PW Chapter 216

I don’t think I’m cut out for translating. How does ren do it

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Translated by FatChinee

Edited by ilovepie

Chapters owed: 16

Regular chapters left to TL this week:2

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    1. Hey, cut them some slack. There is no obligation to post more often than once a week or however long for that matter. I just appreciate that it gets translated at all. 🙂

  1. perhaps its the length of the chapters… anyway, just take it slow. We arent expecting you to post chapters per day. 2-3 chapters a week is more than enough. Don’t worry so much about chapters owed. It might just make you feel worse

  2. Well you’ve done your best so far, but considering that the novel has almost 2000 chapters, and the story is pretty interesting, but with less than 10 chapters per month we might never get to the true development of the story much less the end, if you are ok to pass it to Ren and that he will do better, you should pass it to him. Think it like playing soccer, if you can’t put the goal you pass it to someone who can, it’s all about team work.

  3. First off, love your translations and this novel.
    Now to your doubts. I think it is up to you if you are cut out for it or not. All we see is the results which are fantastic. If you compare to Ren and his 10 chapters a week of DE then also look at the size of the chapters, DE is typically smaller compared to PW. That makes it that little faster to translate a chapter.
    Then consider that you are basically rewriting each chapter in your own words. That takes time and is different for each person. Some writers can write a chapter a week and do so amazingly while others write a book a year, each writer might be as good as the other however some are naturally quicker.

    Wuxiaworld is a business at the same ine and you need to consider all sides of that. Are you having a negative impact on the business and its customers (us, the readers) or are you aiding it?

    Do you enjoy translating and are you getting quicker at it?

    To reference PW perhaps think of Ren as the little guy and consider him as abnormal and heaven defying.
    Or perhaps consider him a hero and work until he is your rival.

    In the end, great work from this end. I hope you do continue to translate but understand if you stop,

    Thanks for the chapter

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