PSA – Thief Detected

Hi guys,

I rarely do the name and shame thing, but I’m going to do it right now. Earlier today, I received an email from a reader informing me that he had seen whole chapters of Coiling Dragon copy/pasted up on a website called Wattpad, with zero attribution. I investigated, and it looks like Wattpad is a quasi-blogging platform. The username of the person who has put up the stolen content is ‘TundeVictor’. I’m not going to dignify him by giving him a link, but if you want, you can find him via a Google search.

Here is the Public Service Announcement part of this post; this person hasn’t just stolen and posted my work (67 chapters), oh no. Looking at his profile, this scumbag thief has also stolen and posted the following translations:

57 chapters of ‘Doulou Dalu’
23 chapters of ‘Tate no yuusha no Nariagari’
57 chapters of ‘Mushoku Tensei’
11 chapters of ‘Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei Shitara’
12 chapters of ‘Overlord’
26 chapters of ‘Suterareta yuusha no Eiyuutan’

Now, I’ve never read any of these before myself, but I’ve seen you guys talk about some of these translated light novels. So here’s my request to you guys; if you know/interact with the owners/translators of these novels, please reach out to them and let them know that their hard work has been stolen by this TundeVictor guy on Wattpad. Wattpad only allows the original author/translator to file complaints about stolen content, so while I am filing a complaint for Coiling Dragon, I can’t do anything for the other six stolen works. So please, if you know the above translators, I am sure they would be grateful to know that their hard work has been stolen.

Anyhow, because I wasted quite some time on this, the next chapter is going to come out a bit later (maybe 30-60 minutes later than usual), so sorry about that guys. But this really cheeses me off, as you can probably tell from the long post.

Thanks so much,


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  1. I don’t think Yorai-sama would care much. Since it sounds like he didn’t ask you, I’m assuming he didn’t ask him. I’ll post a comment about it anyways.

    1. The thing is, he didn’t even give a single credit, like ‘originally translated by RWX of Wuxiaworld’, much less putting up links. If he had at least done that, instead of just pretending this was all his own work, I wouldn’t be so hopping, steaming mad right now. Graaah.

        1. Didn’t even notice that. Oh well. Anyhow, I’ve calmed down a bit now, though I’m still peeved at him. Enough of that though; thanks for coming out of the shadows and joining our little community, oniichanyamete! 🙂

  2. No problem about the late chapter, Ren. I would react exactly like you if i knew that some bastard stole my own work and posted it for his benefit only. Sadly, its not exactly a rare case on the internet, lets just hope that they ban the guy forever -.-

  3. Ren, thanks for the heads up!

    I’m part of the team that does Gun-Ota, and have notified them. I get where you’re coming from and it pisses me off too.

    Anyway, good luck clearing the queue~

    1. Oh, good! I’m really glad I posted them. I remember you telling me you worked on something called Tsuyokute (didn’t see that there), but didn’t know you were part of the Gun-Ota team. Thanks for letting them know! Man, this guy really cheeses me off.

      1. Yup, it’s worse than randomly ganking other’s projects.. If they even TRIED to TL it themselves then that’s fine, but simply stealing it is just…
        and yeah, I’m with the re-translations team ( ) , we have a lot of projects now xD

        And awesome that you remembered the name of Tsuyokute, fills me with hope that you might read it someday when you’re not dying because of coiling 😉

          1. Well, almost all projects from re-trans just upload as we have the chapters ready.. No real schedule unfortunately ^^”

          2. xD when its edited haha 😀 can take its time but the chapters are translated a few chapters in advance ^^

  4. It’s the first 24 chapters for Tate. Don’t know who translated those cause Bakahou didn’t start until chapter 26.

    Left a note for the guys at Blue Silver translations for Duolou dou and sent an email to Sky regarding Overlord….

    1. It was Alpaca on BT, I think, I already posted on the talk page so whoever did should eventually take notice.

      Found it in the registration page:
      Alpaca 1-21
      Uguu 22-26

  5. Well to be honest this doesn’t really matter. All of this translating stuff is technically illegal without the authors express permission. You were already paid to make the chapters, yes you are losing ad money, but it not that big of a deal. I doubt he has a huge following anyways since the releases are going to always come here first.

    It is your work (the translations) but there’s no possible way you can conceivably stop people from posting it somewhere else. IET and other authors probably don’t even know you or other people are making money of translations, I’m sure he’d probably be fine with it but he may want a cut or even want to shut you down. But either way theres nothing he can do to stop you.

