Emperor Underground

Chapter 1144: One Mistake; An Eternal Sin

Being harshly scold by Li Qiye left Old Devil smiling wryly: “I was overwhelmed with the need for more power so I carelessly tried to borrow this power to forcefully seize the Heaven’s Will.”

“Hah, forcefully seize the Heaven’s Will.” Li Qiye laughed in response: “That is only something in the legends. You couldn’t become Immortal Emperor back then so you definitely couldn’t succeed later.”

Old Devil exhaled and said :”If I could have thought of that back then, then it wouldn’t have deteriorated so badly. While focusing on obtaining the power underground, we opened the seal but we unexpectedly found something else.”

Li Qiye didn’t say anything and continued to stare coldly at Old Devil.

The old man went on: “At that moment, I finally understood that outside of this power, there were other things down there, but it was too late. In order to protect this land from falling into the hands of the monsters, I and the other elders worked together. We spent countless efforts and refined jades in order to reseal the foundation!”

“Hmph! Immortal Emperor Min Ren and I was afraid that the power down there would break out again even from the foundation. But who would have thought that before it could break out, everything was destroyed in your hands.” He glared at Old Devil.

The old man lowered his head in shame. His little brother spoke instead: “It is not all big brother’s fault. If it wasn’t for my curiosity with the secret, none of this would have happened.”

“The Cleansing Incense’s situation today is because of me. My ambition has blinded me, resulting in our decline and the elders suffering underground.” He spoke with shame: “If it wasn’t for senior Black Dragon King slapping me out of my stupor, I’m afraid I would have went to meet the ancestors already.”

“You all couldn’t suppress the old man underground?” Li Qiye asked.

Old Devil smiled wryly and said: “The elders and I counter-attacked many times to no avail. We could only force him back at best. There was no way of re-creating the Immortal Emperor’s seal so we have to stand guard there.”

Li Qiye coldly scowled: “If it isn’t for your meritorious service, I would be too lazy to deal with this mess. I will do it this time and never a second time! One might be able to survive an act of god, but no one can survive a self-brought calamity.”

“Your Excellency, please do it to reseal this land.” After hearing this, Old Devil immediately rejoiced and prostrated on the ground to say.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “It is easier said than done to seal this land. It can’t be done in one or two days. When Immortal Emperor Min Ren erected the supreme imperial foundation in the past, it required a lot of time and effort.”

“What I can do now is make that old man run back and stop causing trouble!” Li Qiye paused and glared at Old Devil: “Whether this land can be sealed again or just destroyed, I’ll deal with that later.”

“Your Excellency taking action is a blessing for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.” Old Devil could finally let go of the torment in his heart.

Li Qiye asked: “Do you know anything about that last battle?”

“Your Excellency, I did not participate in that battle.” Old Devil quickly explained: “I was haunted back then so senior Black Dragon King awakened me with a slap. He told me to stay behind and guard without further information. Because I was suppressing the seal underground, I didn’t know what exactly happened in that battle. The moment I got out, the battle between the senior and Immortal Emperor Ta Kong has already ended. I didn’t meet senior later on so I don’t know the specific circumstances.”

Li Qiye pondered for a moment. He knew clearly that the Black Dragon King must still be alive after the fight with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to kill his way into the Immortal Demon Grotto.

After a while, Li Qiye lifted his head and told Old Devil: “I will go underground to deal with this matter in order to avoid further complication.”

“Your Excellency will certainly be successful.” Old Devil quickly stated in full exultation.

The two of them left Cleansing Incense and went to the town right below. After entering the small town, Old Devil led Li Qiye to the Happy Crimson Pavilion.

Old Devil was a regular here so after he arrived, the ladies here came to greet him in a very familiar manner. A gorgeously dressed woman coquettishly smiled: “Third Master, you are bringing along a young man today?” 1

Old Devil laughed boisterously and brought Li Qiye inside. He looked for the old madame here and told her: “Open the door.”

