Emperor Whale Rider

Chapter 1209: Delivering The Skull As A Present

Yan Yanglong couldn’t move even if he wanted to while being nailed to the ground by the law. He struggled desperately but it was futile.

He wanted to use his Extreme Yang Physique to burn this law but regardless of how much power it emitted, it couldn’t burn this single law. The mud and soil around him were melted completely but the law was untouched.

He cried out in response: “Li, kill me if you dare, what’s the point of humiliating me! Even if I die, I still won’t eat the mud!” 1

Yanglong was indeed unyielding. Even at death’s door, he didn’t beg at all and his words were still quite strong.

“In that case, I’ll fulfill your wish.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

“Come on then! Kill me or you’re a coward!” Yan Yanglong howled madly. The refined flame of the sun engulfed his body like a volcanic eruption. No one could come close.

He wanted to use his Extreme Yang Physique for protection. As long as Li Qiye was unable to break through it, he wouldn’t be able to kill him.

Many people were surprised to see this. Yanglong was still quite powerful despite being nailed to the ground. This was indeed an Immortal Physique; other physiques couldn’t compare at all.

How could Li Qiye not see through his thoughts? He smiled and said: “You’re displaying your slight skill before an expert. Think you can stay alive using this little physique? Very well, I love to crush the hope out of people.”

With that, he gently reached out with his palm. Even if Yanglong’s physique was more powerful, it was for naught. The palm descending down made the volcanic eruption of his physique seemed like a candle flickering in the wind, bound to go out at any moment. The physique and the refined sunflame instantly disappeared.

Such a scene was truly astonishing, an immediate dispatch of an Immortal Physique. Just how domineering and fierce was this style?

“No!” Yanglong never expected that his physique was not able to handle a single palm from Li Qiye. Unfortunately, it was too late for regrets. He was annihilated just like his refined sunflame.

Everyone felt a chill inside amidst the serenity. They understood that this human boy ahead was completely vicious and was not afraid of anyone. He dared to kill Daoist Lin’s attendant and the Extreme Yang Monarch’s disciple in front of everyone. This was enough to show his domineering nature; a person who didn’t care about antagonizing anyone!

After killing Yan Yanglong, Li Qiye slowly walked to the front of the Teeming Prince. At this time, the prince’s body was completely fractured ike broken porcelain. Just the slightest touch would make his body scattered everywhere.

He was lying in a bloody pool and couldn’t move at all. Nevertheless, he was still quite fierce and looked at Li Qiye to coldly say: “The victor takes all. I can only blame myself for not being skillful enough. Do as you will, the Teeming Tribe will have revenge for me by massacring your nine clans one day.”

In face of death, the prince’s nature was still as ferocious as ever, true to his race.

“I will wait for your Teeming Tribe to come take revenge for you. The blood of billions shall stain this blue sea red.” Li Qiye smiled and swiftly chopped down the crown prince’s head.

The prince’s eyes were still wide opened to glare at his enemy.

“Boom!” Li Qiye spread his palm and a lightning shot out. The dozen of dying old men were burnt to ashes with only one of them left.

The moment this old man got up, Li Qiye threw him a box containing the prince’s head and smiled: “Bring this head back to the Teeming Tribemaster. Tell him and your entire race to not come and provoke me or his son’s fate will be his as well. If I see any Teeming Fish daring to show up before me, I will kill them all.”

The old man was trembling with anger, his face twisted with fury. Eventually, he spoke severely: “I will not leave out a single word!”

With that, he left with the prince’s head.

No one made any comment about Li Qiye’s message. The Teeming Tribe has always been a ruthless bunch and were quite aggressive and competitive recently. His actions have enraged their entire tribe. The billions of their tribe would surely come to kill him no matter what!

Li Qiye broke the silence by patting his palms together and told Teng Jiwen and Ye Tu: “Okay, let us go. There is nothing else to do here.”

The duo quietly followed him.

Li Qiye didn’t get too far before turning back at the big shots hiding their true form: “Return from whence you came. The Seacrossing Shuttle isn’t a place for you all to ponder. Even if your progenitor was here, he still wouldn’t dare to claim success.”

These big shots didn’t refute Li Qiye’s statement.

After leaving the fragmented realm and the shuttle, Li Qiye turned back to see the shuttle still floating away. He gently sighed at the Untethered Vessel and thought about that one day that might be coming in the future.

“When the Seacrossing Shuttle sinks back to the Bottomless Trench, the Charming Fragmented Realm will close again?” Ye Tu looked at it and asked.

Li Qiye answered with a nod: “Yes. It’s next appearance will be very long from now. Or rather, this world will have change at that time.”

The group returned to the Shallow Beach. A Void Imperfection disciple was already waiting there. Ye Tu got the news and immediately told Li Qiye with excitement: “Young noble, the school has sent a message, the ancestral whale is waiting for you.”