    These things happen on the internet, games are cracked and pirated the day they come out and any book that you release is going to end up on torrent sites. All you can do is simply provide incentives for them to come to this site by keeping good quality and speed, appeal to their better nature. Don’t worry what everyone else does.

    1. Like (y) (?)

      wise comment.
      Well this announcement i think is enough for a warning for him(i bet 100% he’ll read this post). It’s not like anybody will read this wonderful novel on his account on wattpad(i didnt even know bout this app till you mention it). so dont worry too much

    2. Ehm, sorry but some translators DO have permission from the author (Like EC from re:t atm), it’s done quite often that the translators ask if the authors agree. Just look at what hapened to LMS.

      And as for the case that it’s the internet and stuff like that happens, ofcourse. But it’s still very bad ethics. And the light/webnovel community is pretty awesome, so why feel the need to something like that.

      I think that justifies being pissed about it and trying to stop them enough, sorry for ranting here. xD

    3. Ren isn’t about the money at all, the donations are just incentives to translate bonus chapters, not “pay” and he is upset because his work was stolen and claimed as someone else’s. Anybody would be upset.

      Also ignoring the whole stealing kerfuffle a translator still produces a product and his work is covered by the copyright laws too. Translating is making something anew from a preexistant thing it’s not just “re-selling”

    4. Uh, yes it does matter. It doesn’t matter to you because you’re just a leecher, but to some translators, having their work taken without even a credit is nothing more than theft. You entirely missed the point of this PSA: it’s to warn translators because Wattpad will take the infringed material off their site. You can’t stop everyone from stealing your work and posting it everywhere, but it doesn’t mean Ren has no right to crack down on his own translations where he can.

      Also, I don’t even know if IET’s works are copyrighted. If fan translations were illegal, there would literally be mass DMCA takedowns. You wouldn’t be able to read shit. The only time it’s “illegal” is when you continue to post the work after receiving an official request to take it down, usually because it’s licensed.

    5. It’s only illegal to translate IF the Novel/Manga/Anime it’s licensed in your country, otherwise it doesn’t matter, it’s even better if people translate them because it becomes worldwide, otherwise only people from the Authors country will know about the novels.
      BUT a guy posting your translation (and we are talking about hard working here trying to clear queue and not just google translation) as their own it’s indeed theft, and there is the moral thing aswell, he should at least give credits to wuxiaworld/ren

    6. hmm you guys have the point. I agree with him concerning you can’t control internet like game/movies pirated everywhere. but yeah, the web/light novel community is big, and proper ethic need to be maintained. If the culprit could be punished, then it’s a good thing. But dont get too hot headed, again.. It’s not like you can control all the web, even you’re pissed and issue a warning and complain, you can’t stop all of them. Let us just mantain and improve this great community. im sure the support you will get is much much bigger than this.
      Supreme Overlord shouldn’t be bothered too much with some ant. Let other do the rest, and do continue what you’re doing.. All hail Overlord-sama!!

  6. Yeah it kinda pisses me of(like very very Much), especially when I saw people praising Rens work in a Shoutbox (skytewood translation by the way) just 5 min ago

    Ren I totally understand you don´t worry about the chapter… especially with that big que you have to take it a little easy there is much work waiting
    *twisting the knife*

  7. Ya I’ll mention it to Bagleson and the rest of the team over at blue silver translations I’m not quite sure what they can do about it though. Hopefully they’ll take it down though.

    1. Thanks for registering here, and for letting other translators know, p0n3Swag. It looks like Wattpad does have a content infringement takedown policy. Hopefully they honor it. *mutter*

  8. That’s pretty shameless. Trying to share the works with others on different sites is alright, but why would anyone not even credit the original translators/author?

