PSA – Coiling Dragon Donations Change

Hey guys, here’s a quick but meaningful PSA for Coiling Dragon readers and donors especially. Since the queue for Coiling Dragon is cleared, and since the six month anniversary for Wuxiaworld is coming up soon, this is as good time as any to announce two new changes to CD!  Please read on below!

First of all, going forward, every week, the number of regular chapters each week for Coiling Dragon is being increased to three!  Yes, you guys have kept the CD queue 100% filled all the time, so there’s no need for this, but as I’ve been too successful in recruiting kickass people for Wuxiaworld, I was embarrassed to realize that despite starting the site we are on, of us six, I was doing the least number of regular chapters.  Shame is a powerful motivator, so the number of regular CD chapter is up to three a week now xD

Secondly and more importantly, going forward, I am changing how the queue for Coiling Dragon will work.  For some time now, I’ve been considering on shutting off donations for good and just doing the final ~300 chapters without accepting donations.  There’s a number of reasons for this, but the biggest one is, simply put – I’ve already received far more in donations and appreciation than I ever thought I would, and for me personally, I honestly think it’s more than enough, especially as ads are slowly doing better (more info on this sensitive subject in a upcoming post!).

At the same time, I felt like I was in a quandary; if I lowered the number of chapters I do a week, you guys would almost certainly lose your [stuff] xD, but if I keep doing sixteen chapters a week, this places an unfair amount of pressure on others, both at Wuxiaworld and elsewhere, a la, ‘Well Ren is doing sixteen long chapters a week for free now!’  As a strong believer in people being compensated for their time and a firm believer that donations have been, overall, a tremendously positive motivational force which has contributed to the explosion of projects in the past few months, I do NOT want that to happen.  I can tell you for a fact that there is no way I could’ve spent six months doing 70-100 CD chapters/month without this motivating force!

So there I was, kinda stuck.  And then, I thought to myself – CD is like the ‘big brother’ of many of the projects here.  So…what would Boss Yale do?  And then it hit me – he would share with his bros (and sis) xD.  So, here’s the new system – direction donations for Coiling Dragon are gone.  Kaput.  Finished.  Closed.  But, the queue remains…and the way the queue will be filled is by donations to the OTHER awesome people here at Wuxiaworld.

We have a seriously awesome group of people here at Wuxiaworld, some of the best I’ve ever worked with.  They deserve your love and support and donations as much as I ever have, and possibly more; up till today, every single one of them has been doing more ‘regular’ chapters than I have.  So my executive decision as the CD translator is that in the future, each time someone donates to ANY of the other five projects here at Wuxiaworld through our links, all you have to do is forward your donation confirmation email to me, and I will count your donation for the Coiling Dragon queue!  Two for the price of one – not only will you be able to further support the other awesome and deserving people here, you’ll also be contributing to your CD queue!  Yay!  🙂  If you click on the CD ‘donation’ button, it will take you to a new page which explains this, and which also has links to all five other people!

tldr – Donations will no longer be accepted for Coiling Dragon.  Donations to any of the other five people/projects on Wuxiaworld, however, will count towards the Coiling Dragon queue if you forward the donation confirmation email to rwxwuxiaworld(a)!  The maximum number of chapters done will not change.  Please take a look at this link!

Finally, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your past, present, and future love and support for CD, Wuxiaworld, and each and every one of us here!

208 thoughts on “PSA – Coiling Dragon Donations Change” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Just created this account to reply to this post (have been lurking around since book4). Let me begin with – i like / hate CD. The plot “now” sucks etc. but I didn’t create this account to complain about the story. I am here to “rant” about the “donation system”.

    Firstly, what you / your success started (consciously or unconsciously) has ruined voluntary translations. If you don’t believe me – check out ( A trashy TL charging $200 / chapter. At the same time, I cannot deny that some good has not come of it – more chapters are being Tld. However, the “amount of support” / “money” you made off CD – is ridiculous. I am too lazy to bother adding it up. Can I guess it is over $20,000? This might even be more than what the author made (post exchange rate conversion)?

