Rebirth Chapter 146

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Chapter 146 – Empire

The fruits of their labour could be regarded as sizeable. To see two pieces of equipment drop was quite rare, but then again, the game system would always reward players generously for slaying monsters above their level, especially when felling a higher class monster such as a Lord.

Nie Yan examined the properties of the ring.

Scarlet Poison Ring: (Dark Gold)
Requirements: 120 Strength, 160 Dexterity
Properties: Attack 53–57, +20% Poison Damage, Poison Resistance +20, Ignore Level +1
Weight: 0.1 lb
Restrictions: Can be equipped by all factions.

It was crafted from a ferrous metal and adorned with a large ruby that emitted a bewitching tint. A ring that was able to raise attack was truly a rare sight indeed. Moreover, it had the Ignore Level property and increased Poison Damage and Poison Resistance as well. Such an accessory was an extremely amazing existence even for a Level 30 player. Then again, any piece of equipment dropped from a Lord-class would never be lacking in any respect, to say nothing of this ring that was Dark Gold-grade. Nie Yan felt it quite a pity that accessories could not be upgraded with Fortune Gems; otherwise, he would have definitely raised it by at least five stages.

By having such a ring in his hands at this stage of the game, he was practically defying the heavens.

However, with such high stat requirements, it wasn’t something an average player under Level 30 could hope to equip.

Nie Yan glanced at his character information. After recently levelling up to Level 16, he gained an additional 2 Dexterity from the Chapter of Freedom, so his Dexterity was currently 110. Thanks to the Chapter of Courage, he also received an additional 2 stat points on top of the 5 that were given every 5 levels. Allocating everything into Dexterity, he brought his to a total of 117. However, he was still short by 43 points. When I get back to Calore, I should go and find a few skill books to raise it some more, he thought.  

If he could equip the ring, then his attack would reach an even more frightening level.

Finished examining the ring, he then shifted his attention to the leather armour.

Scarlet Scaled Leather Armour (Dark Gold)
Requirements: Level 30
Properties: Defense 268–272, Physical Damage −10%, Resilience +32, Defense Level +1
Weight: 27 lb
Restrictions: Thief; can be equipped by all factions.

Its properties were pretty good, but with it requiring the player to be Level 30, it was useless to him for now. And just like the ring, it was also an item meant for a Thief. Tang Yao was out of luck.

Finally, he took a look at the recipe that dropped. It was an Intermediate Mana Potion Recipe which could only be learned by an Intermediate Alchemist.

“What a stroke of luck!” Nie Yan fully understood the worth of an Intermediate Mana Potion Recipe. It was several hundred times rarer than an Intermediate Health Potion Recipe. Due to how difficult it was to obtain, its was incredibly valuable.

For Mages, their mana bar was like a second health bar, so if it ran out, their lives would be in danger. This was why having good mana potions was vital. In dungeons, it would allow them to continue dealing damage at a steady pace. Even more so, if an unexpected situation occurred, it could indirectly allow them to save a teammate from death!

In his past life, the manufacturing costs of an Intermediate Mana Potion was about 1 silver, while it was usually sold for around 60 silver. If there were plenty of materials and ingredients, an Intermediate Alchemist would be able to produce up to fifteen bottles every hour. By rough estimations, he could easily imagine how much profit this would bring in.

The primary ingredient for concocting Intermediate Mana Potions, Windletter Herb, could be found in any Level 1–50 map, and they had already started appearing in the marketplace. However, medicinal plants such as the Windletter Herb grew sporadically. The lower the level of the map, the less likely they were to appear. Often times, the same type of plant could be an ingredient in numerous recipes, so despite not being needed immediately, many large guilds would frequently purchase and stockpile them. Hence, even if a player camped out at the auction house all day, they still wouldn’t be able to acquire much.

Like many other guilds, since Holy Empire wasn’t able to match the behemoth that was the Starry Night Potion Shop, many of their guild Alchemists ended up leaving their ranks, and their consumption of medicinal plants fell accordingly. However, thanks to the deal Nie Yan had negotiated with them, they were able to sell their surplus to his shop. As a result, he was able to acquire vast quantities of medicinal plants every day, which was why he wasn’t too worried about lacking ingredients. Besides, it would soon have Asskickers United as a supplier as well.

