PW Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Preparation

The villagers were all petrified and in a stupid daze. Although they had already heard about this previously and knew that the little guy’s physique far exceeded his peers, no one could have imagined that it was so abnormal.

“He hasn’t even used the Bone Text’s mysterious powers yet, right?” Someone asked.

“No, he didn’t. I saw very clearly that he only used his body’s strength.” The hunting group’s leader Shi Linghu replied.


The little guy Shi Hao threw the copper cauldron to the ground. It smashed into the ground, causing smoke and dust to pollute the air. He quickly took a step back to avoid the rising dust. This loud noise once again made the villagers’ hearts tighten; this truly was a little devil.

The results were really hard to believe. A three year-old child was able to lift up a thousand jin cauldron. Forget about the mountain range’s vicinity, it would be difficult to find someone like him even within the limits of this earth.

The villagers were all mind-blown, and even chief Shi Yunfeng was startled. He did not believe that Shi Hao could lift up such a large cauldron at his current age. This was something completely unexpected.

“Is this real? How could that little brat Shi Hao have such a ridiculous amount of strength? I have never heard of a child like this.”

“It really is quite inconceivable. If he did not have the body of a human, I would have thought that some archaic descendant’s child came here!”

All of the villagers turned around and started commenting on the little guy’s striking performance.

“Chief, you’ve been to a few prosperous regions right? Have you ever met children like this one?”

“That’s right. Yunfeng you’ve been to many powerful tribes. Have you heard about anyone like this little devil?” Even some of the elders couldn’t hold themselves back any longer and had to ask.

Shi Yunfeng replied, “I was once at a clan of several million and met several of their extraordinary children. They all had unlimited amounts of great resources that would stupefy anyone. Although they were quite formidable for their ages, compared to the little guy, they were still somewhat lacking.”

The villagers who heard that all blanked. Soon after, they all began to laugh. This was heaven showing favor towards Stone Village! A young child that had power similar to an archaic beast’s descendant, what would happen once he properly grew up?! Stone Village would become prosperous once again because of him.

An elder said while analyzing, “Those large rich and powerful clans have as many experts as trees in a forest. They must have killed fierce beasts that were beyond frightening and used the true blood of rarely seen archaic descendants to refine and baptize the bodies of their especially talented children. Otherwise, the difference when compared to the little guy would be even greater.”

“The various regions are vast and boundless. Those legendary supreme clans and territories of noble kings might have children that are more powerful. After all, the world is too big, and the things we understand are merely a small corner of what is truly out there,” said Shi Yunfeng.

The display of martial arts this time made all of the villagers extremely happy. The children were all quite strong, and the potential for growth was great. As for Shi Hao, that was a happiness beyond their expectations, since his performance was truly too shocking.

While everyone began to scatter, several clan elders as well as Shi Linghu and some other important individuals did not leave. They continued to seriously discuss like before, as if the discussion they had previously never ended.

“When Shi Hao grows up in the future, in a one on one situation, wouldn’t he be able to defeat a ferocious Hou bare-handedly and kill a mature pure-blooded Suan Ni? These are legendary creatures that could easily eradicate a large and powerful clan!”

One of the elders extinguished his burning thoughts and said, “Having potential while you are young does not necessarily mean that you will become a powerful individual that will shock the world. You have to know that there are countless geniuses who faded away while they were still young.”

Everyone was speechless, and soon after, they all nodded their heads.

Shi Yunfeng frowned and said, “Now that you mention it, Shi Hao was brought up in this village, so he is lacking somewhat in resources and has a worse start. It is impossible for us to provide him with the true blood of archaic descendants like the other great clans, or any legendary mountain treasure, divine medicine, and similar things.”

Shi Linghu said, “Right now he is still young. If it was before, then maybe it really would have been too late to catch up to the children of great clans.”

Shi Yunfeng thought for a bit before saying, “Based on my understanding, the talented children from this world’s great clans would undergo their first great baptism at five years of age. Together with divine medicines and archaic true blood, their bodies would be refined within a copper furnace to increase their potential.”

The others all softly sighed. After all, this was only a small village, so how could they compare to those great clans? It was simply impossible for them to find any divine medicines or the so-called archaic descendant’s true blood.

