Emperor Life

Chapter 1219: The Teeming Fish On The Offensive

“Boom!” The billions of fish attacking the Peacock Land created a spectacular scene. Just the tidal waves pushing to the sky alone had an unstoppable momentum.

Anyone was aghast since the entire Jade Sea was quaking from their advance. Eventually, they stopped right outside the circle drawn by Li Qiye since they knew of the terrible trap waiting inside.

The army looked at the million of fish bones hanging in the sky and found their fury to be unrestrainable. From the footsoldiers all the way to the fish kings became reddened with rage and wanted nothing more than to tear Li Qiye apart.

“We shall never return to our kingdoms before killing that little beast!” one Teeming King screamed.

“Yes! Never return until we kill his ten clans as well!” The shouting of these fish echoed to the sky.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was still sitting below the Peacock Tree. He lazily stood up to look at the horde and revealed a gentle smile: “I have always been a merciful and peace-loving person so I shall grant all of you one last chance. Run now, back to your home like good little fish or I’ll kill all of you to the very root.”

Such words enraged the fish even more. They angrily glared at him with great murderous intent, more than enough to kill him thousands of times over.

“Little beast, your doom is today!” One fish king hovered in the sky shouted: “We’ll not only kill you but we’ll devour this land as well! But before that, we’ll take our time torturing you until you reveal your identity, then we’ll finish your ten clans so that both the young and old, men and women in your clans will cry in agony for the rest of their lives for daring to provoke our tribe’s prestige.”

“A group of ants daring to talk about slaughtering a true dragon.” Li Qiye bursted out in laughter: “You all are not qualified, not even with more people!”

“Is that so?” Another fish king snorted: “Keep on gloating. You won’t be able to do it anymore soon.”

The spectators through the heavenly mirrors were still holding their breath despite being countless miles away.

“Gentlemen, please break this formation.” One fish king shouted at the horizon in order to call for reinforcements.

“Bang!” A great formation descended from the sky composed of more than ten exceedingly powerful charming spirit experts. It was easy to tell that they were at least at the high elder level due to their gray hair.

Flame covered them as this grand formation was coming down. This terrible fire instantly suppressed the area in a frightening fashion.

“Commanding Elder of the Extreme Yang School!” One sect master recognized the leader through the heavenly mirror.

“Boom!” Flames dropped from the sky while bubbles soared from the water. Li Qiye’s formation immediately attacked the high elders.

“Activate!” The elders shouted together and took out a cauldron. Their formation supported this cauldron and turned it into a gigantic divine cauldron.

“Boom! Boom!” Detonations rang nonstop. This immortal cauldron crazily absorbed the flames from Li Qiye’s cauldron. Even the bubbles and seawater that has fused together with his fire were absorbed so the remnant water fell back to the ocean.

“Extreme Yang Cauldron, rumored to be a great formation created by a grand completion Immortal Physique user.” A royal lord murmured.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye smiled. Afterward, one could hear a crashing sound followed by loud blasts. Countless laws surged from the sea in the form of gigantic chains. Each of them was as mighty as a mountain range; they tried to lock the Extreme Yang Cauldron.

“Don’t even think about it!” At this time, one more great formation loomed from the sky. The clanging of swords reverberated continuously as huge swords flew to the sky like the blossoming lotus. With the blooming lotuses, the universal laws from the sea became much weaker.

“Law Evading Sword Formation!” Someone else recognized this formation from the mirror and shouted: “This is the great formation of the Immaculate Expanse.”

Without a doubt, both the Extreme Yang School and the Immaculate Expanse paid a big cost to utilize their great formations. They wouldn’t give up until Li Qiye’s death.

“Elders, together!” One old man inside the sword formation cried out.

“Buzz!” Both the cauldron and the sword formation exerted the maximum power. First, the cauldron was absorbing the fire from Li Qiye’s cauldron while the sword law was evading the chains made out of laws. It took all the grand dao power away from this technique.

Under the two great formation, Li Qiye’s trap finally shattered since both his fire and chain were cut off.

“Boom!” The formations continued to maintain their highest level of power to suppress this sea region. In other words, if Li Qiye still had more traps or techniques in this place, they still wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“Little animal, your trick is just child’s play, can’t reach the apex.” A commanding elder of the Extreme Yang School spoke coldly after seeing the two formations working as planned.

“Killing our Immaculate Expanse disciples is deserving of ten thousand deaths! Be damned!” One high elder from this sect uttered coldly.

