PSA – Server Move Tomorrow, Limited Downtime Expected

Hey guys, FYI, as Wuxiaworld continues to grow and expand, and with the problems that Arvixe has given us, on the recommendation of a number of people, we are doing what I hope is our final move, this time to a VPS on Linode which we essentially have finished configuring already. The benefit of Linode is that it is much easier to ‘scale up’ if needed. If necessary I can easily go all the way up to a monstrous (and monstrously expensive) $960/mth 20 core configuration, plus Linode offers more RAM, faster I/O on the SSD drives, and has a better reputation for stability, which is increasingly important to me/us.

Since the server is essentially configured, all we really need to do is port the database/files over tomorrow, then point the DNS. This should cause limited to no disruption, and if there are any problems on the new server, we will just immediately ‘point back’ to the Arvixe VPS.

Oh, and on that note – CD will be slightly delayed again today. Need to go pick up my phone before I go home! Hopefully it’s fixed…

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    1. Nothing will be lost, promise! We aren’t deleting anything on the current server, so if the move doesn’t go well, we just point the DNS back here 🙂

  1. \bother \bother
    Lazy load comments
    Bundle and minify static content .js .CSS
    And comments need pagination without refreshing the whole page, without doing the massive 300+ requisitions again.
    /bother /bother
    There will be many less simultaneous requisitions if a page load go down by more than half the time it requires now, much less stress on server. If every js and CSS is bundled the time of the full load will easily reduce by half.

    As it’s now, when there’s pagination in comments it creates a new chapter page, that’s probably duplicated data in cache bloating things a bit as well.

    These simple things will greatly reduce server requirements.

    1. I was editing trying to sound clearer but the editing time was over. I’m sure I rambled and didn’t explain well. My English is not very good though. 🙁

  2. 960/m is quite scary indeed. during CD, might not mean much, but CD when finished later, in which the donation decreases for a while 😯 at least until you pick up something even better and more addictive afterward.

        1. Wow, pretty close! There’s some other fees (paid Cloudflare, etc.) that push it above it, but yes, that’s the rough neighborhood! We shouldn’t need $960 for a long time, and if we do, I’d first try a cheaper multi-server load balance first, since one big server is always better. But, we’ll see! 🙂

          1. Linode 96GB plan is only for enterprise level stuff, I’m sure that so far you don’t need it (it’s not like you’re running 20 Data Centers =_=). I’m enjoying with my Linode 2GB with just huge amount of stuff running on it (3 game servers, team speak server, jabber server, wordpress & etc.) without any problem 🙂

            IMO, Linode 16GB + Node Balancer + Backups + Longview Pro (for real-time monitoring) for you should be enough. Just don’t forget to refill your Account Balance – they aren’t doing this automatically, they completely believe in their users 🙂

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