Chapter 691 – Leaving

Things in this world couldn’t escape life and death. Sun Tai looked at the father and son before him and revealed a smile. At this moment he looked peaceful as he burned the last of his life.

After hearing Wang Lin’s promise Sun Tai gave Wang Lin a profound look. He deeply ingrained the look of the person he once had a feud with. His eyes blurred and he suddenly felt like he returned back to several hundred years ago, back in the rain celestial realm…

Various scenes flashed through his eyes before finally stopped at the calm yet slightly older face before him.

“The distance between life and death was in fact this short…” Sun Tai smiled and closed his eyes.

At this moment the death aura on his body reached a peak but completely vanished the next instance.

“Grandpa Sun…” Wang Ping shed tears as he looked at Sun Tai’s serene face and began to cry.

Wang Lin let out a sigh and rubbed Wang Ping’s head, his eyes were calm. He had seen through life and death, seen through reincarnation. Such things were like smoke to him, he had seen it but it won’t linger in his heart.

Sun Tai’s tomb was in the back of the Fallen Moon Village. Everyone who died at the village would be buried there.

Wang Ping carved the tomb, on it wrote “Sun Tai’s Tomb” Inscribed by his grandson son Wang Pin.

When Wang Pin was twelve Sun Tai adapted Wang Pin as his step grandson. Wang Lin didn’t stop him, Sun Tai was after all older than Wang Lin and was old enough to be Wang Ping’s grandpa.

As for between him and Sun Tai they were peers. Sun Tai even had a bone deep respect for Wang Lin just like Wang Ping felt.

Sun Tai’s tomb didn’t have a body. This body had already became a jar of ashes inside Wang Lin’s bag of holding. This was Wang Lin’s promise to Sun Tai.

The sixteen year old Wang Ping was even more handsome, in comparison Wang Lin looked even older.

The passage of time took away Wang Lin’s appearance along with it the women of the village’s interest in matchmaking for him. However as Wang Ping grew older that interest was placed on him.

However this Wang Pin was quite like his father. Although he was handsome but he always acted extremely calm. Normally he doesn’t say much but there was a hints of wisdom in his eyes.

One year after Sun Tai died, on this day Wang Lin was in the courtyard holding a block of wood and carefully carving. Wang Ping sat on the side calmly looked at this father. Hid father’s face had even more wrinkles and became even more vicissitude.

Wang Lin didn’t raise his head and calmly said “Carving requires one to put their heart into every stroke. Every stroke need to be engraved in one’s memory. Only then can one be considered a craftsman!”

Wang Lin nodded, he also picked up a piece of wood and began to carefully carve.

Under the sunset the father and son’s shadow was pulled extremely long. There wasn’t much difference in their movement and even their demeanor was very similar. As the sun set the figures gradually fated but the hint of charm seem to remain eternal…

After the sun finally set and darkness earth Wang Lin lit up the lamp in the courtyard and calmly said “Did you finish thinking?”

Wang Ping put down the half finished statue and began to silently ponder.

Wang Lin didn’t urge but sat down on the side and picked up Wang Ping’s statue to examine. This statue was slightly rough but was able to capture thirty percent of the charm.

The statue was of Sun Tai, he had an arrogant expression as he looked up at the sky. Both his hand formed a seal and a strange aura gathered on his body. There were clouds under his feet, he looked like an legendary figure.

Wang Ping lowered his head and whispered “Dad why won’t you let me study the immortal spell grandpa Sun left behind…”

Wang Lin let out a sigh, Sun Tai in the end still didn’t respect his decision on this matter. Using the fact he accepted Wang Ping as his adopted grandson to secretly impart cultivation technique.

None of this was hidden from Wang Lin. If it wasn’t for Sun Tai trying to impart his cultivation method to Wang Ping he wouldn’t had died four years earlier than expected.

As a father Wang Lin wasn’t a father to act without consulting others. He looked at Wang Ping, this child inherited his mother’s appearance but during these sixteen years learned his calmness.

When Wang Ping’s eyes shined with wisdom Wang Lin felt he was seeing another of himself.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and softly said “Because the life of a cultivator doesn’t suit you.”

Wang Ping revealed a faint smile as he looked up at his father and said “Dad I never cultivated those cultivation methods grandpa Sun gave me, not even once.”

Wang Lin nodded, he naturally knew all of this. Although Sun Tai passed on his cultivation methods in the end Wang Ping never cultivated them.

Wang Ping lowered his head and asked “Dad, you… you are a immortal too right?”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed vicissitude and slowly said “Not an immortal, just a cultivator.”

Wang Ping silently pondered for a moment and said “Dad means to life an ordinary life and not follow your footstep in becoming a cultivator?”

