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News of the Pine Crane Pill

It was obvious that Jiang Chen’s sudden reveal of something this stunning had greatly surprised both young masters. The appearance of the Longevity Pill had already caused a sizable shock to the pill industry, despite the fact that it could only extend the life of a sage realm cultivator. It was amazing, but it wasn’t so great that it could overturn the entire pill industry. But to claim that there was a pill that could extend even the life of an emperor realm cultivator? If such a pill truly existed in the world, wouldn’t the order of pill dao be shattered this instant?

Even someone as widely read as young master couldn’t help but feel that Jiang Chen’s claims were abstruse. He couldn’t help but doubt. “Pill King Zhen, I’m not doubting you, but is there really such an amazing pill in this world?”

“I really don’t know if such a pill exists in this world, but that extraordinary master of mine did tell me this. Moreover, he was the one who refined the Longevity Pill that I gave you just now. He gifted me nine words only: The world is big, and its wonders are endless.”

Both young master Ji San and Wei Jie exchanged a glance. They almost believed Jiang Chen completely now. The Longevity Pill was the solid evidence that supported his words! Who would’ve believed that there was a sage realm pill that could increase a sage realm cultivator’s life by five to eight hundred years before the appearance of the Longevity Pill? If a sage realm cultivator could extend their lifespan, then why not an emperor realm cultivator?

“Pill King Zhen, did that extraordinary senior leave behind the pill that can extend an emperor cultivator’s life?” Young master Ji San was quite moved by Jiang Chen’s claims.

Jiang Chen smiled wryly in response, “Back then, I told him sure, I’ll believe that the sage realm Longevity Pill exists, but an pill that extends an emperor realm cultivator’s life? Why don’t you refine one and show me? My teacher said that it was very difficult to refine that pill, but not impossible. However, he couldn’t do anything without any ingredients in hand.”

Naturally, Jiang Chen couldn’t explain to them about memories from a past life. Therefore, he claimed that all of his knowledge had come from this mysterious teacher. The world of martial dao was enormous anyways. No one could prove that such an extraordinary teacher didn’t exist in the first place.

Young master Ji San wasn’t disappointed by the answer. He fired off another question, “May I know what the pill that can extend an emperor realm cultivator’s life is called?”

“The master says that the pill is named Pine Crane Pill.” There was no need to hide the pill’s name.

Young master Ji San slapped his thighs and wore a look of joy, “Good, what a good name that is! The pine and crane that extends life! This name is full of profound meaning. It may very well exist in this world.”

Wei Jie abruptly recalled something and asked, “Brother Zhen, the Pine Crane Pill… did you tell young master Ji San to bid for the Goldencrown Cloudcrane because it is an ingredient of the Pine Crane Pill?”

Young master Ji San was so excited that he hadn’t made the connection. Now that he was reminded by Wei Jie, the realization struck his head like a bolt lightning and caused him to stare expectantly at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen nodded, “Although my master hadn’t told me its refinement method, he mentioned that the Pine Crane Pill has two main ingredients. The first would be the pine of an Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine, and the second would be the heart of a Goldencrown Cloudcrane. Both ingredients must be available to refine the Pine Crane Pill.”

“The Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine, the Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine…” Young master Ji San was overjoyed. “Good, good, good! The Coiling Dragon Clan will employ every tactic at our disposal and scour the entire Divine Abyss Continent for this Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine!” He suddenly recalled something and asked, “Pill King Zhen, your master must be a supreme expert who has withdrawn from the world. Fortune truly smiles upon you! Is it possible for you to contact him and request his aid in refining this pill?”

Jiang Chen smiled wryly, “I’ve no idea where he went since we parted ways. He is incredibly elusive, and it would be very difficult to find him. That being said, there is such a thing as fate in this world. You have ran into the Goldencrown Cloudcrane during the auction in Veluriyam Capital. This means that the heavens haven’t closed all doors to the Coiling Dragon Clan yet. Anything is possible in three years time.”

“You’re right, you’re very right!” Young master Ji San’s eyes turned red with excitement. Jiang Chen’s words spoke to the core of his heart. “Anything is possible! The heavens haven’t yet closed all doors to the Coiling Dragon Clan yet!” he repeated. “Well said, Pill King Zhen! Why haven’t I met someone as wondrous as you before!”

Young master Ji San was feeling much, much better after obtaining this information. He personally poured a cup of wine for Jiang Chen and said, “Come, come! I shall toast three cups of wine to you, Pill King Zhen! I’ll drink first.”

Young master Ji San might looked like a cultured gentleman, but the way he drank wine was straightforward and unhesitating. He knocked back three cups of wine in no time. Jiang Chen echoed his sentiments and downed three cups of wine as well.

Young master Ji San cast another glance at Wei Jie without the previous distant feeling and indifference. Instead, he said, “Wei Jie, everyone in the Coiling Dragon Clan has been incredibly prejudiced towards House Wei. We had no way of confirming if your family has truly been bought by the Majestic Clan either. But today, it would seem that the facts speak louder than words. I shan’t be a pretentious person and apologize for my past behavior. From today onwards, you are my most trusted person, Wei Jie!”

Young master Ji San carried himself with a bearing that was impossible to ignore every time he spoke. His frankness, genuine sincerity and behavior made Wei Jie feel overwhelmed by praise. “Young master Ji San, it was our fault for using the wrong person and causing the clan lord’s condition to worsen. House Wei has always blamed itself for this terrible mistake. Wei Tiantong may have been sending all sorts of signals to the Majestic Clan all these years, but the mainstream forces of House Wei haven’t forgotten the care the Coiling Dragon Clan has shown us. There is absolutely no way we’d dare to change allegiances.” Wei Jie’s response was also full of great sincerity.

