PLEASE READ – Soliciting Input for Full Wuxiaworld App

Hey WW users, please read this post and vote on this poll, as this is going to have a major impact in one of the places I’m potentially going to focus a lot of my energy (and money) over the next few months. As such, also please think VERY carefully before making your choice. This is a big one! In short – I want to gauge interest in an optional ad-free Wuxiaworld app (in ADDITION to the current mobile/desktop site, which will remain free,) that has a small monthly subscription (and potentially no ads on desktop!).  Click here to go and vote, but please read everything first.

In short, one of the most requested features has been a Wuxiaworld app, and more than twelve app developers have emailed us offering their services (paid or otherwise). I’ve resisted for a long time now, partially because creating (and maintaining) an app is a whole ‘nuther ballgame that I have no experience in, would cost money, have a tremendous financial impact on Wuxiaworld’s advertising in a number of ways, as well as a create number of other issues that need to be addressed.  It would be, in short, a huge amount of work that would actually end up hurting us rather than helping us in many ways.

Another issue that we’ve been having, as you all know, is mobile ads causing problems for some people.  The new team we have has done great work in reducing those problematic ads, but they are still causing trouble for some, and I know some people would just love to be rid of it entirely…but mobile makes up an increasingly large amount of our views and mobile ads simply can’t be completely discarded.

Just today, however, a simple suggestion was made, that I immediately grew fond of; set up a subscription-based no-add app with lots of great functionality in it, and kill two birds with one stone.  Although it wouldn’t lower the amount of work (it’d increase it), it could make up for the financial hit, AND it would address, for many, the mobile ads issue.

One way it could work, for example, is you could buy a no-ads mobile subscription for XX months through your account on the Wuxiaworld website, which would then be upgraded to ‘premium’ status and allow you to login and authenticate the Wuxiaworld app; once authenticated, you would no longer have to log in, and would be able to enjoy all of the app functionality.

Some of the functionality this could include would be:

No ads – This is a given, of course!
Offline reading
 – You would be able to download all of the chapters of a novel (or heck, all novels!) to your mobile device, and never again have to spend any time ‘loading’ those pages or using any more bandwidth on them.
Instant delivery – New chapters and updates for books of your choosing would automatically be delivered instantly via ‘push’ functionality (if you so choose) to your device.  Never F5 spam again!  (unless you want to)
Mobile-focused design – Because this is a mobile focused design and we don’t have to worry about silly thing like caches or servers (for the most part), we can put in a lot of things that people have asked for, like multi-size fonts, ‘night mode’ reading, and more!  And, of course, appropriate touch-focused reading functionality!
Desktop ad-free as well?! – I need to crunch the numbers, but we might be able to make it so that with a Wuxiaworld Premium account, when logged in, you wouldn’t see any ads on desktop either!
And more! – We’d be taking constant feedback to code in and add new features to the app, to make sure that it simply works for you!

I think this is a great idea…but ONLY if there is interest.  This is going to cost a huge amount of time (probably months) on both the website side to set up correctly, time on the accounting side (since we’ve never had to deal with that before), time on the app development side, and thousands of dollars in upfront paid costs as well as ongoing development/maintenance costs, so I want to be sure that people are actually interested before embarking on it.  Some initial math indicates that a $5/month subscription would be our break-even point for a decent amount of users, so that’s what we’ll set it as now.

If you are interested at all about this; please go and VOTE!  This poll will be up for seven days, and is going to play a huge role in determining where I’m going to be focusing some of my non-translation attention in the next few months, so please be honest about it!  Thank you all!

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  1. So it’s five bucks a month for no ads, and if you don’t want it… Nothing changes for the leechers. Go for it! I can find five bucks anywhere.

    I’m not seeing how this has sparked a debate. I just want no ads. 🙂

    1. Hi All.

      I feel that idea of making an app should be dropped.

      Reason being:

      1. The most commonly used smartphone operating systems would be Android, IOS, Blackbery, WIndows, etc In order to create a working mobile has to invest significantly to make an app which works on all these OS. And on the top of it, all operating systems keep evolving. New OS come into the market eventually. So in the end one has to keep updating the app..which can become cumbersome in the future.

      2. The website can be accessed via many devices from a basic computer with internet to wide range of electronic gadgets like smartphone, tablet etc.

      Overall, I think the idea of the premium Wuxiaworld account mentioned in the main post is more appealing than an app. Also apologies, if any of the above points were already covered in the previous 200+ comments.

    2. I say, just make the payment easier, well im asian and i don’t have the luxury of getting a credit card. i would love to donate or pay. but please not paypal. instead of making an app, just make alot of payment or donation option.

