Chapter 681 – Wang Ping

Ling Tianhou’s sword energy was peerless. The moment it appeared sword energy filled the heaven and earth. It charged out like a bolt of thunder and entered the vortex.

It chased after the Huan family ancestor.

The vortex immediately collapsed as the sword energy entered it and in exchange the Huan family ancestor let out a muffled groan.

At this moment far away inside the Huan family home on planet Thousand Illusion the Huan family ancestor sat in room with a huge vortex before him. At this moment the vortex seem to turn solid and shattered inch by inch.

At the moment it completely shattered a white light wrapped around Liu Mei back came through the vortex. After entering the room the light drew Liu Mei to the side as it had no time to bother with her. There was a trace of anxiety as it rapidly entered back into the Huan family ancestor’s body.

The Huan family ancestor suddenly opened his eyes and there was a hint of horror in his eyes. Without any hesitation he raised his right hand and mercilessly slammed down on the vorte and softly said “Shatter!”

Earlier his origin soul left his body and used a spell to cross through space. At first he didn’t care about Wang Lin at all, when he stopped Wang Lin’ attack he intended to take Wang Lin’s life.

However when he stopped that finger he clearly felt this power entered the other’s origin soul but was shattered. He could only hurt the other and not kill Wang Lin.

This surprised him and at the same time he saw the celestial guard puppet. The puppet’s Yin and Yang stage cultivation shocked the Huan family ancestor greatly. He knew that he was in a very weaken state and his cultivation had dropped to the Yin and Yang stage. Although he knew he could win against the puppet it would cause his cultivation to drop once more.

Also Wang Lin’s origin soul was obviously very strange which made him worry. If his cultivation didn’t dropped he won’t had worried at all and directly killed Wang Lin.

Even so he didn’t take Wang Lin’s cold words to heart. Even if Wang Lin had the celestial guard puppet he also had his own backup.

This was why after leaving behind some vicious word he took Liu Mei and quickly left.

This Liu Mei was someone who he spent a lot of effort into training. Aside from the what he said to the public there were also unspeakable reasons. He won’t allow anyone to kill her before she reached the second step.

However the Huan family ancestor could had never guessed that the other would send out a ray of sword energy. At first he didn’t consider it a threat but when it closed it the sword energy actually caused the vortex his origin soul was in to collapse. This shocked his heart greatly and made him gasp.

If it was merely the vortex shattering it would had been fine but it wasn’t damaged the slightly ahd charged directly at his origin soul. The power of this sword energy had already reached a state that made the Huan family ancestor’s scalp go numb.

Feeling its power he vaguely felt the power of a Nirvana Cleanser cultivator. This terrifying aura made him felt aghast in his heart. He didn’t dare to confront it and ran away in panic.

He almost used the fastest speed an origin soul can use and brought Liu Mei back through the vortex. Then he immediately returned to his body and tried to break the vortex complete so the sword energy would be trapped in the void.

At this instant the vortex completely collapsed into specks of dust. The Huan family ancestor let out a breath of relief but his expression immediately changed and cursed in his heart. He suddenly got up, grabbed Liu Mei, and quickly retreated.

There was a ray of golden light that suddenly charged out at the moment of its collapse.

At the moment it appeared countless amount of sword energy appeared in the secret room. An explosion that shocked the entire planet suddenly echoed across the land.

The Huan family secret room exploded from the pressure of the sword energy and created a shock waved. The shockwave collapsed buildings in its path and kicked up a dust storm. The Huan family ancestor charged out of the dust. He was in shock and in a sorry state as he grabbed Liu Mei and escaped.

“Damn it, how could that junior that knew Liu Mei have a ray of sword energy like this!! What kinda crazy Nirvana Cleanser senior would give sword energy like this to a junior in the first step. This is completely bullying!!!” The Huan family ancestor cursed in his heart. It wasn’t that he couldn’t withstand it but he was in a weaken state and his cultivation fell. Once he withstood that sword energy he was afraid his cultivation would become even more unstable.

The secret chamber collapsed, the sword energy charged out and headed straight for the Huan family ancestor. This sword energy contained Ling Tianhou’s tyrannical domain. At this moment it was as if the entire heaven and earth was filled with this tyrannical aura.

The sword energy was very powerful, almost reaching the peak of its power. The moment it appeared the world need to pause!

This pause was as if time had completely stopped. The clouds changed and the wind rewinded. It created a rare scene where the clouds was like the receding tide. All the powerful cultivation on planet Thousand Illusion felt this sword energy. The sky suddenly darken!

