PSA: If you post SPOILERS you WILL be banned + complaints

Hey, GZ here. Noticed a lot more spoiler comments the last couple of weeks. No one likes to have the story spoiled for them (well okay, some people don’t mind). But most don’t. If you post a spoiler in the comments your account will be banned. Permanently. And will not be reinstated for any reason, so don’t ask. It’s real easy not to post spoilers, so just don’t do it.

Now, speculation is fine. Guessing and discussing what you think might happen or what you’d like to see happen is what the comments are for. But telling everybody else what is coming up is not speculation and is not discussion, and will not be tolerated. Look, we can all tell the difference between spoilers and speculation.

While I’m here, if you have complaints about the translator, be it quality, speed, etc., I would encourage you to refrain from posting them in the comments, and instead send them to contactus[at]wuxiaworld[dot]com. Railing against the translators in the comments first of all will not get you the result you want, plus it derails discussion. We need to get back to talking about stories, as that is what the comment section is for. It’s not a complaint department. Voicing your complaints is fine and welcomed, and we will not be banning people for doing so, but if you don’t mind, please send them to the above address where your complaint will actually be read by someone who can take action if action is needed.

F-bombs need to be censored. If an F-word shows up in comments the comment will be trashed because we don’t have time to censor it for you. It’s an ad thing. Just write f*ck or fck or something and it will be fine. I know, I think it’s silly too, but it is what it is.

Also, let’s be nice to each other, shall we? There’s plenty of awful in the world already without us making things harder for ourselves and each other. This is all entertainment here, so let’s be entertained instead of incensed.

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    1. A spoiler is an automotive aerodynamic device whose intended design function is to ‘spoil’ unfavorable air movement across a body of a vehicle in motion, usually described as turbulence or drag. Spoilers on the front of a vehicle are often called air dams.

      Joking aside, there are spoiler discussions in forums or discord 😀

          1. True facts are mysterious. It’s been said that Gandalf only showed interest towards Saruman’s little kids. He felt left out.

    2. But what if a series is so poorly written that what you think it’s prediction turns out to be exactly or 80% just like what actually ends up happening.

      Also you did mention the trashing of the wuxia staff is banned, but what about the trashing of the author? It is impossible not to trash the author of btth.

      1. It’s not banned, I’m just asking nicely that you send complaints to our contactus address instead. Trashing anyone is not cool. Any personal attacks have always been prohibited, author included. We don’t scour every comment so maybe miss some. You can complain about the novel without making it personal toward the author. If you can’t then don’t comment. Like I said, let’s be nice to each other. Just because the author isn’t here doesn’t make it okay to be mean to them.

        1. Yeah, same here lol 80% of my comments on btth are direct hits towards the author lol

          Actually 60% of all comments on btth are hits towards him. Someone needs to give him a heads up cause he’s losing many fans daily.
          I will censored myself under the new regime. I do feel that it is a bit to pc for me and maybe a bit communist, but for the sake of mutual respect I’ll just keep it to myself. Like a good new yorker.

          1. BTTH is a completed novel like since 2007 so even if you trashed the author million times and even if readers are dropping it, the author will not care. I think BTTH is the author’s first novel and when it first came out, it was a huge success. (Well I’ve read Chinese commenting here that they’re fans of BTTH, so I’m basing the success there lol)

          2. Wait what I do not understand is how the new policies on the chat make t he industry sector become property of the state, thus making the state set all income to reflect the plus value of the workers?

          3. “and maybe a bit communist”

            Say what?
            You don’t know what that actually means, do you? You only know that “communist” is a word many people use for something negative and thought that you could use it here, right?
            Because it makes absolutely no sense ins this context.

    3. People need to be able to see public criticism, ridiculous to try and hide negative. You’re literally scamming people, when you hide valid complaints against writers and translators. And I did witnesss you delete peoples post for criticism on ATG. When you disallow people from knowing what they are donating to. Then you’re acting against those who are willing to support. Its also foolish, since you aren’t the only pub out there.