The madame noticed an outsider, Li Qiye, and became quite surprised: “Who is he?”

“Don’t ask.” Old Devil knew about Li Qiye’s temper and quietly told the madame.

The madame did not blabber about and immediately took the two deeper into the pavilion. She opened a closed iron door and let them inside.

There was a different heavenly grotto resembling a large courtyard inside with different types of strange grasses and spiritual medicines. Who would have thought that such a mundane location would contain a wondrous place like this?

Li Qiye took a look and spoke with a tinge of emotion: “This place is still here after so many years.”

“Your Excellency, this place has been running all this time. The ancestors of the sect believe that a cunning rabbit has three caves so the entrance has been shifted to this place.” Old Devil replied.

Li Qiye said flatly: “A cunning rabbit has three caves? Immortal Emperor Min Ren didn’t have this thought back then. This was meant to be a home for those pitiful mortal women. Only someone like Min Ren would trouble himself with the chaotic mortal realm, or maybe he was just soft-hearted like a woman.” 2

Old Devil remained silent. He was not qualified to comment on the past and Immortal Emperor Min Ren. He has also heard many legends about Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s humane beliefs.

Li Qiye only sighed and didn’t want to talk more about the emperor’s kind nature.

There were pitiful people all around the world but as he has said before, he was not the savior. He couldn’t save and enlighten all living beings. The only thing he wanted was to preserve the nine worlds so that the human race could exist forever.

As for the weak and pitiable, they would need to rely on themselves. Only by growing stronger would they be able to escape their own destiny. Otherwise, it would just be empty talk. He could save one person but not millions.

This was the biggest difference between him and Immortal Emperor Min Ren. The emperor had a tendency for clemency and a wish to save all living beings in this world.

Old Devil opened another entrance to the underground and led Li Qiye inside. They were ported into the deepest location of Cleansing Incense.

A gigantic imperial foundation was located in this place. It was built upon the sweat and blood of Li Qiye and Immortal Emperor Min Ren back then.

One could see many great pillars shouldering the ground. The path was paved by refined divine stones and engraved with powerful imperial formations that were suppressing the entire area.

Walking into this place was the same as walking into an underground labyrinth of a palace. This underground base was huge. In face of a disaster, it would be easy for all the disciples from the sect to come and hide here.

Li Qiye gently sighed after feeling the familiar power while walking inside the foundation.

This was an inheritance that could allow for Cleansing Incense to continue on. Even if it were to collapse one day, as long as this place was still here, it would eventually rise once more.

It can be said that in order to build this place, they have spent countless effort. Alas, after so many years, the future generations of Cleansing Incense did not utilize this inheritance to bring about prosperity for the sect.

Finally, they went as far as they could go. Before them was an abyss resembling a cave connecting further down to the ground. It was pitch-black; no way to see what was down there.

Around this pit was an extremely powerful imperial formation. Many old men were sitting around. Their vitality was weakened with age but this didn’t mean that they weren’t extremely powerful. All were Virtuous Paragons.

At the same time, three weapons were floating in the middle of the formation. Two of them were life treasures emitting an imperial aura!

“Benevolent Saber!” Li Qiye glanced at the third weapon and immediately recognized it.

The Benevolent Saber was Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s true fate weapon. The other two weapons were also refined by him.

Back then, he left behind all of his weapons. Outside of one life treasure falling into the hands of the Heavenly God Sect, the other ones vanished without a trace including the saber.

The old generation like Gu Tieshou didn’t know where these weapons have went. They speculated that the weapons have been lost in the war.

When Li Qiye and Old Devil stepped closer, the old men presiding over the formation opened their eyes as if they were waking up from their slumber.

“Elders.” Old Devil looked at each one to say: “Young Noble Li is here today to deal with the calamity here. After he is done with this crisis, elders can return to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. I have burdened everyone, forcing elders to watch over this place.”

