PSA – WW will be down for 2 hours later today

Hey all, Linode (which is what we use to host our servers) is running some mandatory maintenance on our servers, which will cause them to be down for about two hours or so.  We are going to take use of that time to simultaneously upgrade to a faster (and more expensive T.T) Linode server, which will also be a roughly 2 hour process.  Ergo, if for a few hours, you aren’t able to access Wuxiaworld, DON’T PANIC!  It’s all for the best and will be over soon.  Cheers!



47 thoughts on “PSA – WW will be down for 2 hours later today” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Did you win something out of it? I always wonder if there is some sort of being first in whatsoever post made here and there..For it to be such a horse race…I bet the stake are something i can’t imagine, like a free year candy.

      1. Somebody pisssed in your coffee this morning or something… I’m in awe of people like you, why do you feel the need to try to be negative to others for…

        In Your own words, “I always wonder if there is some sort of prize… I bet the stake are something i can’t imagine, like a free year candy.”

        Think before you speak please!

        1. I am not being negative, however people might think. I’d rather see a Thank You message you see. But all you always read is “First?”. Like the fact to be first or second make others lack the common decency to be thankful and appreciative for other work.

          But that might be something you can get. Having myself done over the net a lot of voluntary work like scanlation, subbing or translation..thanks are what gives you the strength to continue when you get tired of it.

          On the contrary, Those First comment without anything else is what makes you sigh and wonder why you still do this.

          1. So what if he writes first, second or whatever man. Why do you assume, everyone needs a thank you, ever TL is not so egotistical, mean selfish SOB that they thrive on Thank Yous and seeing others prostrate themselves in front of them. Y do need such an ego masage. You are translating not saving the world.
            It’s a community, more like a family. Please do not spread your meanness here.

      2. That’s the leecher spirit for some or the community spirit for others. Showing that we’re always there patiently waiting for our favorite translators, I think it’s a pretty way to show our support. I guess it’s kinda childish but I like it 🙂 !

        When I’m broke, which I am right now, I click on ads and try to be first. It’s better to see that in a positive light. It’s true that in other communities, it’s not always well seen haha.

        1. I liked your comment. At least, it’s the only one not picturing me as negative lol and you seem to be supportive by clicking on the adds that’s the right attitude!
          Anyway i am rather overly optimistic lol. Otherwise i wouldn’t be in all those association/voluntary fan work..or even having more than 300 project backed on crowdfunding sites..

          Sigh, like i said before, i’d rather see a thank you. Those kind of comment are not showing any support toward the translator. I’ve done voluntary stuff for 8 years, when i finally gave was because of those kind of comments. But it’s just me, i hope the translators are much immune than myself to indifference.

          1. Ah, i took too long at editing. Anywy on a final note. Seeing so much people picturing me as the villain and negative one (sigh). I kind don’t regret having stop all those activities. Being on the giving side of the such an ungrateful side (i used to TL..).

            Kind of weird tough to see such a bonding community moment only when it comes to put a frontal attack on someone. (Usually a nice guy/girl that just had the audacity to post one message being a newbie..against a regular..). Wish i could see that more when it comes to thanks or wish you well initiative..

          2. Actually i’m with u dawn. I too am Sick of seeing first, 2nd, 3rd instead of thanks or etc.

            You were only just asking a question but what [Lord Raijin] said is..

            The one who’s being negative is [Lord Raijin].

            Cos what’s up with his disgusting comment on someone pissing on your coffee in the morning.

            Now THAT is what i call NEGATIVE!

            @Lord Raijin 2 Thumbs Down on your rude & gross comment.

          3. I don’t feel it that way. I scanlated from my early teenage years and I stopped because of school but you usually do it for 2 reasons : for yourself (that feeling of accomplishement), then, for being part of something.

            The “first” is everywhere, so it’s part of that “something” as much as the thanks. For example, on the translation site for Peerless Martial God, I saw someone saying Thanks instead of First and the translator replied “FIIIIRRRSST”, so that shows that it’s part of the whole ^^.

            Then, nobody ganged up on you, you were overly sarcastic with a hint a aggressivity so they responded to you with aggressivity too. Usually, after “first”, they’re a bunch of thank you in the comments section and seeing the amount of donations on this site, you can’t exactly say that people aren’t supportive (ok… we also get more chapters with the donations but still…).

            Maybe you’re a kind person, but you should show it with less aggressivity.

          4. You gave up because of the lack of praise? Give up because you don’t find joy in translating. >.>…I suppose it’s a good thing you stopped. It must have been stressful to put out work not because you find it fun, but for the sake of a thanks. Thanks for the work you have done, dawn_.

            I feel that the translators at WW are doing their work because it’s fun for them. It’s easy to tell just by reading. I would hope that the boundtiful of firsts would NOT deter them away…

        1. lol, ikr?

          Ramen i didn’t give up for the lack of praise. I did the think from my 18yo to 26..i gave up because unfortunately i find translating being really stressful and bad for the body..ultimately i ws caring more for satisfactying others than taking care of myself and my body shut down.

          I was forced to stopped. But always seeing those kind of comment, give you the feeling sometimes to not being considerated (seriously).

          1. Sorry for the multiple post (should stop editing..i am too slow..).

            The people who criticize me..hardly have done any translation or community voluntary work to understand. First, thing i hope the translator really take care of themselves and don’t push themselves for others.

