PW Chapter 293

Patreon probably bad idea when only three people responded and one of them was for the chapter :feelsthinkingman:

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14 thoughts on “PW Chapter 293” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks.
    It’s bot a bad idea and people not responding on an announcement doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in a steady and faster release for Perfect World.

    1. yes.Take me as an example I save PW chapters to binge them cuz the releases are too slow thats why I didnt saw that patreon post.But if you have more regular releases and just hang on for awhile patreon should catch on.You cant expect results in a day.Plus this novel could use some increasw if I am not wrong its 2000~ ch long .With this release rate thats around 10 years of translation

  2. Noooo please dont give up, i think it is just that since there was some hiatus before on your releases, people didnt touch again this novel yet, you have nothing to lose doing a patron account(?), just try to do it, there is no harm doing it 😉

  3. Hey man, sorry for discouraging you, I didn’t think it would matter 😛
    Anyways you should put a patreon account methinks, what’s the worst that could happen? This is an awesome novel, and you’re an awesome translator, and if there’s a lack of response currently, it’s probably because people took a break/quit this novel because of the inconsistency of the releases (I’m fine with your release rate, but that’s the only reason I could think of). When you start releasing regularly people will flock back I imagine

  4. I personally am in enthralled with your translations of PW. Definitely one of the top translations: the flow of the writing; the language; as well as the spelling and grammar is superb. All of that allows for an incredibly enjoyable read. I’d be more than keen for to pay for your patreon!

    Also from what I’ve noticed, when it comes to comments on chapters a regular release schedule seems to do the trick!

  5. Dear lord, I’m prolly the one who responded for the chapter….
    Look…this little man here is just a leech….I’m lazy to even go to a bank and register an account (i use my dad’s my usage is monitored)….
    Don’t have a job(never earned a single buck….)….so i don’t care about patreon…well, my clg life is about to end and i may get a job in 2-3 months….after i get a decent job I’ll DEFINITELY JOIN PATREON!!!

    Personal opinion: give PATREON a try if you’re interested…you can just discard it if u want to later~

    Sorry!(I’m not really sorry though….)

    Thank you!!!(I’m really thankful for the chappie)


  6. Sorry I don’t check updates daily (since it doesn’t always update daily) and I suspect the same might go for others. I’ve given 5 for Warlock and 5 for Emperor’s, I’d definitely be down to give 5 for this series too. Don’t give up!!

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