It was a bit unfortunate that Intermediate Mana Potions were currently still out of reach to most players. For the time being, only a few of the more wealthy players would be able to afford them. Even then, they would likely only be used in case of emergency.

Climbing down from the rocky hill, Tang Yao walked over to Nie Yan and handed back the Crawler Ring before asking, “What did it drop?”

“Only Thief equipment.”

“… Is my luck really that bad today?” Tang Yao was left almost speechless. Nonetheless, the type of equipment a field boss would drop was always random, so he could only reluctantly accept this outcome.

“You’ve already outlevelled most of your gear. I have a few pieces of Level 10 Mage equipment back at my storage that you can use for the time being. Then, when I have the time, we’ll get you a set of Level 20 gear,” Nie Yan said. If they continued at their current pace, Tang Yao would reach Level 20 in no time.

After killing the Lord-class Scaled Frog, Nie Yan’s PKer status had completely disappeared. In the end, he still wasn’t able to find a Slaughter Fiend Medallion. He could only sigh in regret and wait for the next time to try again.

“Wow, red names really do go away pretty quickly when killing Scaled Frogs.”

“Yeah, it’s one of the fastest ways,” Nie Yan answered reluctantly. He didn’t actually want his red name to disappear just yet. Perhaps, if he had been red for just a little while longer, a medallion would have dropped.

Never expecting it to take them ten hours just to kill a single Lord-class monster, Nie Yan and Tang Yao hastily made their way over to the two remaining Elites. Considering that Elites only spawned once a day, they definitely couldn’t let them go to waste. After all, though not as much as a Lord, they still gave generous amounts of experience.

At this moment, the pair were completely unaware of just how much of an uproar they created among the players when Tang Yao suddenly leaped to Level 17. With Heaven Breaker being cleanly knocked out of first place, the forums were booming with discussion.

Guo Huai, Hao Cheng, Zhao Li, and a few other friends all received the news; after which Tang Yao’s chat was being overrun with messages.

Young Sparrow Hawk, how did you suddenly level up so quickly? Too frightening!

Level 17 already… Heavens, you’re too amazing.

Tang Yao! You’re so awesome. You actually beat Heaven Breaker! We even thought you guys weren’t going to make it today. Who could’ve known you were going to jump so many levels at once!

Quick, go look at the forums!」Guo Huai said.

Both Nie Yan and Tang Yao opened the forums. The Viridian Empire board was almost exploding with activity as the title of every post was highlighted in bright red.

A player suddenly went up 3 levels at once. Is this a bug?

The official response from a staff member on the Conviction website was:「We’ve already done an investigation and verified that the player in question has levelled up in a legitimate way. If a player kills a monster above their level, the system will reward them with additional experience. We’ve also verified that this system is working as intended.

The Conviction staff were quite responsive. They would always answer within five minutes of a player raising an issue.

Below the official response, the commenters were all expressing their amazement and shock. Tang Yao’s accomplishment was inconceivable. To level up three times at once… just how much experience was required? Just what kind of monster would you have to kill to suddenly jump from Level 14 to level 17?

Viridian Empire’s Most Godly Player! Levelled 3x at Once to Destroy Heaven Breaker!

A Legend is Born. The God-like Player, Young Sparrow Hawk.

A Surprise For All Players. God Sparrow Hawk Has Beaten Heaven Breaker!

The rest of the threads were all along the same lines. In a short while, Tang Yao was pushed to the forefront and became an instant celebrity!  

I wonder what their reactions would be if they knew this godly player was still wearing the Fire Chaser Set… I bet they wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Tang Yao sighed as he thought in a self-mocking manner. Even though the Fire Chaser Set was by no means bad, it was completely unsuitable for someone of his level.

My heavens! Amazing… this is too unbelievable.」Guo Huai gasped.

Huh? What’s up? Did something happen?

Just a moment ago, we started receiving more players applying to our guild. And instead of slowing down, it’s actually still going up! There are so many people applying that I can’t even go through all of them. The guild headquarters is packed. There’s already several thousand of us in there. Any more, and it’s going to collapse!」Guo Huai informed excitedly. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect for such a grand occasion to occur.

How many members do we have right now?

