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Theo: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays guys, how about a (very late) present under the tree? So, this was an effort that took a week each in translation, TLC, and editing. 7 chapters for the price of one, and although not immediately important the information in this prologue becomes very important very soon. Sorry this wasn't in chronological order, we had some problems with this one given how huge it is so we worked on the regular chapters as well in tandem. Also, New Year around the corner, so only a couple weeks until Patreon goals come into play and the pace picks up!

To all patrons on Patreon, we'll catch up to our promised number of chapters in the next couple of days. We'll make posts as and when the chapters go up. The tiers and milestones will be updated at the same time.


Translated By: Gem Edited by: Theo TLCed by: OMA

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