      1. Understand, my criticism comes from seeing perfectly reasonable complaints being removed by Admins on this site. Specifically ones that had to deal with donations on patreon, which were valid because it informed people that the translator was having issues releasing on time. Encouraging a purchase under false, or manipulated pretenses is wrong.

        1. His opinion is disgusting, do you even read your own dang comments? The poster made a reasonable point with no use of insults or name calling, and you basically tell him to f*ck off? I think the person who is really disgusting is you.

      2. I have seen some of these pateron complaints and some of them are just ungrateful and outrageous. (i say some but most of these comments appeared this way). I wouldn’t put them as “criticism” but just harassment. AKA some are just insulting for no reason and some are misunderstanding what is clearly stated. If the comment is pretty aholeish than it is just going to cause the translator stress. If the pateron account is truly unclear do not donate. If the pateron account is not holding up to it’s promises then there is a better way of handling than commenting. Of course, if a person are going to complain because a pateron chapter didn’t come out on time then the person probably has entitlement issues. It should be understood that the translators are human and that the system used is imperfect. Now if you were promised something in your tier and didn’t get it then there is a reason to complain. Again before complaining look into the issue. Was it simple human error? Or was it negligent business practices? Of course, there are probably some genuine complains but the censoring of complaints makes sense to protect the translators. I’m not saying censoring comments is the best but as a business practice protecting the employees makes sense. I imagine in the process of getting rid of destructive comments some other comments are taken down as well because they are put into the destructive comment category. AKA the internet being an ahole might be causing some genuine comments to be censored in he attempt to stop the harassment on translators.

        1. The other annoying thing is how some of these “geniuses” concocted up a steaming hot conspiracy of them milking chapters by delaying them to get more money.

          Which couldn’t be more bs in my opinion, because they lost a ton of patterns from this delaying. A lack of communication is worth complaining about, I agree, especially since money is involved. But a modicum of respect is also something to be expected from complaints. I recall having seen some of them go so far as insulting unrelated people who merely state what happened of being “booty lickers that just want recognition from the translators”(lol) and those are the nicer parts.

      1. new site? ww getting a new site? either this was mentioned in an old post i didnt read or forgot about or wasnt announced since i started following the series on this site. when will the new site be up?

          1. Ah, I wish the new comments section would tell me that I got replies and makes it easier to find them. I don’t know if the current one does that though, so I had to reload, jot down chapters and open new tabs to keep track.

          2. @Nexus Wolf
            It already does that. You get notifications when you get replies and you can click on them to easily find it. Though, it might not work properly all the time. It’s that message box up there on the right near your username. I used to do that too, keep multiple tabs open and reload a while ago.

          3. @DarkArts
            I have used that feature 3 times, and I got 0 e-mails when I should have gotten at least 10.
            So this feature is clearly broken currently.

          4. @DarkArts I’ve had the same experience as Yinan, but worse. I’ve never gotten notifications about replies to my comments, I’ve always had to manually go back to the page to see them. I used to get emails by hitting the checkmark button, but that one is gone now.

  1. Preach it!

    Thanks for the PSA, Guan Zhong! Most people know this, but it’s always the few who can ruin things for the majority.

    On another note, are there any other words we should avoid using or that will get picked up by the censors? Feel free not answering if you think posting them will just make more people use them or something, though. I’m just curious. Haha.

    1. I actually don’t know what’s up with the comment system here, cause the vasy majority of comments that end up in moderation are completely fine and I have no idea how they end up there. Anyway we only scan for f-bombs so others should be all right. Maybe the c-word. New site coming this month (or Feb at the latest, hopefully, *fingers crossed*) so hopefully the new comment system will be more sane.