More than five thousand, and that number is still rapidly increasing. Right now, even though we’re only accepting players over Level 9, we’re still getting plenty of people applying. It’s going to take me at least a day to go through all of them, and I think four or five days to get all the guild affairs in order. At the rate we’re going, I think, by tomorrow, we’ll break through to ten thousand members at the very least.

Listening to Guo Huai’s description, Nie Yan and Tang Yao could roughly imagine how the situation was going over at their guild headquarters.

The guild headquarters was an instanced area given by the system. Starting out, it would be quite modest with only a small courtyard and a very narrow building. Both could be expanded by spending money on upgrading the headquarters’ tier. The building was designed to fit around two hundred people, while the courtyard could hold about eight hundred. Yet, right now, over several thousand players were crowded in there with Guo Huai.

We’re a success!」 Tang Yao exclaimed.

Nie Yan shook his head before saying in a cool-headed manner,「It’s still too early to be celebrating. Right now, we don’t know how many players from other guilds have infiltrated our ranks. We still need to gradually sift through them, carefully monitor them, and do some deeper background checks. If we find these moles, we immediately kick them. As for the other players, it’s still hard to say how cohesive we’ll be as a guild and how effective we’ll be in guild battles. We’re at the most critical juncture in our development. We need to take things slowly, step by step. If we go too fast, we might end up tripping and falling over without any way to get back up.

Tang Yao and Guo Huai fell silent. They had let their excitement get the better of them. Thankfully, Nie Yan’s words were sobering.

Find a few more people we can trust to help manage the guild and have them carefully comb through the members. We’ll divide our ranks accordingly. The higher level the player and the more contribution they have, the more access we’ll give to some of our resources. I’ll fill up the treasury as soon as I get back,」Nie Yan continued.

Yeah, you’re right. We got a bit too excited,」Guo Huai said. It seemed Nie Yan had grown much wiser than them.

You guys aren’t in the wrong. Today’s occasion is still worth celebrating over. After all, we’ve finally taken our first step. We might not be comparable to those famous guilds now, but given time, as long as we set about our tasks diligently and gain a strong foothold, we’ll still have a chance of expanding much more in the near future.

If our members grow over ten thousand, our treasury might not be enough,」Guo Huai said anxiously.

Don’t fret, I have a method,」Nie Yan replied. For the sake of developing his guild, he would turn to the place that he had always relied on to earn money, the auction house. Last time, after gathering a great deal of equipment with Petrify Resistance and Anti-Petrify Potions, he had sold them for a decent profit. In a few days, a Level 10 dungeon called Blazing Ravine would open. It was important because that was where he would be focusing his attention on next. In preparation for its opening, he would start gathering equipment with Fire Resistance, potions, and so on. There were also items such as Basic Flash Powder, Sheep Transformation Scrolls, and Web Scrolls from Trembling Milo’s Shop to think about. Right now, most players were under Level 10, so the market for them was at its peak. Players were finally starting to have some more money in their pockets, so they could actually afford to start buying more expensive things, which meant the timing was ripe for him to start flooding the marketplace with these items!

If the guild was to expand, then the treasury would have to keep up. Not only that, but it had to be better than anyone else’s!

Nie Yan wasn’t simply establishing a guild; no, he was setting the foundation for an empire!

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    1. Still thinking how the developers don’t find it weird when people complains about him.

      “Hmm, someone complains about a hacker, so let’s see his movements. Lets see, he teleported to the high level area, bough some super expensive item that normal people wont buy currently, go to monster area with more than 15 level difference, aim for the elites instead of the normal one, and use the items acting like he knows the exact details of how much vision range the monster had, even when the record shows that this is the first time he was here. And he do all of that along with someone who already had 2 of that legendary book when not even a month had passed in game.

      …yep, nothing suspicious here. He’s a legit playing without any cheating involved.”

      really funny when u think about it again, I bet those staffs didn’t get paid overtime for graveyard shift(Game start at 5pm, 10 hours had passed, so it should be somewhere around 3am at that time)

      1. If I where on Conviction0s developer team I would suspect that Nie Yan is getting info from someone in the company, I mean, what are the odds that he will find the locations of those 2 books so early (remember that they were guarded by high lvl monsters so he had no business there). And not only that, he happened to go there with the exact items required to retrieve said books…

        I know that this is a game in a novel so wtf am I fretting about? well, there is a thing called suspension of disbelief and to think the game devs wouldn’t notice this is pushing it… Then again, maybe they do notice it but can’t find proof so there is nothing they can do about it, though I honestly don’t think that’s the case… Hope I’m wrong.