    I won’t get into whether you charged too much / too little per chapter. Or whether you made too much money or too little money compared to the effort. But some questions have bothered me, I will ask this of you, why have you never posted a link to the raws? Have you received the author’s permission to TL (assuming he is not dead / his works are not public)? And lastly do you pay taxes on your “support” / “donations”? Maybe these questions have been answered before – maybe they haven’t. At least I don’t know the answers to these questions. (The tax question is for your own goodness).

    Here is the second half, of my rant. I am happy that CD chapters are now “free” and you are encouraging donations towards other “novels”. This appears to be the more correct way of working – making culture (novel) available to the masses. HOWEVER, in your post you have failed to mention the responsibility of those TL-er’s – the only responsibilities – quality & consistency. This too should require your oversight, now that you are encouraging donations towards other novels.

    The only reason why I have never ranted before was because – your quality was excellent. But when you take this step, you are also taking responsibility for other people’s work. What if a TL drops out? Will projects go on hold? etc? I don’t know how much thought you have given to this (probably a lot), but this is just a reminder – this too is your headache.

    That is it for my rant – I am happy that you are encouraging people to donate elsewhere. But at the same time, please be cautious of your actions. If “Donations” are handled poorly – it will trigger horrible consequences for the community as a whole.

    On a side note, good job with CD and I wish you all the best with your future endeavors.

    1. Oh come on man, RWX doesn’t even make close to what the actual translator make.

      Also, the donations are an option, meaning you can if you want, you don’t if you don’t want. He has ads running. It never was “DONATE OR NO CHAPTERS” It just mean you are waiting longer for them. Translation Chinese to English is not easy as c/p the text into google translate and correcting the grammar. It’s more than that, you have to take in the Chinese idioms and sayings. You have to understand, there are more than 15000 words in China, and you need to know at least 1500 words to fluently translate to english.

      I think RWX have contacted the author about the translation, but maybe that’s Flowerbridge. I’m not sure about this topic, but he has.

      I know it’s a rant, but you shouldn’t suggest he’s absolutely ruling over the distribution of chapters based off of donations. Step in his shoes, take a walk and see that it’s not as easy as you think.

    2. God, can you please get over your authoritarian mindset and let people decide how they want to spend their money? You even want him to “pay taxes”, LOL..

    3. First of yes, Ren did contact IET but IET didnt bothered to reply.(Same as FBT asking author of MGA and the author replied yes but said to contact 17k which he also did)

      Second, Ren isnt forcing anyone to donate.(if u want to donate then donate if u dont then dont)

      finally the donation is long been implemented by other translators heck even manga/manhwa/webtoon has it. (although Ren is the more successful one I have seen)

      P.S. inb4 u say that they need to buy manga, i’ll just say this that there are sites that provides raws for free.

    4. I think you have slightly misinterpreted something.
      As far as I remember there has never been other queues aside from Coiling Dragon’s here. It means that donation never counted and won’t count towards the translation of the other novels, they were and still are merely to show their appreciation, but now that action (donation towards others) will increase CD’s queue too. Thus, in no way this decision of Ren’s will affect the other translators work.

      About taxes. ‘Donations’ per se are tax-exempt. Sure, you can take them as being payment for the extra chapters, but they have always been donations. The queue, as much as look as if it is, isn’t a extra chapter selling thing. The extra chapters are born from Ren’s appreciation of the donors’ appreciation.

      And you can find the RAWs easily in a post somewhere in the forum. Since the forum’s search is broken, all you had to do was do a Google Search for ‘Coiling Dragon RAW’ and it should point to that post.

      And finally, you can’t make Ren responsible for what that guy did in his own blog. It’s like you saying that because Ren opened a street stall selling bums he’s responsible for the other guy opening his stall with halfheartedly-made bums in another city too. Nonsense.

      That’s all for now.

