PTO Chapter 228 (COMPLETE!!)


Thank you to all the readers who stuck with this novel. Thank you to my editors Superposhposh and LD who helped out near the end. Praise the Orc was probably one of my favorite novels that I have translated so far. The author said that his next work won’t involve Crockta, but he does leave room for a sequel, so maybe he’ll come back to it later.

I haven’t decided my next novel yet. I am currently torn between two choices. I will  I say this every time, and people never listen, but no suggestions, please. Trust me, I know all the Korean novels that you would know and want to be translated and have probably already considered them or dropped them. (Cue dozens of comments asking me to translate something, with half of them probably not even Korean).

Anyway, I will continue translating BEM and will come back soon with the next novel to be translated.

Chapter 228

Glossary of Common Korean Terms.

Praise the Orc: Glossary Link. 


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  1. how about the side story of breaker? you said last time you’ll translate it.
    but i think i miss some announcement.
    are you not going to translate anymore?

  2. thanks a lot for this awesome novel you translated, as for the novel I don’t really care, since I don’t actually know of any Korean novel, but still, if it could be something which doesn’t have to do with virtual reality games I would be glad, I’m pretty much fed up with the genre…

  3. Thank you so much for this amazing story! Your translation skills have long since surpassed the Hero realm, so please continue the amazing work! Bul’tar! I for one will read whatever you choose to translate next 🙂

    Stay alive!

  4. Probably already know of and considered it but Sword of the Emperor is a good novel from what i read, the manga was good aswell, shame the company went bankrupt and didn’t finish the manga.

  5. Um, before translating a new series, how about finishing Breakers first? The last two side stories are out, and almost all the Breakers fans have become desperate to read them.

    And someone actually moved the Breakers series to the completed section when it’s incomplete! It’s a bitter irony…

    1. Not sure what you’re talking about. Breakers has been complete for a while now. The last chapters translated were even named Epilogue 1 and 2. The only thing not complete about it are the side stories, which the author himself hasn’t finished.

      1. Sorry, it seems I wasn’t clear. Again, I mean the two untranslated side stories.

        And are the side stories really not finished? All three came out in the month of June, and nothing has come out since. I am unable to read Korean, and just assumed that was all. Don’t tell me there’s more coming in a few months?

  6. Thanks a lot for another wonderfully translated novel, i hope it’s another of many to come.
    On a side note: its possible to place Dimensional Sovereign and Dungeon hunter on wuxiaworld? Or is there another place to read it? A friend was gonna read them but she told me that they were taken off gravitytales and she cant seem to find them

    1. I have always recommended DH as the first novel to read when getting my friends into LNs and Web novels. Sad that it is still down. I don’t think that Turtle will be putting it up again (as it was a license/money/GT issue that brought it down in the first place), but does anyone have any saved ePubs or PDFs?

  7. Thanks for translating the novel! It is definitely one of the best I have read.

    PS: Can someone tell me what “a road has no gate” means? I interpreted it as “path of no return” but it might be something else entirely or has a deeper meaning. I just find it sounding cool saying that saying.

  8. I know this is probably an odd question RainbowTurtle, but have you taken a look at the Korean novel “Sword of The Emperor”?

    I have heard that it is quite a difficult novel for people to translate, causing many people to drop it, and so I wouldn’t be surprised if you already looked at long ago deciding it wasn’t worth the effort. However, if you perhaps have not looked at it I certainly would be grateful if you did, because that is one of the novels I have read just a small part of yet can never get the rest of the story for. ;-;

    Many thanks for all your hard work, and please take a break if you need the rest. =)

  9. I didn’t really care for the actual plot of this one, but it was fun while I was reading it. Certainly got me hyped up so I’ll read the rest at some point.

    I don’t care what you pick next but I look forward to it. You have great taste after all.

  10. i hope you’ld like to translate Haroon/harun.
    In South Korea, Harun is considered as one of three best game-fantasy novels (the other two being the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and Ark). (Source : NU)

  11. One of the best novel that I have read since ISSTH and DE. The plot is very promising and how it builds the feeling for the reader is amazing. Well, maybe because I am a man, I have a strong connection to the word of “honor”. But, I think the novel teaches about how to live more humane as a human. How to stand up and draw a line between what’s wrong and right. We dig deeper to what is being a human should be. Maybe I should stop here before I become too poetic. Haha.

    Thank you for this amazing novel. I hope there will be more like this in the future.

    Thank you for your work!

  12. Thankyou for all of your hard work and leading me to this website with your transition. I will forever read the novels you decide to translate and be a loyal fan. LONG LIVE THE TURTLE!!

  13. Congratulations on finishing another fun novel. Loved Dungeon Hunter, Breakers, God of Crime and Dimensional Sovereign. And am currently following Book Eating Magician.

    Hopefully you pickup Raid Breaker again (more so when the end of PTO seems like the beginning of RB). And as a longtime fan, I know your feelings about Ark the Legend. Shame that you can’t finish translating Legendary Moonlight Sculptor anymore, but the “fanfic” that took the reins seem somewhat capable and have a steady pace of releases.

    I’m waiting excitedly for the next hidden gem you found for us.

    1. Well, im also hoping that turtle-nim would like to pickup Raid Breaker again, after seeing 11 chapter that already released, im gonna say it was good. But dont know why the translator after turtle nim drop it, after about 2 months. Wish someone to pick up this novel.

    2. Dimensional Sovereign pissed me off. MC should have just slaughtered all of heaven. It’s a pity since I was really, really enjoying the story up until the last arc.

  14. Bro i loved all your novels.. you have a great taste in korean novels so its better for you to decide next one.. cant wait for the new novel!!hope you start soon

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