Emperor Teng Jiwen

Chapter 1171: Replenishing Life For The Peacock Tree

These slightly green branches continued to stretch even further while inside the tree as if it was going through the Peacock Tree’s trunk all the way underground to reach all the roots.

“This is…” Kong Qinru was slightly stunned to see this. Although a treefather would die and turn into these trees, but no one could violate or shake them. Even an Immortal Emperor would have trouble doing so.

But now, Li Qiye could control these branches to drill into the treefather’s body before going underground. Any spectators would become dumbfounded before this scene.

Li Qiye closed his eyes. He wanted to use the Myriad Age Tree to check the Peacock Tree. As a treefather, the Peacock Tree was an untouchable existence. However, the Myriad Age Tree was different. It was something nearly comparable to the Longevity Grass.

Moreover, Li Qiye had no malicious intents. He was only checking the Peacock Tree in order to have a comprehensive diagnosis.

After a good while, he opened his eyes and told Kong Qinru: “Let’s go.”

With that, he reached out with his finger. With a buzzing sound, a door was opened. Before she could calm down, he has dragged her to a different location right away.

They appeared again at the bottom of the sea before an underwater cliff. This was the bottom of the Peacock Land.

She was shocked once again. Li Qiye could freely traverse through space while locking on a coordinate with such precision. This was the most frightening and heaven defying method.

At this second, she didn’t know how powerful he was for his techniques have exceeded her prediction.

“Hum–” He placed his palm on the cliff and dao lines began to emerge to form abstruse runes. Even a genius like Kong Qinru couldn’t understand them at all.

The emerging runes eventually intertwined together to form a portal. Li Qiye pulled the dazed girl again into a different realm.

She became a bit silly while standing in this realm. The space inside was vast as if it was an entirely different world. One wouldn’t be able to see the end of this space.

Gigantic dragons were dancing in the sky with all kind of shapes and forms. Some were lying there; others were descending downward while more were coiling about… However, upon a closer inspection, it turned out that these things were not dragons but just gigantic roots. This were the Peacock Tree’s roots.

However, it was much more majestic than these descriptions because they were too large. A few of them had some hills made from mud accumulation. Other root branches even had waterfalls running down on them.

When one looked up high, there were so many bright flashing stars in the sky.

“These are the Peacock Tree’s roots?” She was quite shaken to see this.

The treefather has turned into a tree after death but this world was completely inaccessible to outsiders. It was because these roots were the foundation of the treefather. If they were damaged, the land created by the tree would be damaged as well.

“Don’t be fooled by its magicalness.” Li Qiye said lightly: “This place is at its end, extremely close to exhaustion. Otherwise, it would be even more magnificent.”

Such a reminder made she look twice. At this time, she noticed that these thick and huge roots were quite close to death. Some has withered already. If all of them did, then the tree itself would die.

Li Qiye walked around these roots and observed each of them. If necessary, he must cut off a lot of these roots. She followed right behind him. She wasn’t an alchemist and she didn’t understand the treefather’s situation after returning to the earth. The only thing she could do was follow him and assist if asked.

After a careful observation, he finally stood before the main root which was extremely large like a great mountain.

At this time, he opened his fate palace to release the Ginseng Ancestor, Immortal Injury Peony, twelve transformation Dragon Silkworm Soulgrass…

“Twelve… twelve… transformation soulgrass…” After seeing something like a true dragon soaring in the sky while howling, Kong Qinru stammered.

The dragon soulgrass has been cultivating nonstop. More importantly, it has absorbed many good items, such as the roots of the phoenix ginseng as well as the Pinnacle Life Water!

She was shocked to see all of these immortal grasses. No, they were existences even above immortal grasses The Exquisite Valley didn’t have any of them. In fact, in the entire Heaven Spirit world, very few lineages could have immortal level medicines, let alone something even greater.

“These things, these things…” She couldn’t form a coherent thought at this moment.

She finally understood what Li Qiye meant earlier about how she couldn’t provide the things he really wanted. No need to think any further, she had to admit that few would be able to provide what he truly wanted in this world.

He had so many existences even above the immortal level, what other things could actually tempt him?

Something like a twelve transformation soulgrass was unheard of by her, let alone seeing one in person.

“Alright, listen up.” Li Qiye clapped while looking at the happy grasses: “Here is a mission for everyone. Go into the main root and inject some essences and vitality into it.”