      1. “Donations are tax-exempt” is a FALSE STATEMENT.

        Donations towards NON-PROFIT “entities” (i.e. registered charities) are tax-exempt. Donations towards private individuals are “Taxable Income” UNLESS said entity has APPLIED AND RECEIVED tax exemption. (Same concept as taxation on inheritance… I.E. one cannot say “oh, this car/house was donated to me so it’s not taxable [WRONG!]).

        Under current statutes, any kind of transaction that results in the rendering of a service or the release of a product of any shape and form (i.e. Donate => Queue Fills Up => Once Queue is Full => Extra Chapter) constitutes a legal transaction =/= not a “write-off-able expense/income”. Unfortunately, no matter how you spin things, most countries will take “contributions” towards (a) private individual(s) as valid taxable income and are unwrite-off-able.

        BUT! Don’t get your panties in a twist… The internet is STILL a grey zone as most tax collecting agencies (like the IRS) don’t have large enough resources to check your internet stuff ( 😛 )… Since they’re not sure about jurisdiction .-. whether country of jurisdiction is where the physical server/data center is located or where the person running the server is… but they might if they wanted too… but since the US elections are near… 😛

        Also, when Ren moves to Vietnam… heh, they’ve got a very deficient tax agency there…

        1. Ughs, left the screen and my edits didn’t save…

          Anyhoo, the real problem lie in the off-chance that someone from said Chinese authors (but IET won’t be one of them since the dude just doesn’t care… seriously…) go complain to Paypal and then Paypal goes “money-monster” and seizes control of said donations and accounts 🙁 [Lots of precedence of this happening in other “grey” media, lots… since who’re you gonna complain to? LOL.]

          1. are the US to personally gift/donate an amout up to 3000 dollars and it is considered a tax write off for the person donating but it iscounted as income earned to the perso who yes he would pay taxes amd no the donaters are allowed a gift write off.

          2. Lol, you don’t say?

            Well, how will you document such a “gift write-off” to endorse it as such to the IRS? Do the translators provide an official receipt? Can wuxiaworld even provide one since I doubt it’s a registered organization…

            There are STRINGENT REQUIREMENTS that have to be met in order to include “gift write-offs” in your taxes and the burden of proof is on the filer… go figure how you’ll expound the nature of the “organization” and their dealings… It’s one thing to gift stuff to close relatives (which are exempt from income tax for the receivers up to a certain threshold), it’s a totally different thing when we’re talking about a pseudo-employment based relationship with wuxiaworld and would-be donors. This is due because a lot of “professionals” don’t bother filing a proper tax return because they conjecture their “income” as “tokens of appreciation” and such measures make such practices tax evation… hai…

            Also, you don’t seem to understand that it’s actually detrimental for “donors” to kick up a dust storm for such paltry sums if, in recompense, it’d lead the IRS into “auditing” wuxiaworld (very unlikely, but within the realm of possibility).

            Also the $3,000 you mentioned is not a universal number as income tax is state-based and not nationwide (since the cost of living is not constant, AT ALL, in the US)…

        2. different laws in different countries.

          donating to charity will often let the donator pay less tax, in accordance with all the donations made. giving money to people doesn’t have the same function.

          money that you get from others as a gift isn’t always seen as inheritance if it’s not from parents or grandparents. neither is it seen as income. in some countries you may have to pay tax for it as though it were a specific type of income, though i find it unlikely. but if you save the money, you could end up with enough wealth that you’ll still have to pay taxes for it.

          there could also be a limit to how much money you can receive as donations before you have to pay tax. everybody needs to check their own country’s laws.

          only thing to note is that if donations are taken as payment for extra chapters, then you will have to pay tax for it if the amount goes past a certain limit (that should vary between countries too). it will also make those chapters way more illegal than the other chapters, since you’re actively selling pirated material. this is where the true gray zone lies.

