Chapter 665 Warning

The old man stared at the inheritance pseudo celestial treasure and revealed a well hidden trace of greed.

There was a hint of a smile that was not a smile that flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes. He didn’t pretend to panic or act out in anyways. He still was as calm as he always been.

He doesn’t want to take the initiative to steal celestial jade. However if the other side want to rob him then he wouldn’t be killing to steal treasure but righteous self defense.

As a result he had a reason even if he killed someone he had the moral high ground. Adding his powerful cultivation no one would dare to call him out on planet Ran Yun.

After eight hundred years of cultivation not only did Wang Lin gain wit but he also knew how deal with sinister plots. However he rarely revealed his sinister side. Now that he had changed his appearance even someone who was familiar with him would be able to identify him based just on this.

There was a hint of hesitation in the old man’s eyes. Shortly after he let out a long breath and while holding the bronze mirror he asked “How much celestial jade do you want for this?”

Wang Lin’s tone was calm and slowly said “Fifty thousand!”

The old man frowned. Although he can take out fifty thousand celestial jade from his bad but he spent nearly a century accumulating them slowly preparing for the future. If he took it out now he was worried he won’t have enough for reaching ascendant.

As he pondered he lowered his head to look at the bronze mirror and hesitated. He was extremely tempted by this treasure. It had to be said that a soul transformation cultivator with a inheritance pseudo magical treasure was very different. If the treasure was powerful enough he could battle against peak late stage soul transformation cultivator.

Although he didn’t knew what power the bronze mirror had but as long as it was inheritance treasure it won’t be weak.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t consider killing to steal the treasure but when he looked at the youth the youth’s eyes were already calm. This was secondary, the most important thing was for someone to take out two magical treasure like these meant that he was obviously a core member of some cultivation family.

After pondering a for a bit the old man toko out a bag of holding. After taking out ten thousand celestial jade he threw the bag at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin caught it, after checking the numbers were accurate with his divine sense he threw the inheritance jade at the old man.

The old man immediately caught the jade and carefully looked at the jade. His face revealed joy before hesitating and asked “Do you have more?”

Wang Lin looked at the old man and took out the hair pin from his bag of holding.

“This is also an pseudo celestial treasure.” There was a hint of disappointment in the old man’s eyes. He nodded at Wang Lin before turning around and walked out of the Green Bamboo Pavilion.

Wang Lin brought some material inside the shop before leaving. The youth inside the shop still couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Walking down the street Wang Lin had his divine sense spread out and the corner of his mouth revealed a mocking smile. There was a divine sense that had been locked onto his body this whole time.

“I’ll give you a chance!” Wang Lin changed direction toward one of the city gate. He left the city, took out a flying sword, and flew straight ahead.

His speed wasn’t fast and maintained the speed of a core formation cultivator. After he was five thousand kilometers away a large fog suddenly appeared before him. This fog was extremely strange and appeared out of nowhere.

In the blink of an eye the fog condensed into a hand that reached toward Wang Lin. The hand created a shrilling whistling sound.

The mockery in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger and there was a flash of lightning in his eyes. At the moment the big hand closed in Wang Lin waved his hand. A powerful wave of celestial energy appeared as Wang Lin waved his hand.

There was a loud bang and the big hand immediately vanished. Even the fog behind it was blow back like crazy and a miserable groan came from inside the fog.

“You’re not core formation!” The fog dissipated revealing a thin middle aged man. He coughed out blood and lighting moved across this body. This middle aged man’s face was filled with terror as he retreated without hesitation. There was black light coming from his body, clearly he activated some kind of spell.

Wang Lin calmly glanced at him and casually chased after the middle aged man. The middle aged man was only at mid stage nascent soul. If Wang Lin wanted to kill him it would be effortless.

The middle aged man was terrified. The other only waved his hand and was able to cause his nascent soul to scattered. If he can’t return back to the family in a short period of time he will certainly die.

He was extremely regretful. He shouldn’t have listened to elder Sun’s words and came to find trouble for this person for some spirit stone.

What frightened him even more was the person was still chasing after him. This life and death pressure almost made him collapse.

Several thousand of kilometers of distance passed by in a flash. The middle aged man directly entered the city and his face was extremely pale. A majority of his nascent soul had already scattered. He coughed out another mouthful of blood before rushing toward the Sun family mansion at the center of the city.

After arriving here he could no longer control his nascent soul from scattering. He shouted in a hoarse voice “Save me!” As if he used the last of his strength his body crooked and directly fell.