The moon gradually rose into the sky. The moonlight fell on the earth, there was a hint of coldness within its gentle light. The gentle breeze caused the lamp to sway back and forth. The fire inside the lamp also began to flicker and mixed with the moonlight that enveloped the courtyard.

Wang Lin put down Wang Ping’s statue. He looked up at the sky and his voice was erratic “Yes.”

“If… Ping Er is unwilling…” Wang Ping raised his head and looked up at this father. This was the first time in sixteen years he spoke like this to his father.

Wang Lin’s gaze fell on Wang Ping’s body. He didn’t speak but calmly looked at Wang Ping.

Time slowly passed by, Wang Ping gradually lowered his head as if he was afraid to look at Wang Lin’s eyes.

“The cultivator’s life is not suited for you! Don’t mention it again!” Wang Lin’s voice as very soft but firm. However hidden in his eyes where Wang Ping couldn’t there was a trace of sadness. This sadness was very strong…

Wang Ping bitterly said “Yes father, I won’t cultivate.”

Wang Lin didn’t speak as he turned around and entered the room. At the moment he entered the room his voice came “Ping Er eat your medicine.”

Wang Lin silently pondered, after a long time he let out sigh, got up, and walked into the room. His back looked crestfallen…

His father didn’t reveal his majesty but in Wang Ping’s heart it was imparably huge and he was powerless to resist. He could only follow his father’s will and live out an ordinary life.

“Aside from cultivation I can give you everything else in the world!” After Wang Pin drank his medicine and lied down Wang Lin’s voice slowly drifted over.

Wang Ping closed his eyes and didn’t speak.

Inside the darkness Wang Lin sat by himself in the courtyard staring at the darkness before him. The sadness flashed across his eyes once more.

The passage of time was like the moonlight in the darkness. You can’t see when it will come and why you see it you found it the moonlight had already landed on the ground.

In the blink of an eye it had been three years since Sun Tai died.

This year Wang Ping was not nineteen years old. He had completely became a handsome young man. Although there was still a hint of immaturity on his face but unless one look closely it was very difficult to see.

His appearance became more and more like Liu Mei.

In contrast Wang Lin became even older. Nineteen years of time left deep marks on his face.

On the nineteenth years after Wang Lin arrived at the Fallen Moon Village he packed up his things and left with Wang Pin.

When they left Wang Ping’s childhood friends all came to send them off. Most of them were girls, their gaze toward Wang Ping were filled with resentment.

The eyes of the second daughter from the Zhou family were especially resentful.

However Wang Ping was completely indifferent to all of this. He inherited his appearance from Liu Mei but he inherited his personality from Wang Lin. He didn’t care too much about woman.

During nineteen years of time people in the village gave birth and died, a generation was growing old while a new generation was growing up. Compared to when Wang Lin arrived here nineteen years ago three or four people out of ten had passed away…

The burly man from the Zhou family was still sturdy but he was obviously not young anymore. He stood beside Wang Lin and sadly said “Brother Wang in the blink of an eye almost twenty years have passed by. I still remember you arriving at the village with Ping Er but now you are going to leave.”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and softly said “Brother Zhou I have been troubling you all these years. However now that the child had grown up I need to take him out to see the world.”

The burly man from the Zhou family sighed as his gaze fell on Wang Ping who was surrounded by the girls in the village and wryly smiled “It looks like my family’s second daughter won’t have the luck.”

Wang Lin shook his head and smiled “It should be my body who doesn’t have the luck.”

Not far away Wang Ping’s expression was normal and softly said “All of you take care…” With that he returned to Wang Lin.

However one of the girl ran out with a red face and shouted “Wang Ping, you… Will you return in the future?”

Wang Lin stopped, he didn’t turn around and softly said “I probably won’t…”

The girl’s eyes turned red as two stream of tears fell. She seemed to hear her own heart shatter.

“I hate you! Wang Ping!” The girl began to cry and ran away.

Wang Lin frowned as he arrived next to his father and remained silent.

The burly man from the Zhou family let out a sigh. He clasped his hand at Wang Lin and said “Brother Wang take care!”

Wang Lin had a very good opinion of this straight forward man and laughed “Take care!” After that he turned around and walked away. Wang Ping followed a few step before before hesitating. He looked back at the cry girl running away, he let out a sigh and left with Wang Lin.

Wang Ping caught up to his father and frowned “Dad why are those girls so troublesome, especially that Zhou Ruotong…”

Wang Lin laughed as he looked back at Wang Ping. Having inherited Liu Mei’s appearance there was something demonic about Wang Ping’s handsomeness.

Wang Lin said with smile that was not a smile “You don’t like the girl from the Zhou family?”

Wang Ping sighed “I don’t like her, just… just when she was crying I felt a bit of reluctance in my heart.”