          1. I mean, the site originally largely expanded based on the popularity of CD and ISSTH. I’m pretty sure Linley said M*F*er an average of like twice a chapter lol

      1. I noticed that whenever I edit a comment, it’s automatically put in moderation, maybe that’s where a lot of them come from. (Super hyped for the new site, btw.)

          1. Also, mentioning L_N_M_T_L without the underscores gets me flagged every time. It took me a while to figure it out.

          2. I think it might also be editing comments triggering it. I’ve posted comments and they’ve been fine, but when I edit them they have pretty much 50/50 odds of getting flagged despite the contents seeming perfectly fine. I’ve not sworn or mentioned the word s*oiler on basically any of them unless I’m letting you guys know a comment might be saying one.

      2. So that’s what happened to my posts.
        Always wondered why some of my Posts just vanish even so there was no Problem.
        Last time this happened was when I simply mentioned that the wrong gender was used in the last sentence of a Teaser (it said “he” when the person in quesion was introduced as a “16 year old girl”, which definitely isn’t “he”).

        So I hope as well that your new Site is more sane 🙂

  2. While you are at i think i need a bit of clarification on something, while commenting on AWE chapters some of us assume that anyone reading it has definitely read ISSTH (which hopefully is the case) and give away slight bits of s.p.o.i.l.e.r regarding issth(and renegade immortal) or compare some plot points, now given that ISSTH is a completed work and (probably) set in the same universe could this cause a ban?

    Also is there any possibility of changing how editing your post (to fix typos or add new bits of info) makes your post invisible till a moderator approves it?

    1. Good question. We consider a spoiler to be anything that has not been published (released on WW) yet. So technically nothing in ISSTH is a “spoiler”. But then again, telling me what happens in the first chapter of Coiling Dragon is a spoiler for me if I haven’t read it. But that’s not a “spoiler”, if you get what I mean. No one knows what everyone else has read.

      So no, that will not get you banned. But it would be nice if you preface your comment with something like SPOILERS FOR ISSTH AHEAD or something similar so readers can avoid that comment if they wish. It will still get flagged if is has that word in it, but for right now there’s nothing to be done for that.

      Our new site will be ready to launch within this month or the next, so there won’t be any changes to the current site. Once the new one is up and running we can look at those issues. I’m not sure how the new comment system will handle that.

      1. Think writing it as s.p.o.i.l.e.r should be safe :p will try to keep that in mind though think i still wouldn’t do it when comparing cultivation systems or other not really s.p.oiler materials

        Btw it’s nice hearing about the new site, now that’s something to look forward to

    2. The purpose of this thread is to remind everyone to be good human beings and avoid ruining the experience of a great story by ruining the anticipation of wondering what’s going to happen next.

      That being said, the gray area of deeply explaining elements of another book whose plot-line lore is tied in with the book you’re reading should be fine. It would be best to use vague references to avoid ruining another person’s experience completely. There is a difference between enhancing the reading experience by providing collaborating information within the storyline’s universe found in other books and worsening the experience of reading novels for other readers.

      Alternatively, you can directly contact the translator, and give him/her information that they can link to/hide within their chapter so that every reader [not just the ones who view contents] can have an enhanced experience while reading the novel.

      That being said, I love this site’s moderators and its professionalism!

    3. The series might be in the same multiverse and by the same author, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will read ISSTH before AWE. They’re not exactly a duology or trilogy or anything like that as far as I know. I find it strange that people would even assume that.

  3. Completely agree with the spoiler thing! I for one don’t mind being spoiled unless it’s a giant plot twist, but i’d never ruin it for others.

    I don’t really get why the F-word needs to be censored though? I mean, i’d say most people reading here are adults (or close?), and whenever i see it used it’s to express hate towards a hateful person within a novel, and not to other persons in the comments. It’s especially weird since most of the novels itself are quite brutal, with all the killings, genocide and (sometimes) rape. But we’ll just have to live with it, things can’t always not be silly after all.