  2. Sorry to post like this, but I like to read novels that take up hundreds of pages if all chapters are put on a document. I sadly ran out on this site as I read them all. The updates take 8 to 10 minutes to read and I have a lot of free time. I saw deathblade’s post on spcnet forums about xianxia. I was wondering if you could put them on this site with the summaries you have for the novels on this site. If you don’t want to offend other authors or translators, just put up the links with a short summary and I’ll go there. Your summaries on the novels helped me out a whole lot to choose what I should read next, and it would help me even more as a reader if you could do the same for the xianxia. Thanks!

  3. To me…
    Loading up a website or app is no difference.

    Therefore to spend money and effort to support an app, along with a pay method seems like a risk that I wouldn’t be willing to take. Bc I feel ppl will just continue to use the website, and also, there might be ppl who can’t/ aren’t willing to afford 5 extra dollars a month for these “special privileges” when the need is not really high.

    I think the website is fine, its functionality is great, and I can access and read perfectly without an app. Sure pop-up ads here and there, but it now is very rare ever since the cleaning up and all that.

    So in the end…
    1. No app
    2. Website does fine
    3. I can’t see a strong need for the app.

  4. For me 5$ is a bit too much per month.. If converted into my countrys currency it is equivalent to a subscription to 2 magazine + newspaper. While in some country the hourly wage might be 7$/hour here we work for 8-6 for around 10-15$ (this is only for uni fresh grad).

    Just want to point out maybe theres some kind of gold and silver subscription plan for say 1-2$ per month. Since 5$ once or twice for me is okay but for every month i have to think twice.

    But i will definitely appreciate the reading offline function.

  5. I would suggest crowd funding this on Kickstarter or something. If enough people want it, enough funds will be raised for it. If crowd funded, no need for subscription or anything of the sort.

  6. 3 suggestions:
    1) First test out a subscription based add-free site. Then, if there is enough subscribers, go for the app.
    2) It should be about $10/year per add-free platform. Example: $10/yr for web, $10/yr for Android app, $10/yr for iOS app, $10/yr for Tizen app, $10/per yr for Firefox app, $10/yr for Chrome app, etc. Also, gauge the interest for each platform before developing the app.
    3) Implement WuxiaWorld Coins, which can be used to buy subscription, and make the coins giftable. That way those unfortunate enough to not be able to afford the recurring cost can still be ‘gifted’ a subscription.

  7. I don’t like the idea of an app because we are here to read novels and we want to support you and the translators who are working hard to translate the novels. So I don’t want to pay app developers instead of the translators and as you said it is and $5 is a breakpoint, it isn’t like this money is doing something more to support translators. So, I don’t think it’s worth you spending months of time and a lot of money just to support the app developers instead of you guys.

  8. I would pay 5-15$ monthly for a more constant chapter release on my favorites novels. The 5$ no add doesn’t sound like something appealing to me, unless some of that money go to translators ?

  9. RWX said, “Desktop ad-free as well?! – I need to crunch the numbers, but we might be able to make it so that with a Wuxiaworld Premium account, when logged in, you wouldn’t see any ads on desktop either!”

    I’d be interested in ^ by itself. If only developing this part of the plan, would the pricepoint be more aligned with the woes of the descent who say too expensive?
    assuming that both www. & m. would have that avenue.

  10. Just going to repeat my suggestion, given the many who make remarks that fits it: Just go with a single membership subscription plugin for 30 dollars. It works with logins, so it would function on any type of OS and mobile producer.

    You don’t need to spend a lot on making an app (or in fact several given apple, andriod & windows) and could have it done it about a day.

    You would have basically all functionality, except push messages with that and no need to do any number crushing.

  11. my honest opinion is that you should only do that if and only if it increase the speed which i get to read translated novel more faster then before more chapter released other than that i am not interested in subscribing at all.

  12. Honestly, I wouldn’t want it. But you should still do it.
    It’s the next step. Even if people don’t want it and 99% say they won’t use it, you should do it.
    Brain storm for some ideas that will get people to want to be “premium” members that won’t prevent people from reading for free.
    Like maybe letting them read earlier or something. Maybe adding some feature that keeps track of donations tied to the account. And future decisions, voting and such, being decided by donators/premium members.
    Maybe some other bonuses for past or future donators at certain benchmarks, or some kind of point system for members/donators.
    Hell, I think it would be great just to make it so only premium members could comment, lol. Cut down on a lot of the trash talk from leechers and anons. Maybe….

  13. One thing which hasn’t been mentioned in all the comments is opportunity cost.

    You allude to it in the post, but if you do the app, are there other initiatives/projects/ideas you would have to delay or give up?

  14. you should consider doing a free app with a paid option that removes ads (you want the app to be sustainable in the long run, which would be hard without baseline ad revenue). the offline option and push to update are great ideas, but i don’t think it offers anything outside of the existing mobile-web experience (since with ios you can add chapters to the reading list for an offline option). i’d advise to focus on the currently desktop/mobile experience before adventuring out into the mobile app space.

    you’re awesome though.

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