Chapter 1145: Geezer Su

Among the elders here, there were brothers in the same generation as Old Devil as well as uncles who were higher than him. Back then, they opened the seal only to find that the power within was not as simple as they expected. In the end, they had to stay here to guard this place.

If they didn’t do so, this entire area would turn into an evil land. At that time, not only would the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect turn into ashes, the rest of this land would fall into ruins as well.

“It was everyone’s fault.” One ancestor gently sighed: “If we didn’t agree and work together to open the seal, we wouldn’t be in this situation today. It is not just your fault.”

Old Devil sighed as well. It was all due to greed back then. It has ruined everything and almost ended the sect completely.

Li Qiye looked at them and commanded: “Mu Shaodi can stay, the rest leave.”

The elders glanced at each other. In fact, they didn’t know Li Qiye’s true identity so they looked at Old Devil instead.

Old Devil nodded and said: “Elders, you guys can go, just leave this place to Young Noble Li. When it is over, everyone can return to the sect then.”

Old Devil was the most hopeful to become Immortal Emperor. He has a very high position in the mind of these elders. The elders were a bit hesitant but they still decided to leave eventually after hearing him.

With their departure, Li Qiye signaled by waving his sleeve at the Benevolent Saber within the imperial formation. With a clanking sound, the saber slightly resonated with a hymn before flying into his hand. The other two weapons also followed and floated overhead.

He gently stroke the blade afterward. It was flashing with a cold and dreadful glint, deterring others from coming close. Its tip could easily pierce a paragon’s body. The saber kept on hymning as if it has seen its master. It looked like it was recognizing Li Qiye.

“Benevolent Saber…” Li Qiye gently sighed while holding this blade. Back then, it was quite an undertaking for him to find a destiny true stone for Immortal Emperor Min Ren and eventually refining into this one of a kind weapon.

“Clank.” The saber returned to its scabbard. He then shifted his gaze towards the huge abyss and told Old Devil: “Open it, I want to see him.”

“Umm… “ Old Devil hesitated and looked at Li Qiye: “Your Excellency, don’t we need to prepare a bit?”

“Don’t worry, I know what we’re about to face.” Li Qiye slowly replied while staring at the pit.

Old Devil took a deep breath and channeled all of his blood energy as universal laws emerged. The seal was opened at this time. The old guy did not dare to be careless and was ready for the worst.

“Clank-” One could see a black energy floating around the pit as if there were boiling water inside.

“Boom!” With a loud blast, this black energy surged to the sky like a pillar in an endless and terrible manner. It was a ferocious waterfall gushing upward.

“Buzz-” A faint hum came. Immortal Emperor laws appeared around the imperial foundation. Its power tried to stop this flood of boiling black energy.

But it kept on spewing out. Eventually, it would fill the entire foundation underground. Even a more powerful foundation wouldn’t be able to seal this torrential black energy.

“Hahaha…” A shadow rushed out from the pit and laughed: “Junior, you have finally gave up. Be smart and scram from this place to avoid making a mistake.”

This shadow was engulfed in the black energy as well as if it didn’t have a body. It was just the condensation of this dark air. It seemed that it was able to control this form of energy.

It looked quite burly and strong, resulting in a very vigorous and mighty presence. Despite being formed from black energy which gave off a dark and ominous feeling, there was an innate majestic aura inside.

“No, I did not give up. I simply let you out today in order to have closure as well as obtain peace for this land!” Old Devil shook his head.

“Ha, junior, you are indeed very powerful but the best you can do is borrow the imperial foundation to suppress me. If you think you can seal or kill me completely, think again. You are not an Immortal Emperor, plus, I am immortal. Even your Patriarch still couldn’t kill me.” The shadow declared with a guffaw.

“After so many years, Geezer Su, you are still the same, still as stubborn as a rock below the outhouse, hard and smelly.” Li Qiye slowly spoke at this time.

