3 thoughts on “PW Chapter 311!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Do you think the readers are stupid? What kind of scam are you running with the patreon goals?
    You want $2000 for 7 regular chaps a week? With the breaks you take in between, I doubt you will be able to smoothly do what you promise.

    and 7 regular chaps means 4 extra regular chaps – from your currently 3 regular chaps – which per month would be 16 chaps. From the $60 a chapter calculation, the 16 chaps should be $960, and Not the $2000.

    Don’t try to scam the readers. I used to support you when people asked why you were not posting any chaps, but this scam you are trying to pull has broken that faith. Either you are really stupid with the calculation or think the readers are stupid.

    Look at other translators, their goals are aligned with the amount per sponsored chap, albiet a little more which is natural since regular chaps mean that you are taking it as a job. But what you are doing is not just a little more but more than double the amount that is worth for the chaps.

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