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Lingson and I are happy to bring another set of Qidian charts for you to check out. Like I mentioned, there are many different types of data, so for the time being, each “Qidian Charts” update will bring something a bit unique and new. For this update, we have the top 50 all time most popular novels according to “recommendations.” These are basically recommendations from unpaid users (书友推荐).

Title Colors Legend:
Blue: Novel translated or in translation.
Red: Untranslated.Please note: before beginning to translate any novel listed as “untranslated,” please do your own research to confirm that it is indeed untranslated. If you see a title listed as untranslated that is actually being translated, or is otherwise listed incorrectly, please notify us immediately.


# Sub Category Title Votes Author
1 Fantasy Cultivation 凡人修仙传 A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality 13,317,714 Wang Yu
2 Virtual Reality 从零开始 Starting from Nothing 13,223,380 Lei Yun Feng Bao
3 Western Fantasy 盘龙 Coiling Dragon 7,706,692 I Eat Tomatoes
4 Future World 吞噬星空 Swallowed Star 7,436,243 I Eat Tomatoes
5 Power Struggles in Another World 江山美人志 An Emperor’s Land and His Beauties 7,303,280 Rui Gen
6 Fantasy Cultivation 星辰变 Stellar Transformations 6,707,665 I Eat Tomatoes
7 Adventures in Another World 斗破苍穹 Battle Through the Heavens 6,601,012 Heavenly Silkworm Potato
8 Adventures in Another World 兽血沸腾 The Beast’s Blood Boil 6,250,793 Jing Guan
9 Western Fantasy 亵渎 Blasphemy 6,205,144 Yan Yu Jiang Nan
10 Fictional History 随波逐流之一代军师 The General of an Age by Follow the Crowd 5,767,922 Follow the Crowd
11 Adventures in Another World 神墓 Divine Grave 5,701,911 Chen Dong
12 Adventures in Another World 斗罗大陆 Douluo Dalu 5,699,195 Tang Jia San Shao
13 Classic Xianxia 遮天 Shrouded Sky AKA Shrouding The Heavens 5,434,984 Chen Dong
14 Fictional History 极品家丁 High Grade Gardener 5,345,825 Yu Yan
15 Classic Xianxia 莽荒纪 Desolate Era 5,291,000 I Eat Tomatoes
16 Adventures in Another World 恶魔法则 Law of the Devil 5,269,390 Dancing
17 Adventures in Another World 邪神传说 Legend of the Evil God 4,993,865 Cloud Sky
18 Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties 回到明朝当王爷 Back In Time to be a Ming Dynasty Prince 4,965,603 Yue Guan
19 Game Career 全职高手 The King’s Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou) 4,673,036 Butterfly Blue
20 Eastern Fantasy 完美世界 Perfect World 4,653,024 Chen Dong
21 Magic School 琴帝 Emperor of Qin 4,591,858 Tang Jia San Shao
22 Mecha 师士传说 Legend of the Mastermind 4,457,965 Fang Xiang
23 Galactic/Interstellar War 小兵传奇 Legend of the Simple Soldier 4,406,509 Xuan Yu
24 Adventures in Another World 大主宰 The Great Ruler 4,350,254 Heavenly Silkworm Potato
25 Classic Xianxia 我欲封天 I Shall Seal the Heavens 4,341,454 Er Gen
26 Eastern Fantasy 将夜 Jiang Ye (Before Night) 4,273,643 Mao Ni
27 Fantasy Cultivation 阳神 Yang Divinity 4,196,150 Meng Ru Shen Ji
28 Time Travel 无限恐怖 Terror Infinity 4,180,315 Zhttty
29 E-Sport 流氓高手II Master Rogue II 4,154,536 Innocent
30 Fantasy Cultivation 魔天记 Demon’s Diary 4,042,893 Wang Yu
31 Classic Xianxia 邪风曲 Song of an Evil Wind 4,008,992 Blood Red
32 Fictional History 步步生莲 Success, One Step at a Time 3,950,261 Yue Guan
33 Soccer 我们是冠军 We Are Champions 3,789,432 Lin Hai Ting Tao
34 Modern Wuxia 九鼎记 The Nine Cauldrons 3,769,831 I Eat Tomatoes
35 Fantasy Cultivation 仙逆 Renegade Immortal (Xian Ni) 3,759,263 Er Gen
36 Mecha 冒牌大英雄 Counterfeit Hero 3,678,876 72 Editions
37 Adventures in Another World 斗罗大陆II绝世唐门 Dou Luo Da Lu: The One and Only Tang Sect 3,637,940 Tang Jia San Shao
38 Future World 卡徒 Card Disciple 3,425,776 Fang Xiang
39 Ancient Mythology 长生界 World of Immortals 3,378,602 Chen Dong
40 Mecha 星战风暴 Tempestual Stellar War 3,377,889 Ku Lou Jing Ling
41 Fictional History 庆余年 The Story of Qing Yunian 3,305,471 Mao Ni
42 Fantasy Cultivation 求魔 Beseech The Devil 3,200,425 Er Gen
43 Eastern Fantasy 光明纪元 The Brilliant Era 3,199,878 Blood Red
44 Magic School 冰火魔厨 Magic Chef of Ice and Fire (Bing Huo Mo Chu) 3,197,631 Tang Jia San Shao
45 Martial Arts 龙蛇演义 Romance of Dragons and Snakes 3,090,808 Meng Ru Shen Ji
46 Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties 锦衣夜行 Wear Your Silk at Night 3,028,379 Yue Guan
47 Abnormal Ability 生肖守护神 Patron Saint of the Zodiac 2,974,201 Tang Jia San Shao
48 Time Travel 最终进化 The Final Evolution 2,962,752 Juan Tu
49 Primordial Gods 佛本是道 Buddhism is the Dao 2,880,945 Meng Ru Shen Ji
50 Jin, Sui, and Tang Dynasties 醉枕江山 Salacious Emperor 2,872,380 Yue Guan


