Chapter 670 – Above life and death there is karma

Sun Tai revealed a complex expression as he looked at Wang Lin and was speechless for a long time. Although his cultivation had fell to soul formation but his observation skill was still there. However no matter how he tried he couldn’t see through Wang Lin’s cultivation.4

He was shocked, he thought of the weak soul formation cultivator back in the celestial realm that was forced to gave up control of him. The weak cultivator that could only watch the battle between him and Zhou Yi. It was impossible to consider that weak cultivator as the same person before him.

Although the Wang Lin back then although fierce but was still lacking in wit and his cultivation was simply too low. If not for Zhou Yi’s branding he would had killed Wang Lin with one palm.

However the Wang Lin before him was calm but one gaze was enough to make his origin soul tremble. This vast different was something Sun Tai couldn’t accept.

The Wang Lin from back then had a lowly status and was only consider a pawn. None of the ascendant cultivator considered him any threat.

However the person now the moment he appeared immediately aroused the attention of the Ran family ancestor to the point of even gifting a rank eight pill. As for himself he was only a guest of the Ran family and lost all the glory he had in the past.

Back then when Wang Lin faced a life and death situation Wang Lin required him to help. If not for him Wang Lin would had already been killed by the Giant Demon Clan ancestor back then.

However the person before him had a very high cultivation. Also the aura Wang Lin gave off told Sun Tai that Wang Lin had killed cultivators on the same level as him!

To had killed an ascendant cultivator was a terrifying concept!

The strong contrast caused a very complex feeling to gush out of Sun Tai’s heart. The changes that happened in the past several hundred years to the person before him was heaven shaking.

During his shock his impression of the weak cultivator who can only look up at him gradually disappeared. It was replaced with someone who was so powerful he didn’t to speak loudly or look at them in the eye. Even if he was to become this person’s servant he would have no complaint!

Wang Lind didn’t say anything but he could more or less guess what Sun Tai’s mood was from his expression. He remained silently and calmly looked at Sun Tai.

Sun Tai stared at Wang Lin and whispered “You… What cultivation are you now?”

Wang Lin calmly said “Ascendant!”

Sun Tai wrly smiled, he didn’t believe Wang Lin was merely at ascendant. If Wang Lin was just at ascendant he would still be able to feel something. From his view even the Ran family ancestor compare compare to this once weak cultivator.

He finally understood why the Ran family ancestor gifted the rank eight pill to Wang Lin through an auction.

“You still haven’t answered my question!” Wang Lin’s voice was very calm. His gaze left Sun Tain and looked outside the window.

A simple sentence made Sun Tai’s body shook and was immediately replaced by a complex feeling in his heart. This little cultivator from back then dare to talk to him like this but sadly with just one sentence was enough to make his soul tremble.

Sun Tai bitterly said “I… When I was transferred to the Allheaven Star System I appeared neared planet Dong Lin. I lived there for almost a century doing work for the Lu family. Only after that did I finally gain my freedom.

The branding on my body was broken by someone from the Lu family. Just… I had no idea the brand still existed.”

“Lu family?” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed.

Sun Tai whispered “The three strongest family on planet Dong Lin are Xu, Lu, and Liu!”

Wang Lin pondered and slowly said “How strong are the three families? Is there anything special about plant Dong Lin?”

“Very strong, there three families are unfathomable. As for exactly how strong my status wasn’t high enough to know. However the families only need to casually send out an elder to slaughter planet Ran Yun…

As for what is different about planet Dong Lin the only thing I can say is that it is a chaotic and bloody world.” As Sun Tai recalled the past his eyes were filled with fear.

Wang Lin noticed this trace of fear and he secretly sighed. The once head elder of the Corpse Sect on planet Suzuka was gone. Even if he recovers his cultivation he would never be able to climb any higher.

Because he had lost the dao heart a cultivator should have. This dao heart was crushed by the century he spend on planet Dong Lin.

Wang Lin suddenly asked “Is there a Xiang family on planet Dong Lin?”

“Xiang family?” Sun Tai thought for a long time and shook his head “As far as I know there is no Xiang family. Of course that may also be that my status was too low to know any secrets.”

Wang Lin pondered for a bit before looking at Sun Tai and said “You were the head elder of the Corpse Sect on planet Suzaku in the Alliance Star System so you must know certain matters. What kind of organization is the Corpse Sect?”

