter your body. “What’s this?” you inquire to yourself while brimming with curiosity. Shortly after, the pages in the book begin turning by themselves, revealing mysterious silver leafed characters. From these characters, you learn this “Annals of the Era of Shared Governance” was written by a combination of three languages: the Kasate Giant language, Ancient Universal language, and Dragon language. You record this newfound knowledge in your head.

System: You’ve learned the language of the Kasate Giants.

System: You’ve learned the language of the Dragons.

System: You’ve learned the ancient language of the common people.

System: You’ve received the “Annals of the Era of Shared Governance.”

The Atlanta continent contained over three hundred languages. Before, Nie Yan had only learned the current common language, which was the language of the Humans. Yet suddenly, he had learned three new languages. He quickly glanced over his information page and realised it had a new section titled “Annals of the Era of Shared Governance.” Within this section was a description of every notable event that had occurred during that era.

This sort of data was invaluable. In the future, it could help Nie Yan accomplish many tasks and identify various items.

This “Annals of the Era of Shared Governance” will save me a lot of time and trouble when completing quests related to that era, Nie Yan couldn’t help but think to himself.

“Eh?” Looking closely at the book, you are surprised to discover a separate piece of paper tucked away between the pages of the book. Numerous rows of mysterious, dark golden characters dotted this page. As you look over the lines of gibberish, you slowly realise that these characters belong to the language of the Kasate Giants and spell out “Chapter of Courage”.

I’ve finally found it! Nie Yan pleasantly thought to himself as he glanced at the chapter’s properties.

-Chapter of Courage

Description: The third chapter of the first volume of the Book of Order. A fragment of a Legendary item. Whoever shall possess this chapter will receive the inheritance of the God of Light. Your mission is to spread the glory of light!

Properties: Receive 2 stat points and 1 mastery point every 5 levels. Focus +15, Willpower +15, Resilience +16, Jump +15, Reflex+15, Speed +16

Transcendent Insight: Gain the ability to see through your enemies. Allows you to view enemy character information. Also grants the ability to appraise items.

Passive: Awareness +10

Adjudicator of God: Grants immunity to all magic, gain 500 health, and summon an advanced life-saving shield that absorbs sixty percent of all incoming damage for five minutes. (This skill cannot be used in instances)

Cooldown: 10 days (1/10)

Restrictions: Can only be bound by a member of the Righteous Guardian of Order.

Note: Item effects are applied immediately upon entering the player’s inventory.

Nie Yan stared out blankly as his hands began to tremble lightly. He had seen the properties of this chapter on the internet in his past life before, but now, as he held the chapter in his hands, he experienced an entirely different feeling. He reckoned this Adjudicator of God was the very skill the guild leader of Holy Empire, Sleepy Fox, had used to slaughter his way through two hundred players in his past life. Not to mention the skill even made the player immune to every single type of magic for five minutes. What kind of overpowered ability was this? What was even more disgusting was the fact that Sleepy Fox already had top-tier equipment in the first place. If you added immunity to all magic, five hundred health, and a shield that absorbed sixty percent of all damage, then his strength would undoubtedly become excessive beyond reason. To meet him on the battlefield would simply be meeting a god of death. However, the cooldown period of the skill was still quite high. After all, it would take ten days before the skill could be activated again, which was why most players wouldn’t rashly use the skill unless they were at a critical juncture.

And that was just the Adjudicator of God skill. The chapter’s other properties were quite powerful as well, especially the one that allowed a player to gain an additional two stat points and one mastery point every five levels. Nie Yan was practically bursting with happiness. From his knowledge, the only classes that had a bonus that came close to this were Shamans, Paladins, and Demon Swordsman who also gained two additional stat points every five levels. Due to their characteristics, however, they had to evenly distribute their stats between strength and intellect, because they would practically be useless if they only focused on a single stat. However, a Thief was different. On top of the five stat points and one mastery point he would gain every five levels from Level 0 to 30, he would now also gain two additional stat points and one mastery point every five levels thanks to the Chapter of Courage. Nie Yan understood what this meant.

If you included the other stat bonuses and properties of the chapter, Nie Yan had effectively leapt up to become one of the top experts, if not the strongest player in the game. This chapter from the Book of Order clearly lived up to its name as a legendary existence.