          1. – There are 2 sides in any given circumstance of donation
            ~> Donator (Loses assets*)
            ~> Benefactor (Gains assets)
            *may include cash, credit, goods, and/or services in kind

            For Donators:
            ~> You can include said donations as “tax deductibles” if, and ONLY if, said beneficiary is a REGISTERED charity.
            ~> There is no “upper ceiling” to how much you can deduct from your taxes if you are a private individual (Corporations, obviously, do not enjoy this luxury).
            ~> As such, “donations” to “political parties” or “advocacy groups” that are not, more or less, of a humanitarian nature cannot be cited as legitimate “charitable institutions” [although this fact is circumvented through tax breaks legislated by Congress…]
            ~> So, since wuxiaworld isn’t a registered charity nor is it “humanitarian” in nature [Although benevolent, YES!] donations made does not count against your taxes.
            ** Note that we’re talking about TAX-DEDUCT-ABILITY, not tax liability.

            Benefactor side:
            ~>Since, in wuxiaworld’s case, it’s a direct person-to-person “donation”, albeit with the added notion of the “queue system” and “sponsored chapters”, etc., the type of contributions made does not fall into what we define “donations” as, which is [if I can remember my lessons]:

            “Without want for return consideration”

            …which simply means when you donate, you DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN (i.e. getting to that magic number and expecting an extra chapter). There is “NO REWARD”.

            ~> Since the Labor Code would consider such a queue system as a service paid for for service rendered ($80 for an extra chapter), unfortunately, gifting made within the realm of “employment” does not fall into the “non-taxable gifts” things…
            ~> Since wuxiaworld cannot itemize each and every contributions made (my gosh, that’d make one heck of a long list… which would also place a lot of unwanted attention from the taxman…), and would have to present it as a lumpsum, even if one were to try to file it under non-taxable income from “gifts”, from my calculations, I’m afraid it far exceeds the maximum for one person in the state of New York, at least from what I know…

        3. In sweden you don’t pay taxes if you earn millions upon millions selling second hand goods. (This was abolished recently but it was only up for a few years as well.)

          What they are doing, is basically more than donating, it is a business that supports a sports club which in Sweden doesn’t get much state support in form of cash. If anything, a small fee from the members.

          Donations is the same, as long you can prove it isn’t Work, then it is exempt from your billing report. Although, you still need to report it, it isn’t tax granted. While Ren, has probably earned a lot. The word Donation still derives from ” An act of Charity. “. How people reward that Charity, is up to them.

          As long they contact the Author, I am alright with it. Which Ren has said he has done. IET didn’t seem to care then again. He already earns a few millions in his own country I heard.

    5. For your information, Ren has included the raw links of CD. I know for sure, as I have read the MT of the raws cause I was curious and couldn’t hold myself back. I am hope to reread the books when TL is done so I don’t become a F5er again. :D… N That’s All I Gotta Say!

    6. akuman, welcome to the community! To answer your direct question, 1) I have reached out to the author for CD twice, and we are going to have some exciting news in the coming months on that front, 2) The author is a USD multimillionaire in China, 3) My taxes are my issue 😉 , 4) Raws have been posted multiple times, and lastly, 5) I trust each and every translator here, and they are all excellent! If any of the translators here ends up ‘dropping’ their project, then I will try and take it on as my next!

      PS: I think you don’t understand how much work 500 chapters represents, and the cost of translation; roughly 1500-2000 hours. I’ll just tell you that on a per hour basis, my regular job pays me more than double, and that’s not even factoring in that this is ‘overtime’. Also FYI – the ‘bottom of the barrel’ rate for professional/freelance Chinese to English translation rates is around $0.10/character. If you (or the author) was to try and get this translated anywhere else, it would be around $300-$400/chapter.

      Thanks for your well-wishes!

      1. And guys, I can handle some well-worded, non-profanity-laced criticism and questioning! I’m deleting a few of the other responses, because you guys kinda dogpiled onto the poor man just for expressing his opinion in a relatively respectful manner xD.

