Emperor Ye Xiaoxiao

Chapter 1159: Golden Isle Lord

The isle master paid special attention to Li Qiye as well. On the next day, he came to visit Li Qiye.

This was enough to show how much the isle valued a groom like him. After all, a great lineage like this normally wouldn’t act this way.

It was built on two treefathers meaning that it was equal to a lineage with two Immortal Emperors. However, remember how treefathers would return to the earth and the origin to protect their descendants? This meant that a lineage like the frightening isle had even more resources and power than a dual emperors lineage.

The personal visit from the isle lord was giving more than enough face for Li Qiye.

“Ah, virtuous nephew’s entrance to my Golden Isle was really a match made in heavens with my daughter.” The isle lord smiled happily after seeing Li Qiye: “I heard our disciples said that your entry was all by chance. It means that this marriage is the will of the heavens, a preordained romance that will become a tale across the Heaven Spirit World.”

Li Qiye smiled in response while staring at the isle lord: “I feel strange to hear you put it that way. I’m more like a captive stallion, ready to mate at any time to reproduce more offsprings.”

The isle lord bursted out in laughter and said: “Being qualified to be a stallion is also a type of capital, not just anyone can be a stallion even though they want to very much. We can also take a step back, even being a stallion of our Golden Isle is not a shameful thing at all. We won’t talk about other stuff, but virtuous nephew will have no lack of riches here.”

The isle lord was being very frank and honest. In fact, there was no need for any trickery. With the isle’s status and power, they would look down on lying to Li Qiye.

“Then I suppose I should be thanking you for your honesty.” Li Qiye smile leisurely.

The isle lord took another look at Li Qiye. This was an ordinary looking fella. If it wasn’t for the examination by their formation, he would find it hard to believe that such a normal guy had the bloodline of the imperial prince level.

However, after a quick word with him, the lord really believed that this person truly had a powerful bloodline. He might looked ordinary but his response and demeanor were far from it.

Anyone would be ecstatic and jumping happily after becoming the groom of the Golden Isle. They would either start feeling smug and conceited or act bashfully out of apprehension for his status.

But this youth was completely nonchalant and natural. He was at ease regardless of whether he wanted to become the groom or that he was facing the island’s lord.

It seemed that both being the groom and talking to the isle lord couldn’t cause any waves in his mind, not enough for him to care. Such a person must have experienced countless storms and had a determined dao heart.

“I believe that when virtuous nephew and my daughter live together, you two will become a pair of dao companion garnering the envy of many people in this world.” The isle lord smilingly said.

Li Qiye gently shook his head and responded in a cordial manner: “Isle lord has such confidence? To be frank, you think that I will definitely marry your daughter? I know some of the conventions in the Heaven Spirit World. For many lineages, if a powerful bloodline appears, these sects would have started looking for a stallion for a while now.”

“I know full well that these powerful lineages have many stallions that have been groomed for a long time. Outside of allowing the pair to get to know each other, it could also cultivate loyalty and dedication.” Li Qiye glanced at the isle lord and said with a smile: “But now, your sect is choosing from outsiders, this is quite interesting…”

“Everything will change just as the time changes, and so will conventions.” The isle lord still smiled.

Li Qiye went on: “Here, whether if it was picking the right stallion or choosing the correct cauldron, in terms of humans, I know the best choices are at the Exquisite Valley. It is the place with exceptional human bloodlines, so it makes more sense if your Golden Isle was cooperating with it.”

The isle lord smiled: “The world is vast, it is not certain that the Exquisite Valley will have the best bloodline. Virtuous nephew is someone like that. Your bloodline can surpass all of the bloodlines there. In fact, it is worthy of pride no matter where you go, whether it be the Heaven Spirit World or the rest of the nine worlds.”

The Exquisite Valley was the largest human lineage in this world. Its strength was unbelievably strong but it had two brilliant aspects. The first was their beautiful appearances and the other was their great bloodlines.

It was also the sect that had the most relationships with other sects and powers in the Heaven Spirit World.

It also had the most dashing males and beautiful females. Of course, this was putting tactfully. To be frank, it was a place producing stallions and cultivation incubators. 1

It had the finest and most comprehensive bloodlines of the human race, suitable for any other race and lineage.

There was an ongoing joke. If one couldn’t find a suitable husband or wife at the Exquisite Valley, then they would not be able to find one at all in the nine worlds, doomed to live a single life till old age.

Although it was a joke, it did show just how excellent and plentiful the bloodlines were at the valley.

