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Chapter 150 (Click to show "spoiler" title)

Chapter 150 – Reinforcements

Back at Victorious Return’s guild headquarters, in their conference room of over several hundred seats, all but two at the very front were empty. In one of them was Heaven Breaker. The other seated person was Chen Bo, who had previously left Yu Lan’s team in anger after being repeatedly humiliated by Nie Yan and Tang Yao.

They were currently watching a live video feed, provided by Skinny Dog and Underworld Flame, of the situation right outside the entrance to Black Flame Forest.

Chen Bo’s expression was deeply warped as he tightly clenched his fist; his hatred, already seeped deep into the marrow of his bones. Ever since he had been disgraced by Nie Yan in front of Yao Yao and Yu Lan (Blue Feather), he couldn’t hope for anything more than to see him die!

“They’re dead for sure!” He was relishing in their misfortune as he eagerly watched Nie Yan and company getting surrounded.

On the other hand, Heaven Breaker’s expression was tranquil. He didn’t merely want Nie Yan dead nor for him to simply lose all of his equipment. No, he wanted to crush him so badly that he wouldn’t even be able to raise his head again! He didn’t believe for a second that the newly created Asskickers United guild could survive with Nie Yan and Tang Yao taken out of the picture.  

“This is thanks to the inside connection you provided us,” Heaven Breaker praised as he lightly sipped on a cup of tea.

“No, no, all of this would’ve never been possible if you hadn’t given me the chance,” Chen Bo flattered. He knew the person before him was an influential figure in Calore.

“From now on, you can follow us as part of Victorious Return.”

“Thank you, sir!” Chen Bo was wild with joy.

As the pair continued watching the feed, they focused their vision on an Arcane Mage at the rearmost of Yu Lan’s team who started chanting a spell. Soon, clumps of arcane flame gradually converged in the air, all the while going almost completely unnoticed by the rest of the team.

So far, everything was going according to Heaven Breaker’s plan.

Just who are they talking to the on the other end? What are they waiting for…? Nie Yan couldn’t help but wonder. Then, his mind trembled as he began scanning the faces of everyone around him. Finally, his gaze fell on an Arcane Mage called Banana who wore a pained expression while seemingly whispering to someone in private chat.

For Nie Yan, everything suddenly became clear. In truth, most of Yu Lan’s (Blue Feather) team was probably innocent in this matter, but they couldn’t avoid having a dirty traitor appear amidst their ranks. However, to destroy a bond forged from going through life-and-death struggles together was no trivial matter. Hence, no matter how much such a person struggled internally to justify their actions, after betraying those who held their trust dear, it was nearly impossible to prevent the shame in their heart from showing!

They were only caught because Banana was bribed by Victorious Return and colluded with them in setting up this trap.

As the Arcane Fireball formed in his palm, Banana launched it at the Victorious Return members approaching them.

“Banana, what the hell are you doing!?” the teammates beside him shouted.

In the split-second that Banana had cast the spell, Nie Yan tried to disband the team, but just as his finger was about to hit confirm, a loud bang rang in his ears as the Arcane Fireball struck a Victorious Return member square on.

His heart sank. He was still a step too late!

Skinny Dog checked the system notification that appeared.

Banana has attacked a member of your team. Since the opposing player is part of another team, your team is free to retaliate in self-defense. Duration: 30 minutes.

He revealed a sinister grin, then pointed forward and said, “Kill!”

A swarm of spells blotted the sky, heading straight for Nie Yan and the others.

Since a member of their team had drawn first blood, Nie Yan and his group had no hope of being protected by the system!

Bai Kaishui (Plain Boiled Water) brandished his greatsword and slashed Banana, then followed with a Flaming Slash, killing him instantly. His expression was very unsightly. Never did he think that a friend, who he had spent so much time levelling with, would actually turn traitor.

“Kill! We’re going to open a path for Nirvana Flame and Young Sparrow Hawk to escape!” Bai Kaishui took the vanguard and charged forward. Soon after, he was followed by the rest of the team.

Yu Lan also bravely charged forward with Nie Yan and Tang Yao in tow.

As Victorious Return launched their first wave of magic, nearly a hundred spells bombarded the area, creating a spectacular sight to behold.