Sun Tai let out a sigh and bitterly said “Although I was the head elder of the Corpse Sect on planet Suzaku but you have to know with my identity there are a lot of things I don’t know about. I just know that the Corpse Sect was one of the two great sects of the Alliance Star System.

The sect talked about here are real sects not those that only exist on one planet but extend across the alliance. There are numerous powerful cultivator and their strength even extend into the inner part of the cultivation alliance.

Rumor had it that the ancestor of the Corpse Sect was something with very high status in the alliance. This is why the Corpse Sect existed for so long.

As for the other large sect that could contend with the Corpse Sect is the Four Divine Sect. To be accurate planet Suzaku is regarded as a distance branch of the Four Divine Sect. The first generation Suzaku was rumored to have came from the Four Divine Planet.

The Four Divine Planet was only a branch of the Four Divine Sect. If you think about it you could be considered an outermost disciple of the Four Divine Sect.”

Wang Lin’s eyes were very serious. After all his cultivation time was too short so there were a lot of secrets he didn’t know amount. Now that he heard this he felt he had a new understanding of the Alliance Star System.

After pondering for a bit Wang Lin looked at Sun Tai and said “What is your status in the Ran family.

“Only a guest of the Ran family spending my retirement at the Whole Treasure Pavilion. The Ran family ancestor only took me in because I have some achievement in alchemy and treasure refining so he accepted me.” Sun Tai’s eyes were filled with depression. He hesitated and said “You.. You shouldn’t have taken that rank eight pill, it was a trap set by the Ran family ancestor. Four years ago…”

Sun Tai explained the matter in detail about everything he knew from four years ago. It was roughly the same as what Sun Xi told him.

At this moment the sky outside had darken and was already sunset. The light from outside landed on Sun Tai making him even older as if he was in this twilight years.

There was even a sliver of death aura appeared when the sun hit his body. Although it was vague but Wang Lin’s domain is life and death so he was immediately able to see through it.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and calmly said “You don’t have much time left…”

Sun Tai bitterly nodded “Indeed not much time left. I can feel I have around twenty years left.”

“You can go back. Twenty years later if I’m still on planet Ran Yun I’ll personally send you off.” Wang Lin closed his eyes.

Sun Tai pondered for a long time before standing up. He looked out the window and softly said “You… Can you promise me something?”

Wang Lin didn’t open his eyes and calmly said “Speak.”

“Twenty years later if you really send me off please take my ashes back to the Alliance Star System’s planet Dark Moon. There was a mountain that pierced into the sky. I remember there is a village at the foot of the mountain. Please send my ashes back there.”

Wang Lin let out a sigh, he opened his eyes and nodded at Sun Tai.

Sun Tai revealed a smile of gratitude. At this moment he was like a mortal old man who wanted to return to his root after he died and not become a foreign ghost.

He took out a bag of holding, he slowly put it down and said “Here are some celestial jade. I been saving them for a day when I recover my cultivation but after seeing you I feel like I don’t need them anymore. There are also recorded of my alchemy and treasure refining experience. Take it as my thanks for sending his old man home.”

Looking at the sunset Sun Tai walked out. The orange light from the sunset accompanied Sun Tai as he walked further and further away.

He meet an old friend and really didn’t know what kind of mood he was in. Looking at Sun Tai’s leaving figure. In Wang Lin’s eyes the all powerful head elder of the Corpse Sect that fought with Zhou Yi and stole the female corpse slowly overlapped with this figure.

Even after he left he didn’t ask what happened to the child he released back then. Perhaps he really had given up on everything and just want to quietly spend his last twenty years.

Giving away his bag of holding was him opening a knot in his head. It meant he had gave up on recovering and gave up on everything including the unwillingness he felt for the hundreds of years he spend here.

It was because of Wang Lin he ended up with such a fate but also because of Wang Lin he was relieved of the pain in his soul for hundreds of years. If there was karma this was yet.

His only request was to for him to return to his roots. For Wang Lin to send him back to the small village under the sky piercing mountain…

The sun setted and Wang Lin closed his eyes. Life and death, karmatic cause and karmatic effect at time is only separated by just one thought much like Yin and Yang, true and false.

This was the way the world was.

“Karma is a path after life and death domain. It can be said that karma is the root of life and death because there is the karmatic cause of life that there is the karmatic effect of life.” There was a hint of enlightenment but everything still felt foreign. As if he could see it but nto tou ch it.