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Chapter 100 – The Second Battlefield

The Void God Realm was in a huge uproar, and was extremely noisy. News of the naughty child’s appearance at the Heaven Mending Pavilion was like a meteorite falling into the ocean, and aroused a huge tempest. It quickly became the hottest topic of discussion.

It was to the point that it had already quelled the news regarding Shi Yi entering the ancient holy institution. Practically everyone was talking about it, and some were lying on the ground laughing while others were cursing at the top of their lungs; however, everyone who understood this matter sighed with sorrow.

This devilish brat was too dishonest, and it was indeed a bit too wasteful on a prodigy like him. How could Heaven Mending Pavilion endure such torment? This was truly an incredible delight for others.

“I reckon Heaven Mending Pavilion is crying emotionally right now. After being disturbed by that devilish brat, their mountain gates today will probably be crowded to the point of exploding. There are almost nine thousand people who passed the trial!

“This child is truly outrageous. He can’t stay still no matter where he goes. No wonder the Void God Realm can’t even handle him anymore and threw him out. It truly had some incredible foresight.”

Everyone was chuckling, since the matter this time was truly delightful. Apart from the victim – Heaven Mending Pavilion, everyone else was practically laughing until the corners of their mouths twitched.

Many people took joy in this disaster, and could not stop laughing.

Naturally, there were also people who were fuming with rage, such as the four large clans who were previously extorted. Right now, all of their faces were still dark, and continuously cursed. They wanted to kill the little guy as soon as possible.

It was hard for them to invoke any joy out of this matter, because they had originally been victims as well. They were once made into a laughing stock because of this.

The news regarding the Heaven Mending Pavilion instantly swept over the entire land and was transmitted into all kinds of large families within ancient countries. This shocked everyone in the land, and no one would have thought that this devilish brat would bring that kind of style into an ancient sacred land.

“I feel rather sympathetic towards Heaven Mending Pavilion. How did they end up meeting a brat like this? Right, what do you guys think? Will the ancient sacred land punish and exile him or not?” someone raised this question.

“They definitely won’t. If it was me, I would certainly recruit him into my school and slowly tidy him up. Otherwise, wouldn’t they be letting him off too easily?”

Everyone nodded and felt that this was reasonable. Many great powers were eyeing him covetously. If they truly expelled this child, then many others would take the first opportunity to steal him.

The Void God Realm was full of people discussing this topic non-stop.

“Does anyone want to go to the Heaven Mending Pavilion? Since this devilish brat appeared, I’m sure that he will be exposed soon.”

One of them took the first opportunity to respond and reveal their intention of visiting the Heaven Mending Pavilion. He wanted to violently beat up that devilish brat a bit and do some heaven angering things to him.

There were even some who flat out stated that they wanted to kill the little guy.

“Since he appeared, we have to kill him!” This truly wasn’t a joke, and they were emitting a powerful killing intent.

“He finally exposed himself!” Someone clenched their teeth.

Everyone knew that if the people who wanted to take actions were not the four large clans, then they were powers who knew that they had no hopes of recruiting such a genius. Such powers would rather dispose of the little guy than allow a competitor have him.

The little guy evoked a gargantuan wave that attracted the attention of many. The situation that he brought to the Heaven Mending Pavilion would naturally make this area a place of instability.

Many people decided to leave and head there.

“Although this child is dishonest, he shouldn’t attract any bloody conflicts right? Those people are too excessive. Will someone go and stop them?”

“There is. This old man will save him first, then violently give him a beating!”

Hehe, haha…

Some great powers truly moved out and dispatched a group of terrifying experts, especially that terrifying family who lost their precious fans previously. Their blood boiled, and since information regarding him finally appeared, they absolutely had to retrieve their clan’s most powerful treasure.

While the outside world clamored, Heaven Mending Pavilion could hardly stay calm.

Some elders were almost worried to death, and looking at that dark patch of people, it made them feel dizzy. There were almost nine thousand people there, how could they all be recruited through the mountain gates?