            I know i was careless enough to go past the warnings my body sent me and i paid it dearly. I couldn’t work or even walk for 2 years (being anemic and doing like 40kg for 1m75). I am not saying that it is because of TL and other things. But, i was too much in it and lost focus of myself, my whole free time was throw in it and enjoyed it and loved everything about it. It is really easy to do so. I was mortified to give up on it, but i can’t do it anymore. I still enjoy it put i can’t push my body anymore. Last time i gave it a “try” was 3 years ago i i ended up 6 months after again at the hospital..i don’t think i am a peculiar case i am pretty sure every voluntary TL on the net aren’t in great health shape. Because you use too much time on it and with just burn yourself up. So yeah, for me it is a sad thing. They are not only throwing away their free time but mostly their personall time (as in taking care of yourself and your family).

            Second they all got my full thank, consideration for everything they do. I know what it is and i understand how tedious, and sometimes how people forget the person and just think of it as just a supply for their addiction.

            I remember when i was doing the thing myself how some people would pester me on comments when i didn’t release the thing the day/hour it should be. It wasn’t a good feeling..

            It’s not about the whole dumb first thing. It’s just that for me the first comment should be a sincere thank you. Reading any post and seeing “First” is for me a real sad thing. It is true that not everyone thrive on thank you but reading them does help to be motivated and give you a good feeling of being, helpful, of use and maybe shamefully a little liked for what you do.

            BQDJ, i was sarcastic yes, but in no way i can be aggressive. It may sound otherwise..but unfortunately for me, i can’t show even an hint of aggressivity in real life lol (i would help me). In any case, i will not push the issue further as i’ve said my body is a mess and i am getting tired (physically) easily.

            Those who can’t agree or understand won’t and those who can will. I can be called mean, i know enough myself to know i am very very very far from it, i wish i was my life would be easier.

            It was my bad for being sarcastic, i guess and fail to notice it will gather so much hate for it. I was mostly being ironical even so, it won’t change my opinion on the thing. I thought it would go unnoticed, frankly.

            I hope haters and friends will take care of themselves and be healthy.
            It is honestly my sincere wish for everyone and i hope again that every translator will think of themselves and their health before trying to answer the call of leechers and do their “quota” (as in being pressured to work more because you got donation). Hopefully next time i read a TL the first comment will be a “thank you and take care of yourself” that’s how it should be.

            And honestly, i wish i could do TL/Scan/fansub again. I miss it dearly :/

  1. Will this server upgrade fix the problems from the site (pages) loading? I use 3 computers and 1 laptop, and am always having problems when loading the wuxiaworld site no matter which of them I use. In order to fix the lag spikes I always need to stop the loading of the page as soon as the text appears. I also tried using different browsers (chrome, firefox, opera), unfortunately it’s pretty much the same. And I also have very good PC’s/laptop (SSD, 24 gb ram on one of the pc’s). So it’s definitely not an issue from my side, but from yours.
    So is this server upgrade going to fix this issue?

    1. Hey, the upgrade is more backend than frontend. Sounds like some scripts aren’t playing nice. Try a scriptblocker or Adblocker? Some people, esp. outside the U.S., have had experiences w/bad ads.

      1. I get the same problem with the page being really un-responsive when I’m scrolling using the mouse wheel, and there is a visible delay.

        It’s definitely the ads, as when I click the ‘Remove some ads’ in the bottom right of any WW webpage, the problem goes away 🙂

        1. Same. Sometimes part of the page just stay blanc or block when I try to zoom.
          Still I could stay trying for 10 minutes just for one page, it shows how fun reading the translations is. 😀

      2. Exactly like @NatoNZ & @micheal2go said, sometimes page freezes and crashes or sometimes lag spikes, can’t scroll down or other visible lag spikes made on the pc, unless I cancel the loading of the page as soon as the text appears. Isn’t this a more pressing matter than the backend upgrade? Because the pages on the ww site already load fast enough, unfortunately when the ads pop up the loading gets crappy. Are you going to do something about this in the near future? Or you want everyone to use adblock on the site which would make the revenue coming from the ads be zero. I love this site, I read most of the novels here daily, that’s why I even said something. @Junky i doubt timezone matters, but am on GMT+2 just fyi.

        1. The majority of people don’t have problems with it, although I understand the few who do (largely overseas, where the ad quality in the networks is poorer), sometimes has it bad, which is why I recommend Adblock if that’s the case, in those specific cases. Desktop Adblock rate has barely budged during this past year 🙂

          1. I can’t say I speak for most users, but the ads on the site have improved tremendously. Here in the USA I had the same problems as many other readers most of the time on my desktop and laptop systems, with video redirecting ads on mobile. Most of that appears to be gone now, with my most annoying ads appearing on mobile.

            We like WW, and realize that the translations of these great novels are work, and enjoy the community here, so I’m sure many people try to put up with ads for as long as possible. Sometimes my problems weren’t with the ads per se, but with the technology delivering them (Adobe Flash) which isn’t always stable (just like their unstable reader).

            Sigh. I just realized all of this typing was for naught, as after an update, adblock was enabled even though it’s supposed to be on my exception list. I just enabled ads again. Let’s see how this goes and I’ll give you an update. 🙁

      3. I also have problems with loading the page. Sometimes I only get a blank page or it doesn’t really go to the next page at all. I had to close the page and open another one.

    2. Also been having issues with ads. Sometimes I get ads that just auto takes me to another page. Sometimes it opens the app store. It’s just on and off so I just gave up and turned on ad block

  2. I get an issue where the page freezes and it has an error loading the page the site always crashes on me. Doesn’t matter what computer, iPad or even web browser.

      1. we COULD… but i think we will just panic instead. we will get more exercise out of running around screaming in terror.

        This is why evil overlords are the kindest rulers, they are always making sure that their subjects get their heart rate up, keeping your hearts healthy until we can rip it out of you for the ritual.

  3. First words I saw: ‘don’t panic’. First thing I thought: ‘It’s fine. I didn’t forget to bring a towel.’ Sometimes I astonish myself with my geekiness.
    Thanks for the heads-up.

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