5 thoughts on “PW Chapter 284” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Good me: wow…so happy you are back!!! Hope you are fine…take care mate…Thank you so much for the chapter…missed ya!!

    Bad me: where the **** have u been….missed the novel so much!! Well atleast now you are back …I demand an apology.

    Evil me: creation – destruction , yin-yang, life-death, happiness- sadness….I don’t give a damn bout anything~ welcome back! Get lost!

    Edit 1: *looks at chapters owed:10* all the versions of me are happy and wish ye good luck~

      1. you should have a one that is like:
        Hero me: to save or not, to kill or not, to have mercy or not, to be cruel or not, to be heavenly or not

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