“Good, I’ll set off at once.” He patted Ye Tu and Teng Jiwen’s shoulder and smiled: “It is time for me to go now. Do a good job training, maybe we’ll meet again one day.”

The two bowed to say goodbye. This short period with Li Qiye has granted them great benefits lasting a lifetime.

The Jade Sea was vast and boundless to an unimaginable level. Its depth was beyond speculation with countless living beings living within. Some of them were wondrous creatures.

In the desolate edge of this sea, very few cultivators and tribes were here because it was too far from the central area. Mountains were in abundant at the bottom of the sea. One couldn’t see an end to them.

There were many islands as well like the stars in the sky. However, they were uninhabited.

Here was where the ancestral whale of the Void Imperfection School was sleeping. Of course, this was only a temporary rest. When it woke up again, it would swim everywhere throughout the Jade, Profound, and Dragon Demon Seas!

In the legends, it was a gigantic whale left behind by Immortal Emperor Wu Gou. It had the bloodline of a true dragon but it has yet to gain intelligence so it still had its whale form.

In a certain sense, this whale was the ancestral ground of the Void Imperfection Three Schools, a mobile one!

A great deal of resources were contained in this whale. Both treasures and merit laws were divided and some were kept inside the beast.

If one day the three schools were to meet a formidable enemy and be completely destroyed, as long as the ancestral whale was still there, there was a chance to rise again. Unless this enemy was able to destroy the ancestral whale as well, the sparks of the three schools would continue to pass down for generations.

It was not an easy matter to destroy an existence like the ancestral whale. An Immortal Emperor going all out might be able to do it, but even Godkings were not sufficient in this task.

Moreover, the location of the whale has always been a secret. Very few within the sects knew its true whereabouts.

Its cruising trajectory through the vast seas was impossible to predict. And after a long journey, it would swim to the depth of the sea to hibernate out of sight.

An old man was waiting for Li Qiye the moment he got into this region. He had full white beard and hair, looking like a mortal old man around the age of seventy. Who knows how long he has lived for.

Nevertheless, his blood energy was still robust. This was a terrifying Godking.

“You must be Young Noble Li.” The old man cupped his fist and smiled at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled back and nodded: “Following the ancestral whale has been very rewarding for you. It looks like you have lived for two generations now.”

The old man was frightened to hear this. His identity has always been a secret even to his own sect. His mind shuddered at this sudden revelation of his longevity.

Chapter 1210: Ancestral Whale

The old man took a deep breath and said: “Young Noble, your vision is wonderful. I am full of admiration, please come inside.”

Li Qiye nodded and stepped into the sea. In the blink of an eye, they sank to the deepest region of the seabed before stopping in front of a mountain.

“Crack!” A burst of collapsing break resounded. The mountain not far from Li Qiye shattered into pieces. Boulders fell down causing the fish nearby to flee in horror.

When this mountain shattered completely, it suddenly became bright. A ray of light illuminated the bottom of the sea. Before them was a magnificent world, mysterious and sparkling. It resembled a portal leading to a whole new world.

But upon a closer inspection, this was no portal at all. It was an eye of an unbelievable size. This eye was covered by the mountains before.

When this eye opened completely, its light completely engulfed Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” The earth began to quake as if the entire sea was about to be overturned. Tidal waves rose to the vault of the sky as if something was awakening, something capable of destroying the stars up in the nine heavens.

More mountains began to collapse in this area. The islands on the surface crumbled as well and sank to the bottom.

“How can this be?” The old man was shocked and exclaimed: “Why, why is the ancestral whale waking up before the appointed time?”

“Boom!” A tsunami of countless height assaulted the sky resulting in a spectacular scene. A monstrous whale emerged from the sea. In a short time, this region’s geography was changed completely.

This whale was no different than a continent appearing at sea level. There was no end to this whale as far as the eyes could see. It was as long as a mountain range floating above the sea.

This was the ancestral whale of the Void Imperfection Three Schools. Very few people in this world has seen it before. Despite rumors of having a true dragon bloodline, it couldn’t turn into a dragon just yet due to its lack of intelligence.

Li Qiye stood above its gigantic head at this time. It was no different from an island spanning for thousand of miles.

Li Qiye patted its head and spoke with emotions: “In the northern darkness there is a fish and his name is K’un. The K’un is so huge, who knows how many million li he measures…” 2

“Oooooo!” The whale roared after hearing Li Qiye. It was a heaven-shattering cry. The soul and the sky both quaked before its reverberation.

“Bang!” A huge water pillar shot straight to the sky from its head. It seemed to be particularly excited.

“This, this is a true whale rider!” The old man was dumbfounded while blurting these words.