Because of this, many main successors and daughters of the lineages here were very welcoming of men and women from the valley to be their live-in partner. 2

Due to the inter-marriage relationships, the valley had ties with many lineages in the Heaven Spirit World, allowing them to have a matchless amount of connections.

Li Qiye laughed after hearing this: “Please don’t flatter me so much or I’ll feel so elated and have to say yes to you.”

“This can’t be considered flattery. Your constitution truly deserves such praise.” The isle lord said with a smile.

Li Qiye leisurely answered: “But isle lord still didn’t answer my question.”

The isle lord was still all smiles: “Nephew worries too much. The valley is indeed an excellent lineage and worthy of admiration regardless of the generation.”

“I see.” Li Qiye smirked and slowly said: “Your daughter’s bloodline is absolutely matchless. It contains something amazing so you all do not want to form a ties with the valley. After all, with such an incredible lineage, why involves the valley and share it?”

“Moreover, you will even take an imperial level bloodline like me in, this means that you have great confidence in your own bloodline. Or perhaps that my bloodline will be able to support hers. From this, maybe in the future, the Golden Isle will have a heaven-defying child.” He stared directly at the isle lord here.

The lord only laugh out loud in response: “Nephew is overthinking this too much. We’re only making a minor change, it is no secret at all.”

“Fine, if isle lord does not wish to say it, I won’t push the issue.” Li Qiye smiled back: “But I’m really not interested in this marriage at all, if we can call it that. Plus, I’m not willing to be your breeding stallion anyway.”

The lord glanced at him quickly and said: “Our Golden Isle will not force such a thing to nephew but you should know that forming strong alliance is an infallible logic. If you are willing to stay, no need for me to explain all the benefits. As for other things, we can talk about it in details.”

The lord was indeed showing enough sincerity and goodwill. It was a clear indication of how important he deemed Li Qiye’s bloodline.

Li Qiye was quite amused by it as he chortles: “Even before taking my opinion into account, don’t you think this type of groom selection is too hasty? Will your daughter agree to having a random husband out of nowhere? I trust that no girls oppose this. Isle lord is a smart person, I’m sure you know that in order to have a successful marriage with the aim of reproduction and strengthening bloodline, the parties involved still need to like each other. That would be the best case scenario. There is no force greater than the word ‘love’, it is both a poison and panacea.”

Stallions, incubators, and bloodlines were extremely precious. If there was a loss to either of the parties, it was a loss to the entire sect.

It was best that the man and woman like each other in order to reproduce and strengthen a bloodline. Because of this, normally, the two would meet other at a very young age. Their relationship would start then to become a pillar for their emotional attachment in the future.

Thus, the powerful lineages wouldn’t suddenly pick a stallion or incubator. Most would be groomed from a young age. Thus, the Golden Isle’s action this time had a mystery that no one else knew about.

Chapter 1160: Ye Xiaoxiao

The lord smiled and sincerely replied: “Just like you said, love needs time. You haven’t met my daughter so how do you know that she won’t agree?”

“You are indeed worthy of being the lord of the isle, already laying a trap with just a few words.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh. Without a doubt, this lord was a smart one.

The isle lord smiled in response: “We’ll decide it like this. Nephew can keep on thinking about it carefully. If you haven’t made up your mind, then it is fine to stay here for a bit. Our door is always open for you, just treat it as your own home.”

“Thank you for showing such love.” Li Qiye smiled and nodded his head.

This lord was an open-minded person. There was no conflict of interest between the two of them right now so Li Qiye accepted the lord’s attempt at winning him over.

As the lord made it to the door, he turned back and asked: “I almost forgot to ask? May I know who your master is?”

Li Qiye freely answered: “I am only a vagrant cultivator and the oceans are my home, not worth mentioning.”

The lord didn’t inquire further. He laughed and said: “Then I hope you can get used to this place. If you need anything, just tell my disciples.” He left after saying this.

He wouldn’t be so inquisitive after Li Qiye showed his unwillingness to talk about his origin. For the Golden Isle, if this person came from a lineage in the Heaven Spirit World, they could definitely find out. This was within their abilities.

Li Qiye sealed space once more after the lord left. He sat cross-legged to meditate again. Even though his internal injuries were very serious, they recovered in a short time due to the Heaven Restoration Ointment.

At this moment, these injuries were no problem. The only issue was the unsolved Life Origination. It was suppressing his blood energy severely.

Of course, he was not in a rush to do so either. After all, such a thing didn’t come so easy. This required time and the water of life to slowly dilute it.

He instead focused on the Space Scripture and its fundamentals. In the present, though he grasped its mysteries quite well, there was still a long way to go before he could use it at will by mastering its profundity.

