PTO: Chapter 8 – Mutant Hunt (3)

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Chapter 8 – Mutant Hunt (3)

Ian roared as he rushed forward, two wolves withdrawing in response to Ian’s mad dash.


“Ah…orc… Fuck…hurts…”

Grom muttered. Ian grabbed the fallen Grom.

“Steady yourself! Grom! Grroomm!”

Grom grinned with dim eyes.

“Ah… If I die, then my points and skills will fall…”

Ian’s mind snapped back at Grom’s words.

Ah, this was a game. Even if he died, Grom would just revive again. As he realized this, Ian’s mind calmed down. His wildly beating heart sank.

“Sorry for not helping you…”

“It’s nothing. I blocked my neck.”

Ian tore at his clothes and bandaged the neck and other bleeding areas. A human would’ve died, but Grom had the thick skin and resilience of an orc.

“You would’ve died if you weren’t an orc.”


“I’ll take care of this quest.”


Ian stood up.

It was just for a moment, but he had lost control when he saw Grom in a dying state. The memories and the helplessness of losing an ally on the battlefield had entered his mind. His chest seemed to collapse. He wanted to rip apart everything in front of him. If he was stronger, than he wouldn’t have lost anyone.


[A warrior isn’t a warrior because he is strong by himself.]

[A warrior proves his honor when he protects his friends, allies, and those precious to him.]

[Your fury has granted you the blessings of a warrior.]

[Your physical abilities will increase by 10% for 30 minutes.]

[You will only feel 50% of the pain for 30 minutes.]


The messages popped up.

Ian’s eyes turned towards the black wolf still looking down and laughing at them.

“Just wait there, I’ll go there soon.”

Ian then plunged towards Grant. Grant was skillfully dealing with the wolves as he avoided fatal injuries and attacked the wolves. Another wolf died, making it harder for the others to approach.

At that moment, Ian stepped in from the side and swung his sword, causing the wolves to howl and prance about. Grant and Ian didn’t miss the gap in their defense as they wielded their weapons. The wolves were killed by one or two weapons.

Although the leader howled encouragingly from behind, the remaining wolves died. Ian and Grant pulled the wolves’ fangs out of their bodies and cleaned up.


“He isn’t dead.”

He pointed to Grom. Grom was sitting down and taking deep breaths while holding the bleeding area.

“He is an orc, so he could recover from that wound.”

“Now there is only one left.”

Grant and Ian held their weapons and approached the leader. The black wolf looked down at them from a rock.

“Now it is your turn.”


The black wolf descended from the rock and stood before them. The wolf growled,

“Ugly orc bastards…”

Grant and Ian’s eyes widened.

The wolf had just spoken. The wolf smiled before raising his head and howling towards the sky.



Then the wolf’s body started changing. His body swelled as its front legs rose up, becoming a bipedal walking creature. The shadow of the giant wolf suddenly completely covered Grant and Ian.


They were a completely different species from wolves. While they looked just like ordinary wolves, they were cursed beings that could turn into bipedal wild beasts. He was twice as big as an orc. The nails of both his hands were long, sharp-like daggers, while the huge face had saw blade-like teeth. The vicious eyes turned towards Ian and Grant.

“Orcs appearing…on the subject of farmers…!”

Ian’s fighting spirit soared as he laughed and spoke without any fear,

“Shut up, dog scum. You just learned how to stand on two feet.”

“Kukukuk. These orcs always come to be bitten.”

Grant whispered,

“An advanced werewolf… He is a dangerous opponent. I’ve never seen one talk before. It must be a mutation.”

“Is he strong?”


Grant laughed, “Anyway, I can’t run away. I’m going.”

His smile was just like someone else’s. It was Lenox’s smile. A warrior’s smile. The courage to smile before an unknown enemy was part of the spirit of the orc warriors.

Ian smiled back at Grant. “Good.”

“Did you say you were an apprentice?”


Grant grabbed his halberd and stared at the werewolf in front of them. “You will be a good warrior.”

There was no need to say anything else. Ian and Grant rushed at the same time.

The werewolf was quick. He lightly avoided their two charges and aimed for their sides. The nails tore through the air like a weapon. If his flesh was torn by that, it would be a fatal blow. Ian took a more careful attitude.

The werewolf giggled as he approached them.

“Kikik. I can’t taste orc meat. Grrung…”


“A while ago, I chewed on orc meat and spat it out because it was too tough. Kukukuk…”

The werewolf looked at Grant and said,

“The name was…Abuchwi…”

Grant’s eyes widened.


“I ripped him apart. Him and his family.”

The werewolf laughed.

“He was begging for the lives of his children…”

Grant ran forward and swung his halberd. The werewolf avoided it and aimed at Grant through a gap.  Grant’s chest was torn apart as the werewolf said with a giggle,

“…Stupid orc.”

Grant spoke in a despairing voice,

“Abuchwi was an honest farmer.”

“Orcs farming, kikikik, how funny.”

“What would a mutation like you know about honest labour and sweating in nature?”

Grant’s eyes changed. An unknown power gathered in his body.


[The orc farmer Grant has been breathing as one with the land for a long time, realizing the joy of the harvest and the circulation of the ecosystem and nature.]

[As a warrior who lived the life of a farmer, he has gained a new enlightenment.]

[Grant has used Nature’s Rebuke (Special).]