      1. Well it’s kinda in line with YouTube policies. Basically any kind of swearing (no matter how “light” it is) will get you demonitized by the Algorithm because most advertisers only want the most “clean” product you can get.

        Of course it’s kinda strange that this also to the comment section… I could get behind it if it was part of the story and that the Translators/Editors would have to censor it, but the comment section? Truly strange…

  4. Also, if you ask me, the thing that derails discussions the most is all the “i’m first” and “all hail the blabla-sect” nonsense. I find it depressing that sometimes the first 10 comments are all about sects and whatnot. Although i understand that that’s no so easily ‘fixed’.

    1. I think if they add a like system to the comments that stuff wouldn’t happen. cause the most liked would be discussion related or funny comments that would show on top.

      hopefully in the new site.

          1. I don’t know. Allowing down votes seems to work just fine for other sites, such as Reddit or Imgur.

          2. Downvotes are fine IMO so long as its not one of those “X downvotes auto-modarates” because then it can be abused, especially with the whole “sect” mentality/joke. A bigger issue is also with upvote wars, where X “party” may just upvote themselves (meaning their fellow “members”) to the top to steer the discussion to only their interests. This can be fine, it can also be non-productive, and can be political if there’s some right/left attitude to the chapter. Most discussion doesn’t seem to get polarized though (except when it’s regarding story progress, or translation progress) so probably not a problem, but just throwing my thoughts out there.

            Personally I like it when they’re visible (avoids shamelessly downvoting people that disagreed with you just for the sake of it) and also when they’re really just “reaction” rather then “up” / “down”, more flexible that way since you can have various nuance with it, unlike some random crappy number attached. The comment at the top should be the comment with the most reactions (sum of all positives and negatives, no subtraction involved) since that’s clearly what people a strong opinion on (and also avoids people abusing it). If people think something is stupid or not interesting then just ignore it.

          3. Yeah, it sounds suuuuper pathetic to avoid downvotes in case of abuse, but, internet anonymity makes nice people behave like spiteful children, and not so nice people relentlessly toxic, I’d probably avoid the downvote system, or at least make it easy to remove incase it is ill-used

            PS: there’s definitely no one who uses downvotes foolishly on Reddit and Imgur

  5. Now I know this is probably a given but Talking about the ABOVE CHAPTER is NOT considered a spoiler…I hope as the comments are BELOW the chapter. If this is the case then I am slightly disappointed if it is not than a thumbs up for not joining the disappointment that is in the animation realm lately….

    1. Yes, correct. If it’s already out on WW it’s NOT a spoiler. If you haven’t read the previous chapter then what are you doing in this one? Your own fault.

      And yeah definitely not spoilers for the current chapter. People think that? O_O!!

      1. Lol In the Japanese Animation community(Anime) Lots of sites have gone to a “You can’t discuss anything related policy.” Its weird and hateful but I am glad that the chinese novel community here in the west has a better policy that makes sense. xD Also SUPER HYPED for new site!

      2. @Guan Zhong

        “Yes, correct. If it’s already out on WW it’s NOT a spoiler”

        Going by that logic: you are allowed to be an *ss and ‘spoil’ the story for new readers as long as you don’t spoil anything that hasn’t been released ?!

        for example you are allowed to spoil the whole of Coiling Dragon at chapter 1, since all the chapters have been released ?!

        1. I do believe he meant it won’t be considered a spoiler if the event you’re commenting on has already happened by the chapter where you’re making the comment. So yeah, spoiling the whole of CD on the first chapter is a big no no.

  6. There’s a spoiler channel on the WW discord and the semi-abandoned WW forums, but they’re both pretty shoddy in terms of how many people post there.

    Hopefully once the new WW site is up and running, the forums on it stay alive longer.

    Also in regards to no profanity in comments, that is legit ridiculous considering how the novels themselves can be as vulgar/violent they want, but comments can’t say the F-word? Y’all got some whack stuff going on for ads.

