Chapter 682 – Duty

The resentful spirit could clearly hear Wang Lin’s words but its eyes were filled with coldness and grief. It continued to bite Wang Lin’s finger as if it wanted Wang Lin to feel the hundred years of resentment all at once.

Wang Lin looked at the child for a long time and let out a sigh. The resentment that entered his body couldn’t affect him. The thunder in side him only need to sweep his body and it would all be cleared away.

After pondering for a while Wang Lin’s left hand formed a seal and countless restriction appeared around the black mist. As the celestial guard withdrew the restrictions suddenly shrank.

As the mist continued to shrink until it was completely sealed by the restriction.

In the end Wang Lin’s right hand gently picked up the restriction ball with the child inside and pressed it against his forehead to store it inside the heaven defying bead. He split a part of his origin soul to be inside the heaven defying bead to help child continue to dispel the resentment.

Wang Lin whispered “When father had dealt with matter at hand I’ll go into closed door cultivation and dispel your resentment. Ping Er don’t you worry.” Then his right hand reached out and immediately grabbed the fourth soul. He took out the one billion soul soul flag and threw it inside.

“Teacher Du Tian disciple had retrieved the power of the fourth soul. The true power of the one billion soul soul flag will appear once more!” Wang Lin turned around and his gaze fell on the city in the distance.

Wang Lin calmly said “Come out.”

Sun Xi carefully flew out from the city and saw all of the battle. Whether it was Liu Mei’s vile methods or the arrived of the Huan family ancestor all caused his heart to go into complete chaos.

At this moment due to his drop in cultivation when he faced Wang Lin his heart was filled with awe and flutter.

“Sen… Senior…”

Wang Lin looked at Sun Xi. The sword light under his feet was unstable, it was obvious he was terrified at the moment.

Wang Lin let out a sigh “Brother Sun there is no need to be like this…”

Sun Xi silently pondered. He took a deep breath and clasped his hand at Wang Lin as he bitterly said “Xu… Brother Xu the three of us concealed our clones before so we could drag you into this mess and have you be our scapegoat… I…”

Wang Lin whispered “Forget it let’s not talk about this matter. Is the Ran family ancestor and Carefree Sanren safe right now?”

Sun Xi quickly said “The Ran family ancestor had a clone hundreds of years ago. He had already left planet Ran Yun, I don’t know his whereabout but I believe he should have no problem. As for Zhao Chuanwen although he couldn’t refine a clone but he has some mysterious spell the split his origin soul. My guess is that he had long left planet Ran Yun.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and slowly said “Since I had received celestial jade from the three of you so I’ll do my best. Since i don’t know where the two of them are I’ll keep their family save for a century and endure the family lives on. That way I have at least done my duty.”

Sun Xi reveal a look of gratitude and said “Brother Xu I’ll thank you on their behave.” Then he hesitated for a bit and said “However the Huan family…”

Wang Lin raised his head looking at the sky. It was as if his gaze could penetrate the stars and fell directly on planet Thousand Illusion and firmly said “The Huan family will no longer exist!”

He wasn’t being arrogant or getting ahead of himself but a crazy idea appeared in his mind. Anyone who dare to stop him from killing Liu Mei must die.

Sun Xi’s body trembled he could feel a killing intent brewing inside Wang Lin’s body. This killing intent was too powerful and once it explodes the heaven and earth will be filled with blood.

Sun Xi’s cultivation lowered too much. At this moment his heart trembled so he immediately lowered his head as he didn’t dare to look at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin lowered his head to look at Sun Xi and slowly said “Cultivation below soul formation requires no comprehension just enough spiritual energy is enough to raise your cultivation. After all you had countless years of cultivation experience from your original body so you have your own comprehension. I can help you reach peak of late stage nascent soul. As for soul formation and beyond it will be up to you to break through. That way you still have a chance at reaching ascendant and even beyond would be possible.”

Sun Xi silently pondered and wryly smiled “When I reached ascendant I barely made it through due to sheer luck. I really don’t have the courage to go through that life and death trial again…”

Thinking about the life and death trial of reaching ascendant Wang Lin let out a sigh and said “I am unable to help you reach ascendant cultivation. At the most because your comprehension is still there I can help you reach soul transformation. However this will require a rank eight cultivation pill and your cultivation will forever stop without any possibility of increasing.”

Back then on planet Suzaku Red Butterfly caught the attention of the country of Suzaku so Xue Yue was promoted to a rank five cultivation country. The sect master was raised directly from soul formation to nascent soul using a similar method but would never progress anymore in his life.

At this moment Wang Lin had a rank eight pill. Under his control he could make it so Sun Xi could withstand the effect of the pill.

Sun Xi clenched his teeth and said with determination “Brother Xu I choose the latter opinion!”

Wang Lin didn’t say anymore as he raised his hand and pointed at the sky. The sky suddenly darken as the underworld river appeared and wrapped around the world.