      2. Well, i’ve gotta disagree with you guys, because, it’s not a question of suspicions, since they can’t ban a player because he’s astronomically above the others.
        Resuming, they cannot ban a player based on guesswork.
        So you ask me, then how they see if a player is hacking?
        The same way that we have wax protected servers of games, they rely on data discrepancies such as damage taken, damage given, and so on.
        They do not want to know if he have privileged information, they want to know if he used ilicit means to do such things.

        Well, it’s just an opinion.
        And sorry for the gramatics, since i’m a foreigner(Br)

        1. TBH we never got to see the terms or service for an account creation on Conviction so we can’t say if getting privy info or even help from a GM is against the rules, we don’t even know if using hacks is against the rules either, but in any respectable game it is safe to asume that those things are ilegal.

        2. Guild Wars 2 just had an issue with the last patch were it seems people had purchased up ingredients for the new recipes before release because of inside info. So they ended up not releasing those recipes with the patch, and then changing the recipe before releasing them the next day. I don’t believe anyone got banned, but whether anyone got fired or not Idk.

          1. Its only Nie Yan doing this in this novel so… Also after they’ve done their own research and investigation about Nirvana Flame, they could never find any evidence that he’s cheating or that he has access with the game’s content. Also alot of content has already been recorded and publicly shared by the players. Nie Yan getting the 2 chapters of that awesome book, the developer’s could only blame that he has a very good luck. Since, who would even think that Nirvana Flame has been reincarnated?

          2. Course they wouldn’t be able to find anything on foul play on his part. Because as you said “reincarnated” who could even possibly think of such a thing. Not to mention reincarnating back into the past.

        3. If they even want to ban him because of the info, they need at least have evidences to do so.
          It’s not like he’s guilty until proven innocent.
          If they want to do something in such a important game(since it’s currency is linked with the real one) every affirmation needs to be bound by logic, and our mc didn’t even talked with a staff member so far.

      3. First, we don’t know much about the opinion or perspective of the game developers, surely they should’ve taken notice of this player, but what can they do? Publicly announce that Nirvana Flame have inside information about the game? Admit that their system is not safe? The light novel didn’t show any of the developer’s perspective ‘yet’, so there’s not much to be discontented at this stage of the light novel.

      4. Game Devs won’t necessarily go out of their way to investigate anything unless there is a report/complaint to go off of. And even with a report/complaint filed, these things need to have gone against the game’s ToS (Terms of Service) to warrant an investigation.
        They may run some routine checks to see if there have been some use of hacks or bots but clearly Nie Yan is neither hacking nor botting.
        Besides, being the solo player that he is, despite his out-of-the-norm activities, Nie Yan hasn’t had much of an impact on the game as a whole, so why would the Devs suspect him?

        1. Idk about that he has clearly had a fairly major impact so far. As he by himself has been outdoing what whole guilds have been able to do. He clearly has cornered the market on one facet of crafting so far. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go after armorers / weaponsmiths later once he really establishes his foundation a bit more

          1. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he’s outdoing entire guilds by himself. So far, he’s only succeeded in making more money than these guys and the way he’s done it is still via the legitimate way. He hasn’t done any dungeons or raids solo. If he had accomplished that then yeah I’d agree with you that he’s impacted the game as a whole. But so far all he’s done was to improve himself personally and make a ton of gold. He doesn’t even have the best gear expect for the Chapters that buff his stats and skills.

          2. Cornering the market in game has already been done in some games. One I could specifically say is Runescape. It has a living economy just like Conviction and man, you’ll be surprised with how people control the GE (grand exchange) in there somehow. Think of this, after you’ve found an anti-petrify potion or ingredient and knowing all of the current monsters and dungeons still doesn’t have any petrifying abilities, isn’t there any possibilities that there would be some in the future? Maybe it would be release soon since ingredients and recipes are already being dropped by several monsters. Surely the developers intends to give someone a message! Well, its another way to think about all this.