“Wow, this is the main root of a treefather.” Even the Ginseng Ancestor commented emotionally while looking at the enormous main root. It took a good look and said: “This treefather is dying for sure. It won’t be easy to save it without spending a massive amount of essences.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t do it for nothing. Now try your best.” Li Qiye commanded.

“We’re waiting to hear those words.” The ginseng cheered after hearing this. All of them quickly plunged into the main root with their own.

Even for them, replenishing the treefather’s life was too difficult due to the great price. However, Li Qiye had more Pinnacle Lifewater. This was a great tonic for them.

“Can they do it?” Kong Qinru asked.

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Life Replenishment for a treefather isn’t so simple. This is only the beginning. We are recovering some of its vitality before carrying out the more drastic steps.”

He glanced over at the other thick roots and said: “Wait until it is a bit stronger, we will sever a lot of these roots or it’ll die.”

“Can it be done?” She was quite worried. Cutting these roots would be a great loss for the tree so it would be met with resistance. Even though the Peacock Tree was on the verge of death, it was still an existence that could easily kill Godkings even in this state.

“It will agree.” Li Qiye said: “If we don’t chop off a large number of roots, this would consume more vitality and essences since all of them require these resources for replenishment. Although it won’t be easy for it in the beginning after losing these roots, but it will be much easier after this hurdle and I’ll save a huge amount of resources as well.”

“How much time will this process take?” She asked.

“It will take some time. You need to be ready for when I ask for help from your valley about certain things.” He answered apathetically.

For Li Qiye, this was not a challenging matter. After all, he had even revived the Myriad Age Tree before, let alone a simple life replenishment.

However, there were two different methods for this process. If Li Qiye wanted to do it fast, he would use the Pinnacle Lifewater. That would save him a lot of time and alchemy ingredients.

However, this water was too precious to him. He would only use an extremely miniscule amount to act as the leading ingredient for the Peacock Tree. The true life replenishment would come from the other medicines using a different method.

The truth was that Li Qiye wouldn’t be the only one with this train of thoughts. Even if Immortal Emperors had some Pinnacle Lifewater, they wouldn’t necessarily use it to replenish someone else’s life. It was too precious, much more precious than any immortal medicines!

Thus, in order to minimize the amount of Pinnacle Life Water spent, he would have to use a slower method.

Chapter 1172: Teng Jiwen

Eventually, Li Qiye looked at the bunch of grasses connecting to the main root of the Peacock Tree before telling Kong Qinru: “Come on, we have a lot of things to do.”

With that, he turned and left. After being back at the resting point of the Exquisite Valley, he wrote down a long list and handed it to her: “Go gather these things for me, as fast as possible.”

She carefully read it. It contained many things such as pills and alchemy ingredients among other strange things. Some were quite common but others were even poisonous…

She put it away and cupped her fist to say: “Young Noble Li, don’t worry, I will personally go back to the Exquisite Valley. When I’m not here, just tell the other disciples if you ever need anything. They will take care of it for you.”

Li Qiye needed too many things that were quite precious so she had to personally take a trip.

After she left, Li Qiye carried out his own business. He really had too many things to do such as working hard to sever the roots of the Peacock Tree. Moreover, he had to climb to the peak again to prepare a grand stage for the entire land.

This was indeed a great price to pay for life replenishment. Alchemy materials alone weren’t enough so Kong Qinru couldn’t afford it. This tree used to be a treefather. The difficulty of this life replenishment is not much different than doing it to an Immortal Emperor.

Even without using a lot of the Pinnacle Lifewater, the other method was quite expensive as well. It required a lot of life force so Li Qiye had to prepare this stage for the last moment.

While he did all of this, the valley maintained a steady stream of materials to him.

Kong Qinru was very determined in this process. She spent painstaking efforts to gather the massive amount of materials and expensive treasures.

Even as the master, she couldn’t decide it all by herself due to the sheer amount. In order to do so, she worked hard to convince the other ancestors of the valley and winning their support.

Due to the constant supply, Li Qiye’s plan was moving along quite smoothly.

On this day, Li Qiye was on top of the Peacock Peak and used the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron to unclog the blocked runic lines of the Peacock tree. He controlled the cauldron with one hand and its fire with the other. This flame poured into the tree like a type of liquid.

Because of its age, many of its runic channels were blocked. By doing this, it would buy a lot more time for the tree.

However, in order to replenish its life, Li Qiye must get through all the blocked channels. Otherwise, its blood energy and essences would be quite limited and the entire process would be meaningless.

As he was clearing through these impassable channels, someone else came again to worship the Peacock tree. It was the descendant of the Heavenvine Citadel that Li Qiye has met before, Teng Jiwen.

