Chapter 668 – The cause from four years ago

Wang Lin calmly said “I had warn you before!” In his heart although Sun Xi was on the same cultivation level as him he didn’t consider him an equal. In fact there was no cultivator Wang Lin considered a thread on planet Ran Yun. Moreover this Sun Xi came even after send out a warning and that must mean Sun Xi came to ask for a favor. Even so Sun Xi need to be punished or else there will be more trouble in the future.

This was why Wang Lin’s tone was not polite at all.

Wang Lin had cultivated for almost one thousand year and had seen through many things in life. Often when you treat a person like a person they would treat you like you’re weak. However if you treat them like they were weak they will treat you like you were strong.

This was the same as the children back in Wang Lin’s village. Those that showed weakness were also bullied. Those that were smart would show their strength and other children rarely provoked them.

This was even the same for Wang Lin’s family back then. The strong and weak would never be on equal footing, the different is as wide as heaven and earth. This was a type of mentality. If you were weak the other would be strong. If you were strong then the other would be weak.

Wang Lin had cultivated for many years and understood many things.

Sun Xi pondered. After a long time he wryly smiled “This was me being reckless but I had an important matter to ask so it was unavoidable that I was a bit hasty.”

Wang Lin didn’t reply but continued walking forward.

Sun Xi clenched his teeth and said “Brother Xu if you help me this once I can use the entire Sun family to help you cultivate!”

Wang Lin calmly said “Your family can’t afford to nurture two ascendant cultivator!”

Sun Xi’s eyes became serious and said “Brother Xu my Sun family indeed can’t support two ascendant cultivator. However if you help me I can give you the spot to enter the Thunder Celestial Realm in a century!”

Wang Lin paused and looked sideways at Sun Xi. He withdrew his gaze and continued walking forward.

“I believe that brother Xu also knows that whenever my Allheaven Star System’s Thunder Celestial Realm opens all the Thunder Cauldrons are controlled by the Thunder Celestial Hall. It would be impossible for outsider to obtain them. Only people of my Allheaven Star System and families recorded in the Thunder Celestial Hall can obtain a spot.” Sun Xi’s eyes were half closed as if he was just randomly explaining the details.

There were every few people who reached ascendant and wasn’t cunning. This Sun Xi was also the founding ancestor of his family so he was very cunning. Earlier under Wang Lin’s pressure he had to act weak but now he began his counter attack.

The explanation also pointed out his suspicion of Wang Lin’s history.

Wang Lin faintly smiled “Your family has a junior named Sun Xueshan, is he doing good?”

Sun Xi’s eyes revealed a strange light and gave Wang Lin a meaningful look. He smiled “Xueshan has good cultivation but not enough experience. I’m very grateful that brother Xu saved him.”

The two smiled at each other and withdrew their gaze. Sun Xi’s dread toward Wang Lin became even stronger. The glance at Wang Lin from the side and sighed in his heart “This person’s origin is mysterious and his thoughts are extremely profound. Sun Qiming’s scouting before was immediately saw through by him. He was able to dissolve the doubt I pointed out about his identity by mentioning Xueshan. He had already changed his appearance, even if I pretend to not know I was only suspecting and can’t dig deep into it. However he admitted to it himself which was strange. Obviously he was not afraid that I knew. His cultivation is also very high far above me. Someone like this is someone my Sun family must make friend and not enemy with.”

“Planet Dong Ling… Could this person really be from planet Dong Lin…” Sun Xi silently pondered.

Sun Xi said “Is brother Xu satisfied with my proposal?”

“We will discuss this matter later. I’ll need some time to consider it.” Wang Lin easily dodged the question.

Sun Xi secretly sighed and no longer try to test Wang Lin. He began introducing planet Ran Yun to Wang Lin. As the two talked they arrived at the Whole Treasure Pavilion on the east side of the city.

Today was time for the auction at the Whole Treasure Pavilion so there were a lot of cultivators gathered outside. There were more than ten people working reception outside and leading people according to the level displayed on their token.

The moment Sun Xi and Wang Lin closed in Sun Qiming, who had been waiting outside the pavilion, quickly walked up to them. This eyes were filled with respect and bowed “Third generation Sun Qiming greets old ancestor, greet senior Xu.”

Sun Xi revealed his majesty before others, he didn’t speak and simply nodded.

Sun Qiming had arrived at the Whole Treasure Pavilion earlier. Although the Whole Treasure Pavilion belong to the Ran family but Sun Qiming was the head of the Sun family in this city so he was naturally different. He didn’t allow of the worker to follow but personally lead Wang Lin and Sun Xi directly to the fourth floor.

The youth named Lou that blocked Wang Lin from entering before was talking to some customers when he saw Wang Lin as he raised his head. He was immediately startled but he soon saw Sun Qiming and was immediately shocked. As for Sun Xi he didn’t know but seeing how respectful Sun Qiming was he must be someone with very high status in the Sun family.