The upper powers had already gave out orders for them to settle this matter themselves, since they were the ones in charge of the event this time. Currently, some of them were so depressed they had thoughts of suicide.

The eight to nine thousand people were anxiously waiting, and all the elders from various large clans were eagerly waiting as well.

“There’s too many people…” Elder Xiong Fei mustered up his courage and spoke. However, as soon as he spoke these words, he was interrupted.

“This is very normal. Our children are all geniuses!” A group of clan elders simultaneously shouted.

“Fellow cultivators, please forgive this man.” Elder Zhuo Yun was agonizing, and he wished everyone would understand and be flexible.

“We understand and believe that our children passed Heaven Mending Pavilion’s most difficult trial, and they will certainly learn the best symbols and precious techniques within the school.” The elders of various tribes were unyielding.

“There’s a mistake this time. You can’t treat it like it’s real.” An elder’s face darkened as he spoke.

“Is the magnanimous Heaven Mending Pavilion actually going back on their words? You said it yourselves that today’s trial was extremely difficult. You guys installed some powerful barriers within the trial, and as long as they passed through, they would be accepted as a disciple. Could it be that you are backing out on your words? If news of this got out, your reputation will be damaged.”

The few elders opened their mouths, but were tongue-tied for words. They wished that they could capture him immediately and beat him half to death. He was truly a troublemaker. What were they going to do now?

“Fellow cultivators, it’s fine if you see it this way, but let’s discuss a bit.“ The elders invited a few elders from the large clans to the side to carefully negotiate with them. No matter what, they could not accept nine thousand people into Heaven Mending Pavilion at the same time, since it far surpassed any of their estimations.

Zhulu Academy’s female War God, as well as war generals dispatched by all kinds of great powers patiently, waited on top of a wall. They carefully searched for the little guy, and they were incredibly happy that such a scene occurred.

While the outside world was in turmoil, the little guy was strolling across the forest in the second battlefield. He was not in a hurry at all.

“There are quite a number of people that entered. Some are actually pretty good,” he muttered to himself. He had already found over ten people, and some of them were quite powerful. Although they were not very old, they had established several Heavenly Passages a long time ago.

He was scurrying through the dense forest in order to search for the ‘tablet’ hidden at the second battlefield.

Suddenly, the smell of blood assailed his nostrils, and the little guy’s heart jumped. In front of him, the area surrounding a waterfall was completely bloodstained. Half a skull lied there, and it belonged to a youth roughly fifteen to sixteen years old. The rest of his body was completely devoured.

He did not advance any further. He assumed that some terrifying creature like a Flood Dragon hid behind the waterfall.

An hour later, he arrived at a swamp, and discovered the traces of a fierce battle here. A few broken bloody arms were scattered throughout the ground where an alligator rested. It was incredibly terrifying with a length of over eighty meters long.

“The mortality rate isn’t low.” The little guy backed off.


Suddenly, a loud howl transmitted from afar and hacked open the mud like a landslide or a fissure. The mountain boulders in the vicinity were all sent flying high into the sky.

“There’s another one!”

The little guy was startled. There was actually more than one vicious beast here. This one was an even stronger alligator whose length was over 100 meters long.

Its body was covered in dense silver scales, and it was flashing with an icy cold and metallic sheen. It leapt out from within the swamp toward the little guy.


The little guy’s horizontal movement was extremely quick, dodging its huge and bloody mouth. With a kacha sound, that large terrifying mouth immediately smashed apart a few ancient trees that reached into the skies, and its bloody odor permeated the area.

With a honglong sound, the ancient alligator immediately swatted out with its ten meter long claws after its bloody mouth missed its target. Symbols flickered all around it, and its ferocity overflowed into the heavens.

The little guy was in mid-air, and he kicked out against that huge claw. Both of them possessed a godly strength that shocked the world, causing them to both retreated backwards.

