PW Chapter 140!

The only thing Ren’s prank did was make me insecure about hosting on this site…

Sigh… Off to back up all my chapters…

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Translated by FatChinee

Sorry guys for the lack of April Fools jokes, but this chapter is extra long, so hopefully you guys enjoy that!

I believe that this is the last of the PW normal chapters for this week!

16 thoughts on “PW Chapter 140!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

        1. Last year was a cd chapter with linley learning the hiagher level of spatial folding called spatial refresh xD

          This year was a false website shutdown xD

  1. It’s ok, I doubt anyone will hold it against you. It may be the one time to try out some more wacky things, but precisely because of that everyone else posts their fake chapters etc. today, real chapters actually become a refreshing change of pace.

      1. But honestly.

        Still totally worth it.
        Should’ve changed the background of the site (from the dragon) to one related to, or saying,
        “April Fools” for the duration

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