The same three old men were still behind him. The moment he got to the top, he saw Li Qiye burning the tree and immediately shouted in shock: “Stop, what are you trying to do!?”

He was a treant so as one of its disciples, he was very full of admiration for an existence like the Peacock Treefather. So now, after seeing someone actually burning the treefather, he was astounded and wanted to stop Li Qiye.

When he rushed over to see Li Qiye’s cauldron pouring endless fire into the tree trunk, he was completely stunned. The elders following him were stunned as well.

Their Heavenvine Citadel was also a lineage with a treefather so they understood these great existences very well. Naturally, this scene was certainly astonishing.

“What, what are you doing?” Teng Jiwen asked in disbelief. Earlier when he told Li Qiye to stop, it was just an instinctive reaction.

Coming from the Heavenvine Citadel, he naturally knew that ordinary people couldn’t harm this ancestral tree that used to be a treefather.

Li Qiye revealed a mysterious smile and spoke in a profound manner: “Life replenishment for the Peacock Tree!”

“Life Replenishment!?” Teng Jiwen and the three old men stared at each other. If this was a joke, it was not a funny one. However, all four of them were speechless at this moment.

If others were to say this, they would be amused at the joke. However, the scene unravelling before them was far from it.

Li Qiye didn’t look like he was joking. More importantly, he could actually invade the Peacock Tree. This was simply impossible.

When a treefather turned into an ancestral tree, it wouldn’t keep its original sentience and became just like other trees. However, there was one different part. These ancestral trees were extremely powerful. Even Immortal Emperors wouldn’t be able to do so easily.

But now, whether the Peacock Tree has given permission or Li Qiye had a special technique, this was still a heaven defying matter, definitely not a joke.

The four of them then watched Li Qiye adding more gushing fire into the body of the tree.

After a long while, he withdrew the flame and the cauldron. This was enough time to ameliorate these blocked runic pathways.

Before leaving, he looked at Teng Jiwen and smiled: “Life Replenishment is not so easy.”

He drifted away cooly after speaking. Meanwhile, the four of them were still astounded and couldn’t say anything.

After Li Qiye was gone for a long time, the group finally calmed down. Teng Jiwen looked at the old man next to him and asked: “Third Uncle, do you think this is possible?”

The old man pondered for a moment before answering: “I really haven’t heard of life replenishment for an ancestral tree before. These are unfathomable existences, this task is probably as hard as trying to prolong an Immortal Emperor’s life.”

“If we are speculating, then there is only one possibility. He is an Alchemy Emperor! Only an Alchemy Emperor would be able to do this to an ancestral tree.” A different old man added.

At this time, Teng Jiwen touched the spot where Li Qiye was pouring fire inside but there was no sign of charring. It looked as if the Peacock Tree has opened a hole for Li Qiye to pour in the fire.

“Life Replenishment for an ancestral tree…” He muttered to himself in a daze. Eventually, he composed himself and told the old man: “Third Uncle, come back and tell the elders that I won’t be coming back for now.”

This old man was surprised to hearing and said: “You can’t, all of the elders are coming out now for your assessment! If you miss this chance, you will be handing the citadel lord’s position to someone else.”

Teng Jiwen was only one of the descendants from the citadel. He had another strong competitor that was not lesser in him in both background and ability. Because of this, the main successor spot has yet to be decided.

Teng Jiwen was touring the world and offered his respect to the different ancestral trees in order to learn the dao. Through this, he wanted to enhance his power to pass the assessment of the ancestors.

But now, he actually said that he wasn’t going back. This made the people near him jumped in shock.

“That’s right, this assessment is of utmost importance. If you miss it, I’m afraid your chance of becoming citadel lord will become slim.” A different old man worriedly persuaded.

He took a deep breath and said earnestly: “I know the gravity of this situation but I will still stay here. Everyone, don’t worry, I understand the implications very well.”

The three old men glanced at each other. They couldn’t do anything if Teng Jiwen has made up his mind.


Kong Qinru has also returned from the Exquisite Valley. All of the supplies required by Li Qiye have been brought in full.

With enough materials, Li Qiye began to perform the finishing touches for the stage he was building at Peacock Land. He has been through all the locations here including the oceans nearby and nailed down formation arrays. The center location was done as well.

After finishing the final preparation, he could breathe easy. He looked down at his work from the mountain before casually entering a tavern in a nearby town.

He ordered some dishes freely and sat by the window. He poured wine into his cup slowly as if waiting for someone.

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