Power Outage

Guys, I’m sorry to say this, but we just had a power outage, and I lost about the past hour’s worth of work.  You’ll have to wait another hour to an hour and a half before I get the next chapter up, and I don’t think I’ll be able to do a fourth chapter today after all.  So pissed.  Sorry to keep you guys waiting.

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42 thoughts on “Power Outage” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Ow, that must have hurt. That hasn’t happened to me since middle school! Thanks for the increased effort! Though, take your time. The internet is patient (sometimes).

    In all seriousness though, thanks for the heads up. Now i can take a break from f5 spam

  3. can’t be helped 🙁

    though my personal recommendation would be to have done any late night writing on a laptop or something just in case. that or have one of those emergency batteries that turn on when things like that happen. but i have no idea how the battery things work, i assume you get powered through it while it gets a charge from the mains and when the mains cut-off the battery keeps going til it dies.

    1. Personally, I think he should do the translation in a word processor that auto-saves every x minutes.
      That way, if anything happens.. he’s only lost up to 5 or so minutes of work.

      (Although, I hear below me that sometimes the auto-save fails? Well… )

      1. That’s exactly what happened. The autosave failed and wouldn’t load, so it went back to my manual save from an hour or so ago. I usually ctrl-s like a maniac, but I guess I forgot to today in my haste to translate faster. BAAAAH!!!!

    2. Ya it’s called a UPS ( uninterruptible power supply) I got one on my desktop, breakers trip in this old house all the time. It allows me to finish my round of bf4 before I walk downstairs to flip it back. Although even with the headphones on the alarm it has will annoy the hell out of me. Cheap one will run you a hundred or so, and a good one, Ya that’s another story.

  4. Yeah, power outages suck, especially when you are not prepared for them. I know these things as I’m from Zimbabwe. Ren, thanks for all your hard work, we really appreciate it.


  6. WOOOO
    I am so super f*cking mad right now

    You know it would be a good idea for you to give us the name of your electricity provider and their website
    We can try to … hmmm… like … do something.. about it..
    You like civilized people, who … like to…. hmmm… talk to them
    Just name and website
    Let /us/ do the rest


  7. Now I feel like ranting about incompetent power companies. Fight on, RWX. Yeah but it IS recommended to use one of those thingies that keep the power on for a few minutes after an outage. More so if a power outage is expected like at least once a year or more 😐 Don’t worry and thanks for letting us know. The F5 Army shall be taking a short break as well, in order to replace broken keyboards and stuff.

    1. I normally do, but the thing is, I’m in temporary housing right now (long-stay hotel type of place), so I have none of my usual stuff here. If I did, it wouldn’t been a big deal. Sigh. *grumble*

  8. Damn! Sorry bud. Experienced that shit myself so I can guess exactly how you feel. You don’t need to apologise for things you can’t control. Your work means a lot to me and I hate to hear when it causes you to suffer through a situation like this. All the best Ren and thanks for all the effort you put in on a daily basis.

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