    Reminds of this little old-school gem:

  7. Thanks for looking out for readers!

    My suspicion is that it’s often kids, teens or younger, who get a thrill out of feeling a sort of smugness by posting spoilers and saying they’re just “guessing” and seeing how ignorant readers react. Usually it’s not obvious, but sometimes it is…

    Another thing that sometimes happens is that people who’ve read ahead or been spoiled will say that it’s “obvious” that so-and-so is going to happen; in other words, even though it’s IN NO WAY clear-cut that X will happen and the plot could easily go in a different direction, they use their 20/20 hindsight to point out why it makes sense, in order to have an excuse to talk about it publicly without seeming like they were spoiled. Please don’t do this, people! (For the record though, sometimes people who say this end up being completely wrong, at which point I realize they were just speculating…)

    1. Another thing that happens is people will read something on a machine-translated site and then go spoil, but end up being wrong cause machine translations often are wrong. And yeah, no one thinks you’re cool cause you know something ahead of others. They think you’re a jerk for ruining it for them.

        1. i have tried reading ahead on mw and de on lnmtl (i have adhd and get bored fast) when i didnt have anything to do or read but they gave me a headache. now i spend my time making pdfs and mobis of those 2 series (for personal use only, i don’t distribute and haven’t put them on anything but my kindle and computer. plus i have ocd as well and edit them or update terminology from past chapters ex: Realm of the Gods became Divine Realm in mw) (please don’t ban me for that)

          1. the reason im worried about getting banned is because i just read the terms of service today (i was bored) and under the Use License section it said:
            Permission is granted to temporarily download one copy of the materials (information or software) on Wuxiaworld(™) for personal, non-commercial transitory viewing only. This is the grant of a license, not a transfer of title, and under this license you may not:
            modify or copy the materials
            so you can see why i would be worried about a ban. plus i’m not a lawyer and the extent of my legal knowledge is what i learned from tv dramas so i don’t completely understand what this is saying i can and can’t do

          2. There are probably complicated legal reason they have a license like that, but I’m sure that WuxiaWorld isn’t going to worry about the fact you edit the text for your own personal use.

  8. What if a person speculates a future event correctly by a mix of luck and analysis skills? Maybe the new site should also have some sort of ban appeal system similar to Youtube in case that person gets banned by mistake.

    1. Like I said, speculation is fine. If your guess ends up being right then yay! But yeah, guessing is not a spoiler. I’ll keep that in mind for the new site. 99% of the time, though it’s obvious if it’s a spoiler or not.

      1. One thing I’m wondering: Why do comments go into moderation if they are edited at all? It’s very annoying to deal with, I’ve long since taken the stance of simply deleting my comment and reposting it if I need to edit it, with is silly but is also the only option that doesn’t leave my post in limbo for the next 5 hours.

        1. Personally I dont even know how to edit a comment. Then again I can barely manage to login to the site when I’m logged out, I honestly don’t even know with whom I have an account for this site. Is it with wordpress? since it asks me to login with that, but then tells me I did it wrong and need to login with details, but those details also have to be wordpress (external site) details for whatever-the-hell reason…

          I think I saw the edit button sometimes, but figured it was a per story thing. The delete button haven’t seen ever.

          1. If I see that correctly you can onl edit your comment withing the first 5 minutes after you post it. After that, it’s locked.

    2. >.> Well.. Some series are good at spoiling themselves. D: So much so I am almost worried, please do not ban the series for being bad at keeping secrets. :p

  9. Hi. Some translators upload teaser chapters where the comment section is disabled. Is it fair game to discuss the contents of teaser information in the previous chapter’s comment section?

    I for one do not read teasers (except for the meme parts of DB translations) because I like reading complete chapters. I understand that people need a place to discuss that but it is still annoying to get spoiled, even by just half a chapter. There’s a reason I did not click that ‘next chapter’ button. On the other hand enabling the comments section for teasers, which is the case for some, leads to ‘stupid’ discussion. Where after reading the full chapter, most comments are questions and insights that are clearly answered within the (fully published) chapter.

