Chapter 678 – Coming…

Looking at Liu Mei who descended from the sky like a celestial not only Carefree Sanren but Sun Xi also lost his battle intent and began to struggle.

Only the Ran family ancestor who’s cultivation had reached mid stage ascendant was barely able to keep his mind clear but he couldn’t do it for long. In his sense the voice from the woman in the sky was like the song of the heavens. The words seem to enter his mind and even created a trace of mortal feelings.

“Ten thousand illusion ruthless domain!” The Ran family ancestor’s expression changed greatly and a blame began to burn. This flame came from the fusion of his origin soul and origin energy. At this moment this caused his cultivation to improve leaps and bounds.

He let out a roar, this roar was like thunder that rumbled across the sky and moved the heaven and earth.

Sun Xi’s eyes regained clarity and he felt terror in his heart. Just at that moment he had a feeling like he was facing his own loved one and he didn’t have the heart to attack at all.

Liu Mei’s expression was normal as he closed in and softly said “The three of you are not my match. If you come back with me to the Huan family you might have a chance of living.”

The Ran family ancestor’s body was covered in flame and took a step forward. His hand formed a seal and pressed his hand down. The Ran family palm thunder immediately appeared and a burst of lightning shot out from his hand directly toward Liu Mei.

Liu Mei revealed a look of helplessness as she gently played with her hair. Her jade hand moved forward and there was a flash of ruthlessness in her eyes. The tip of her finger touched the thunder causing to tremble and suddenly dissipate.

Liu Mei softly said “Since you are going to burn your soul then burn it a little more thoroughly.”

After she said that the fanaticism in the eyes of Carefree Sanren behind the Ran family ancestor became even stronger. There was even a sense of obsession. He was already in a very chaotic state. In his eyes the heaven and earth no longer exist, the only thing that remain is the figure of the woman before him.

Without any hesitation he took a step forward and blocked the Ran family ancestor. The origin soul in his body suddenly ignited, this kind of burning wasn’t just his origin soul but also included his physical body.

“There is also you.” Liu Mei’s gaze fell on Sun Xi.

Sun Xi’s just suppressed his heart but under Liu Mei’s word it completely collapsed. His body trembled and fanaticism appeared in his eyes like in Carefree Sanren. He burned his origin soul and body without any hesitation in exchange for a moment of peak power. His finger formed a sword and pointed at the Ran family ancestor without any hesitation.

The Ran family ancestor revealed a pitiful smile and said “Zhao Chuanwen, Sun Xi, I feel sad for the two of you!”

However Carefree Sanren and Sun Xi seem to had not heard him at all and released their spell without any hesitation. They began their battle to the death with the Ran family ancestor. Burst of thunderous rumble and flashes of spells caused the earth to shake and the sky to darken.

Carefree Sanren and Sun Xi’s body quickly dissipated. However every bit of their body that disappeared in exchange their cultivation get strong. They battled like crazy against the Ran family ancestor.

Liu Mei revealed a faintly smile. She really didn’t need to bring anyone because as long as she was here there would be countless cultivators willing to fight for her.

This was the Ten Thousand Illusion Heavenly Devil Dao. Everything in the world could be used by it. The Huan family ancestor was willing to not hesitate about the cost and do the bloodline ritual for Liu Mei because of this. He wanted to see what kind of power it would have once it had reached the second step.

The entire planet was in an earthquake like state. Loud rumbling would constantly come from the ground. The Ran family ancestor’s heart was filled with despair and also began burning his body. He was doing his best to exchange for the most amount of power. As both his origin soul and body burned his cultivation rose like crazy. He managed to reach the power of a late sage ascendant without a domain.

His cultivation raised too quickly so his domain couldn’t keep up making him only a pseudo late stage ascendant cultivator. Even so he was extremely powerful.

As he let out a roar his body quickly dissipated and his hand quickly formed seals. He suddenly closed his hands and a dazzling light surrounded his hands. He didn’t use any spells but used the most direct method to use the origin energy inside his body. The origin energy turned into this golden light. As he suddenly opened his hands the golden light shot out like sharp swords in all direction.

At this moment Sun Xi and Carefree Sanren’s body were about to dissipate with only half their body left and the rest disappeared into the void. The fanaticism in their eyes became even strong and without any hesitation the two decided to self destruct.



The self destruction of an ascendant cultivator who was burning his origin soul and his body caused a great catastrophe for planet Ran Yun.

The sky seem to collapse and the earth burst open. The sea of planet Ran Yun raised up hundreds of feet tall and slapped down on the earth as if the planet was angry.