At this time, they felt that Li Qiye couldn’t do anything even if he had other means against the two formations in effect. He was a fish on the chopping board waiting to be killed.

“It is too hard for one person to shake a lineage.” Someone murmured while staring at a heavenly mirror.

“The expanse, Extreme Yang School, and the Teeming Fish are quite scary when they are working together. It looks like Li Qiye is really pushing them this time.” One royal lord said with worries.

“What a shame, this is a hero. The human race will lose such a good seed. This is what happens when you are too brittle instead of being flexible. His future was unlimited but he was too arrogant and made too many enemies at once. This is him walking to his death.” One ancestor lamented.

“Little beast, your funeral is today!” A fish king shouted: “Brothers, rush into the Peacock Land. No dangers will deter our march, we shall devour the entire land and tear this little beast into pieces!”

“Devour the land! Tear the little beast into pieces!” The army chanted in unison. Their battle cry shook even the stars in the sky.

Endless Teeming Fish rushed for the Peacock Land. At this moment, nothing Li Qiye did could deter their determination to destroy him. They were still far from reaching the land itself but their momentum was already impacting the entire place.

Li Qiye showed no sign of worries but revealed a beaming smile instead: “That was just for fun earlier, now it is time for the real harvest.”

Having said that, a buzz resounded. The Peacock Tree behind him suddenly emitted a blinding light with all kind of colors.

This divine light soared to the sky and overfilled the sky vault. It opened the nine heavens and derived a timeless primordial chaos.

“What’s happening?” This sudden change caught everyone off guard.

This light turned into a huge tail. The Peacock Tree suddenly disappeared from sight.

A huge peacock emerged in the sky. Its wings blotted out the sun so the world suddenly turned dark. Only the brilliance of the peacock remained with five colors. The entire Jade Sea was illuminated by this five-colored divine light.

“Splash!” The peacock spread its tail. In an instant, a truly invincible aura pervaded the entire Heaven Spirit World.

There were no laws or moves but just the spreading of the bird’s tail suppressed all the living beings. Even powerful paragons and terrible God-Monarchs felt that they were mere ants before this invincible aura. They were too fragile and couldn’t reach the apex.

“Buzz!” The peacock’s tail swept by and the billion of Teeming Fish were suppressed. Both the Extreme Yang Cauldron and the Law Evading Sword Formation were halted as well.

At this moment, both paragons and powerful formations couldn’t move at all. They were pinned down completely. Even time and space were paused like a painting as well.

Chapter 1220: Blood Refining All The Teeming Fish

The Jade Sea became obscured by the peacock. It suppressed this entire world; even the top experts were watching this creature in silence.

In a forbidden ground, one existence woke up and opened its eyes in the abyss. On its dry bones were illuminating divinity.

The majestic bird horrified all invincible existences. This was an unstoppable offense, capable of sweeping through everything.

“Peacock Treefather.” Someone muttered in a very distant location.

At this time, the ancient clans and powerful lineages were nervous with their hands standing on end.

Even more lineages initiated their heavenly mirror. Many ancestors felt the impulse to kneel while looking at this scene.

Even the exceedingly strong ancestors from behemoths like the Golden Isle and Void Imperfection Three Schools were astounded.

“Is the treefather coming back to life?” One gray-haired ancestor gasped.

The ancestors in this Void Imperfection sect couldn’t believe their eyes and murmured: “No chance. Once a treefather returns to the earth, it is irreversible.”

“This is not a resurrection.” The Golden Isle was a treefather’s lineage so they knew much more. One ancestor murmured: “This is the treefather showing its spirit. Is it about to live for even longer?”

They knew that it was prohibitively difficult for a treefather to show its spirit. Outside of when their sects were facing imminent doom, they wouldn’t show their spirit even when they were about to wither.

“I thought I would need to work much harder for the refinement this time but not bad, with the Extreme Yang Cauldron and the Law Evading Sword Formation, they will act as the best alchemy furnace.” Li Qiye smiled while watching this scene.

“Open!” He shouted. With a buzzing noise, this location lit up. The peacock’s tail suddenly spinned in the air.

An incredible thing happened. With sizzles, all of the frozen Teeming Fish were being erased.

Their bodies seemed to be under the effect of a polishing stone and slowly faded away. However, they could only watch as inches of their flesh were being removed since they couldn’t move or even scream.

This terrible scene included the members of the ophidian tribe, Dual-pupils Sect, and their allied lineages as well. Nearly one hundred thousand disciples from these lineages were being slowly erased.