  9. I just dropped a link and heads up over at Sky The Woods since a lot of those guys stop in there. Good luck, should’ve checked the replies first though …

  10. That guy need to dig a hole from himself. While he’s doing that.. who knows a “wind” might blow/push him in there and cover that hole he’s in… Disappear from the face of the planet.
    ┌(▀Ĺ̯ ▀-͠ )┐┌(▀Ĺ̯ ▀-͠ )┐┌(▀Ĺ̯ ▀-͠ )┐

  11. So i sent an email to the Douluo Dalu group, not sure if they will get it but i tried, ill also see if i can get in contact with the overlord group

    ah never mind i see people commenting about it already

  12. Since this is here i gotta ask: Would you allow me to translate this ln into german and türkish? Of course with credit to IET and you. Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. DK-Germany : Yes, of course! You can absolutely base a translation off my own. All I would ask for, as you said, is just to credit IET as being the original author, and the original English translator being me 🙂

      1. Yeah i was hoping to do a blog too and translate this to spanish and i was about to ask XDD.

        I like this light novel a lot and unfortunaly there are a lot of people in my country that cant read it becouse of the language 🙁

        1. Hey asetado!
          If your doing Spanish translations then I want to help. I’m not very good at Spanish, currently enrolled in Spanish 2. So if you do get started I’m willing to help in any way possible! Cause I want more peeps to have access to Coiling Dragon and I want to improve my spanish. >.<

    2. Hi dk. If you need any help with eng –》ger translations let me know. I would like to help you to let more people enjoy this great story. With rens consent ofcourse.

      If you find any spellingmistakes, keep them.

      1. There should be a way to lock the posts from being copied / cut and pasted. Just can’t remember what the setting is to do that or if WordPress even has that option, I think I need to take some time to experiment and find out …

          1. or just viewing the page source which bypasses everything. Unless of course you make the entire post an image instead

    1. anyone caught stealing should not only get their account unilaterally closed, they should be IP/mac tagged to see if they attempt making more accounts to repeat it again.

        1. true, but its at least something being done.

          most people who get an ip ban are average people who dont know how to, and never figure out how to dodge the ban from the same location, and end up giving up over the hassle.

          bans at least must be maintained since its important they show something being done against what is pretty much copyright infringement.

  13. I’ll link this up on baka-tsuki since a bunch of these can be found there, for example Mushoku Tensei, which had a similar problem before.

    Good luck with the queue.

  14. getting tired of these a-holes on wattpad myself. one of my friends is an author for an original story, has put massive amounts of work into it like any other REAL author etc and while he is trying to finish the 2nd volume so he has enough to send to a fantasy publisher, some prat on wattpad copy pasted the story including all the meta formatting and tried to pass it off as his own. all this long after a review by another website already crediting the real author. while he is still trying to get it taken down, i was on someone elses personal “blog” trying to get it removed from there.

    people really need to stop with the stealing crap v.v

      1. i managed to sort out the blog one within a day of finding out. the wattpad seems to be taking longer because it goes through the website itself and has to be requested by the author, who still has a life and lots of time spent towards producing the next chapter (when he doesnt have any writers block or lack of research material lol)

        i was in the process of preparing to write my own story, and now i have 3 separate accounts all over in preparation just to cover my ass in case it happens to me later -.-”

  15. I sent an email to the translator of Suterareta yuusha no Eiyuutan so we’ll see. He didn’t translate the first couple of chapters though. I don’t have the link to that translator.

          1. Well, his address is public, but no. Also this idea requires no more computer skills than facebook user needs, and its not like I’d be the only one to come up with it either.

  16. Ren i am really thankfull for all you hard work and it pains me that a thief steals your work. Especially when i think about your har work the past month without rest. (you either work on a chapter or the site) i hope you dont get discourage by this because i enjoy reading the novel

  17. Avid LN reader here. I read all those translation at their original sites and would very displeased if my reading of them was affected by the person who is stealing their work. I take my reading seriously.

  18. As someone who’s been around the LN community for a bit, I can say that this is pretty common behavior when it comes to Wattpad (usually it’s one bad apple uploading tons of series). It’s happened to me as well, although I didn’t mind.

    1. thats just nasty o.o why did you have to make me remember that terrible film you monster >.<

      oh its fine for that guy, your nasty only because you made me remember lol

    1. Only Mushoku Tensei and Tate no yuusha no Nariagari(These chapters were done before Bakahou came along) left. Pretty sure everyone else has been informed already

    1. follow up, there’s not really a report system per se, but I did mention what the poster was doing on their site with a request that something be done about it. I’m not sure if anything will come of it, but at least they are aware that someone is plagiarizing work without consent from the translator or the author.

  19. I know you’re busy but I recommend Tate no Yuusha, Overlord and Sutaereta, Mushoku sure is popular but I don’t like it much and the other two I don’t know

  20. Sorry that happened Ren. That guy is a real scumbag. We all appreciate the hard work and time you all put into your quality translations. I actually read most of those light novels myself and am shocked that someone could be so unscrupulous.

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