Questions for Ergen + the Three Musketeers (GGP, RWX, etvolare)!

Hey guys, exciting news! As some of deathblade’s followers might’ve read, DB and I are headed to Heilongjiang province, where we will be meeting with Ergen!

Since he’s a Northeast China man, that probably means we’re going to be drinking copious amounts of alcohol when we meet. That being said, here’s your opportunity to pelt him with all the questions you wanted asked. Leave your questions here or with deathblade, and we’ll pick the best ones and have him answer them for ya!

In separate news, there was a big meeting of the Three Musketeers in Beijing just two days ago; for the first time goodguyperson (GGP) of Gravity, Ren Woxing (RWX) of Wuxiaworld, and etvolare of VolareNovels all met together in person in Beijing, where we had dinner, shared beers and reflected on the Dao of life. GGP was a good guy, etvo flipped her hair endlessly, and Ren ranted endlessly about QI and ‘the man keeping him down’. Pic below from after we finished! (Sorry, etvo wanted her face edited for fear of y’all being too smitten!)

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  1. And on the Day the three Heads of the three Websites met in person it set forth as such henceforth Form A Love Triangle of such Epic Proportions ,
    that It Shake the Very Essense of the Heavens !!!!!!!!!

    1. On the day that Meng Hao completed the Ninth Hex, the very Allheaven roared in rage and imperceptibly, fear. Natural laws in the Vast Expanse were broken by the residual spirit energy. In a remote corner of the Vast Expanse, a planet called Terra was under imminent threat of some of this residual spirit energy. However the three great daosource patriachs (and matriarch) of the f5 sect joined together and cast the forbidden technique ‘Love Triangle of the Nine Heavens and Earths’ to contain the residual spirit energy of Haowie’s Ninth Hex. However this came at a cost. Awkwardness is now unavoidable between the three great patriarchs (and matriarch) once they have seen the others true selves and forever more do they go into secluded meditation in hopes that they can forget the minixianxia of which I hath written here today.
      Unnamed Disciple 05-06-17

  2. Please ask him why is he so opposed to idea of just making a harem for meng hao in i shall seal the heaven. Please. Im probably dead on serious about this xD

    1. yea meng hao needs to take notes from su yun of Limitless Sword God.
      That ni**a got six wives and he already done it with them…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      Those chapters are on my “most visited” for um research purposes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. For real. These niggas need to keep their prioritays straight. Man if I was them I’d be Genghis Khan’ing my way through life. Real talk

    3. I’m somewhat confused about at least Chu Yuyan. The rest can be explained by him not actually caring for them (plus not being a horny 14 year old/having transcended that). In the case of everyone else though, it wouldn’t make sense to have a harem, at least imo.

      1. I second this.

        I much prefer a character that has one lover in life and in death to a character that just flirt with every girl and collects wives left and right.

        Harems are just an excuse to write other romances from scratch instead of delving into the relationship of the MC and his partner after they get together.

        1. Actually Eternal, part of the reason I like Harems is because when one person is the sole romantic partner of an MC, the plot around them becomes stale and predictable very fast. Multiple romances are much more fresh and offer more variables to a story.

    4. No, Just No. Pretty much every Xianxia I have read that involves a harem is at best generic. The reason Er Gen is my favourite author is because he has that special little touch in the characters in his novels that make his characters human. Not just some cold, inhumanely calculative, op real quick, waifu collectionist mc which is what everybody tends to write nowadays. Not only in the cultivation world but in other webnovel forums such as RoyalRoadL. Point is NO HAREM.

      1. Sorry but we as humans also dabble in polygamistic relationships, it’s not like harem is a product of fantasy that doesn’t happen in real life. I had (keyword, had) friends that 2-,3- or even 4- timed their girlfriends, the only reason why i didn’t tell on them is because they were my longtime friend, but still didn’t change the fact i felt bad for those girls. Why do i mention that? Simply because those guys although horny as hell wouldn’t only think about sex but had a few hobbies and such. So tell me why mc in xianxia stories can’t have harem? Especially when it’s mentioned countless times that powerful and influential man can afford for a lot of things, including harems

        1. I suppose somewhere out there are good harem xianxia however most of the time it’s typical. ‘Hey I saved you’ ‘OMG I owe you my life now pls let me enter your harem’. This is what I mean, there is no real depth in the majority of the xianxia out there that have harems. Also take in the fact that I think romance doesn’t really work with harems well.

        2. The question is not so much “does it happen in real life?” as “is it what we want to look up to?”. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer a MC that sees his wife as a person and has a real relationship with her, rather than a MC that thinks of women as objects and collects them as trophees, rewards for his manliness.

          It always bothers me in xianxia novels when the supporting characters give their everything to the MC and he doesn’t behave as well (whether it’s their wives being faithful while they’re not, or the parents giving their all for the MC’s future so that he can surpass them while the MC doesn’t really care about his children being extraordinary… or at all)

          1. You mean what YOU want to look up to. Honestly speaking, if you really believe monogamy is the only way to see a romantic/sexual partner as a person, you’re deluding yourself.

