PW Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Mysterious Bone Scripture

The villagers could no longer contain their happiness and laughter. This really was a pleasant surprise. No one expected the Green Scaled Eagle to deliver them a fierce beast. These types of vicious birds were all intelligent and wise.

In the following days, the Green Scaled Eagle continuously presented them with vicious beasts. From flying pythons to gigantic elephants, all kinds of fierce beasts from the mountain range were delivered.

After only a month, the three little tykes fattened up like balloons until they were almost two meters long. Their rate of food consumption was also extremely shocking, increasing day by day.

“The eldest is called Big Peng, the second is called Little Green, and the youngest Violet Cloud.” These were the three names given to them by the children.

Needless to say, these three Green Scaled Eagles were all intelligent and extraordinarily magical. They excelled at understanding human behavior. No matter what was said to them, they would understand; the only difference was that they simply couldn’t speak the language of humans.

Violet Cloud, in particular, was especially intelligent and strong. When it had just reached a meter in length, it decided to flap its wings and fly out of the village. It came back after killing a few tigers and wolves, leaving the villagers stupefied.

“Little Violet, come quick.” Shi Hao ran in front, and Violet Cloud eagerly chased from behind. This made all the other children very envious. This mystical eagle was extra amiable towards the little guy.

Chirp, Chirp!” Violet Cloud ran forward, using a scaly wing to help the little guy massage his back. It was somewhat strange to associate this with the behavior of a vicious Green Scaled Eagle.

“What a suck-up, isn’t it just because the little guy is teaching you the bone text?” The group of kids pouted angrily.

The little guy insisted on teaching the three Green Scaled Eagles the bone text researched by humans. This mutated Violet Cloud was surprisingly enthusiastic in learning. It was even smarter than humans, and as a result, they gradually became increasingly close.


The little guy raised his arms, and the symbols on them lit up. Both arms were covered densely in brilliant and resplendent net-like patterns. After pointing in a direction, a small scarlet bird flew toward a large tree trunk, instantly burning it.

Pa, Pa!

Violet Cloud used both wings to clap, letting out pa sounds, as if it was applauding. A pair of large and vivid eyes blinked as it continuously chirped to express its excitement.

Wa, this little bird is so smart. It is only a month old, yet it knows this much already. It is way stronger than a month-old human,” the group of kids cried out.

Kengchi kengchi. The other two Green Scaled Eagles Big Peng and Little Green also ran over to head-butt the little guy. Wise vicious beasts thirsted for power much more than humans, especially after learning that these Bone Texts could help accelerate their growth.

In these past few days, the little guy Shi Hao also received many benefits. Due to the fact that the Green Scaled Eagles were descendants of archaic beasts, their bodies naturally contained large amounts of precious bones and shockingly powerful mysterious symbols. He was constantly studying them.

These ancient and precious bones gave birth to powerful and mysterious patterns exclusive to a specific type of species. The stronger the archaic descendants were, the more they did not wish for their symbols to leak out. If the symbols were divulged, then they would definitely use all of their strength to kill the one that did so. Fortunately, the three hatchlings were unique, as they were raised by the villagers. Their primordial symbols were extremely rare and precious, far surpassing the normal bone texts that were researched by humans. Because these were secrets that could not be passed on to outsiders, they were known as precious symbols.

It could be said that these symbols were comparable to the human race’s more powerful bone books. Creatures that could give birth to symbols naturally were naturally all extraordinary.

Both of Stone Village’s ancestral artifacts came from the bodies of exceedingly terrifying archaic descendants. Only after polishing and refining them did they become the precious artifacts they are today.

During this period, Shi Hao always played with the three hatchlings, allowing him to break through a few barriers. Chief Shi Yunfeng was also very happy to see them together.

Violet Cloud was especially special, since he was able to undergo an ancestral transformation. Even if only a small portion of the original demonic bird’s imprints were passed down, it was still extremely astonishing. The symbols within its body were definitely worthy of being on par with that of a ‘mysterious bone book’.

If news of this got out, it would definitely arouse the other tribes’ temptations.

At dawn, a red sun rose from within the fog, and a soft and comforting light spread out. The mist in the mountains began to develop a red hue as it flowed ever so slowly.

The air was very fresh, and dewdrops tumbled along the grass and vines. A group of robust males were planning to leave Stone Village to once again go hunting.

“Uncles, you all have to be careful in the mountains.” While leading the three noisy little birds, the little Shi Hao eagerly ran over to send them off. He raised his small face and individually greeted each adult with large bright eyes. He went to sleep early and woke up early as well.

The robust males laughed heartily. They came towards him to pinch his little face that was blushing like a big apple before heading off towards the mountains with big steps.

“Little Purple let me take a look again. What is going on with the symbols inside your body? There is still some things I don’t understand.”

Soon after, the little guy reached out his small white arm and hugged Violet Cloud in an extremely intimate manner. It’s precious bone imprints were revealed, and he could easily study them.

Jiu jiu…” Big Peng and Little Green were discontent. They hurried over and nudged his small arm.