Two of the Mages in Yu Lan’s team moved forward to shield Nie Yan and Tang Yao.「Bang! Bang! Bang!」After the barrage subsided, the team’s numbers were instantly reduced by five as the fallen members turned into rays of light which floated up into the sky.

Just a few seconds ago, these teammates had been perfectly fine, and yet, almost in an instant, they were turned into unrecognizable corpses.

“God dammit!” Tang Yao angrily cursed as he began shooting out Arcane Fireballs like crazy. In that moment, all the players around him were able to witness his firepower.

Sparks flew everywhere as one of these Arcane Fireballs struck a Victorious Return member head-on. −438 That player died in an instant.「Bang! Bang! Bang!」As Tang Yao’s spells exploded across the battlefield, he managed to reduce the number of players on Victorious Return’s side by five as well.

In a short while, Tang Yao’s name became crimson red. However, lost in his bloodlust, he didn’t stop firing.

Bai Kaishui was the first to enter the melee. He struck out with a Shield Bash, knocking an enemy Warrior aside, and charged forward.


The little over a dozen remaining players on their side were surrounded by almost three hundred enemies.

In this situation, even Nie Yan was fired up. If he continued hiding by the sidelines, then he would be letting down these comrades who were staking their lives just to get him out!

Adjudicator of God!

Nie Yan immediately gained 500 extra maximum health as a faint, blue shield enveloped him. As a Fighter charged at him from the front while two nearby Mages were chanting their magic, he suddenly exploded forth with power. Sparks danced around his dagger, and he struck forward like a lightning bolt, stabbing at the Fighter.

「Clang!」The dagger collided with the Fighter’s armour, which offered little to no resistance, and a split-second later, it pierced through and planted itself deep into the Fighter’s chest.


With an expression of indescribable shock on his face, the Fighter saw his health plummet to zero before he collapsed to the ground.

He could have never imagined that Nie Yan would be able to gib him in an instant.

The Chapter of Freedom and the Chapter of Courage… as two Legendary item fragments, their combined skills were bound to be terrifying. At this stage of the game, they were unrivalled in their capacity for slaughter!

The two Mages behind the now fallen Fighter were shocked. They didn’t think a Thief would be able to so easily break through their frontline. They were still in the midst of chanting their spells, and it was already too late for them to cancel.

Nie Yan had already dashed forward and struck one of the them, an Elementalist, with Concussive Blow, putting them into a dazed state, and then, with Vital Strike, his dagger flashed across their throat as blood splashed into the air.



They didn’t even have time to react before dropping dead on the ground.

Nie Yan’s movements were lightning-fast and efficient. After finishing off the Elementalist within seconds, he moved on to their companion, an Arcane Mage, who attempted to flee, but before they could get very far, he struck them in the back of the head with Smothering Strike, then followed up with Backstab and Eviscerate, tearing a large hole in their back.

Like the Elementalist and Fighter before, the Arcane Mage also collapsed to the ground without putting up much of a fight.

Not pausing for even a second, he charged into a crowded area and threw down a pouch of Intermediate Flash Powder.「Poof!」It was almost as if a second sun had appeared right in the middle of the battlefield as blinding rays of light enveloped the surroundings.

The strong radiance stabbed into the eyes of about fifty or so Victorious Return members.

Dusk also burst into action. No longer caring for the consequences of dying while branded with a red name, he let loose with an Arcane Flame Burst and instagibbed two Victorious Return members in quick succession. His damage was also nothing to be scoffed at.

A second wave of spells came flying over from Victorious Return’s side and killed another five members of the team. Now, there were only nine teammates left, yet none of them so much as slowed for half a breath as they continued to push forward.

“Kill!!!” Tang Yao frantically shouted. In spite of the danger he would be putting himself into, he chugged down a low-level potion and began chanting Meteor.

With the support of a Rank 3 Arcane Fairy, he would only need to spend three seconds to cast it.

However, in such a hectic battle, he could easily be killed off in these three seconds. If he was interrupted, then he’d be done for!

Spotting Tang Yao starting the chant for Meteor, Nie Yan retrieved another pouch of Intermediate Flash Powder.「Poof!」The members of Victorious Return felt scorching pain burn in their eyes as a brilliant flash of light enveloped the battlefield once more.