        1. Lol, people are fond of you, which means they don’t like it when others disagree/criticize, your existence is important to people because you provide entertainment, and what would we as humans do without something to entertain us?
          When you think about it you are similar to a famous actor, comedian, singer, etc because just like all of those people you provide a source of entertainment that a good amount of people couldn’t live without.
          Of course you didn’t write the stories but you’re just as important (maybe a bit less, hard to quantify a thing like this…) as the author because without you we wouldn’t be reading this.
          You hold a special place in peoples hearts; all translators do.

          I don’t even know why I’m writing this…BUT since I have already typed all that up I shan’t delete it!

      2. I’m not entirely sure what you are hinting at here, I may be wrong but sounds like there is a possibility of wuxiaworld working with authors and novel sites. If so congrats, that is indeed extremely exciting news.

    7. Do you know how hard it is to translate? I doub any one could go as long has ren with out any extra motivation he has his job his life AND translate this novel for us if some ppl want to trow money at him i said let them(and how he uses that money is up to him).

    8. It was interesting reading your post. You have a right to think however you want, but I just wanted to let you know how it may seem from another angle.

      1) Blaming someone for someone else’s perceived actions is outrageous. I have read scanlations and translations for many years, and many of them have had donation links. Aside from that, unless Ren is a master of mind control, people have something called free will. Whether they actually exercise this to their own benefit is another story. You are also blaming him for other people’s actions without any actual evidence, which is still unnecessary given that people have free will and can and do make decisions on their own.

      2) Why do people fail to do even the smallest amount of research. Many of the questions, if not all, have already been answered on this site if my memory serves me correctly. Using a search engine of your choice would have saved you some of the typing that you put yourself through.

      3) Why do you want to tell people what they do with their money? Especially when people come to this site to read stories. There is no need to don the social justice warrior mantle for some imagined secret society ne’er do-wells, as we are reading books other authors have published online in other languages.

      4) You are essentially telling another person what he can and cannot do with his free time. Yeah.

      5) Publishing content online and translating something into a different language are excellent ways to share the author’s works with the masses. And many people haven’t paid anything additional for this service.

      6) How is bringing attention to similar types of stories on a website making the aggregator responsible? Google, Yahoo, and Bing must have a lot to answer for then, since those sites lead to many, many potentially disturbing things.

      /end rant

    9. First off
      A) did you ask for raws? i did and he gave me the link. when i was about to goto basic training i mtl from book 4 or 6 all the way to book 12.
      B) its blasphemy to insult one of the translation gods
      C) he made me want to mtl so now im in the process of choosing a project to start
      im pretty sure that he dosnt pocket all the money it costs a lotta money for servers and what not.

    10. I don’t really see an issue with Donations, it’s simple really, if you don’t like what the person is doing you don’t donate. Oh but what if you really like the story, you just hate the translations, tough it out with regular chapters (lol), translate yourself or try to convince someone else.

      There are also many awesome tls that work for free.

      Sorry, your rant just kind of pissed me off

  2. You know, I’ve held off donating and just let my 3 computers run when I go to work. (Letting 3 comps sit for ads for you <3)

    Now that I see how kind hearted you are to all the other translators even though they have no direct relationship to you. You are giving them a 2for1 deal. That never happens anywhere I've gone.

    Maybe I'm being confusing, so I'm just going to say this. I'm going to donate a big chunk after summer. Like $500 worth of donations split for other translators here. The reason why I don't do it now is because my rent is not stable and my job is new. I don't know if I can keep this job, but if I can, I will come back here and donate because you guys are wonderful. These aren't empty words, because even if I don't get to keep my job, I will still donate $20 every 2 weeks for 3 months.

    Thank you RWX for this wonderful site, and I hope to you and to me, that I get to keep my new job as a computer engineer intern. If not, it's back to flipping burgers D: T_T

    1. Nantakuu, thanks for the kind words! But please, seriously, don’t donate if your rent and your income and financial situation isn’t stable. I don’t think any of us here would want that!