“We can only do what we can. After killing some enormous beasts, we can extract their precious blood and save it bit by bit in preparation for the little guy’s five year-old baptism.” One of the village elders sighed.

Shi Linghu frowned and brought up another issue. “In order to compete against those powerful kids from legends, in addition to shedding your body and building a strong foundation, the matter of inheriting a cultivation path is still a large problem…”

Chief Shi Yunfeng nodded his head and replied, “Leave that matter to me.”

Everyone immediately was immediately stumped for words. They all knew that the village chief had left with some villagers for a place far away in the past and even visited quite a few of this world’s sects. In the end, for the price of blood and life, he returned with a few bone books. Could it be that it could match the inheritances of those great clans?

Ten or so brothers went through life and death struggles together, and only two of them returned while being immersed in blood. In the end, only the chief survived, yet he still contracted some strange disease. His past was something that he never talked about, and none of the villagers asked him about it either.

What exactly happened that year? There was obviously a secret that he didn’t want to reveal.

In the following days, chief Shi Yunfeng was always extremely busy. He would often be slowly refining medicinal herbs within the courtyard. The stove cauldron never ran out of fire, and the smell of medicine was extremely strong.

“Grandpa chief. You don’t need to work so hard and be so tired. You need to rest too.” The little guy’s eyelashes were rather long, making him seem prettier than those of little girls as he thoughtfully advised the old man to take a break.

“There is no need.” Shi Yunfeng laughed while shaking his head.

The clan elders, as well as Shi Linghu and the few others who were familiar with the situation, didn’t tell Shi Hao much. He didn’t know that Shi Yunfeng was actually preparing for his five-year old baptism.

With the setting sun came the returning hunting troop. Each of them had a wild beast on their shoulders. Although there were some that were wounded, they were still talking and laughing.

The chief’s stone courtyard was located near the village entrance.  Shi Hao was currently standing in front of the courtyard entrance, watching everyone as they returned.

“Uncles, you’ve all returned.” He lifted his small innocent and tender face. His eyes were clear and bright black as he politely greeted the returning individuals.

‘Come here, these are your favorite berries. Uncle picked them especially for you.” Shi Linghu handed over a package wrapped in animal skin. After opening it up, the inside was a bright red. A sweet scent traveled around, and each round fruit sparkled like translucent carnelians.

‘Thank you uncle.” Shi Hao blinked his big eyes and happily received the berries.

At nightfall, the villagers once again offered the beast corpses to the willow tree as sacrifices. After finishing the ceremony, some of the more spiritual prey was delivered to the chief’s courtyard.

Soon after, the smell of blood began to spread from the stone courtyard. Several fierce beasts were piled up, their bodies trickling with blood. Moreover, the beasts’ bodies were gradually drying up. They flickered with symbols, making them appear strange and mysterious.

These were bone texts, and currently, they had interwoven themselves into the blood. They looked just like streaks of fine lightning. Shi Yunfeng was using a mysterious force to refine and slowly extract the ‘blood medicine’ from the beast blood. After undergoing endless refinement, the quantity of the beast blood decreased. Only a single drop from each beast remained, and it would be gathered into a jade container. The beads of blood were transparent and as brilliant as a blood diamond.

“According to what was recorded in the bone text, during the five year-old baptism, the divine medicines, true blood and other mysterious components will have a mystical effect on one’s foundation and will greatly affect one’s future.” Chief Shi Yunfeng softly spoke.

He did not want to waste Shi Hao’s talent, and he also did not want him to fall behind the other major clans’ geniuses. He was always thinking of ways to save up the materials needed for his baptism.

“It’s better to go without than to go with a bad option. Only high quality true blood is useful for the little guy. Unfortunately, it really is too rare. In addition, if it was excessively powerful, it might be too difficult to handle.” He quietly said to himself.

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  1. I’m not against slow beginning, but I don’t find any fun in reading about a 3yo MC who’s basically being buffed in every chapter so far.
    Although the background story of this village is interesting, the power up part is boring and is rather uninteresting for the beginning of a novel.
    Who cares about him being as strong as the geniuses in clans we don’t even know off. We don’t know a single thing about this world, and the guy is already telling us that the mc is as strong as some people we don’t know.

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