With everybody in the vicinity losing their vision, Tang Yao was able to freely cast Meteor. Soon, wave after wave of meteors began to fall down from the sky like a torrential downpour.「Bang! Bang! Bang!」It bombarded the area most concentrated with Victorious Return players.  

A deluge of damage values floated up into the sky. None of the players caught in the radius of the spell were able to withstand his damage. And before long, thirty players or so collapsed to the ground, all dead, like souls being harvested by the reaper’s scythe!

The area was in a complete mess after being scorched black by the barrage of meteors.

Back at Victorious Return guild headquarters, Heaven Breaker’s eyelids twitched as he watched this scene unfold from the live video feed. The several dozen players Tang Yao had just killed weren’t some ordinary players. No, they were the cream of the crop, some of the finest elites that Victorious Return had to offer! Yet in front of Tang Yao’s frightening damage, they were simply pigs to the slaughter.

Nie Yan recklessly threw down several more pouches of intermediate Flash Powder, causing a massive disturbance to the Victorious Return members in the area. At the same time, his attacks were also ferocious. As he circled round their backs, with a sharp flash of his dagger, an enemy would collapse to the ground every few seconds!

None of them had ever encountered a Thief with such terrifying damage!

After taking down six Victorious Return players, aside from Shadow Waltz and Disappear, the rest of his skills were now all on cooldown.

Even though a Thief’s burst damage was astonishing, as soon as they used up all their skills, they were like a tiger without its teeth, a leather-armoured target that could be easily taken out!

A Thief dashed toward Nie Yan with the pommel of their dagger aimed right at his head.

Concussive Blow!

Nie Yan sidestepped the attack, and then, he switched to a reverse grip and plunged his dagger into the Thief’s back.

The Thief was left stupefied when his attack missed. A blur passed his eyes, and to his shock, he noticed Nie Yan had already gotten behind him.


A damage value floated up above the Thief’s head.

Even if all my attack skills are on cooldown, I’d still have no problem killing you!

「Bang! Bang! Bang!」Three spells arrived from the nearby Mages and landed on Nie Yan’s body. Yet none of them were able to deal any damage because they were nullified by Adjudicator of God’s shield!

“Holy shit! He’s immune to magic!”

“Use arrows and crossbow bolts! Warriors, charge at him!” Skinny Dog ordered. He never thought Nie Yan would have a skill that made him immune to magic.

The Thieves with bows and crossbows all took them out before taking aim and firing at Nie Yan.

Enduring these attacks, Nie Yan slashed down with his dagger.


Another damage value floated up above the Thief’s head.

It was a critical hit! The Thief crumpled to the ground.

That’s the eighth… Nie Yan checked his status bar. His name only turned a deeper shade of red as he killed more players, but now, there were even tinges of violet.

However, he didn’t have the most severe PKer status. No, that would go to Tang Yao or Dusk whose names had long since turned violet and were now already turning black.

Nie Yan glanced at his team window. Excluding him, there were only five teammates left alive: Dusk, Tang Yao, Yao Yao, Moon Child, and Yu Lan. Since Bai Kaishui had taken up the vanguard, he had eaten up most of the damage, but his health could only hold out for so long, and he had just recently fallen. The remaining six of them had little health remaining and were on their last legs.

After attracting too much attention from his reckless use of Flash Powder and daringly charging into enemy lines, even Nie Yan who had the shield from Adjudicator of God only had a fifth of his health remaining.

Worst of all, there were still over two hundred enemies standing! Like an endless tide, they kept pouring in from all sides!

Nie Yan quickly made up his mind. If they hoped to survive, then they would have to clear a path by making Tang Yao’s Arcane Fairy self-destruct!

“Kill!” Tang Yao shouted at the top of his lungs. He had never stopped casting magic, and his health was already falling in the double digits. Nie Yan grouped back up with him and wrapped him up with an Intermediate Combat Bandage.

+20, +20, +20…

After enduring Victorious Return’s assault, Tang Yao’s Arcane Fairy only had a sliver of health remaining.

“Goodbye, buddy…!” Tears ran down Tang Yao’s eyes. This was his very first familiar. He really couldn’t bear to make it self-destruct.

“Comrades, today… we kill!” Suddenly, a deafening roar rang out across the battlefield, drawing the attention of everyone present and causing them to pause.


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