  3. im a fan of getting paid for your time translating; monetary + appreciation as compensation is better than just appreciation… that being said, i think you should host multiple queues for each of the various translators, to continue to motivate them

    one thing is that this site has pretty good staff that are able to churn out regular releases, so the extra $$$ is our appreciation to them

  4. i’m writing this to thank you and all the translators at wuxiaworld for your efforts. 😀 The quality and quantity is wonderful and for a leecher like me this site is heaven. 🙂

  5. Whoa, such a surprise, this is why I like wuxiaworld that I came everyday just to read the new chapters and clicking some ads, as people says ‘respect, reverence, gratefulness and awesomeness’ must be gained by the effort you put, good job, and I pray may your life become more flourishing in the future.

    Oh right, one last line, Thank you very much.

  6. (Shame is a powerful motivator, so the number of regular CD chapter is up to three a week now xD) im not sure if u meant to say three a day but if u really did mean three a week then its down to three a week not up to im not complaining about ur decrease if its the case but its gonna confuse some people

    1. There were 2 a week before this, now there will be three so it is actually “up to”. It’s an increase!
      He was talking about the normal chapters that aren’t sponsored. You have to re-read it carefully and you’ll understand… probably.

      1. Oh my bad i caught up after he started doing 2 chapters a day so i wasent aware it was 2 a week i thought thats how he always did it >.< my mistake

  7. Thanks as always Ren, I think its a great idea but I hope it doesn’t put excess pressure on the other translators. (Execpt flower he/she/it/ditto is a bad influence, you’ve picked up his evil habits with the previews)

          1. Gosh, I just love going through these comments, you people amuse me. And my amusement is VERY important!

  8. Isn’t better if you keep the donations for CD and update the list of sponsored chapters and after that, you share the same amount between translators each weekend/month? Afterall each translator don’t have the same popularity, some will received more donations because their work is more popular or have begin more early than others and maybe they will received some pressures.

    1. I considered that, but in the end, two reasons: 1) I didn’t want to be the one to choose who donors money goes to, and 2) Some people might suspect that I’m skimming xD.

  9. This is quite nice of you Ren. Nevermind the guy ranting. Your work is of such great quality and speed, love it, love thus comunity. Though on another note, CD has 300 chapters or so left? Meaning only 10 more days or so at fastest D: wondering if you have decided what your going to do next, or what the ones your considering are?

      1. See Ren, what you did, now people think that translating 15-20 chapters per week is ‘standard’ and translators should easily be able to give out 3-5 chapters per day if they work a bit harder, orrr, even 30 per day, lmao xDDD

          1. Btw, for translating above 60000 words a day, I have now reported you as a suspect alien or hidden AI. Don’t worry, its only a common small test.

        1. Only if you kidnap them and put them to work imagine a scene from Silence of the Lambs *lowers raws down in a bucket* it translates the novels or else it gets the hose again. Lol

    1. regular chapters are not sponsored chapters. until now he did two of them every week, they didn’t take money from the queue and he did them even if there were no donations.
      when there were donations he did more chapters and the result is the usual two chapters for day.

      1. I think Blackshiinobi meant will we still be getting our daily 2 chapter a week and 3 on weekend, for most people that the regular chapters. That what i was wandering will be still be getting out 2 chapters a day?

  10. At first I thought this was a splendid idea, as another novel interests me, but I only would spend on Coiling Dragon. The quality, the time you take, the perfection behind it, the amount of time you’ve been doing this translation, and also the consistency of chapters.

    So to get future chapters for coiling dragon, I need to donate to other translations that are hosted here and I don’t know if it’s fair..

    1. wizax, the quality and consistency of all the other translators here is excellent! They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t. As for time, give them some more time xD. Thanks for joining the community!