There were four parts to the scripture or four major chapters. They were: World Creation, Space Control, Parallelism, Cryptic Space.

Among these four chapters, World Creation was the most important and incredible. It was the most essential part of the scripture.

World Creation was not referring to creating new worlds and existences. The Space Scripture has not reached that level. After all, this was beyond the boundary of cultivation. Life creation was something left to the heaven alone.

To be exact, World Creation was about opening up space. The truth was that after reaching a particular realm, all cultivators could do so. Godkings and Immortal Emperors were able to open bigger space.

However, the World Creation from the Space Scripture was different than these other methods. Even a space opened by an Immortal Emperor was different.

Once the user of World Creation reached the top level, even spaces opened by Immortal Emperors were much lesser.

World Creation was an arduous process but if completed fully, then a new world would appear. It was a spatial realm of the world level.

This level of space could accept everything, including any existences, items, or forces. It was similar to creation like the start of the heaven and earth, the nine worlds. Because it has a spatial structure, the nine worlds were able to have sentient beings.

Thus, this was almost the opening of a world. With a successful opening one day, then new life would be born there. From then no, it would no longer be the nine worlds, but ten. At that time, Li Qiye would become the supreme ruler. Of course, it was not something that could be done in a day or two.

The other three major chapters of the Space Scripture had their own characteristics and usages as well. Among them, Space Control encompassed the most content. For example, portal summoning, teleportation, banishment, space correction, deep space, displaced space, visual phenomenon space… All of this were part of the Space Control chapter.


The Golden Isle treated Li Qiye with an incomparable warm hospitality as if he was the most esteemed guest. This made his recovery here very comfortable.

But before two days have passed, trouble has found his door. It was early morning while he was cultivating in this room, there was shouting outside.

“Li Qiye, roll out here for this lady.!” Despite the high volume, the voice was very sweet and pleasant. There was an indescribable type of charm and youthfulness.

Li Qiye stood up and left his room to see a girl standing in the living room, a very young girl, to be exact.

The lass looked to be around thirteen year old. She grew up quite well with a complexion as white as the jade. Her spirited eyes were round and big in a penetrating manner. Her small nose was sculpted without faults while her cherry mouth was as red as fire.

She stood with both hands on her waist while arching her chest forward proudly. This posture slightly revealed the valley and shape beneath the embroidered dress. 3

This little lass was really lovely and cute; others couldn’t help but like her. But of course, her demeanor and posturing showed off her hot and strong personality.

Moreover, she was barefooted. The moment her small and exquisite feet fell into sight, everyone would be in awe for it was a perfect masterpiece made by the heavens. The crystal white feet had the perfect proportion. A bit more would be too fat yet a bit less would be too thin.

Flowers were blossoming as she walked with fresh grass appearing. It was as if she was walking on a field of flowers.

Her blood energy was still hidden and same with her dao. It showed that she was not using any merit law or technique yet lush vegetation was still appearing. This meant that she had an innate ability not found in others. This was a type of special constitution or unique bloodline.

Li Qiye glanced at her and the field below her. His eyes slightly narrowed before revealing a smile to say: “I am Li Qiye, who might you be?”

“Ye Xiaoxiao.” She maintained her aggressive appearance while glaring at him.

“I don’t know you.” Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head.

The lass was unhappy with this response. She replied fiery: “This lady is the princess of the Golden Isle, the woman that you will marry!”

“Er-” Li Qiye smiled wryly. Other girls would be too bashful to say such words but she just blurted out without a problem.

He cupped his fist and said: “Oh, so it is Princess Ye. Long time no see, long time no see, I didn’t expect princess to come.” 4

“Long time no see my ass.” Ye Xiaoxiao said with disdain: “Earlier you didn’t even know who I am. Stop your act right now.”

Li Qiye laughed amusingly after seeing her fiery attitude. This little girl was very interesting. He readily accepted and answered leisurely with a grin: “Okay, I messed up about saying long time no see. After all, I’ve never even heard of your name before prior to this.”

“You…” She was stumped for a moment and couldn’t come up with a response. She came with an imposing attitude to yell at him. She expected him to arrogantly yell back at her so that she could kick him out of the Golden Isle.

Either that, or he would be suppressed by her aggression and become submissive. Thus, she would also kick such a submissive nobody out of the Golden Isle.

However, she didn’t expect him to act neither arrogantly or submissively.

  1. Incubators here are females
  2. Live-in partner here is a concept mainly for grooms. They would go live with their wife’s family instead and the children will not carry their last name. It is a shameful thing
  3. Get me out of here
  4. Something people say between friends. Li Qiye is being sarcastic right now by acting all familiar

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