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Perfect World (完美世界) is a Chinese web novel by Chen Dong (辰东). It is currently ongoing with over 1600 chapters. It belongs in the “Xuan Huan” category and the subcategory of “Eastern Fantasy”.
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A speck of dust can fill an ocean. A blade of grass can destroy the sun, moon, and the stars. A flick of a finger can turn the world upside down.

Groups of heroes rise, and innumerable clans stand together. Various saints fight for power and the entire world goes into chaos. I ask the boundless Mother Earth: Who decides the ups and downs?

A young man walks out of the barren wilderness, and everything starts from there…

Translators’ synopsis:

Born into a unique world where clans fight to gain power and control, the main character, Shi Hao, is a genius blessed by the heavens born under the poorest of conditions. His clan, however, has a mysterious past. To rise up and become the genius he is meant to be, the clan goes through every effort to aid his cultivation as they battle through fanatical monsters and engage in power struggles with other clans. His journey will bring him through unknown lands until he is able to become a person that can truly shake the world.


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  1. 辰东 最火的 写的最好的 应该算是 神墓 我个人只看过也只喜欢这本,其他的不是很喜欢. 当然我中国小说看得少, 还一部就是 蓝晶: 魔法学徒 这应该算经典

  2. 我认为遮天与完美世界是最好的
    I think it is best to cover the sky and the perfect world.

      1. for starters, it is thecornerofsky instead of cover the sky. And you can find my email address from the following comments.

        1. i have read the chinese version twice.and it’s my favorite novel for that i want to read it’s english be honest,i couldn’t get why it’s translated into thecorner ofsky instead of the cover of the sky.have you been fond of wuxia for a long time?

          1. well, I have no idea what are you talking about. Thecornerofsky is my username, and the name is not acquired by translation.

  3. Hello,
    I just read some of the chapters, I have to say that the article is fantastic. I love wuxia novels when I was a child and I thought that what you guys doing is truly meaningful. This is not simply about transversing novels, you guys are spreading the Chinese culture, which is a very hard and wonderful task to accomplish. You guys have my highest respect. So I was wondering that is there any chance that I am able to join you guys?
    Bowen An

    1. as a chinese,i am glad to find so many foreigners are fond of chinese novels.i am wondering have you ever heard about LONG GU orYONG JIN?they are famous wuxia writers in chinese.i hope i can have the chance to share them with you.

      1. 哈哈,你难道没有疑惑为什么一个外国人如此热心的想传播中华文化吗?而且我还在结尾处写上了我的名字。写英文并不代表我是外国人啊大哥。我只是在美国上学而已。金庸古龙的小说我当然读过,有机会可以讨论一下。另外我想加入这个组织,怎么还没有人联系我呢!

        1. 但是把玄幻修真称作武侠简直不忍直视。我是从一个微笑号推送上看到这些神奇的网站的。我高二开始看这些,大二左右就不怎么看了,看到这个网站去查才发现完美居然已经完结了。说实话,一个妹子对这些文不是很有兴趣,辰东的还好些,但是土豆啊三少之类的就越来越不喜欢了。因为各种换汤不换药的设定,对女性角色的刻板以及观赏性描写,种马,现在不怎么看了。这个网站算是让我重温一下以前吧。

          1. 你说的没错,这个东西是玄幻修真。我这里说的武侠是做为一个统称。其实我是更喜欢武侠和历史。金庸先生的小说是我的最爱。我想让更多的人喜欢上金庸先生的小说并且喜欢中华文化。但是我深知文化是不能被翻译的,只能在潜移默化中去一点一滴的改变。今天看到有人在试图做这些事情,我很高兴。至于对女性这些设定呢,主要是因为读者还是男性居多,这样写的话点击率高。如果你能让更多的女性读者看的话,说定情况就反过来了。

  4. 我很好奇,中文小说翻译成英语是啥样的,所以来这里瞅瞅,没想到这么多国人啊,大家是同样的想法吗?

    1. I’d suggest you talk to the translator at — they’re looking for more translators, but only if you’re serious. They need people to commit because they need to train them.

  5. Pika here!

    I am glad that so many people wrote comments here, but as I don’t check this page regularly for comments, I will be closing it. Sorry! If there is anything you need to ask me about, you can find me on discord, or email me directly at [email protected]~

    (っ^▿^)۶???٩(˘◡˘ )

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