  11. aaaahhhhh.. al hailll banzaiiii for Ren…. thanks for ren and all the translator that work together here to feed us.. (lol)..
    thank for the hard work especially ren.. don’t think there’s still a person who’s kindly enough to offer somethin like ren did.. ur the best man..

    #thumbs up

  12. Have you guys never clicked in the sponsor button ? When you clicked there are other ones to choose witch novel donate for, not only CD, and btw for those complaning dont donate, its a donation, the same way the translators dont have to translate for us but they still do, just apreciate when is a well done job and shut up (is there a need to be like that just because someone having sucess in something and you dont ?!). BTW thanks REN, FB, DEATHBLADE, XIAO LAI, ALYSCHU and GGP !!

  13. I would like to say my thanks to RWX and the other staff here on wuxiaworld, for bringing us all these translations. I am new here on wuxiaworld but have already fallen pray for the F5 group (zombies).

    If you guys translate more stuff in the future I will definitely try to support you guys in some way 🙂

  14. Thank you Ren for introducing me to an author I would have otherwise not have know about, nor have the abilty to read his stories at this given time. Thank you for thinking of us, the readers, and I look forward to your future announcements!

  15. Hrm. I’m a bit speechless, lol. This new idea is quite gracious to the other projects/translators/readers. I can only applaud it all in the end.
    I would have liked to see something a little different like keeping 40 and having them pick another project to donate the other half to. But any choice has it’s good and bad points.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, lozlo! It feels like I haven’t seem you around very often since I got a bit testy that one night on that other forum, which I rather regret 🙂

      1. Eh well. I mean we both have our own opinions on things and there was also a bit of a misunderstanding one way or another. Neither of us had hard feelings, and I don’t necessarily think either of us is wrong exactly. I don’t think you or I have anything to regret on the matter either. But I usually have trouble not saying what’s on my mind so I try not to comment or read comments here. There are way too many trolls around as I’m sure you’ve noticed, lol. It looks like you even had a couple trolls complain about this new method. It just goes to show that you really can’t please some people.*shrug*

        I did stop reading for a bit too. Right before the April Fools joke when Yale was brainwashed. I wasn’t looking forward to what was coming in the chapters so I took a break. I have to say, that one got me when I read it since I wasn’t expecting an April fools joke in May, lol. I didn’t realize I’d been trolled until I went to the next chapter and noticed something was off. ;p

        1. LOL! That was actually my mistake; it was supposed to ‘skip’ over that chapter after April 2nd, but I screwed up the link and only fixed it just yesterday when someone pointed it out to me xD

          1. I thought about saying something at first. But it was pretty creative and the real chapter was right after it so it’s pretty much a harmless prank. Good for a chuckle when you realize you’ve been had, lol. Though there will be some with no sense of humor…meh.
            I actually feel like it’s a shame to remove it. ;p

  16. wow
    I have been here from book 8 but after this post i have to register.
    But i dont know how to to say it enough. So, all i can do is say it simply.


  17. well so in conclusion, please help me understand the above post.
    as a result of the following change, will we get three chapters a day for coiling dragon?
    or will we get three chapters a week for coiling dragon? i.e are there only going to be regular chapters?
    And what about yesterday’s second chapter?
    And if there are only going to be three chapters a week for CD, then wouldn’t that delay the completion of the novel?
    I am sorry, I wasn’t fully able to comprehend the answers from your post?

    1. Before this there were 2 regular chapters a week, now there are 3.
      What is a regular chapter? A regular chapter is a ‘non-queue related’ chapter meaning it isn’t sponsored. Those 3 chapters will appear without taking money from the queue.
      As you can see the queue can still be filled, just the method differs a bit(instead of donating to coiling dragon you donate to btth or other novels which you want to support and send the confirmation e-mail to ren). That way you help a different translator and get more CD chapters at the same time.

  18. Wow, what do you get when you fuse Boss Yale’s generosity with Linley’s talent and diligence? Rhetorical question. The naughtiest star translator can be Bebe.