    What is the official policy for teaser chapter discussion?

    1. Yeah you shoudld probably not go back and talk about new chapter content in old chapters. Like taken to an extreme, telling people what happens in chapter 500 in the chapter 200 comments. That’s not cool. If there’s some reason you need to do that, put a warning first, like I mentioned elsehwere here. Like SPOILERS FOR XXX AHEAD. So people can avoid that comment if they want. So I would say this goes for all chapters, not just teaser ones.

      If everyone is just considerate of others and sticks to discussing current events in the current chapters then all will be well.

      1. Personally I find a bigger problem is with novels where the teaser (even when it has nothing at all) has the comments open. It’s fine and all until the chapter hits but then those comments stay, so this makes things confusing on “who’s talking about teaser and who’s talking about chapter?” and results in the discussion of the chapter itself either ending up mostly in the next chapter section or drowned by the teaser for the most part.

        I hope you guys can think about it and make some more sane policy/system with regard to teasers, teaser comments and such, that’s just consistent across the site. IMO teaser pages should be completely separate (url and all) and the actual chapters should be their own pages with out the speculation mangled in. But that’s just my opinion.

        1. I’m always bookmarking the teaser page and when I open it I can see instantly wether or not it’s still a Teaser at the title.

          So I wouldn’t want the Teaster and the full chapter to be two distinct pages, that whould screw around with my current method 🙁

      1. Unfortunately i know nothing of the dao of lightning. My path is the dao of alchemy for I am a spirit plant who gained immortal ascension. I used to be a high grade ingredient which, eaten raw, gives the user the ability to summon thunderous roars from their bowels.

  10. i hope this site doesnt turn into “those” ppl’s site where ur opinion that doesnt follow their’s gets u banned. I feel this is just the beginning…

    this is how it starts folks, when wallets get full restrictions come enforced. ;(

      1. def reasonable i mean spoilers that shouldnt even have to be said but *sigh* this is the internet so ppl love to troll with their 100% perfect “prediction” lol and yes straight up insulting ppl is not needed i mean atleast have some sort of argument basis.
        Its ok to disagree or complain about frustrating situations from either authors or translators but be somewhat mature about it. I get it and it makes sense its just i am always worried about things getting worse as time goes on. More $$, more responsibility, bigger better website, bigger team, more $$ again = nazi germany (some cases) lol

  11. I have to disagree because even discussing the story in the comments section seem to be off limits as I’ve been told on a few occasions that the comments section is not for story discussion and I am to take it to the forums. I’ve just about quit posting altogether after deathblade deleted a relatively benign comment and limited my priveledges after I made on AWE which was “the next few chapters are going to be hilarious.” I’m not sure if you read AWE, but what chapter in AWE does not contain copious amounts of humor? Some people here are too hypersensitive and hypereactive. Ffs even chapter titles aren’t spared, and that nonsensical, it’s like buying a hardcopy and then ripping out the table of contents and taking a black sharpie to chapter headers. You should have saved people the time and just say the comments section limited one-word posts such as “thanks,” “first,” “second,” and etc.

    1. I agree. I’m already not a fan of seeing the comments filled with spam comments. Feels like this could lead to further dilution of value within the comment section.

      I’m not surprised DB pulled your comment. Despite being my favourite translator on the website and putting out great informational videos on YT, I feel like he’s stressing out far too much about comments like these. DB has said before that he believes that he can distinguish between “predictions” and “spoilers”, but anytime he gets it wrong I’m sure that reader is left with a sour taste in their mouth. Few things are more distasteful to a person than accusing and sentencing them due to suspiscions of malicious intent when they were blissfully innocent.

      That rant there is mostly in regards to comments like Zatarot’s.