The ancient alligator was shocked. Despite that human being so tiny, he somehow possessed such a terrifying strength that could counter its hundred meter length body. One must know that it had been cultivating for many long years before arriving at this level.

The little guy extended his ten fingers, and ten streaks of thick golden lightning exploded onto the alligator’s body. That spot immediately turned black as the scales fell over, revealing indistinct patches of flesh and blood.

The ancient alligator was furious. It practically stood on its legs as it pounced towards the little guy. At the same time, the symbols on another huge alligator shined, and it immediately slaughtered its way over.

The little guy frowned. He did not want to fight this pointless battle, so he turned around and escaped. However the two huge beasts did not give up on him, and relentlessly chased him along his path, smashing apart the ancient trees as they destroyed their way through the forest.


Suddenly, a tiger roar shook the entire mountain range from the distance. It shocked the little guy to the point that his hair stood up. He immediately thought back to that black tiger that had once tramped down a mountain peak with a single claw.

He escaped at an extremely fast pace with no intention of stopping.

However, that injured ancient alligator’s eyes had blood in its sight. It continued to persevere and tried to chase him down. The other immediately submerged itself into the swamp after hearing the tiger’s cry.

The forest swayed, and tree snapped. Huge rocks flew across the air, causing all kinds of fierce beasts to scurry about. As this enormous hundred meter long vicious creature chased, it upheaved the entire mountain area.


Suddenly, a shining figure charged out from the side. Like a powerful War Spirit, its aura was incredibly oppressing, and it directly struck the little guy with its palm.

With a honglong sound, symbols interweaved, and a silver light shined. The entire mountain region trembled, and many ancient trees collapsed. Several ten thousand jin boulders were smashed to smithereens as well.

This extremely terrifying scene shocked even the little guy. People who were able to charge their way in here were indeed extraordinary, and this person was definitely considered a terrifying person.

Without even turning his head, he struck with his palm. After using the power of his silver symbols, he jumped and disappeared into the ends of the forest.

The person behind him was stupefied. That child who flashed by was terrifying. Was this still a jump? It simply looked like he was flying after he instantly jumped over the entire mountain.

He did not stop. The symbols underneath his foot flickered, and silver light covered the ground. In the blink of an eye, he rushed into a different direction to escape.


In the depths of the mountain range, hissing sounds trembled the sky. An enormous black tiger charged over at an extremely fast speed, and cracked open the mountain surface with each step. There were two mountains obstructing its path, but they were smashed apart by its claws.

The ancient alligator trembled. It quickly hunted down over ten enormous creatures before crouching to the floor. It trembled slightly as it waited for the descent of the beast king.

The black tiger appeared and lowered its head to look down upon everything. It opened its mouth to inhale, then a streak of black light roiled up as it swallowed the ten prey on the ground. Afterwards, it looked at the muddy alligator with disgust before turning around to leave.

A large patch of blood was left over by those ten prey on the floor, continuously dripping like a small river. That ancient alligator accepted its generosity, and escaped into the distance.

Finally, the little guy saw that tablet curled up with floating light and misty air. This was clearly a treasure since as soon as he arrived, that black rock flew over and landed into his hands.

There were a couple of lines carved onto the tablet: Those with two Heaven Mending Rocks will pass, and those with over ten will be carefully educated.

“I only have one, yet I didn’t pass? This is simply encouraging me to steal,” the little guy muttered to himself.

He realized what this meant. He would guard here and wait for others to search for this tablet. In the meantime, he would examine it, so that he might dig out some secrets.

However, the stone tablet was unusual. It emitted a multicolored light, then rapidly flew into the distance to bury itself underneath the ground.

“This is to avoid people camping the stone tablet. It’s telling us to fight in the forest and hunt each other down.”

The little guy’s heart trembled. To become a genius disciple was indeed not a very simple task. There aren’t any rules in this land, so wouldn’t that mean stealing the Heaven Mending Rocks would be very dangerou? There were human lives at stake here!