EDIT: Hi everyone, it has been pointed out that Divine Grave, Law of the Devil, Douluo Dalu 2, Romance of Dragons and Snakes, Starting from Zero and Joy of Life have translations. I will update the list as soon as I can!

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    1. to tell the truth, that novel kept updating from 2005 to 2016 and took so much of my life time to follow, so i gave it up like several years ago. and that number of votes is actually accumulated from the very begining, so it is actually reasonable to get that seemingly-large number of votes.

  1. Nice list, thank you very much. TJSS and IET really write a lot of popular stuff…. Er Gen and HSP haven’t done too badly themselves!

    1. How is this list a reflection of IET’s effort? It doesn’t change the fact that his stories are formulaic. It’s just that his stories remain popular among his readership despite the lack in creativity. They enjoy reading more of the same.

      1. Can’t say that, most of his stories are just clear and to the point. People prefer a story that does not drag things on for 3 to 5 chapters, and I don’t think they lack creativity if they do then what story doesn’t lack it? I think the main reason he is popular is because his stories have fast growth and the characters are well developed instead of having the story focus on just the main character you get some amazing characters and monsters. A lot of books lack that important essence.

    1. Me too. I wanted to know what it was about. Does it have a somewhat settling similar to “Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World”? If yes then I really wanted to read it.

    2. Alternate history.It’s a legendary novel in many people’s view.But I think it doesnt suit for foreign readers,cause it has lots of poems,allusions and traditional words.

    1. It’s your run of the mill vrmmorpg type storyline that’s similar to shura’s wrath except the MC isn’t some superhuman. Government sponsored game where wars have ended and conflicts are settled in the game. Without spoiling too much, the MC is out to make a fortune playing the game.

      I honestly don’t understand the chinese obsession with these type of stories. The plot is always weak and just turns into a summary of gaming achievements.

      1. it’s “all times recommendation”.
        i mean, i would probably recommend you the lord of the rings because it started a genre, but i do not think it is the best fantasy out there now (i mean, so many descriptions and heavy language, you can feel it is a bit old, and the film is well done for once. sadly it cuts the epilogue)

  2. can anyone translate this interesting Novel

    Action Adventure Martial Arts Wuxia

    Ambitious Goals Archery Chinese Martial Arts Determined Protagonist Game Elements Good Sects Vs Evil Sects Leveling Up Marriage Tournament Polygamy Rebirth Ruthless Male Lead Smart Male Lead Sword Sects Swords Weak to Strong Transported to Another World

    1. How many is “first few chapters”? Maybe it’s too early to form an opinion. Give it a few more. I haven’t read it personally but I’m thinking about it.

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