PSA – Wuxiaworld Needs You! (To Stop Screwing Stuff Up :P)

So the title is a bit dramatic, but it’s true. To give you guys an explanation as for why I’ve been busy this week and slowing down on chapters, I’ve been dealing with (for me) a serious back-end problem; in short, one of the biggest ad-serving platforms (AppNexus) has completely blacklisted Wuxiaworld, for the stated reason that Wuxiaworld has a lot of bot-traffic/invalid traffic. I have no idea why this is the case, since I’ve never purchased any traffic at all, but obviously this is having a huge impact on advertising revenue. As a result, we’re now being forced to work with an antifraud/bad traffic detection site, which is going to cost me serious money, upwards of four digits a month (ugh).

The reason I’m making this post is because I know some have in the past used various scripts to refresh the site to see when new chapters are out. I have no idea if these scripts are contributing to the issue, but please disable them, just in case. In addition, once the antifraud stuff goes up, we’re going to be launching banhammers out like candy canes to IP’s and ranges that have heavy script/bot usage. So please work with us here. Similarly, if anyone has any scripts running that is clicking ads or something because you think it helps us…please don’t. That just gets us flagged as fraud, which kills us.

Thanks guys!

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  1. HEY RWX, The culprit maybe here!!?

    Just saying something… whenever i read from chrome from pc it usually redirect to some shitty page (ur phone has virus plz install security360 etc) and ruins the experience and hence whenever i want to binge read some light novels i usually use my own python program which downloads all the chapter avaiable till now into txt which i can then read peacefully and because i felt guilty for not watching ads i used to make it click ads…
    But however if its only 1-2 chaps then i dont normally do all these circus and just use chrome…..

    Just asking if this is causing any problem?? But truthfully i have not used the program maybe for months and i have NEVER EVER distributed the software to anyone its only for personal perpose..



  2. @RWX Currently I’m not running ANY scripts/external resources, but looking at my network activity tab in dev tools I can see 262+ requests after about 500 seconds, and slowly building after that with about 5-ish+ per minute. A lot of them are google ads or other ad services (adblock is disabled). Might not be an external issue.

  3. Ok so there is this major problem right now with mobile. I can’t even read a single sentence before the ad of my IOS winning something bs and then redirecting me to a website with a spinning wheel saying i won an iphone. This needs to be fixed because it keeps redirecting me and there is no cancel or decline button and once it takes you to it’s website, you can’t even escape it by clicking back button. It just refreshes the page and is ruining this website on mobile. It was fixed once i disabled cookies but then i can’t log in or do anything in here so will someone fix this?

  4. Hi i read from my mobile and always get hit with video adds like 1min 15 sec long which seem to be on a loop i have unlimited wifi at home so that doesnt bother me but my mobile data is limited and gets drained so fast can anyone suggest an app for my mobile i always commute to work so it would be a huge help thanks☺

  5. First – Thanks for all the great releases and time you guys put into this!!!!

    My experience is as follows with surfing this site exclusively:

    PC (Windows 10 mostly – but a couple times I have used Windows 7 desktops/laptops):
    Microsoft Edge – totally unusable.

    Microsoft IE – useable, laggy, slow, refreshes a lot – memory usage grows minimally with prolonged surfing of this site.

    Google Chrome – pretty good all around. Memory usage does NOT grow or does not grow very fast that it affects performance of computer.

    Firefox – memory grows pretty fast. Some sort of possible memory leak even with all the add-ons shutdown. Can’t really trace it – but its not uncommon with Firefox and ad-banner websites for me. The “Enter Read View” is really nice and prevents refreshing and memory leaks and all sorts of other issues. Only annoying part is that you have to “enter read view” with every new page. Oh – firefox also constantly refreshes some script “read” or something like that – it flashes quite quickly and A LOT.

    So either use chrome or Firefox in “Read mode”. I usually have my add-ins disabled or “ask to run”. Hope this helps some.

