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Jiang Chen Loses His Cool

Tong Kun knew that the young lord was of a mind to work over the Wei father and son when he heard these words. He chuckled and spoke in a scathing tone, “There might be some things you’re unaware of, young clan lord. That father and son across the street are actually people of some importance. They’re a ninth ranked aristocratic house—House Wei under the Coiling Dragon Clan’s banner.”

“House Wei?” Wang Teng was nonplussed. “Isn’t House Wei a premier house beneath the Coiling Dragon clan? How could they sink to such a low?”

“Who knows? Perhaps they’ve been irrelevant in the area of pills for too long and have thrown away the dignity that is befitting a ninth ranked aristocratic house. Maybe the desire for money has driven them crazy?” Tong Xianwei chuckled. “Young clan lord, please come this way. Don’t dirty your ears with this kind of talk.”

Wang Ten sighed on purpose, sweeping past the Wei father and son with a look of grave disappointment and lifted his feet to walk inside.

“Pretentious posers,” Jiang Chen smirked coldly. House Wei didn’t say anything as Jiang Chen’s two words had been crystal clear. The entire scene heard him, making the phrase stand out quite obviously  Wang Teng’s look of noncommittal elegance instantly dropped off his face as the Majestic Clan group all halted, glaring back over at House Wei with looks of concerted fury.

“Who was that?!”

“Which bastard spoke just now?!”

“Step out if you dare!” Those of the Majestic Clan were more than used to getting their way in Veluriyam Capital. The seven emperors rarely intervened in the mundane world, so the great clans were the ultimate power in the capital, and the Majestic Clan one of the foremost clans. House Wei didn’t dare say anything in front of them, even at a situation like today’s. Therefore, while Jiang Chen’s insult had been a sweet thrill to them, it undoubtedly set the scene ablaze.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly in the face of such an imposing atmosphere and walked forward, responding as if this was nothing to him, “Did I speak incorrectly? My Taiyuan Tower has spent at least a month preparing for our opening and sent out the invitations long beforehand. We also thought of the store name well in advance. Who’s the one copying here? Who’s the one shamelessly imitating the other? Don’t try to talk yourself out of this in such a ludicrous fashion, everyone here knows what’s really going on. Alright then, you copied us, what’s with this act huh? You won’t be satisfied until you grind your imitation in our face, will you? You’ll die if you don’t strut around like you’re actually something, won’t you?”

Jiang Chen had been harboring a bellyful of rage, and he would’ve cussed out the clan lord of the Majestic Clan himself, much less than young clan lord. Their usage of “Taiyuan” had deeply triggered him. How could such vile, base characters defile his father’s title? He felt so much better after that string of words. He’d kept a low profile ever since entering the Capital, and had held it all in even if he’d undergone a bit of suffering. But now, he would stay quiet no more! It was one thing for the Majestic Clan to use the Longevity Pill to stir up some waves, and another thing to imitate Jiang Chen and open a Taiyuan Lodge. They would compete on basis of true skill, and Jiang Chen might have been fine with that in the end. However, these fellows had gone too far. They’d stolen his shop name, robbed him of the Longevity Pill, and wanted to follow up on all that with a kick to his head! This made all of Jiang Chen’s accumulated rage utterly explode! If even this can be tolerated, then what else can be?!

The scene was utterly shocked for a long moment after Jiang Chen’s words, and loud abuse rising from the other side after they gathered their wits.

“And who the hell are you brat? Do you have the right to speak here?”

“No respect for your superiors, I think you’re looking to die, brat!”

“Young clan lord, I’ll go destroy that brat and teach House Wei some manners!”

Jiang Chen snorted coldly and readied himself. He wouldn’t give a damn even if they erupted in open hostility today. The gods fought over each worshipper, and humans fought over their principles. He truly couldn’t take this lying down. There was no need for him to endure things any longer.  Just as the situation grew tense, a loud shout broke through the air. “Wang Teng, you’ve been quite full of yourself lately! What show are you planning on putting on today?”

House Wei was delighted when they heard this voice. It was young master Ji San’s voice!

Ji San was striding in from the distance with a large group of people. His retinue was a good six times greater than Wang Teng’s. Not only were they his personal guards, but many of them were also Coiling Dragon Clan confidantes. Quite a few of them were all great personages in Veluriyam Capital, and they were all walking over to Taiyuan Tower.

When he saw Ji San appear, Wang Teng’s face sank. “Ji Ole Third, there seems to be none of your business here, hmm?”

Young master Ji San laughed heartily, “What nonsense are you sprouting? House Wei is a ninth ranked aristocratic house under my clan’s banner. I’ve specially come here on the day of Taiyuan Tower’s opening to prevent any riffraff from making trouble. Just as I thought, I happened upon some unsavory scenes.”

He was someone from the great clans alright. Ji San had taken control of the situation as soon as he opened his mouth, clapping Wang Teng with the label of “riffraff”. When it came to throwing his weight around as a rich second generation, young master Ji San was an acclaimed adept of that skill in the Capital. It would be exceedingly difficult for Wang Teng to gain the upper hand against Ji San.

“Ji Ole Third, this is the opening day for Taiyuan Lodge, I can’t be bothered to bicker with you!” He snorted coldly.