He stared at Li Qiye in disbelief. Not even in his dream would he expect Li Qiye to become a whale rider upon the first meeting with the whale. It was too unbelievable.

“Is this predetermined by the heavens? Is it granting us the destined prince that will lead the three schools to new heights of greatness?” The old man murmured to himself in a daze.

He couldn’t be blamed for being so shocked. Although those like him who are stationed near the whale for a prolonged period were called whale riders, but they were not real whale riders. To be more accurate, they were whale trackers.

This was because true whale riders could control the ancestral whale but they didn’t have this ability. The ancestral whale was much stronger than them unless they were to be recognized by the whale as its masters. Only such people were true whale riders.

A few old men like him could only follow the whale throughout its journey. They simply had no way of changing the route and destination of the whale.

After a long while, the old man’s mind returned. He emotionally kneeled to the ground and couldn’t conceal his excitement: “The heavens have eyes, it is bestowing a destined king to us. You are the whale rider of our Void Imperfection Three Schools, we will have a chance to unite again.”

“The heavens have eyes?” Li Qiye bursted out in laughter and shook his head: “The old villainous heaven will never open his dog eyes, let alone giving a destined king to your three schools.”

“In any case, young noble, you are our whale rider, a blessing for our school.” The old man was still excited all the same.

“Whale rider or not, I will be fetching the water from the Void Imperfection Spring now.” Li Qiye smiled and waved his sleeve.

“Ooooo-” The ancestral whale cried out after hearing this.

With a buzz, a portal that lead into the whale’s body opened.

“Young noble, please enter!” The ecstatic old man said.

With a smile, Li Qiye entered the portal and was teleported into the whale. The old man was right behind him.

It was an incredible scene within. There were palaces built in this place, surrounded by mountains.

Who could imagine that there were mountains within a whale. This was an entirely separate world with majestic peaks and flowing waterfalls. Those who knew that this was the inside of a whale would find the whole thing inconceivable.

Li Qiye and the old man entered a palace with an even larger dimension within. There was nothing in this palace hall outside of a large lake.

The water in this lake was calm. Due to its serene nature, when people were here, they felt like floating. The water washed away the seven emotions and six desires. Their body would be covered with an immortal energy. Next, divine rings would emerge around the body. It was a feeling of wanting to abandon the mortal flesh and could ascend to an immortal at any moment.

“There are no other places with as much Void Imperfection Water as your three schools.” Li Qiye looked at the lake and said insipidly: “Back then, Immortal Emperor Wu Gou left behind plenty of resources for you all. Otherwise, your three schools wouldn’t have two more grand completion Immortal Physique and two complete laws.”

“Our achievements today are granted by the great forefathers.” The old man agreed. Li Qiye was simply stating the truth.

They had sufficient resources. As long as there were talented enough disciples with strong willpower, their schools could groom them into excellent beings.

The talented prospects had a chance to enter the Void Imperfection Spring in order to change their constitution. After this process, their cultivation would soar like a tiger with wings.

Thus, the three schools only lacked talents while having no shortage of resources.

Li Qiye took out a gourd and began to absorb a large amount of Void Imperfection Water. For the three schools, this water was extremely precious. Not to mention the disciples, even the ancestors couldn’t easily take it out of the ancestral whale outside of special circumstances.

However, the old man had no objection to Li Qiye’s action because he could bring down the Void Imperfection Clouds. According to their ancestral teachings, Li Qiye was qualified to take the water here. Moreover, he was also a whale rider thus he had the great authority to take as much as he wanted. It was not a big deal.

After taking enough, he turned and left. However, the moment he got out of the palace, several old men were kneeling on the ground with great reverence. They normally stay inside the ancestral whale for a long period.

“What are you doing?” Li Qiye glanced at them and said flatly: “I am not your whale rider, get up.”

“Young noble, please stay. Our three schools require your leadership. As long as you are there, we will return to one again.” One of them hurriedly said.

Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head: “I already said I am not a whale rider, only a fleeting passenger. No need to care or pay attention to me.”

“But the ancestral whale has chosen you as its rider.” This old man answered with haste: “Maybe young noble is unaware of the significance of being a whale rider. For millions of years, countless wise sages from our schools all desired to become one…”

Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve and said: “I know what it means to be one. When your progenitor and the two grand completion physique users are not in this world, the whale rider represents the highest authority of the three schools! This person can reunite the three schools into one again!”

“Young noble, you are completely correct. As long as you stay, all of the disciples will listen to your command, all of our resources are for you to use…” The old man elaborated.

“I understand.” Li Qiye was without any interest: “For many people, to be a whale rider is the highest honor, the highest symbol of authority, the thing that many wise sages from your schools have been longing for.”

  1. He calls himself young master here instead of me/I. It is a powerful tone
  2. A longer passage of this is found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peng_(mythology)

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