Looking at Wang Lin the youth named Lou felt like he had missed something…

The Whole Treasure Pavilion was divided into four floors. The fourth floor was divided into rooms.

Sun Xi and Wang Lin sat down inside the first room from the left. The location was excellent, they can see the auction on the second floor at a glance.

Sun Qiming respectfully stood on the side waiting for Sun Xi’s order.

At the moment he entered here Wang Lin suddenly had a strange feeling as if something inside his mind stirred. When he spread out his divine sense he immediately saw the old figure in the third floor.

“It’s him!” Wang Lin was startled and immediately withdrew his divine sense.

“The imprint on his body is very light, most of it had already dissipated. There is a problem here!”

Sun Xi looked at Wang Lin and slowly said “Brother Xu this rank eight pill have some history. This pi ll does not come from planet Ran Yun but from a foreign cultivator who was seriously injured and fled here. I, the Ran family ancestor, and the Carefree Jushi worked together to steal it. The cultivator died to the Ran family ancestor.

Wang Lin frowned, he glanced at Sun Xi but didn’t speak. He didn’t want to know secret like this but Sun Xi still told him. It probably had some relation to the matter Sun Xi want to ask his help for.

Sun Xi pretended to see Wang Lin’s gaze and continued “This was four years ago. This pill is very precious especially to ascendant cultivators like us. There was not one but a total of five pills. Me and the Carefree Jushi both obtained one each. The Ran family ancestor had reached mid stage ascendant so he obtained three.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same as he looked at the second floor as if he wasn’t listening.

Sun Xi didn’t mind and continued “It was just that the pills were a bit hot. We saw in bag of the cultivator the Ran family ancestor killed the token from the Hua family of planet Thousand Illusion…”

Wang Lin turned his head, looked at Sun Xi, and blandly said “Fellow cultivator Sun, I don’t like listening to stories.”

Sun Xi faintly smiled and said “Brother Xu even if I don’t tell you this story someone else in the future will. This city belong to my Sun family yet the pill is being auctioned here. I believe with brother Xu’s wisdom you should be aware of the reason.”

Wang Lin’s expression was normal. He had his doubt before but because he didn’t understand the Allheaven Star System that well so he didn’t think about it. However now that Sun Xi pointed it out his gaze swept past the second floor and became cold.

Sun Xi had always been staring at Wang Lin’s expression. At the moment he saw the coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes he felt relief as his goal was reached. He no longer spoke but pour himself a cup of tea and began tasting the tea.

The coldness only flashed across Wang Lin’s eyes before disappearing. Unless the mid stage ascendant cultivator of the Ran family was willing how could it be auctioned here. The price of this pill must be as high as the heavens. Also this pill was useless to people below ascendant, not only would it be useless but the high profile of the auction would make them a target. Anyone who was smart won’t buy it.

A cultivator below ascendant won’t be able to devour an rank eight pill if they devour it so an elixir would become poison.

The reason the pill was auctioned here was Wang Lin. The Ran cultivator wanted to secretly tempt Wang Lin into buying the pill.

Wang Lin didn’t feel it was strange that the Ran family cultivator knew he was here. After all the planet was named after the Ran family. If they didn’t have any methods they won’t had mainted their family’s current status.

Taking the pill and devouring the pill would be tantamount to participating to the matter from four years ago. Even if he tried to explain it to the Hua family it would be pointless.

“What deep scheming!” Wang Lin’s expression was calm but his heart was on guard. There wasn’t ascendant cultivator was easy to deal with, no one that founded a family was weak!

“Under the Ran family controls the auction so no one else will buy this pill. If I don’t buy it then the Ran family cultivator will find another method to drag me into this.”

The auction on the second floor had begun. Various magical weapons, materials, and pills were bidded upon.

Sun Xi put down the tea and muttered to himself “Unfortunately four years ago that person didn’t have time to tell us his identity before the three of us sneak attacked and killed him. If we had knew he was from the Hua family the no matter what he won’t dare to attack.

The Hua family of planet Thousand Illusion was extremely overbearing. If their family members were killed everyone implicated would be killed. Even if one obtains something from their family member through an auction they will still incur their wrath.

What the Hua family want was absolute status. Even if things from the bag of holding was placed before you you still won’t dare to take it and return it with both hands. If you hope they won’t find you then you will forever wonder around your life and death… Unfortunately I’m still afraid to devour the pill I have…”

Wang Lin didn’t speak, his gaze was still on the second floor.

A man’s voice came from the second floor “The next item in the auction is an rank eight pill. This pill can only be taken by ascendant cultivator, if anyone below ascendant take it their body will explode and die. Now the auction will start, ten thousand celestial jade…”