  12. Cool, doesn’t make a huge difference to me I think this is my first comment. Love what all of you guys are doing here and thank you for all the translations.

  13. I dont like being kept in the dark. Someone tell me whats going on. Which translator/Author is being attacked? Which comment system is trash? I heard it has something to do with btth but was given nothing else. Please help!

    1. I’m not sure about BTTH, but I’m pretty sure the last 100+ chapters of ATG have been frequented with s.poi.lers in varying levels of detail (sometimes entire future chapters). And ATG arguably has the highest number of comments per average chapter so spo.ilers are more likely to be noticed by people who would rather not have seen them.

        1. There’s something about ATG that I can’t quite place my finger on yet. Maybe it’s because Yun Che is so free? the last few arcs haven’t quite measured up to the same standard of the previous ones but the only novel I’ve been enjoying more than ATG on a consistent basis is Heavenly Jewel Change, and that’s because no other author on this site can compare to him (HJC’s author) when it comes to writing battle scenes that are ridiculously exciting to read.

          ATG still suffers from over-simplified characters though.

          1. HJC is amazing and like usaid ATG there is just something i like about it maybe the general story line idk but i just want to see how it plays out i mean i filter through 80% of the chap or i read them very very fast only getting 30 or 40% of the info then reading 100% of the content i need to read.

    2. It’s definitely ATG. Their has been complains for dozens of chapters now and even the translator had to respond.
      Which means that it does work to complain in the comments. I really doubt we would have seen this kind of response just by sending a formal email that nobody would care about.

      1. also 2 see ur fellow readers feeling the same way and have heated discussions that tilt u one way or the other to me is much better than some email that gives me a automated response. (maybe not in the beginning)

  14. Longtime lurker here. Usually I just reside on patreon, but I felt I may have a decent suggestion to solve this without upsetting many readers who are concerned about being banned for predictions.

    Why not have a collapsable comment section beneath the regular one for spoilers and predictions? By default when the page is loaded the comment section is compacted/hidden, not making the page length much longer. Then if the individual reader decides to delve into this potential spoiler filled zone, it was their choice. The only downside I can see is if every spoiler comment section has a copypasta ruining the ending.

    Anyways, just a suggestion. I usually neither comment or care about spoilers so this doesn’t affect me much personally. Just felt bad since I know some readers find alot of enjoyment from musing on future events.

  15. Thanks a lot for this post and the reminder to act more kindly. I see way too much negativity in the comments too often and it can really put a dampener on my enjoyment. To me, reading is about appreciation first and foremost, especially when we’re doing it together as a community. I like to treat everyone here as family and pray that others would do the same.

    I especially like the idea of criticism going to an appropriate avenue instead of in the comments. That can make a really big difference.

    1. ya until u get into a situation that you dont understand or are driven insane by that u want to hear what other ppl had to say and see if they felt the same way as u only to find out u cant u have to send an email with no way to discuss with ur peers and/or understand more by their opinions.

      so many times i am like “oh dang didnt even realize that” cuz some1 was like “why the f*ck did so and so do this” for example.

        1. ya the first 40times it happens maybe but when an author hooks u with amazing writing then slacks half way and does the same sheet every other chap eventually being “kind” and “polite” dont relieve the stress u feel and its not like the authors read this so why do u care?

          also ur comment upset me plz remove it =)

          lol i mean to be a sarcastic prick in the same sentence ur saying be kind and polite really makes ur comment irrelevant.
          “You do realize” implies i dont and anyone older than 10 knows you can be polite and kind while disagreeing with the author. So by saying it to me ur just slapping my face.

          Now personally it didnt bother me but my point is comments like that will be removed.

        2. also just cuz some1 curses doesnt mean they are cursing out the author and/or translator unless they are like “fu*k you”

          For example here in america saying twat or cu*t is a big no no… i care? ofc not i love to use it lol but other parts of the world use it all the time and its not implied to be insulting in “every” scenario. So while ur part of the world might take it as a direct insult towards said person/people. Other parts of the world use it to express opinions or frustration at the situation and not the person directly.