Ian saw an active skill for the first time. The basic skills that Ian possessed were all passive types. Furthermore, this was the Special rank! It seemed to be a deadly move in the game.

“Nature’s mistake! Mutant wolf, return to nature!”

He swung his halberd, causing the earth to shake. A powerful wave of energy was launched. A blow that contained the power of nature!

The werewolf flew back as if he was hit by a hammer, slamming into the rock behind him. There was a loud whine as blood emerged.

“So even a werewolf can whine.”

Grant approached the werewolf.


[A mutant werewolf that was born against the laws of nature.]

[For him, the blow that contained the power of nature was deadly.]


“This is the last one.”

Grant raised his halberd. It was at that moment. The werewolf, who was in a critical condition, squeezed out the last of his strength and bit Grant. Grant grimaced and his body shook. As Ian ran over, the werewolf kicked Grant away. Ian caught Grant, the two of them tangling together as they rolled across the floor.

The werewolf watched Grant with glazed eyes.

“I…nature’s mistake?”

The werewolf sniggered.

“How funny, you garbage orc.”

The werewolf howled.



Somehow, the howl seemed sorrowful. The werewolf turned away from Ian and Grant and limped away. The appearance of the mutant werewolf disappeared, with the blood showing his escape route. He wouldn’t be able to recover for a while.

“Grant, are you okay?”

“That guy…?”

“He escaped.”

“Huu… I didn’t kill him in the end…”

Ian shook his head.

“It will be difficult for him to recover for a while.”

“Let’s hope so… Well, it doesn’t really matter.”

Grant laughed,

“Even if he reappears, the farmers will scold him.”

Ian burst out laughing.


[The mutant werewolf has been defeated.]

[Unfortunately, you were unable to kill it. The mutant werewolf will someday return.]

[After helping to solve Grant’s problem, the name of the apprentice warrior Ian will become known.]

[You have acquired 30 achievement points. Your level has risen.]

[The title, ‘Friend of Farmers’, has been acquired. ‘Friend of Farmers’ will increase your familiarity with farmers and improve the efficiency of agricultural work.]


The message windows shone. Ian checked his status window.


[Status Window]

‘Friend of Farmers’ Ian, Orc Apprentice Warrior

Level: 3

Achievement Points: 80

Assimilation: 55%


Orc’s Strength (Common)

Orc’s Recovery (Common)

Greatsword (Common)]

Warrior’s Fighting Spirit (Uncommon)


Nothing had greatly changed.

Ian went up to Grom. He was sitting down and holding the bandage at his neck. Ian grabbed Grom’s hand.

“Ah, what a surprise!”

“Wake up. It has ended.”

“Oh, I saw the message windows. Too bad it wasn’t killed.”

Grom stood up. His neck had been pierced by a wolf’s fangs, but he hadn’t died. The orc’s flesh was phenomenal.

“Let’s go back.”

“Today passed like this… It’s rewarding.”

The sun went down. As they were trying to leave the werewolf area, a loud sound was heard in the distance. It was the cry of a beast.



They had forgotten about him. The tiger, Simba, was still fighting the wolves. They ran with their weapons out.

Ian and Grom opened their mouths in disbelief at the sight before them. Numerous wolves had been ripped apart. The tiger Simba was glaring at the remaining wolves, who bowed and slowly backed away with their tails between their legs.

Simba was bloody and was covered with all types of injuries, but he maintained his dignity as the king of the beasts. The stripes covering the tiger’s body were manly. Simba snarled and all the wolves ran away.

Simba roared at his victory.



Clap. Clap. Clap.

Ian clapped as he watched the scene. Grant and Grom also clapped. The three orcs cheered as they watched the king of the beasts reclaim his throne. Simba bowed his head, as if he was humbly receiving their praise.


[Simba, a tiger who once ruled this area, was pushed away by the wolves’ tactics.]

[However, today he regained his honor as a tiger and returned to being the king of the forest!]

[Although it started with a beating, you have managed to form a hot friendship with the tiger.]

[The title, ‘One who Respects the Honor of the Tigers’, has been acquired! Your familiarity with tigers will rise, and you can feel some of the finer emotions of a tiger.]


He received the title and felt close to the tiger, Simba. He could feel pride and friendship in Simba.



“You are a true tiger.”


The bold battle of the king of beasts who fought against dozens of enemies! A true tiger who slaughtered wolves with an unyielding will! Simba was a warrior. Ian extended his fist and the tiger bumped it with his paw.

“Let’s meet again!”


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    And apropos utilitarianism, It’s also a huge, huge mistake to turn emotions and intentions into a mechanism. Now that the MC knows that he just needs to have other people near him suffer a bit to trigger some benefits, he is practically encouraged to play with a group of friends whom can all fall in battle. It’s never fun to see your friends getting defeated within a heated battle, even if you know it’s a game. And now, it has been turnt into a pure mechanism and a feature.

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      Nonetheless, I don’t think it is supposed to be logical in that regard. It is more of a literary function to let the reader know of the MC’s situation. The reader learns of the emotional state through the presentation of the status notifications. It almost doesn’t matter what numbers appear. Of course, the author could decide to create an ultra realistic VR novel… but that isn’t the intent. The statement that the game is immersive is relative to the universe the novel takes place in. In this regard, the “blood messages” are just your personal preference.

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