Ji San wasted no time in firing back as he smiled lazily, “Taiyuan Lodge? Never heard of it. I’ve only heard of Taiyuan Tower opening today. What kind of cheap imitation is Taiyuan Lodge? Wang Teng, this is one of your harebrained schemes, is it? Your Wang family loves playing these dirty little tricks. Can’t you actually amount to something? Can’t you be a bit more aboveboard? Do you think the likes of you actually has a chance of replacing my Coiling Dragon Clan as the top clan in the Capital?” Young master Ji San’s battle strength was quite off the charts today, and everyone’s hearts trembled when they heard this. The Majestic Clan and Coiling Dragon Clan had always fought overtly and in the shadows, but no one had ever spoken openly of it. Young master Ji San was acting out of the ordinary today!

Wang Teng laughed coldly, “Ji Ole Third, you seem to be sticking your nose into too much! You can’t even handle affairs at home, and you want to interfere in my clan’s matters? You better go back and make your preparations. Who knows, your own backyard might be afire one day.”

These words were obviously to pick at the Coiling Dragon Clan’s wounds, hinting that they would lose power soon and would soon fall into the shambles of internal conflict. As soon as the clan lord’s cultivator dissipated, they would surely sink into civil conflict. Young master Ji San waved his fan with a smile, “Even if we’re on fire, we’ll certainly take you down burning with us. Of that you can be sure of.”

These words were a blatant threat. You think your Majestic Clan is something? If my Coiling Dragon Clan falls into disarray, we’ll drag you down into hell with us! Indeed, Wang Teng’s face changed slightly after he heard them. He really didn’t dare follow up after these words. It wasn’t as if similar things hadn’t happened in the Divine Abyss Continent before. Some experts would crazy things in the time before their death. Sometimes they would hack their way into their enemies’ home and slaughter whoever they saw, committing suicide and taking down the strongest character on the enemy’s side. In this way, the enemy would be hurt almost as equally as them, and both sides came out even in the end. This would prevent one’s own faction from being suppressed after the expert’s death. This kind of destructive ending was prohibited by the rules, but no one could guarantee that something like this really wouldn’t happen.

“Ji Ole Third, don’t try that shameless act with me. It’s useless on me! Today is the Taiyuan Lodge’s grand opening. You say that the Lodge is copying the Tower? I say the Tower is copying the Lodge! We can sit here and trade empty words all day, it’s all just talk. We should have a contest of pills! If I recall correctly… House Wei has always been a non mainstream force when it comes to pills?” Wang Teng’s words took a turn as he diverted his firepower into another direction. Aren’t you trying to prove that you’re actually something? Have a contest of pills if you can then! One had to say, this was quite a vicious move. Everyone knew that House Wei almost had no right to speak up in the world of pills, and House Tong had always had a decent level of achievement in this arena. With the Taiyuan Lodge grand opening today, all of the guests had basically gone over to their side and hadn’t chosen Taiyuan Tower. This was evidence of House Tong being superior to House Wei and how the Majestic Clan had surpassed the Coiling Dragon Clan! This was why Wang Teng was being so triumphant.

Tong Xianwei also called out, “The young clan lord is right. Justice is determined by the people, and the fact that most chose to enter our Taiyuan Lodge explains everything.”

One had to say, the truth was very disadvantageous towards House Wei, but there was a reason for this. Firstly, many of them had heard that Taiyuan Lodge was going to introduce an earth shattering pill today, and everyone wanted to be the first to lay eyes on it. Secondly, they all knew that the Majestic Clan was behind Taiyuan Lodge, and there was only House Wei behind Taiyuan Tower. There was no other power supporting it in the shadows. Thirdly, House Wei was in an awkward situation in Veluriyam Capital. They’d fallen out of favor with the Coiling Dragon Clan, and hadn’t switched to the Majestic Clan. Without a backer, House Wei was in a very delicate position. With House Tong and the Majestic Clan on one side, and only House Wei on the other, the natural risk averse tendencies of people would lead them to choose Taiyuan Lodge. This was the cruel nature of reality.

Young master Ji San also knew that the Coiling Dragon Clan had to bear a large portion of the responsibility for why House Wei was in this awkward position. Jiang Chen cast a glance at Wei Jie and the latter immediately understood. he spoke loudly, “The guests have only been hoodwinked. You say your pills are much better and that you didn’t copy us, but just what kind of pills can you bring out, hmm?”

Ji San also fixed his gaze on Wang Teng after he heard Wei Jie speak, “Right, Wang Teng, how can you prove it’s not you copying us after all that talk?”

Wang Teng was delighted to hear all this. “What, is a mere House Wei really planning on challenge House Tong to a contest of pills?”

Jiang Chen spoke faintly, “Stop bringing House Tong into this and be transparent about things and just say the Majestic Clan. Who doesn’t know that they’re actually the ones behind all this? House Tong? And what is House Tong? Dare you swear to the heavens that the true boss behind Taiyuan Lodge isn’t the Majestic Clan?”

Ji San laughed loudly, “Well said! Straight to the point. Wang Teng, everyone knows that your Wang family likes to play tricks like these!”


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