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3o3z6 – Three-ringed Soul Elder

The cultivation level of a spirit soul could only be increased by absorbing spirit energy from the spirit ascension platform, but they could still grow in strength when its owner advanced. However, this growth rarely surpassed ten percent. Yet before Feng Wuyu’s eyes, Tang Wulin’s spirit soul had grown by fifty percent and that didn’t seem to be the end!

Goldlight’s taut body gradually relaxed, and it began slithering around Tang Wulin’s body. Soon, a gold veins appeared on Tang Wulin’s skin, his blood essence roaring with strength along with their appearance. A faint golden layer of light enveloped his figure.

Feng Wuyu’s eyebrows shot up. “He really fits our school’s motto. He’s just a little monster. I’ve never seen something like this before,” he muttered.

Unknown to Feng Wuyu, Tang Wulin was currently as calm as a still lake. He understood just what was happening to his body.

The third soul ring was a major bottleneck for soul masters. Along with Goldlight’s growth, it offered a third soul ring to Tang Wulin. Besides gaining another ring, Tang Wulin’s body grew stronger, his blood essence richer, and his meridians more stronger.

However, Tang Wulin had yet to completely absorb the cold energy within him. He still had plenty to improve his soul power rank with.

He gained his third soul ring, fused with it, and was now attacking rank 31. Even so, it seemed there was enough energy left over to go further.

At that moment, Tang Wulin heard a voice.

“Take this opportunity to break a seal.” Old Tang’s voice resounded in his head.

“C-can I really?” Tang Wulin asked in astonishment.

“You shouldn’t be able to since you just broke the second seal, but your blood essence has been improving rapidly lately and that warm energy helped strengthen your meridians. But most important of all, what you ingested earlier was a ten-thousand-year spirit item of extremely high purity. It’s more than enough to substitute for the spirit items I previously told you to get. Moreover, now that you have three rings, you’re strong enough to break the third seal. Don’t waste the chance. I’ll help you convert that spirit item’s energy into blood essence. Increasing your soul power isn’t as important right now as breaking the next seal. The earlier you break the seal, the stronger your blood will become and you’ll be able to delay the fourth seal a bit. You’ll have plenty of time to prepare for the fourth seal if you break the third right now.”

“Okay!” There was no hesitation in Tang Wulin’s answer.

Tang Wulin’s blood essence began to boil over, vapors rising from his body and hungrily devouring the cold energy within his meridians. He continued to circulate his soul power whirlpool, carefully containing it within his dantian.

To the spectating Feng Wuyu, this was an utterly baffling scene.

The golden veins webbing all over Tang Wulin’s body periodically pulsed with light as if they were alive. His blood essence surged out while a golden mist enveloped his body. A few moments later, his blood essence finished devouring the last bits of the cold energy.

Blood essence rushed into his dantian, merging with his soul power. Together, the two energies frantically whirled in his dantian.

Of the eighteen seals, he still had sixteen to break. This was his third seal breaking. Soon, a familiar bone-scraping pain spread to every inch of his body.

Tang Wulin had just broken the second seal not too long ago, and now by coincidence, he was breaking the third. He was nowhere near as prepared as the previous time. This time, the pain was comparable to the first seal breaking, and his body quickly felt as if it was on the verge of exploding.

Feng Wuyu knitted his brows as he watched. The fluctuations of Tang Wulin’s blood essence grew stronger and stronger and soon began to tremble.

I can’t figure out what’s going on with him. Just what is happening to his body? This isn’t as simple as just breaking through to rank 30. Feng Wuyu came to this conclusion immediately. However, he knew that he shouldn’t interfere while unclear about the situation.

So, he sat himself behind Tang Wulin, ready to intervene at a moment’s notice if things went south.

To his surprise, a golden soul ring appeared from Tang Wulin’s body. It quivered and released a dragon’s roar.

It circled around Tang Wulin like a golden dragon rhythmically, making his golden veins more distinct with each revolution.

Scales rippled into existence across Tang Wulin’s right arm, shoulder, and chest, and his hand transformed into claws. His shirt was ripped to shreds by the transformation. His entire body shined with a radiant golden light.

After this change, his trembling lessened and he began absorbing his blood essence back into his body. Minus the golden aura around him, he was back to normal.

“Is this the power of condensing blood essence?” Feng Wuyu stared at Tang Wulin in shock. Such a light was unheard of!

A blood essence ring? And a blood essence soul ring at that? This kid’s body is too strange! He really benefited from what I gave him to eat.

After some time, Tang Wulin’s skeleton began to make cracking noises and he began to tremble again. The golden scales spread from his right chest to his left, then up his left shoulder. His blood essence was stronger now, and the golden halo around him returned to its original form of a golden soul ring, brighter than before.

As he had been watching from the very beginning, Feng Wuyu could clearly tell that Tang Wulin was a bit taller and his skin glossier than before. His blood essence coursed through his body like a raging river, so loud that Feng Wuyu could even hear it gurgling. The amount of vitality contained within Tang Wulin’s body was enough to saturate the room with his blood essence fluctuations. The golden scales on his body shined more brilliantly than ever, seeming to reflect light with a regal magnificence.

“Interesting… How interesting.” Feng Wuyu observed with narrowed eyes, his mouth parting into a slight smile.

It looks like I’ve picked up quite a treasure! This kid’s strength clearly comes from his bloodline and not his martial soul! His bloodline is influencing every part of him.

At that moment, Goldlight slithered out of Tang Wulin’s body. Its scales deepened in its golden splendor and became sharp like blades while two small protrusions appeared on its head. It grew longer again, and was now about two feet long. It looked around with sparkling eyes.

It’s evolving again? It’s still not done?

His spirit soul just evolved twice? Feng Wuyu finally understood now. It’s evolving again because of his bloodline power! His strange bloodline is making his spirit soul’s growth be far beyond normal! His future is limitless!

When Tang Wulin opened his eyes, he felt about ready to collapse from exhaustion. His entire body felt devoid of energy, pain stabbing every inch of it.

He had just barely managed to endure the pain. It was even worse than the first seal breaking. Fortunately, he had Golden Dragon Body now to help him bridge the crisis.

When he awakened, he was too preoccupied with his exhaustion to clearly sense the effects of gaining his third soul ring and breaking the third seal at the moment. He instantly collapsed onto the floor.

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