A white shadow rushed over, it was a white robed man. He caught the middle aged man and his expression changed slightly. Without any hesitation he took out large amount of pills from his bag of holding and poured them into the middle aged man’s mouth.

At the same time various figures came the Sun family mansion charged out and some even flew into the sky.

At this moment Wang Lin calmly arrived.

“You dare to harm people of my Sun family!” Among people of the Sun family that flew out raised their flying sword and charged at Wang Lin. Wang Lin waved his sleeves creating a powerful gale that immediately became a storm. The storm swept all the Sun family member within one thousand feet and threw them out.

“All of you back down!” A shout came from within the house and three old men came out. Among the three was elder Sun who traded with Wang Lin.

At this moment this elder Sun’s expression was extremely gloomy.

The person who spoke was a red faced old man. He coldly looked at Wang Lin in the air and coldly said “Which family are you from. Do you know that breaking into my Sun family is a grievous crime!”

Wang Lin smiled pointed at elder Sun next to the red faced old man and said “I came for him!”

Elder Sun’s expression became even more gloomy and shouted “Little child this old man’s trade with you has already ended. Could it be you are regretting it!”

Wang Lin shook his head. He pointed at the middle aged man in a coma and smiled “It was interesting that right after leaving the shop I was intercepted by this person. After he lost he ran here.”

Elder Sun let out a cold snort but the two old man beside him frowned. This matter became very simple to the two of them. They guessed that old man Sun was greedy for this person’s things but couldn’t act himself so he send someone else.

However Sun Mouren was an elder of the Sun family. Since it had already happened they would definitely side with him. The red faced old man coldly smiled “Absurd, no matter what family you are from stay here today. Wait for your elder to come and then we can decide your life and death!”

There was a hint of coldness in his eyes as he raised his right hand and pressed down. Suddenly there were thunderous roars as a powerful pressure pressed down directly on the Sun family mansion.

At this instant all the Sun family member’s expression changed greatly. They all cycled the spiritual energy inside their body to resist. It was as if they didn’t resist they would immediately collapse.

The eyes of the three old man including elder Sun lit up but there was a hint of terror.

“Absurd?” Wang Lin’s voice was cold.

“Fellow cultivator please don’t be angry!” An ancient voice came from within the house. Following that a old man in black slowly stepped out. His appearance caused the pressure to dissipate slightly.

Although this person’s cultivation hadn’t reached ascendant but was at peak late stage soul transformation, just one step from ascendant. It looked like he was just missing one hint of comprehension to reach ascendant.

However Wang Lin saw that this old had a hint of an ascendant cultivator’s aura. This wasn’t because the old man was hiding his cultivator but there was concealed divine sense from an ascendant cultivator on him.

The old man in black said “This matter is my Sun family’s fault and offended fellow cultivator.”

After the old man said it the three elders were startled but immediately each were enlightened.

“Two hundred thousand celestial jade and we forget about this!” Wang Lin calmly looked at the old man.

The expression of the old man in black change slightly. He hesitated for a moment and nodded “That is fine it’s just that two hundred thousand celestial jade is a huge sum and this is only an branch of the Sun family. Can fellow cultivator wait three days?”

Wang Lin profoundly looked at the old man. What he looked at wasn’t the old man but the divine sense of the ascendant cultivator on the old man.

It wasn’t until Wang Lin was far away that the old man in black relaxed and the ascendant divine sense disappeared from his body. He glared at elder Sun before letting out a cold snort.

The red faced old man hesitated and softly said “Two hundred thousand celestial jade… Even in the main family it is a large sum.”

The old man in black coldly said “Earlier our family ancestor’s divine sense came to me and commanded me to agree to all request. Not to mention two hundred thousand even four hundred thousand would still be given! In addition information about today’s matter is to be sealed. Send out out the family order and don’t disturb that person.”

At this moment in the vast ocean on the east side of planet Ran Yun. A long haired man with his upper body naked sat in the lotus in the depth of the ocean. At this instant he suddenly opened his eyes and his eyes lit up like two bright lamps in the ocean.

He raised his head and looked up at the sky. He muttered to himself “Could this person be the ascendant cultivator that suddenly appeared… It’s just I can’t see through his cultivation… There a something from his body that make me tremble.

This person can’t be provoke. Since he is staying at my Sun family’s city perhaps this is a chance for my Sun family!”

“His last glance was warning… Yes he was telling me to not disturb him.. This person has the qualification to speak to me like this…” The man pondered for a long time. Then he flew directly out from the bottom fo the ocean.