“Big Peng, don’t worry. I’ll look at your symbols in a bit later as well. Little Green, we can catch some fish together later. Don’t bother me right now, okay?” The little guy also embraced their necks to comfort them.

In reality, the three hatchlings were now a head taller than Shi Hao. Whether it was the past or present, he was always the little guy in the village.

“Wow! So this is how it works. The way it changes is so complicated and mysterious, just like the stars in the sky.” The little guy’s eyes widened as he observed the brilliant patterns on the surface of Violet Cloud’s precious bones. This time, he was able to understand them more clearly.

Jiu jiu!

Big Peng and Little Green were also quite curious and looked at the mysterious symbols on their brother’s body. Their eyes never blinked,as if they wanted to memorize and process all the information in their heads.

“Big Peng, Little Green, let me look at your treasured symbols.” The little guy turned around and placed his attention on the other two Green Scaled Eagles.

He continuously groped about and came into contact with their precious bones. Sparkling radiance emerged and mysterious symbols formed; even their scales became dazzling and translucent.

The little guy pondered deeply, perfecting what he acquired recently. He then shut his eyes and muttered, “So it’s like this, complicated mysterious patterns interweaved like so. Evolving and shining, the mysterious strength would emerge forth…..”


The little guy’s left hand began to glow, and a glistening crescent moon rushed out. It rapidly flew towards the distance, slicing a towering tree right in half. The tree fell to the floor, creating a loud sound and filling the air with dust.

Wa! The little guy succeeded. He succeeded in studying the Green Scaled Eagle’s innate skills. That’s their precious symbol right there, so strong!” Not far away, a group of kids saw what happened and were instantly alarmed.

“Lower your voices!” The chief appeared. Naturally, all this commotion made him appear. He had to quiet the kids down so that they did not disturb Shi Hao while he was in a deep state of contemplation and gathering insights.

“Little purple, let me take a look one more time. I think I understand a bit more after looking at Big Peng and Little Green’s imprints.”  Shi Hao hugged Violet Cloud’s neck. His eyes were shining brightly, as if he suddenly understood much more.

Violet Cloud let out a long chirp. Precious splendor erupted from his entire body, making him appear extremely holy. Even though it was still young, it already possessed a dignified aura, giving the villagers an uncomfortable feeling.

Mysterious and complicated, the ever-changing mysterious symbols on the surface made its purple scales appear sparkling and translucent. It was extremely magnificent!

The little guy’s eyes shone brightly like shining jewels as he stared at the precious symbols without blinking. Only after a long time had passed did he move his arm gently. A blazing light was moving through his arm. The light gathered towards his palm before breaking free.


That light shot out like an unsheathed sword, releasing a metallic sound. A divine and bright lunar disk flew out. It embedded itself into a huge fifty-six meter tall boulder as it spun in place. Kacha! The huge boulder was instantly cut in half.

The cut was smooth, and after a rumble, the top half of the boulder weighing over a thousand jin fell onto the floor. Rubble flew everywhere and dust rose into the air.

In the distance, the group of people who were watching became petrified. How strong was this power? The bright disk-like moon was able to chop straight through a boulder that was as hard as metal! This left everyone shocked.

“What powerful symbols! The purple hatchling has inherited a portion of the archaic demonic bird’s imprints after all! It has been recreated!” Chief Shi Yunfeng was extremely excited as he said, “The little guy really is incredible! It has only been a month, yet he could delve into the secrets of primordial symbols like these. His natural talents are amazing!”

Violet Cloud, Big Peng and Little Green were all surprised. They were all young and couldn’t activate their innate symbols’ strength yet, but after seeing the results, they all became extremely excited.

“Grandpa chief, I think I understand.” The little guy’s eyes lit up and he happily yelled out.

Shi Yunfeng quickly came over and complimented him. “The primordial symbols you used just now could definitely be considered ‘secret bone texts’. They are extremely rare, powerful to the point of making others fearful. In the future, do not casually use it unless necessary.”

The little guy blinked his big eyes. He scratched his head and asked, “How strong can it be? It don’t think it’s complete yet. There is supposed to be a tree and a palace on the silver moon, but I can’t make them appear yet.”

“Right now, you should be at least as strong as your uncles Linhu and Feijiao. ‘Secret bone texts’ are things that an entire tribe would thirst for!” The village chief spoke in a serious tone.

When the little guy heard what he said, he earnestly nodded his head. He then giggled foolishly, making him look incredibly innocent. He continuously studied it for the rest of the day to try and improve the technique. Even the village chief sighed in amazement, because he couldn’t do anything to help.

The setting sun dyed everything in a deep red. The hunting party had returned, but this time, there wasn’t much prey, and there were even a few individuals that were being carried back.

“What is going on? Did something happen?” The villagers rushed out nervously.

“Relax, no one lost their lives. However, Pi Hou’s father suffered heavy injuries. He was shot by an arrow, and his lungs were injured as a result . ” Shi Linghu’s expression was ugly.

“How did this happen?” A few elders appeared and inquired.

“It’s because of Wolf Village a few dozen li away. We haven’t made much contact for about a year, but for some unknown reason, they entered our hunting grounds. Not only did they fight us over our prey, they almost killed Pihou’s father!”

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