        2. Indeed all of it was done in legitimate ways, whatever complaint all the players would like to say, as Arhys said, Game devs can’t really publicly punish or ban with him playing by the rules of the game. Even if they investigate about him, without concrete evidence of cheating they’d never go and punish him, tho I’m not saying they won’t go and pt him under close observation maybe. That’s also why even if Nie Yan could, he doesn’t go in the spotlight for long, instead, always choose to be incognito when there’s a chance.

      5. Well actually there are various things that can be explained such as knowing the stats or even the Items they are using, something called: forums a magical place where players of the game go suicidal just to know the stats of one Boss, the pattern attack, the level of the shields, weaknesses, etc…. hat can explain their knowledge of the stats of the Boss, as for the Items he gets them from a shop of level 10 in Calore and as a lot of players are already at that level and after what happened with the bat teeth a few weeks ago it could be pretty normal they had discovered that shop already as it was very famous in the time Nie Yan´s time in the future where it was a mid-level shop so yeah pretty possible that other players know about things like the smoke powder or the sheep thing and what they do, now about how did they got the things, well they must know that Nie Yan owns the starry Night potion shop, now about the Chapters of Courage and freedom if I do not remember wrongly the Developers had hidden clues about the chapters through the game and I don´t think the keep recordings of plays of more than a week so they could have concluded that Nie Yan could have found those clues and got the Chapters of Courage and Freedom and there are various ways to escape the dungeon so I think they know that that´s why they don´t think as Nie Yan as an either suspicious nor cheater, well at least that is what I think about it……

        1. There is also data mining. Personally though the developers would be unbelievably busy right now. Not only are they dealing with a recently released game that is in demand they would be trying to market the game like mad. They Will also more than likely be planning there economy in relation to real money to in-game currency and vice versa not to mention releasing new content what seems to be every few days. Also if this game really gets as important as a second world where bussinesses and such can flourish then the sheer amount of users would require an unimaginable amount of servers, data storage , network security, even people to manage that all. The develepors are too busy to care in my opinion, they would only take real action if they could prove what he’s doing is actually cheating. And don’t forget the actual questions were directed at young sparrow hawk not nirvana flame. The developers are probably so busy they didn’t bother checking nie yans account.

          1. Ya I have to agree. I think the Devs most likely looked at Young Sparrow Hawk, Since he’s the one doing most of the work and the one who originally bought the smoke powder. So as far as how closely the Devs looked they’d probably focus on him. And only to the extent of how they leveled up so quick. Its unclear how much the they looked into it; how they discovered this method, where this gold came from, items (chapters) and how they were acquired. Or Nie Yans clairvoyance regarding dungeons that haven’t come out yet. If they really looked into his actions they’d probably think he has inside info and do something about it. But so far he’s been fairly under the radar, there is many cities and many regions. From the description it sounds like there’s millions of players. They’d be hard pressed to discover this without taking a careful look. Not to mention we don’t know anything about the Devs or the games creators, or how/why he was reincarnated. We can’t assume that the game/Devs had nothing to do with it. Basically while I’ve had my suspicions since the beginning about if the Devs might notice his actions, I think its too early to make a judgment. If anything, this is the first appearance of the Devs; this could only be the beginning.

  1. I don’t want to be naggy but, wouldn’t the game’s admins find out about Nie yan. If they did an inventory on Nie Yan they would find a lot of shocking details. His levelling and money making have all been legitamate but it would still raise suspicions wouldn’t it?

    1. Indeed it wouldn’t surprise me to see at a later date some of his scheme’s to backfire if they make minor changes to the games coding like changing a recipe because they think he’s getting insider information

    1. yes, there is a limit of 20 skills, so far i think he has 5 active and 5 passive totaling to 10 skills. but the game allows to remove or change the skills. you simply need to get new books.

  2. can we get a status windows of the main character current status and items , i am curious about this since we never saw one for the last 100 chapters or so . Also once every 25 or 50 chapters to see another as well . I would like to know what are his currents stats since it never says anywhere.

  3. There’s such a thing as information or code digging. Usually devs aren’t against it, unless you’re using it to make your own server which makes you money. When I first start an mmo and go to a zone with strong mobs for the first time, I like to research them to know how to work around them. Sometimes I even had to dig inside the game’s coding to find what I need, if there was no info in a wiki or somewhere else. After what I would make that info public on a wiki, so that it would be fair to everyone.
    I think the latest game I’ve done this was in Black Desert Online, since I don’t know korean…

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