To increase Sun Xi’s cultivation a lot of spiritual energy was required. Wang Lin wasn’t able to do this by himself. He had to use his own dao as a way of controlling the spiritual energy in the heaven and earth.

The underworld river extended and after Wang Lin’s dao intent entered it the whole planet seem to trembled. The broken spirit vein under the earth all began to gather.

Wang Lin softly said “The third ability of the underworld river, the might of the underworld!” A rumble came out from the underworld river and at a same powerful suction force came out from it as well.

The entire planet shook as spiritual energy from the broken spirit vein was pulled out. They flew out from under the earth like dragons and were absorbed by the underworld river.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he grabbed Sun Xi. He threw Sun Xi into the underworld river and shouted “Close your eyes and cultivate!”

Inside the Underworld River Sun Xi heard bursts of mournful cries causing his mind to tremble. He quickly closed his eyes and focused on cultivating. Rich spiritual energy entered his body like crazy.

Shortly after Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out a rank eight pill. He crushed the wax a round the pill and rich smell of medicine immediately came from the pill. He threw the pill into the underworld river. Halfway in the pill turned into green gas and merged with the underworld river.

Three days later a laughter came from inside Wang Lin’s underworld river. Sun Xi opened his eyes and there was a flash of light. His body flickered as he stepped out from the underworld river.

He stared at his own hands and his divine sense scanned his body. Excitement immediately filled his face. He took a deep breath and sense of joy filled his whole body.

He deeply bowed to Wang Lin and said “I’m forever grateful for brother Xu’s help!”

During these days Wang Lin continued to the underworld river. Now that Sun Xi stepped out the underworld river disappeared. He calmly said “You cultivation has recovered to mid stage soul transformation but this is the limit. You don’t have to thank me it is merely duty.”

After he finished speaking Wang Lin raised his head looking up at the sky and softly said “I’ll leave matters here to you. Settled the descendants of the three families and wait for my return.” Wang Lin took a step forward and charged into the sky.

The atmosphere wasn’t able to stop Wang Lin’s figure. He was like a meteor as he rushed through and penetrated the planet sealing formation as well. The star compass turned into a ray of silver light that let him toward planet Thousand Illusion.

Planet Thousand Illusion was clearly marked on the jade Sun Xi gave to him before.

The silver light streak across the stars carrying a powerful killing intent locked onto planet Thousand Illusion.

Wang Lin sat down in the lotus position inside the silver light. During the three days Sun Xi was cultivating Wang Lin put that crazy plan into action. His eyes were extremely cold as he looked ahead.

“The Huan family has been on planet Thousand Illusion for many years. Its power is extremely complex and deeply rooted. However I don’t believe that there are many people in the family at the second step. I’m afraid at the moment there is only one person. After all second step cultivators are simply too scarce.

If this Huan family ancestor is dead set on protecting Liu Mei he would definitely have help. After all the Huan family is only one of the power on planet Thousand Illusion.”

On planet Thousand Illusion the Huan family ancestor had already sent out a command for all direct family members to gather at the southern part of the planet not allowing them to leave. In addition he had opened the Huan family protection formation that covered the southern part of the planet in protective light screen.

However there were too many Huan family member and couldn’t all be called back in a short period of time. The Huan family ancestor was anxious so he sent out a large amount of senior cultivators from the family to bring them back to the family.

There were a total of three large cultivation family on planet Thousand Illusion. They were Qian, Huan, and Xu.

Among the three families the Qian family was the largest, the Huan family second, and the Xu family last.

The Qian family had a total of three cultivators in the second step. With this huge power they were the overlord of planet Thousand Illusion holding the northern and eastern region.

As for the Huan family they had a total of two cultivators in the second step. One of them died thousands of years ago during an opening of the Thunder Celestial realm. The other was the current Huan family ancestor.

In term of strength the Hua family was no longer powerful enough to be ranked second in planet Thousand Illusion. However the lineage of their family can be traced back to a celestial of the Thunder Celestial Realm.

Rumor had it that countless years ago before the Thunder Celestial Realm collapsed the celestial left an inheritance celestial treasure and a family protection jade in the family.

That jade contained a spell from the celestial.

As a result this allowed the Huan family to keep their position even though one of their ancestor had been gone for thousands of years.

As for the Xu family their own mysterious nature kept the other two family in fear. All kind of clues pointed to the fact that the Xu family had relation with the famous Xu family on planet Dong Lin.

The prestige of planet Dong Lin was too great so the Xu family became a well deserved third force on planet Thousand Illusion. Fortunately this Xu family was really low key and normally never participate in matters about the planet. This allowed the three forces to exist in harmony and rarely conflicted with each other.

On this day one of the three ancestors who reached the second step in the Qian family, an old man at the Yin and Yang stage, left the Qian family and charged directly into the stars.

His target was Wang Lin!