PW Chapter 71 and FAQ

Hey guys, sorry for surprising you like this haha…

So Ren approached us and asked s if we wanted to host our novel on Wuxiaworld, and it happened sometime a few weeks ago. Yay~

Now I know you have a few questions, and I will try to answer them as best as I can in this post:

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Translated by Poop

Edited by FatChinee

Q: Why did Ren choose Perfect World over a few other series?

A: Perfect World is number 5 in Qidian’s all time charts, and it is just below ISSTH and CD. Also, Ren’s mom likes it a lot and asked him to TL it. Seeing as how we were already working on it, and that Chen Dong is one of the platinum authors, it was a good fit.

Q: What about the other novels on Pika?

A: Inch of Radiance is done by me and a few freelance editors, and Silva is doing WoI. As of right now, those will stay on Pika and continue to be translated as usual!

Q: Will the sponsored system stay the same as Pika?

A: Winter break is here! That means more chapters! We are going to do one chapter a day starting today, and with a bonus chapter at 60 dollars! (If you guys are worried about IoR, I have also bumped that to 3 a week!!)

Q: Do you like pie?

A: depends on the pie

Q: Do you like poop

A: Not really the best tasting thing I’m life but it’s a necessary human function

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    1. The chart is only on Qidian haha, but it goes BTTH, TGR, ISSTH, CD, PW, ST, DD, DD2, A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, and Shen Mu.

      Of course, this list is heavily biased and pushed depending on how much the author wants to promote their series, but there is still some value in it.

  1. I can only think of the profane word Píka when I see your name so sorry but seems that i need to read couple of more novels over the holidays starting with this one and then mby BTTH since I’m currently reading the other tops

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