Praise the Orc! (오크지만 찬양해!) – Index

Title: Praise the Orc! (오크지만 찬양해!)

Subtitle: You’re an Orc, yet you’re still Praiseworthy!

Author: Lee Jungmin (이정민)

Status: 130 chapters (Ongoing)

Raws: Munpia

Translator: Rainbow Turtle

Editor: Superposhposh

Schedule: 2 chapters a day


The virtual reality game that enthralled the entire world, Elder Lord! In the midst of avarice, the justice of a single orc begins!

Editor’s Synopsis: 

Praise the Orc! is about Jung Ian, a cafe owner with a dark past, jumping into the world of virtual reality in order to protect his sister from any predators. However, things may not be as simple as he first believed them to be. Witness as he explores the lands of Elder Lord as an orc, a species labeled as the “game creator’s mistake”, defeating any and all before him!

Glossary of Common Korean Terms

Praise the Orc Glossary


PTO: Chapter 1 – Prologue
PTO: Chapter 2 – Maker’s Mistake (1)
PTO: Chapter 3 – Maker’s Mistake (2)
PTO: Chapter 4 – Instructor Lenox (1)
PTO: Chapter 5 – Instructor Lenox (2)
PTO: Chapter 6 – Mutant Hunt (1)
PTO: Chapter 7 – Mutant Hunt (2)
PTO: Chapter 8 – Mutant Hunt (3)
PTO: Chapter 9 – What People Live By (1)
PTO: Chapter 10 – What People Live By (2)
PTO: Chapter 11 – Intern Stella
PTO: Chapter 12 – User Hunters (1)
PTO: Chapter 13 – User Hunters (2)
PTO: Chapter 14 – About Life (1)
PTO: Chapter 15 – About Life (2)
PTO: Chapter 16 – About Life (3)
PTO: Chapter 17 – Warrior’s Qualifications (1)
PTO: Chapter 18 – Warrior’s Qualifications (2)
PTO: Chapter 19 – Warrior’s Qualifications (3)
PTO: Chapter 20 – Humans and Shaman (1)
PTO: Chapter 21 – Humans and Shaman (2)
PTO: Chapter 22 – Orcrox Warriors (1)
PTO: Chapter 23 – Orcrox Warriors (2)
PTO: Chapter 24 – Orcrox Warriors (3)
PTO: Chapter 25 – Bul’tar
PTO: Chapter 26 – Goodbye Orcrox (1)
PTO: Chapter 27 – Goodbye Orcrox (2)
PTO: Chapter 28 – Proposal that can’t be Rejected (1)
PTO: Chapter 29 – Proposal that can’t be Rejected (2)
PTO: Chapter 30 – Plains Rescue (1)
PTO: Chapter 31 – Plains Rescue (2)
PTO: Chapter 32 – Plains Rescue (3)

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      1. Yeah, no Digital Transcrpits. But if someone sends the latest volume to her, then she could start translating it. That said, WuxiaWorld cannot host LMS due to the Author stating that he’s only allowing translations up until Volume 18, and Turtle is only 1 volume behind in the translations.

  1. Okay just want to get this out of the way before I start reading, is the MC in love with his little sister or just a giant siscon going into the game to protect her? How old is the sister? Will this story actually be focusing on this matter, or will it only serve as the motive to start the game but eventually the sister will go away/whatever? Does this story revolve around/contain a lot of misunderstandings (please say no)? Last and most important question, is the sister in love with the MC (>.>)?

    1. Okay I’m gonna stop you guys here before the comments become even more of a mess. The previous replies have been deleted. Anyway, you’ve already received your answer. Nothing other than familial love between them.

  2. I’ve read to the current chapter of 14 and love it.
    MC is so manly in an infectious way.
    “Fight to protect those who are important to you.”
    “Even if they are NPC’s they still deserve respect, to be protected, and even mourned for they are unique”
    “Today I have killed three who would do evil. Where are those who believe in justice?”
    I’m visibly moved over here, guys.

    Also I really like the way everything is set up!

    1. I loved it aswell, also the way the NPC behave and interract
      Also, all this philosophy about life, honor
      Something manly, honorable, it’s what some of us inspire to !

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