After placing the Chapter of Courage into his knapsack, Nie Yan glanced at his stat page and found that several of his stats had risen by a large amount.

When Adjudicator of God came off cooldown, he would become unequalled in terms of combat strength.

However, from now on, he would have to take extra caution whenever he was killing mobs or fighting players. This was because the Chapter of Courage would immediately drop from his body if he died. The only way to prevent this was to find the other five chapters and complete the first volume of the Book of Order.

Despite having finally retrieved the Chapter of Courage, Nie Yan didn’t relax or loosen his guard at all. After storing the chapter in his knapsack, he took out a Return Scroll and began channelling it.

System: Unable to activate Return Scroll from this location.

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  1. Hahahaha…. You screw up!.. somehow I feel like this is one of the descendants of Nie Lie…. Maybe his descendants that got lucky have a reincarnation ability?… nah this is a modern world not a fantasy world…. maybe he got lost in a chaotic space and got transfer in that time line! :O… nah…

  2. Okay why in the world is something that powerful in the starter area? Seriously why? How does that make sense? I can understand if it was mid or late game areas. But to get something like that at lvl 3 is just down right stupid in terms of game balance. Because by the time hes lvl 180 again his stats wil be so unnecessarily higher then everyone it would ruin the game. Not to mention the skill books hes been getting are really weird. He calls them all Thief skill books yet it seems like every single melee class mentioned so far can learn them. So are there no class specific skills in this game and only general combat ones? We already seen a really weird Paladin using all the skills he has as a thief as well. This is just confusing me…

    1. Ok…
      1. They were in a level 5 area not 3 they were fighting mobs two levels above their levels.

      2. You had to get by 3 leader/boss level 5 mobs to get to the lake and be able to breath underwater.

      Not very easy to get too not to mention it was a hidden area that unless you knew the path of the currents or lucked into it you wouldn’t find it assuming you could stay underwater that long and thought to dive in.

      3 assinate was theif only

      4 lacerate and vital strike would be open to any class that uses swords or daggers…hince fighters, pallys and theifs. Clerics use rods and mages staves so they can’t learn them.

      1. Skill Book: Assassinate
        Skill Description: Thieves gain Rage after a successful strike.
        Required: Action (requires weapon)
        Skill Attribute: Hitting a target’s vitals adds an additional Attack +2, Rage +1, Combo Count +1.
        Skill Cooldown: 30 s
        User Restriction: Thief, Warrior, Paladin; can be learned by any faction.

        As you can see under user restriction anyone can learn it… Well the 3 melee classes can that is

        1. My understanding is that Theifs, Warriors, and Paladins can all learn the skill and benifit from the skill atribute, namely by hitting a targets vitals gives them + 2 attack, +1 rage, and another combo count. But only Theives gain additional rage after the skill is successful. How much idk, but it’ll be more than the +1 everyone else gets. Thats my understand reading up to this point, and more details might get fleshed out about exactly what some skills do, but i do agree that it’s kinda hard to understand.

          1. Well, Paladins most likely use Mana, not Rage in the first place, idk about Warriors but they might also use a different resource such as Stamina.

            Why Thieves use Rage is a much more important question.
            They’re thieves, not Barbarians.

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      The story just took a huge turn for the worse. Now the MC is deadly afraid of death which is very different from how it was playing out before.

      Not just that, but like you said, this is making it harder and harder to suspend my disbelief that this is a world-changing game in terms of popularity. I already thought it was badly designed for an MMO reading previous chapters but didn’t mind too much… but at this point if I was a person in that world you would have to PAY ME to play this game.

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      1. asian mmos are a lot more grindy than in the west. also this item might not have been discovered for several years without his knowledge. the designers never thought a lvl 3 would ever find it i suppose.

      2. Nah the real issue that would have killed the game from every market is non-respawning treasure chests. Slow leveling if the levels are stronger can be dealt with.

        I can understand if some items were unique, and didn’t respawn again. Though it could be everyone is a freaking idiot and the game is setup kinda like FF12’s treasure chests were. Where their was a timed respawn on the chest, and it also had different respawn locations

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