The spirit vein in planet Ran Yun were like gunpowder and all began to explode with the guidance of the self destruction.

Sun Xi and Carefree Sanren’s origin soul and body dissipated. Even at the moment of their death they were still not sober.

The Ran family ancestor was at the center. Although he was able to resist it with his powerful cultivation but was still covered in blood. His bloodshot eyes stared at the still calm Liu Mei before him and snapped “What a disgusting bitch. This battle is between you and me why did you spread it to the mortals and his planet!”

Liu Mei faintly smiled and softly said “I haven’t attacked at all… The three of you were fighting among yourself what does it have to do with me…”

Ran family ancestor raised his head and laughed out loud. This laughter was filled with despair and sadness. While he laughed tears came from the corner of his eyes and he look down at the earth. The originally beautiful planet was already in ruins. He knew that if he were to self destruct to injure her planet Ran Yun will completely become a wasted cultivation planet.

“This is my home…” His face was filled with bitterness as he looked at Liu Mei and said word by word “I, Ran Xuefeng, use my current cultivation to cure you to die without a grave! Also the person that killed Huan Dong wasn’t the three of use. There is another person named Xu Mu!”

As he spoke he raised his right hand and hit his forehead. There was a cracking sound as his burning origin soul immediately collapsed and spread to his body. His entire body slowly dissipated before Liu Mei’s calm gaze. Eventually they turned to dust and landed on the ground.

“Born on Ran Yun and die on Ran Yun. All I, Ran Xuefeng, can do is to do my best to protect planet Ran Yun. As for you Xu Mu your despicable man I curse you to die together with Huan Mei!”

Liu Mei’s eyes showed a hint of indifference as if nothing in the world could affect her mind. She looked at the earth below her, with a step she headed down toward the ground.

“Ran family, Zhao family, and Sun family need to be wiped out… This is master’s request and have nothing to do with. There was also that Xu Mei this person is a little strange…” Liu Mei thought to herself when she suddenly frowned. Her divine sense spread out and stopped at the extreme southern part of the planet.

“There is a clone… That Sun cultivator is interesting. This means that I’m afraid the Ran family ancestor and the Zhao cultivator also have a clone.” Liu Mei chuckled. This clone was hidden very well. If it wasn’t for the fact the clone released a fluctuation when the main body died Liu Mei would had not found it. After all without purposely looking she would had completely ignored it after one sweep of her divine sense.

In the city in the southern part of planet Ran Yun a youth sat inside the house. The appearance of this youth was Sun Xi and his face was filled with a bitter expression.

Since four years ago after realizing their big disaster the three of them had spent all their effort into refining a clone. There were no special methods used and the clone was so weak it couldn’t battle at all.

However it was still a method of keeping themselves alive.

The Ran family ancestor had been secretly refining a clone for hundreds of years and had already reached the level to leave the planet. It let the planet with other clan members in secret two years ago. As for Carefree Ranren his methods were a bit lacking and couldn’t split his origin soul so he couldn’t refine a clone. However he had other means as for exactly what no one else knew.

Although this Sun Xi was able to refine a clone its cultivation was only at core formation and simply can’t leave the planet. Before when he looked for Wang Lin he was going to ask for help on this matter. However before he could ask he was refused by Wang Lin.

Also this matter was of great importance so after hesitating he didn’t continue asking. Otherwise if Xu Mu figured out the three of them all had their own means of staying along and only dragged him into this to be scapegoat he was afraid that no matter how much celestial jade they offer that Xu Mu won’t had agreed. In fact Xu Mu might had attacked them in anger.

Liu Mei teleported and arrived in the southern part of planet Ran Yun. Just as she was about to step into the city she suddenly jerk her head to face the sky. Her eyes were filled with a never before seen mysterious light.

“This aura…”
A silver light crossed through the stars and arrived outside planet Ran Yun. Wang Lin sat on the star compass. He collected the Ran family ancestor and their celestial jade so he must at least do as he promised. Otherwise there was no need for him to return.

His expression was originally normal but when he saw the powerful sealing formation around planet Ran Yun his eyes narrowed. He stood up from the star compass and stared at the restriction with his eyes glowing.

“When I left this restriction wasn’t there!” Wang Lin had a very good understanding of restrictions. Although he couldn’t break this restriction in a short period of time but he could enter without damaging it.

He pondered a bit before the star compass under him charged through the restriction and flew straight at planet Ran Yun.

On planet Ran Yun as Liu Mei raised hear head the mysterious light in her eyes become even stronger.