          One of many examples

  16. I don’t know if i’ll get hate for this or not, why not add “AD system” like the one on Qidan, this 15 secs ads for bonus chapters or new ones, and a level system… make the website interesting for gods sake.
    And by “ADs” i don’t mean freaking virus-popups.. actual ads, like youtube , so people who are not “Patreon supporters” can also support the translator and website in some way or another, qidan also have this “Spirit stone” system, which is not very bad, you could skip the ads with it, and vote on new novels with stones too, overall, it’s interesting and it makes the website more lively..
    And it may as well piss of Qidan, copy their website hehehehe!!

    1. i dont believe wuxia is the type of place to invite trouble upon themselves but also wont take sh*t lying down. But that is just my personal view from things ive seen here and there.
      An since “those” ppl copied/paste wuxia work i doubt wuxia will go down to their same level. As sweet as it would be in the long run not worth it. Again my personal opinion.

      1. I was just kidding about the “Copy their website” part, but the “ADs” thing, nobody owns that idea, it’s been there since ever, it’s just the way they applied, it is smart and helpful, that’s all.
        I hope the new website is more interactive/features, more fun to stay at!
        But i agree with you anyways..

        1. I do agree that despite having many flaws and starting of like major D-heads the way they do things increases intraction(and spam exp reply) ( btw I’m there for ELCL and ELCL only and i do recommend it to everyone else as well)

          And tbh as someone who can’t access neither paypal nor patreon (due to local and global policies) I would love to support WW and translators even if it’s by watching ads, as long as they are optional

        2. no no u we’re right its just finding something simular is fine but copy paste is what made me comment. We are on the same page brotha no worries i agree with you =)

    2. tho something diff yet simular would be possible and amazing in time we will see i guess…. tho phone app is rly rly needed i mean what else can i read when i poop =)

      unless they do and somehow i missed the news

        1. You don’t understand, the actual “ADs” like major brands, i think these type of “ADs” involves contracts and what not, business, not only it will be very helpful for the future of this website, it might even encourage Authors to deal with Wuxia, and publish their novels here too, more translators motivated to translate, and it won’t be just “patreon” as a source of income for every translator here, and there could be an event system for it too, voting systems, and more..
          Make this website interesting, hopefully..
          But of-course a “Payment wall” is just stupid and probably won’t happen.

        2. ADs have helped me before and i have actually purchased items b4 but its the SPAM of ads thats killer but if i want to read a FREE chap and watch a 20 sec vid thats nothing to me. Then again i grew up in an age where watching 30min tv show cost me 10min of ads

  17. And spoiler a rape? Rape is the evil of Chinese novels. The Chinese authors really have a problem with that … Could it be because of Nanjing? Or a mental illness maybe?

    1. I seriously don’t see what’s wrong with firsts lmao. It isn’t like firsts stop you from reading or discussing in any ways. People like it, let them do it. Just ignore it since it doesn’t impact you in any way.

  18. When it comes to spoilers, there are Global Spoilers and Personal Spoilers.

    For example, if someone said: “Luke, I am your father!”
    Nowadays, (if you’ve somehow missed decades of memes) that might be a Personal Spoiler if you haven’t seen The Empire Strikes Back.

    Back in 1980 though, that would be a Global Spoiler.

  19. i read too many novel from 3 sites my main site is wuxiaworld.
    One feature i like for the developer to include for the new site is…”Automatically save the last chapter i have read” It is diff to keep on track what my last chapter, when i unable to read everyday.” This feature available on webnovel site and it help me a lot.

  20. I only read ahead in a few chapters when things get really tense and the next chapter won’t be out for several days (ATG, RT). I never post spoilers. Besides, lnmtl sucks so bad that sometimes its hard to know what actually happens.

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