PSA – Site going down for 2 hours at midnight

Just received this email a few hours ago from the VPS hosts at Arvixe:

Routine monitoring of the server that hosts your account has identified hardware errors that could lead to corruption and loss of data if left unresolved. In order to preserve the safety and integrity of your VPS data, we are scheduling an emergency maintenance window for tonight, 22 May 2015, at 21:00PDT.

This maintenance is scheduled to last up to 2 hours, and during this time all hosting services will be unavailable.

We apologize for the inconveniece and short notice, but the integrity and safety of your data is one of our highest priorities and this maintenance is necessary in order to safeguard it against corruption.

Details and updates will be available via once the maintenance starts, and our Server Management Team will be actively participating so as to instantly address any issues that might pop up.

Again, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience, and know that we will do everything possible to minimize the disruption.


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          1. Okay, that’s what confused me. I did like the old one more but I’m sure I’ll get use to this one eventually.

  1. Out of curiosity, does RWX have the translations back up at more than a single location? And is there a mirror location for when WuxiaWorld is down from attacks?

      1. Actually they recived permission from ren to update the CD unabridged thread so its current or one behind at most. ST has a majority of its stuff there, or on thunder trans site

    1. Agranite, welcome to the community! As others have already posted out, SPC also has copies, and of course I have multiple backups that happen each day.

  2. I assume it’s another HDD problem (fortunately it’s known before it crashed like before). I’d guess this emergency maintenance window is simply changing HDDs with SMART warnings with new HDDs and rebuilding their RAID array.
    Well, better safe than sorry (previous HDD problem cost us a chapter and its comments).
    Thanks for your hard work.

  3. Haha I love how the site will be going down, but peoples first thoughts are “WHAT WILL I DO FOR 2 HOURS?!” XD

    Well, personally.. i’ll be sleeping! Thanks for the update, Ren ‘-‘

  4. C’mon RWX, stop torturing yourself with usage of the Arvixe (and other random crapVPS providers). 2 hours? I mean, seriously, 2 hours of YOUR time for this? Just switch to Linode and your nightmare regarding VPS will stop =_=

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