    After this kind gesture, I fear gangs of new translators breaking down your door to join the WW empire. For sure, I will click more ads to show my support. Thanks!

  19. to be honest, I don’t really care about the quality of the translations. I mean, people can just contribute in correcting the translation error in these comments section right?

    anyway, thanks for the translations! and to all of the translators out der

    (after CD, the next project would be a gender bender? haha)

  20. I know after reading this a lot of people focused on the donations… But the only thing that jumped out that upset me was finding out there were only 300 chapters left ?
    Coiling Dragon is the first LN that I started reading, so depressed to know it is that close to ending :/
    Ren, you do amazing work (as do the other translators on your site) and I hope whatever you pick up next is as amazing as Coiling Dragon!!!

  21. Ren, it might seem a bit audacious for me to say this, but, before, I had also been thinking, “He does the least amount of regular chapters and makes roughly $1000 a week… At least he’s putting in the time and effort to translate CD..” After seeing this post, wow. Great move; mad respect going in your direction right now. Keep up the good work!

  22. Ren ty for your hard work , you have taken translating wepnovels to higher grounds. My top 3, 1.CD 2.MGA 3.ISSTH and it goes on
    Haters gona hate , keep it up ill be rooting for u , I think your decion is great , your sharing the love and in turn growing.

  23. i think this is a good idea it allow the ppl that love CD and other novel to just donate 1 but give two support and share. I honesty thank you for all your hard work for us from the beginning till now and hope you keep it up till the future and above all I wish that the donor will donate till u have to translate 30 chapters a day hahaha.

  24. as much as i appreciate your decision, are you sure you can withstand the strong attack from all 5 other (and more when another tl join the wagon?) translator combined ? Don’t want you to exhaust yourself because of overwork.
    Love your work and all what you have done for wuxia and xianxia translating world, you really set the bar for the translating world. wish you a long and prosper life bro

    from one of the leecher

    ps : sorry if i doubt your sovereignty, i deserve to die thousand times, while koktouw-ing till head bleed

  25. Aww, this was such a heartfelt post. I think that it’s a fantastic idea that you are helping out the other translator groups to earn more money on the side. Wuxiaworld has indeed grown so very much. It’s fantastic to see the progress you and the others are making, Ren.

    Thank you so much Ren for your long and hard work. Thanks to all of the authors and editors as well.
    Let’s just hope the story Ren chooses after CD is just as good if not better. 🙂

  26. Ren, the kind of work which you have done is commendable and this revolutionary step which you are going to take must be appreciated.
    Revolutionary because it would obviously create a ripple in the world of translators.
    Allow me to express a concern, I believe this step of yours prove to be a dampening factor on the new translators because they might be forced ( out of righteousness ) to work for free.
    you might say that you do not take responsibility of their actions and freedom of choice but still.
    On another note: If you can bring in couple more translators like Bagelson and totokk that would be great. A single queue can be created for all the translators say of $300.

  27. awesome idea 🙂 but everyone already is used to the x donations gets us x chapters. and since the other translators dont use your system, every time we donate, there is a chance there wont be a chapter. maybe add a donate and buy service option. cuz its not really a donation xD

  28. Thanks for your hard work Ren. **BOW**
    We really appreciate it, though there are some people who don’t know how to appreciate someone’s hard work and hard spent time.
    Please keep doing us this great favor of translating one of our favourite novels.
    I truly and greatly appreciate it and have a lot of respect and admiration towards the great team of WW
    Once again thanks.

  29. I just want to thank everyone who works with wuxiaworld, really enjoyable pleasure. Thanks for everything :D. This is one of the few things that relaxes me after paddling for 6-7h.

  30. Awesome idé!
    And you actually managed to raise my respect for you.

    I even felt the need to read some comments and write this.
    For perspective of what that actually means:
    I am extremly anti-social…
    I even feel uncomfortable reading post by other people, even more so writing them.
    I usually only write something if I have a question I feel is important that I have not been able to google for at least a week.

    and thx for hard work

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