PSA On Stellar Transformations

Hey guys, I think most of you are aware of this by now, but since I see comments on it every so often, I wanted to make it clearer for the newer fans; currently, Stellar Transformations is being actively translated at two locations; Rylain at Nightbreeze Translations and thunder at Thunder Translations. The translation at Wuxiaworld stopped at Book 11, Chapter 32. Nightbreeze has translated chapters 33 – 53, while thunder has translated chapters 49 – 64.

I’ve spoken to both translators, and so for chapters 33 – 48, the relevant ST pages on Wuxiaworld now has links to Nightbreeze’s translation, while from chapter 49 onwards, thunder has agreed to let me fully mirror his translation releases here, so new readers have a place to read from start to finish. Note that the latest chapter updates will be at Nightbreeze/thunder, as thunder has requested that for now, I stay at least 1-2 chapters behind his latest release, which makes perfect sense to me.

Hopefully, this is of some use to some of our ST fans! 🙂

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  1. There are a ton of sites posting translations, with regard to light novels of course. Can anyone help me out and just list all the ones they are aware of as a reply? Or point me in the right direction. I’m only aware of this one and gravity. I know I can spend an hour and probably find many translation sites but this will help more than just one person if you help me.

          1. lol its funny we both made our accounts just to post the same two links how serendipitous.

    1. I just spent the past 2 or so hours making a wordpress and following the blogs I know
      I dont know wordpress well, so do you know if I can just link you my follows?
      Otherwise I can recommend you some stuff slowly

    2. Wait, do you want translation sites, or light novels? I have a large list of LN’s you might want to read, but not the sites they’re hosted on. You should be able to find them just by googling their name, though.

        1. Here ya go! This is just my list. You asked for it…

          Mushoku Tensei
          Coiling Dragon
          Zhan Long
          Douluo Dalu
          Konjiki no Wordmaster
          Mother of Learning
          Battle Through the Heavens
          Stellar Transformations
          Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
          Magi’s Grandson
          Arifureta (don’t really even like this one)
          Zhan Long
          Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
          Law of the Devil
          Martial God Asura
          Xian Ni
          Jashin Tensei

          PLAN TO READ:
          Desolate Era
          World Teacher
          Log Horizon
          Skyfire Avenue
          Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
          Shen Yin Wang Zuo (SYWZ)
          The Nine Cauldrons
          Swallowed Star
          The Alchemist God

          DON’T READ IT SUCKS:
          Suterareta Yuusha no Eiyuutan

          Top picks are:
          1) Douluo Dalu (i assume you read this already) tied with Mother of Learning
          2) Re:Monster
          3) Overlord
          4) Mushoku Tensei (the LN that got me into LNs)
          5) Law of the Devil
          6) Konjiki no Wordmaster
          Now don’t get me wrong, definitely check out the others, but these are my top picks. Re:Monster and Overlord have essentially evil protagonists, so be warned. LotD does to a lesser degree.

          Ones similar to Coiling Dragon (Wuxia type) are
          -Stellar Transformations
          -Xian Ni
          -Martial God Asura
          -Douluo Dalu
          -Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

          1. You got go darkside to read Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. Thanks for the list there’s actually some I never heard about like mother of learning.

          2. Hmm, only one i think i haven’t read were Magi’s Grandson
            could yea link it pretty please lol

    3. Check out life’s page or mine to find a huge list of novels. Actually just check on some other popular people’s name then you’ll find more. Another example is Ryu or life 🙂

      Famous one’s ( I am bias translator)

      Happy reading my fellow comrades!

  2. Thanks for the update! Ever since I finished He-Mans translations and read some of Nightbreeze’s, I stopped. I think I will wait for quite a few more chapters before I start reading it again, because I plan on starting all over.

    Maybe I’ll even wait until it’s complete… hmm

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