      2. Well, you’re not completely wrong, but tales of demons and gods can be counted as a harem and its one of the best xianxia out there. ATG is also pretty good even though it is also a harem.

        1. Well personally I never liked TDG since it seemed like the typical cycle of get rich, become op, go to another world/dimension, repeat. However I have never read ATG so maybe I should give it a go.

          1. Don’t do it, ATG is so generic. It’s like MGA, PMG or even TDG, a waste of time.

        2. I would completely dissagree with your statement about ATG. Although there is nothing wrong with poly relationships, and they can even be really amazing if it is all consensual. Yun Che is not in such a relationship. After reading to around 250 or 400 (forgot which one.. Its been 2 years since I last read ATG) it became obvious that he lusted after sex (which is fine, as long as everything is consensual) and was forcefull about it to the point where it developed into rape (date rape to be specific). (I am going to ignore the first time since it was to save a life)

          Also, to respond to the orriginal topic, I dont think ISSTH should be turned into a harem because it goes against Meng Hao’s personality. It is also nice to see a novel that doesnt have a harem in it, nor does it have an “almost harem” where women mindlessly flock to an indiferent mc. I have found that the genres that ww hosts are over saturated with harems so novels like issth and de are a breadth of fresh air. (I have read to at least 100 chapters into more than 10 novels on this site.)

  3. I am quite confidant in my english…so, can you guys let me proofread some stuff alongside my reading. Because I’ve been just seeing mistakes in certain chapter and I just have a cringing feeling of wanting to edit it. 😀

        1. Well if you want to do this you can start by posting all errors in your comments under the episode. Like “Exaple of bad sentense” – It shold be Example and sentence.
          And after you “edit/point out” misspellings in something like 100+ chapters that can be put as your reference as proofreader.
          Good luck.

  4. Can you guys try asking him what he thinks of the fans outside of China who is also in love of his novels, enough for them to make English translations of it for even more people to read.

  5. 1. World essences: I was really looking forward for Meng Hao collecting more world
    essences for power up during that arc. Why did he ended up getting small numbers
    of world essence, the fact that the other land masses(belonged to 33 heavens) was
    larger than the first two where meng hao got his first and second world essence.
    I think it’s impossible for those remaining land masses to not bore a world essence
    hence thy are the last standing traitorous realms.

    2. I was wondering, why did the parents of little treasure lived over a hundred years
    and so as little treasure too, the fact that they were mortal. Did they got immortal
    pills from yan’er? I think he lived longest than the other mortal reincarnations.

    3. Why I got this feeling that Patriarch Vast Expanse is Bai Xiaochun of AWE?
    Is it really him or I am just the only who’s overthinking about it?
    I have clues: the turtle shell of vast expanse and his thoughts that meng hao

    4. Chen Fan’s reason to betray meng hao was not convincing for me… I hated it,
    theat he exchanged his little brother to hollow aggreement to allheaven. I really
    thought that he received an important mission from 33 hells, which was to help his
    little brother if ever he(meng hao) ended up outside the vast expanse, and that time
    he would sacrifice himself to free meng hao from illusion.
    this is not a question but rather my heartbreak at the chapter…

    There are more questions but these are just the things I do remember right

    Thank you and Morepower Ergen, RWX & Boss DB ( have fun guys)
    Sorry for my bad English

  6. The story is not yet over so there could be lots of twist but there are quite few points I’d like to be confirmed. Please ask clarifications on the following, which I didn’t think was a lot as soon as I started typing:

    – Why Meng hao didn’t revert back to the immortal, although he has absorbed the ninth hex? The hex can even revert ‘something from nothing’ (might be wrong in that but the hex did revert the dead). I don’t see a difference of him absorbing it or completing it with his true self since little treasure’s body was the same as his true self. Just my own opinion, its weird to be a demon sealer when you’re a demon sovereign at the same time.

    – Lord Li should have achieved daosource, right? Its been mentioned that there was only three transcendors before Meng Hao. Aside from Meng Hao, he’s suppose to be the strongest demon sealer. The fact that Nine Seals was already half step. I can’t help but to think that Lord Li should be in daosource realm.

    – At the end of it all, Meng Hao should be the strongest right? As reference, being the ninth demon sealer he is the pinnacle. Also the old man who showed up near the green vortex, said he is the last. (While I’m at it, although the old man probably is not a transcendor. The woman inside the coffin of the green vortex, is suppose to be a transcendor right?) Also the two clones (Devil and God) said this “The Fellow Daoist who can wipe you (allheaven) out is currently Transcending. We might have lost our qualifications, but we can still stop you from interfering.” The reason I want to confirm, is because it seems the Immortal is above all the transcendant entities and the only entity allheaven fears seem to be the Immortal. (And if Meng Hao is not the Immortal, then I can only assume its a different character – new story/book)

    – The Ghost/Devil/God could not entirely destroy allheaven at all only one pillar but this was before they enter the universe. Is it fine to assume, their true selves should now be in the ancestor realm and could actually wipe out allheaven.