His words surprised the shadow. Its eyes immediately fell upon Li Qiye with a dark glint. Anyone would feel creeped out by this pitch-black eyes and wouldn’t dare to do anything.

However, Li Qiye was unperturbed. He coldly stared back at the shadow.

“Boy, who are you?” The eyes stained with black energy glared at Li Qiye because Li Qiye called him “Geezer Su”. This was quite astonishing because there was no one in this world who knew who he was or his name.

“The person who will not let you rise again.” Li Qiye said flatly: “For millions of years, you are still causing trouble like this. You might not be bored of it but I have grown a little weary of this game.”

“You are that damn dark crow!” The shadow finally realized something. He took several steps back with a shocked expression before exclaiming: “You are still alive after so long?”

“You have been slashed by the old villainous heaven and nailed to the ground, but aren’t you still alive right now?” Li Qiye chuckled: “If you can live till now, why can’t I?”

The figure eventually bursted out in laughter after a long stare at Li Qiye: “No wonder why the junior boy is so confident, so he got some reinforcement. Hahahaha, damn crow, so what if you are here, what can you do to me? Nail me down again or do you want to kill me?”

“Hahahaha, you should know that I am unkillable, I am eternal!” It ended with more obnoxious laughter.

Li Qiye coldly glanced at him and spoke: “Geezer Su, after so many years, you are still indulging in this game. Do you really think that I can’t kill you? What if I uproot this land completely, how much longer do you think you can last? Ten years or a hundred?”

“Hmph!” The shadow snorted after hearing this. There was a secret in this place and very few knew about it. But since Li Qiye was the Dark Crow, he was one of those privy to this information.

“Haha, damn crow, all of this talking and it boils down to you wanting the thing underground as well. Otherwise, you and that brat Min Ren wouldn’t have built the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect in this place.” The shadow coldly retorted.

“Yes, I did want the item before.” Li Qiye did not deny: “But as time passes, it doesn’t matter whether I can take it or not. I have no need to force it. There are many things in this world that I can get instead.”

“Hmph, if that’s the case, then why are you returning? Don’t stand in my way!” It replied.

“Standing in your path?” Li Qiye laughed in response: “You have one? Even if I don’t stop you, what are you going to do?”

“Hehe, I will definitely see the sun again and return to the nine worlds!” The shadow laughed imposingly.

Li Qiye looked down at him and said: “Old geezer, you really think you can change back to the old you? The truth is that you will never be able to, since you are dead already!”

“I am undying!” The shadow stopped Li Qiye with a roar.

“Fine, you are undying, then tell me, what do you consider yourself?” Li Qiye went on: “You were dead after the tribulation back then. Everything of you have turned into ashes! What was left? Only an abomination that is neither human nor ghost, a meaningless existence!”

“Utter rubbish!” The shadow shouted: “Quit your bullshit! I once reigned the nine worlds! I protected and saved the human race! When the tyrant came, only I rebelled and attacked him! I am the savior of the nine worlds, the guardian of the human human…!” The shadow became more riled up as he spoke with increasing volume. In the end, he was screaming.

Li Qiye silently stood there and watched the screaming shadow until he could finish venting!

After screaming for a while, the shadow eventually calmed down and spoke coldly: “In short, I will return to the nine worlds again. That day will come!”

“So what?” Li Qiye said insipidly: “What can you bring to this world even if I let you out? Your power underground will turn this land into evil, and have you ever thought what will become of yourself?”

  1. Remember how Old Devil’s title is hard to translate and it consists of three letters: “Third” + “Devil” + “Grandpa/Master”? She is calling him “Third” + “Grandpa/Master” here, omitting the devil/sly/crafty/perverted part
  2. Okay, this phrase might looks bad for Li Qiye, but in his defense, it is a popular idiom that is widely used in literature. It is definitely a cultural thing. This phrase is not politically correct in modern speech anymore, however. You can probably still see it in historical/xianxia novels due to the settings

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