Although the long period of misunderstanding wasn’t something that could be resolved in just a word or two, this was still a turning point and a good beginning. Now that the misunderstanding was resolved, the atmosphere turned harmonious with the aid of wine.

“Pill King Zhen, thanks are unnecessary when it involves favors. Regardless of the outcome, I still owe you a big favor.”

“It’s alright, young master Ji San. If the situation turned out for the better, it will benefit Veluriyam Capital greatly. I am happy to see this outcome myself,” Jiang Chen wasn’t trying to play things down. If the Coiling Dragon Clan successfully solidified its position, House Wei and Jiang Chen’s attempt to establish himself in Veluriyam Capital would obviously benefit from it. If the Majestic Clan were to become the number one clan in Veluriyam Capital, and if the Coiling Dragon Clan were to crumble to dust, the next person on the chopping block was most likely House Wei. If House Wei were to crumble, then his plans to establish himself in Veluriyam Capital would also end in failure. Therefore, he had every reason to support the Coiling Dragon Clan.

He only needed a short period of study to find out the refinement methods of the Pine Crane Pill. After all, he had memorized its pill recipe. The Pine Crane Pill might be a high level pill, it was ultimately just an emperor level pill. It wasn’t an empyrean level pill. It would be incredibly difficult for Jiang Chen to refine an empyrean level pill with his current strength. Even an attempt would likely strain him quite a bit. But Jiang Chen was ninety percent confident that he could refine an emperor level pill. If necessary, he could borrow his ‘extraordinary master’s’ title and refine a Pine Crane Pill himself. There were no problems there.

However, Jiang Chen understood that the Pine Crane Pill carried great influence. The moment it was revealed, it would absolutely cause an earthquake in the pill industry. This was absolutely no alarmist talk. Emperor realm cultivators were the true masters of each region. Their needs for the Pine Crane Pill would absolutely make it the legendary pill of the pill industry.

“Young master Ji San, you absolutely must keep the news of this pill a secret. There’ll be endless trouble if its existence were to be revealed.” Jiang Chen ultimately decided to give young master Ji San a reminder after a moment of thought.

Young master Ji San answered seriously, “My mouth is sealed. Even if the Pine Crane Pill is refined one day, I wouldn’t announce it to the whole world either.”

“Indeed. Its existence involves too much, and its exposure would make us the target of all attacks,” Jiang Chen absolutely wasn’t exaggerating when he said this.

Young master Ji San knew that Jiang Chen’s words were true, and nodded with a serious expression on his face. Then, trio then brought up House Wei’s matters and talked about the Taiyuan Tower that was about to open in two days’ time. Young master Ji San looked extremely interested and promised to support House Wei with a group of people on the day of the opening. Naturally, Wei Jie was extremely pleased by young master Ji San’s promise. They had unknowingly accomplished something big for House Wei!

Of course, Wei Jie also understood that he was simply bathing in Jiang Chen’s limelight. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen, young master Ji San would never have forgiven the misunderstandings of House Wei, much less gone to congratulate them. The gathering at Little Leisurely Clouds ended with all sides pleased. Everyone felt like they had returned with full pockets.

Young master Ji San’s cheerful mood was a moot point. Ever since he learned about the Pine Crane Pill, his entire person grew spirited, and he felt as if his fighting will had grown by leaps and bounds. He didn’t fear obstacles; he only feared that there was no light at the end of the tunnel. If there was hope, then even the hardest predicament had an ending to it.

Wei Jie was even happier than young master Ji San. The resolution of the misunderstanding between House Wei and the Coiling Dragon Clan was absolutely the best news they had heard for the past couple of years.

Jiang Chen’s gains were decent as well. His new friendship with young master Ji San was beneficial to his attempts to further his network in Veluriyam Capital. As long as he remained useful to the Coiling Dragon Clan, his status in Veluriyam Capital would only solidify further. He wouldn’t need to fear much even if his identity were to be exposed one day. With an ally like the Coiling Dragon Clan, he could establish himself in Veluriyam Capital without needing to worry about the Eternal Celestial Capital or the Ninesuns Sky Sect. Most importantly, the Coiling Dragon Clan’s support would smooth his plans to establish himself in Veluriyam Capital greatly. On the way back home, Jiang Chen didn’t forgot himself despite being in a cheery mood. On the contrary, there was yet one more trouble that was plaguing his mind.

The Longevity Pill.

Jiang Chen’s powerful intuition told him that the three Longevity Pills that had suddenly appeared on the auction today was absolutely not as simple as they seemed. The appearance of the three Longevity Pills proved that the Eternal Celestial Capital had begun making plans in Veluriyam Capital. The fact that these three Longevity Pills could appear at without a hitche also proved that their network in Veluriyam Capital couldn’t be underestimated. In fact, Jiang Chen suspected that the Eternal Celestial Capital had already found a backer in Veluriyam Capital.

“Brother Zhen, why do you look so gloomy despite all the good things that had happened today?” Wei Jie looked curious.

“Young master Wei, you’ve seen the Longevity Pill today. I suspect that they are pieces laid down the test the waters. I am certain that the Longevity Pill will enter Veluriyam Capital’s market in full force after today, and that the pill industry in Farmer God District will grow very interesting in the future. I only hope that the worst case scenario won’t happen…” Jiang Chen sighed.

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