PW Chapter 322 + Patreon News!

Patreon is on it! Everything came in smoothly~

Some of you mentioned that you would like a $5 dollar reward tier, but I really don’t know what to put as a reward! If any of you have good ideas, let me know!

Since there was still some left in the sponsored queue, since I am adding the patreon pledges before July to it, it comes out to a total of $354. I am going to round that up and add 6 sponsored chapters to the queue!

From today on, there will no longer be a sponsored queue, and Patreon will be the main source of Perfect World support (Any of you that want to donate directly to the paypal will be doing it purely out of love :D)

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Regular chapters remaining for this week: 0

Bonus sponsored chapters remaining: 5

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3 thoughts on “PW Chapter 322 + Patreon News!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I wouldn’t mind if you did even a $1 and $5 with no reward. I think some of us would want to support even without a reward for those two tiers. Also, this would allow those of us who maybe can’t do $10+ tiers a way to still support you and PW.

    1. agreed, i’d love to be able to pay small amounts, like 1 dollar, 10 monthely is already alot for me. and most of the time i dont use those rewards anyway ( like advance chapters on patreons weird unreadable app)

      TLDR: add small monthly amounts,
      add rewards later if you thought of some you want, don’t force more work on yourself (except more chapters)

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