    Mobile Device:
    Android v6.0.1 (samsung mobile phone)
    No real issues except the “video” rarely loads by the time I click anything. The mobile version is quite better than what it was previously (I just remember it was almost unreadable at some point in the past but the last few months has been a pleasure).

    Fire OS 4 (Kindle Fire HDX)
    Has a similar “enter read mode” as firefox – i think (don’t have it on me at the moment). So its quite nice. But even then – it reads pretty smoothly and I can browse/surf the site with little to no issues.

    IOS 9.3.2 (ipad mini)
    The few times I used the iPad’s Safari browser to read/view Wuxiaworld has been a pleasure. Little to no trouble. But no extended use so I can’t really say much except what I already did.

  6. Assuming the problem is F5’ing I would like to suggest the following,

    [1] make the EMAIL update really REALLY obvious, I didn’t even know it existed until I read the comments here

    [2] make a per series email subscription possible (on a lot of sites if I dont care for half of the series and they have a lot of series I prefer to just keep a bookmark). Don’t think checking bookmarks occasionally is the cause in this case but given the volume of traffic it’s a potential problem.

    [3] Make the placeholder page that has no ads or anything on it entirely (should help with site perf if the page in question doesnt even touch the database). You obviously can’t remove it entirely since people will just refresh the previous page or some random index page until they see the link to the chapter (worst case main page). By simply giving them a placeholder page that has no consequences at least you can remove the F5 people and people checking though bookmarks as the problem.

    [4] Ban people who write “first”, “second” and “third”? 😛 temporary bans should be enough.

    [5] It might be just me but this comment system used here makes me want to refresh, since don’t think it actually updates automatically and also has this pagination thing going on. I understand things like disqus are not exactly great and people wanting to talk on the site being able to go directly on the disqus page to talk instead of the wuxia site (so long as they post once in the actual page thread) might be a problem. But if your ad services are seing people going to the same page multiple times in short spans because they refresh for a reply or new replies then it might be a bigger problem to have it as it is.

    – – –

    Also I would like to echo the sentiment of some here. Please offer epubs. It’s impossible to read sites like this on mobile devices. I think Martial God Asura had one for a few chapters. More then happy to pay a token fee of a few bucks for things like that. I’m sure a few bucks for a elctronic book makes you more revenue then viewing us ads. Also gives people who claim to use scripts to create epubs from scrapping the site a way to avoid doing that.

  7. If the f5 sect is such a big issue and people are refreshing alot just to see the update why not put up a count down or ETA on the chapters. It will reduce the amount of people refreshing as they will know when is the latest chapter coming out and give the translator a fix deadline. 🙂

  8. hope this info helps,
    i run windows 10 and read the site in chrome ( 64 bit) on my desktop
    but even doing that over the last few weeks it’s been having loads of problems with chrome and shock-wave / flash crashing all the time even with both fully up today ( i use ninite to install and keep my software updated with out it installing adware / auto updater crap)
    but its not only your site others as well loads and its always the same pop up saying shock wave etc has crashed you need to reload the page etc loads of the time, i’ve noticed that this problem seems to be with some of the ad’s that randomly start playing videos then whole webpage crashes and i get the chrome as a problem pop box saying shock waves crash and you need to refresh the page again and again
    even trying to write this the page has frozen twice due to bad ad’s at the bottom of the screen as they change
    i’m sitting here with the yellow bar at the top of my screen saying shockwave flash has crashed with the reload button next to it so make it 3 time now in less then 10 mins

    1. Sometimes, all it takes for a problem to go away is, for the concerned person, to read the older comments, like: ihlion, June 19, 2016 at 4:54 pm.

  9. as i posted a few days ago , i’m not using a script but i’m spending some much time having to spam f5 on my 3 pc’s as something with the ad’s on the site is doing this every 5 mins

    which will not be helping the problem , your site and only one other mangamint gives me this problem now and it happens everytime the add’s change and yet again as i typed this its happened twice

  10. How can i subscribe rss feeds on wuxiaworld? when i subscribe theres something like save file,open file or browse , what should i do? sorry to ask if its simple to you because im just 13 years old!

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