    Well, didn’t think I’d ask a lot. Sorry for the long rant.

      1. Thanks for that. Although I haven’t read the other novels yet, I’m aware that the Devil, God and Ghost characters have their own separate novels. I’m hoping Meng Hao is the Immortal but so far that isn’t likely to be the case and could end up to be a separate novel too.

          1. I don’t think that the Ghost has its own novel I’m not sure about this because it can be “Against Heaven” which is the only er gen novel that hasn’t been translated yet. Beseech the devil is the Devil. Renegade Immortal is the God. And Issth is the Demon. And IMO A will eternal is the true Immortal.

    1. Meng hao truly is the pinnacle, but not the strongest between the other trancendors. If you look at the context, Meng hao is the “pinnacle” of the “Demon Sealers” because he is the Ninth “Demon Sealer”. The ” pinnacle ” is between the Demon Sealers only. According to the Demon Sealers Legacy “The League of Demon Sealers! The First Generation is the Ancestor. The Second Generation is the Inheritor. The Third Generation is the most powerful. After the Fourth Generation, the successive generations grow weaker…. But the Ninth Generation is the ultimate! If the Ninth Generation is not slain, it is the pinnacle!” – Ancient Voice to Meng Hao

    1. SaintOneDarkness, the answer to the second question is AWE. I’m already smitten by the glory of it, a profound master, alone in the world accompanied by it’s fellow daoists ISSTH, RI and BTD.

  7. To Er Gen, I’ve noticed that the worlds of AWE and ISSTH are quite similar when it comes to cultivation. By any chance, are they both or all your novels connected to one universe, kind of like how Marvel and DC has multiverses, parallel worlds, and etc?

  8. I would like to ask Er Gen, “If you made a Daoist name/title for yourself, what would it be – and why?”

    …and Etvolare’s trick didn’t work – I’ve fallen hard!

  9. I will like to ask Ergen is when did he decided to do the cultivation difference Ghost, Devil, God, Demon and Immortal. Will there be more about this dichotomy in his new book and continue to build it up. What is the end game for the five of them. (I have not read his new novel A will Eternal waiting for ISSTH so of my question are answered already in the new novel. Sorry)

  10. Please ask Er Gen, how he planned out the intricate storyline in ISSTH. Many of the characters and events seen in the beginning of the series ended up being pivotal to the later storyline, unlike other stories, where characters, events, and even plot lines ended up quickly forgotten. Did he plan it that way from the beginning or did he contstantly revisit his overall story on the fly?

  11. I have one question for DB (not sure if this is the right place)
    Do you have any intentions of translating older Er Gen novels? RI seems to be stable but BTD has been dropped and supposedly Qidian will pick it up but there has been no news yet. I know you’ll be busy with AWE after ISSTH is complete, but I really want to see the rest of his novels and I really appreciate the dedication you put into your translations and their resultant quality.

  12. So many things to ask …

    What are Sir Ergen main sources of inspiration?
    Does he read other xianxia novels?
    Does he like any non Chinese novels, musics, movies, poems, sculptures, paintings, etc?
    Which places, real or fictive, would he want to visit and why?
    Has he any writing routines (like listening to a kind of music in background, eating some snacks)?
    How does he keeps tracks of the extended plots (does he use post-it on a board with relations between protagonists like would do a police inspector, or does use a spreadsheet software, or only his great mind, or some other tools?)
    How does he come with the descriptions of the scenes he write about: does he see them playing in his mind then write about it? or does he write some rough sketches then weave details around and keep the best?

  13. Question:

    Do you and the other authors already know that much about the old culture and all those very complex views about the universe and life which are explained in the storys or do you have to research for that a lot, too?

  14. 2 questions
    does the 5 pillars represent the 5 mc from his 5 novels

    and the other is, in which order should i read the novel because they all seem to line up
    does anyone else think that restaurant seems awfully familiar?

  15. Tell Er Gen I said: “Hi, thanks for bringing joy to my life through Haowie and Little Turtle journey”.

    You can choose not to deliver my message, but I…have only two choices: read his novels more or read his novels even more.

    I’m a big fan and I love his works, I’ll stay with it and read just to express my love. Because the deepest expression of love is simply stay with someone.

  16. well, I don’t have a question but I would like to give my thanks to Sir Ergen for writing such a wonderful novel and to all you translators for translating it for us 🙂

  17. The path of web novels have been engraved in my heart,and i will never forget it,it has changed my path,and reshaped my Destiny.It will stay with me through life,I thank the great patriarch and matriarchs for this chance.I believe that all of us here hope that you can convey our thanks to the legendary authors of these novels.I believe i can also speak for many in that we thank you all for translating these wonderful novels for us.

    -Cultivator Raethis
    Will he be writing any more novels?

  18. why can’t you write English?
    did you try to learning English?
    didn’t think you would become world famous author when you started writing novels?
    ever thought of coming to america and publish?

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