The moment the swordy energy appeared the heaven and earth was filled with sword energy. The domain coming from the sword was simply too overbearing. It was as if once the domain was here every other spell in the world had to make way for it and couldn’t steal its momentum!

This kind of tyranny was the heaven’s might!

The sword energy flew across the sky in a ray of bright light. It formed into the sharpest point in the world as it chased after the Huan family ancestor.

The sword energy was too fast. You can dodge, you can flee but the domain on the sword energy will become even stronger. The tyrannical domain become stronger the weaker you are.

The Huan family ancestor’s expression was gloomy as he threw Liu Mei backward. His hand formed a seal and there was a flash of white light. His dao was the Ten Thousand Illusion Identitless Dao. It can also put everything in the world into an illusion but in his hand it was even more special.

The white light shined bright on his finger as his dao intent increased like crazy. The Huan family activated all the origin energy inside his body to gather in his finger and mercilessly pointed forward.

The burst of white light charged out and collided with Ling Tianhou’s sword energy. An earth shattering explosion spread across planet Thousand Illusion. The white light dissipated and the sword energy charged out. It moved like lightning as it entered the Huan family ancestor’s body through his finger.

The Huan family ancestor’s body trembled and his expression immediately became pale. The horror in his eyes became even stronger and now he thought of what the junior had said before.

“You save her and the Huan family will be wiped out!”

Earlier he completely ignored those words but now they were like thunder exploding in his ears. If that person had this kind of sword energy he doesn’t doubt that person’s qualification to wipe out his Huan family.

What made him even more terrified was how many sword energy like this does that person have?

“If that person have more than six rays of that sword energy then unless I can recover my Nirvana Scryer cultivation then I’ll without a doubt die! That is not the most terrifying part, what is truly terrifying is the owner of the sword energy… To be able to give this kind of sword energy to a junior like this means their relationship is very close. Maybe even a direct descendant…” The Huan family ancestor’s scalp went numb. Even with his mentality he couldn’t help but feel fear.

Although he was the Huan family ancestor and his cultivation had reached Nirvana Scryer but that just meant he was even more aware of the terror of Nirvana Cleanser. The second step of cultivation was very different from the first step.

In the first step if one had some heaven defying step or powerful spell it was possible to challenge someone with higher cultivation. Although it was rare it wasn’t impossible. In fact if the magical treasure and spell were used well one can even directly kill someone with higher cultivation.

However it was impossible for someone to beat someone else with higher cultivation at the second step. Every single level was the difference between heaven and earth.

No need to speak of the difference between Nirvana Scryer and Nirvana Cleanser. Just the difference between early stage and mid stage Nirvana Scryer was already a gap that couldn’t be crossed. Just the sword energy of a Nirvana Cleanser was able to make him dread so much so one can see the difference.

At this moment the best choice was to hand over Liu Mei. The Huan family ancestor looked at Liu Mei who was filled with lose and immediately gave up the idea.

“This person knew Liu Mei so he must be from the Alliance Star System. No matter how strong his master is without a Allheaven Stone he can’t enter this star system unless he had his own transfer array. However even then by the time his master get there his matter would no longer be between just me and him but a war between two star system. At that time there naturally will be powerful expert from the Thunder Celestial Hall who will come out.

After all once this old man’s plan on Liu Mei succeed then at that time perhaps this old man’s cultivation will have reached Nirvana Cleanser too. If not I should still be able to reach the peak of late stage Nirvana Scryer.

After making up his mind the Huan family ancestor immediately spread out his divine sense across the entire planet.

“Old friend of the Qian family, brother Xu I have a request…”

On planet Ran Yun Wang Lin stared at the collapsed vortex and withdrew his gaze. His gaze landed on the black mist surrounded by the celestial guard. Burst of tender cries came out from inside the black mist.

Every cry was like a sharp sword that stabbed into Wang Lin’s heart.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a trace of pain as he looked at the black mist. Whenever the pair of cloudy eyes meets Wang Lin’s eyes they would release thick resentment.

“This, is my child… This is my direct descendant in this world…”

Wang Lin slowly walked into the shadow created by the celestial guard to surround the puppet with a hint of softness in his eyes. He hesitated a bit before raising his right hand and reached into the mist.

The resentful spirit didn’t hesitate to bite down on Wang Lin’s finger. The sharp teeth torn though his skin and the cold resentful aura immediately entered Wang Lin’s body through the wound.

Wang Lin didn’t withdrew his hand. His eyes were still gentle as he quietly looked at the child that was constantly sucking his blood.

“It will be alright, your name is Li Er… Li is not a good word, let change it to… Ping. From now on your name will be Wang Ping… I hope your life will be calm and safe unlike me…”