PSA – Bad News, PSU Fried

Guys, I come bearing bad news :(. I’m typing this on my laptop as we speak. To make a long story short, I’m pretty sure that the PSU for my desktop, which arrived a week or two ago and which I’ve been doing translating on, was somehow fried today (no surge protectors, argh). I’m not sure how much I lost on the computer (I have both regular SSD’s and hard disks), and I won’t know until I go get a replacement PSU. Fingers crossed, sigh. Obviously, this means there will be no second chapter of my today/tonight, and maybe not for tomorrow either. In principle, I can type on my laptop, but it’s really discouraging to have to try and redo the entire chapter (I was actually done with B19C27 and starting as I usually do on the next chapter), so I’m going to try and hopefully see if it’s still on the computer tomorrow.

Again, hopefully it’s just the PSU that went kaput, and not the entire motherboard/drives as well. I don’t anticipate this causing delays for more than a day, but yeah, for the next 24-48 hours, I’ll be dealing with this when I’m off work. Thanks for being understanding, guys!


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        1. I only just saw this afters 3 days of no cd 🙁 the title i though was from another author so I didnt look but to bad it was from ren rip sobsob* where are you(ren&cd)now that I need ya!?

  1. Good luck trying to get it fixed. There is always an external SATA dock if you want the data from your HDD’s on your laptop, but it’s best to get the desktop fixed. I couldn’t live with just a laptop either.

  2. This is karma, now you know that once a chapter is finished, it goes right at the website Lol.

    nah, sorry for that, but i had to say it 😀
    hope everything clears up and you get out of it without losses 😀

  3. We don’t mind if you translate chapter 28 instead and wait till your desktop fixed. Though i don’t know about others but i won’t mind waiting 1 day or 2 for it =) thanks for translation as always.

  4. If you had your translated chapters on the ssd, you can actually swap that in for your laptops hdd 😀 (SSDs are the same size as laptop hdds) thus giving you access. If you didn’t have your OS on the ssd, you can still do this and boot of a usb with something like TinyCore ( or straight up ubuntu 😛

    Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable swapping out parts between your laptop and desktop, could just as well wait for the PSU, just trying to help.

    Hope the damage doesn’t extend passed the PSU. Good luck!

    1. Depends on his laptop. Some laptops only have 1 slot for the HDD. Of course he can put it into the slot for DVD drive instead (But getting it out is a pain if he didn’t tie something to the SSD first). Also he can’t just “swap” the HDD in the laptop for the SSD since the operating system is on the HDD and unlike Macs, you can’t just move the HDD from one unit to a different unit and expect it to boot.

      1. Doesn’t need to have two HD slot within the laptop to swap his SSD in it. In the case its Windows, it’ll boot fine. Resolution might be a bit weird or certain function lost due to the lack of drivers, but it will boot. Been there, done that. Not saying Ren should do it because of our impatient, just letting people know about this in case they ever come across the same issue.

  5. seems like your luck (and ours :P) went down the drain since you got to vietnam lol.
    you can release chapters like flowerbridge does, if you cant release 2 a day then release 4 the next day etc.
    although i think thats only possible because of flowerbridge’s mostrous (your awesome :P) translating powers but just a suggestion xD.

  6. Ren… you know I’ll be here for you when you go through the good and the bad. You are a wonderful man and i hope you understand how much you mean to me.

    Yours truly,


    1. Ghostery browser saves me on iOS/Android – more than 10 constantly refreshing trackers are not healthy for battery, nor I enjoy random apps suggestions or crashes. Some porno sites nowadays have less ads and trackers than wuxiaworld.

    2. And I’m seeing some issue on the desktop side where some ads are attempting to get my location. Not too annoying when I’m on my computer since my browser will just block those attempts but on an iPad, it pops up to ask if I will allow them to access my location

  7. It happened to me several time already, so I can tell from experience what to do.
    Usually only the UPS broke and you can replace it easy, but you should buy a surge protector, too, if it’s not available in the computer shop you might find it in electricity shop.
    As for writing with notebook, just connect it with USB keyboard and the desktop’s display screen (depend on the connection on the notebook but recent notebooks is equipped with HDMI connection), and there will be not much difference from writing in a desktop.


    So sorry to hear about your PSU problem mate. I hope you can get it sorted ASAP because I’m sure I’m not the only one but we need you to feed the addiction! 😀

  9. Sorry to hear about the PSU problem. If you have an external hdd dock, you can try and load your desktop sdd and hdd on your laptop to check for any corrupt files/damaged files. When buying a new PSU, please don’t cheap out or buy unnecessary high number wattage (1000w or 1500w) PSU. Here is a ranking list of the different PSU for you to consider. Buying a surge protector will definitely help if you live in areas like VIetnam. Although I would recommend a UPS instead, but those cost a lot more than regular surge protectors.

  10. no sweat, same number of chapters in the end, just a drought followed by a flood, i like big waves of chapters, so, looking at it optimistically, this is an improvement? ^^

  11. PSU’s are sacrificial lambs. they will usually take most of the damage, so dont worry about your harddrives and especially the ssds. its best to invest into a good PSU, because it is the gatekeeper and the most vulnerable part of the system. most people buy a cheap PSU because they dont need the extra power or because they want to save a bit of money, but its the wrong decision. read some reviews and see what works best for you. good quality and durable PSU’s are like the clouds, so if you dont want to laugh and cry at the same time as hours of your work and money is damaged by a power outage, get yourself a good PSU!

    ps. assuming of course it is the issue o.o but generally its safe to assume its the PSU’s fault, but it wouldn’t hurt trying a different cable and electric socket.

  12. Sorry to hear that. I strongly encourage you to invest in some sort of cloud backup – Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Hardware fails. This is a lesson I learned the hard way – by losing 1tb of data, including all my photos from a year long stay in Japan

  13. Damn! Hope this problem gets sorted out in the end :(…. Anyhow, no new CD chapters means i can go back and begin the massive rereading now! 😀 (*secretly thanks RWX*)

    Edit: But in all honesty ren, this novel is freaking epic and i shall forever thank the heavens for allowing me to taste this delicacy! Now all that’s left is to savor it slowly while rereading XD

  14. hey Ren, can you give us an status update… like what actually happened with your psu? and how long before you can put up CD chapters… really getting fidgety without them y’know? hahaha

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