No wonder that person sneak attacked him. He definitely wanted the Heaven Mending Rocks.

“I don’t know how many geniuses are at the second battlefield.” The little guy did not anxiously make a move. He pushed his way through the forest, and searched for traces of other people.

He had searched through over a million li of the great wasteland, so he naturally had a beautiful experience that far surpassed his peers within the mountain range. As long as he was careful and prudent, he would definitely be terrifying.

“One, two…” The little guy carefully counted. After four hours, he had already found sixty seven people. According to his estimation, there were at least a hundred geniuses within this mountain range.

“That little fellow who sneakily attacked me just now was pretty strong, since I did not actually sense him. I don’t know where he is hiding,” the little guy muttered to himself.

After that, he did not seem to care about these things anymore, and he made his way towards the depths of the mountain range. After he saw that enormous black tiger, he felt that there might be some other good stuff hidden within the mountains.

Next to the lairs of powerful vicious beasts, there would usually be one or two spirit items. This was the knowledge he obtained from experiencing over a million li of the great wasteland.

During his journey, he had taken action several times. In particular, he once plucked a spirit medicine from under the protection of a Ice Flood Dragon, and in the end, him and Qingfeng were chased for two days and two nights. After that, they never dared to recklessly do such a thing again.

This is the backyard of Heaven Mending Pavilion, and the little guy assumed that this black tiger going crazy was not a big deal; after all, this area was being suppressed by the ancient sacred land.

In the depths of the mountain range, mist lingered about. Ancient trees and wretched woods stood about, and huge boulders were laid in disarray.

The little guy approached a high ground that lacked vegetation. The baleful aura was astonishing as black mist filled this place. Just by looking at it, one would immediately realize that this is the resting place of a super strong vicious beast.

He had to be cautious and prudent; otherwise, he would lose his life in this place. He slowly walked into the interior with only an experimental attitude. He did not really want to risk his life.

The ground was dry and hard. The solid rocks he treaded upon were bare with nothing growing on them.

He finally approached that huge pitch-black cave. Strands of demonic aura overflowed from within. This was precisely the black tiger’s nest.

“There’s actually a precious medicine here!”

The little guy was pleasantly surprised. Near the cave’s entrance, there was an extremely eye-pleasing plant rooted there that was emitting specks of black light.

This entire region was barren, and this was the only precious medicine growing beside the tiger’s cave; naturally, it was very eye-catching. It was not tall, only a foot in length. Its shape was like a pitch-black lotus carved from an onyx.

“Black Demon Lotus!”

The little guy was pleasantly surprised. This was an extremely rare precious medicine that grew by absorbing demonic aura. Ordinarily, this plant was an extremely rare precious medicine.

Naturally, it absorbed demonic aura, but it was still a spirit medicine. However, it was a bit special in the sense that it was far more violent and tyrannical than ordinary spirit medicine.

This one in particular absorbed the aura of the black tiger, making the medicinal properties even more powerful. It far surpassed ordinary spirit medicine, and this one could be considered an even more astonishingly rare precious medicine.

“I recently cultivated to a hurdle. I should have broken through, but I felt like I should wait a bit to accumulate some more more essence energy. Looks like I won’t have to wait any longer.”

The little guy was very happy since he felt like he could open his sixth Heavenly Passage. His cultivation was going to advance by leaps and bounds once again.

Of course, the prerequisite was that he had to pluck this precious medicine without losing his life.

Yi, some people had been eyeing this black lotus a long time ago.” The little guy was amazed. On top of a huge rock beside the black tiger’s cave, there was a row of words that recorded the age of this medicine.

“It’s a record left by the Heaven Mending Pavilion.” The little guy pondered for a while then grumbled, “I already dug out the precious bones from the eighth region, could I let this lotus go? I obviously can’t, or else I would be hacked by lightning from the heavens.”

With his thieving look, he stared towards his left and right. Then his large eyes shined as he tiptoed towards the black tiger’s cave.

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