PSA – Stellar Transformations Completed!

I usually don’t do announcements for other sites, but this is one of the rare exceptions.

The translation of Stellar Transformations, which started with our own he-man and went through twists and turns and multiple translators, has finally been completed! This includes the final chapters, with the Linley/Linmeng and Hong Meng cameos as well. You can go find it all at Translation Nations. This is the second major Xuanhuan novel to be completed, and once again it is an IET novel…and the one that really kickstarted the current wave. I spoke about the impact he-man and ST had on me here as well, and I am so happy that this novel has been finished!

87 thoughts on “PSA – Stellar Transformations Completed!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. just read the last part of the last chapter, and wanted to say thank you to all people who were involved in bringing this novel to us. And for the role it played for the translation boom that we’re enjoying so much.

  2. Again, a really strange feeling having such a long novel finally finished. Also, it was good, but the entire last few books were kind of anti-climactic. Qin Yu was too strong.

  3. I hope someone does a consistent editorial over all translations now. Or is it already edited, the past chapters? I prefer consistent reading after all in regards to terminology.

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