In a short period, this process continued on across the lowest foot soldier to the top paragon high elders. They couldn’t escape this fate.

Eventually, both the fish and cultivators were grinded into pools of blood. This was the most precious thing in their body, the blood that contained their longevity.

All of these blood pools came together. Just imagine the sheer amount of the accumulation from the blood of a billion fish. It cemented together in a bloody sea.

“What…” The watchers with the mirrors were creeped out and trembled. A billion fish were ended just like this.

“Bang!” The Extreme Yang Cauldron controlled by more than ten high elders suddenly lit up. They have lost control of this great formation.

“Splash! Splash! Crash!” At this time, Li Qiye took over the Extreme Yang Cauldron. The inexhaustible amount of blood was being used by it.

The sunfire within turned into a vortex in order to refine the endless amount of blood. During this process, the high elders inside the formation found their body slowly melting away as well. Their fire of life started to burn and the addition of their blood made the mass even purer.

“Did you really think that a formation like the Extreme Yang Cauldron can swallow my cauldron fire? How naive. In this world, nothing is purer than the fire of life when it comes to alchemy refinement. Using your fire to refine and nourish the blood for a second time is truly perfect.” Li Qiye refined the sea-like blood using the Extreme Yang Cauldron.

Eventually, all of the blood has been refined. The sea of blood has shrunk into a lake. The Extreme Yang Cauldron shattered as well. The high elders have became part of the blood so they were destroyed as well.

“Splash-” Li Qiye poured all of the Void Imperfection Water into the Law Avoiding Sword Formation. The high elders from the expanse creating this formation could only watch themselves being drowned by it.

“Void Imperfection Water, the supreme sacred aqua of the charming spirits.” Many people were envious to see Li Qiye using so much water to drown out the sword formation. They felt that he was being too wasteful.

For charming spirits, even a single bottle of this water was extremely precious but Li Qiye ignored all of that.

“Clank!” The high elders have lost control of their sword formation. The formation turned into a huge lotus flower with incomparable holiness. This was the ultimate form of this formation, capable of purifying and evading everything.

“Splash!” The Void Imperfection Water turned into a cauldron inside the lotus flower. At this moment, the purifying force of the formation was being pushed to the limit. The recently refined lake of blood was being sucked into this new cauldron.

The lotus flower closed its petals and the blood was being refined once more. Moreover, the high elders stuck inside felt their fate palaces opening. Their spring of life flowed continuously into the cauldron and was being thoroughly refined.

Their blood energy, longevity blood, and dao force were gathered into their spring of life and its water continued to pour outside. Their fate ended up being the same as the elders from the Extreme Yang School, slowly melting away.

Even though this process didn’t look that scary, they were being robbed of everything. It drained their entire being and left behind nothing.

“Using the fire of life to warm the blood and the spring water of life to purify it, nothing can be better than this.” Li Qiye smiled while controlling the cauldron: “It would have been too cruel if I had to catch dozens of experts to refine them alive into this medicine, right? Unfortunately, you all didn’t heed my warning and decided to come seeking death by turning yourselves into medicines.”

“The even bigger coincidence is that the Extreme Yang Cauldron and the Law Evading Sword Formation are quite suitable for medicine creation. The merit laws created by your grand completion Immortal Physique users consisted of endless hardness and peerless softness. Coming here together to be part of my medicine creation, what else can I say? Thank you for helping me save a lot of time.” Li Qiye leisurely explained the process while refining the blood.

After seeing this, one ancestor from the Void Imperfection School wondered: “Is this really a coincidence?”

Eventually, the lotus flower withered and the blood was tempered once more. At this time, they no longer looked like blood but more like a treasure liquid. It exuded a wondrous light.

Earlier, there was as much blood as a lake but now, this liquid form was down into a pond. There was primordial chaos lingering inside this pond as if a world of stars was about to be born within. An entire universe was being gestated.

“This kind of treasure liquid can really compare to the chaos essence.” Many people were salivating while looking at this liquid. Even those without a clue still knew how precious it was.

This was a liquid refined from a billion Teeming Fish. Its value could only be imagined.

Li Qiye took out the Heavenvine Calabash and began to cut it. An ordinary golden liquid poured out from the inside, releasing a vibrant force of life. Each drop of this golden liquid contained infinite vigor. He added this golden liquid into the pond.

“Buzz!” The two instantly fused together. At this time, everyone in the Jade Sea could feel a breeze full of exuberant life force hitting them. There seemed to be an extremely powerful new life being born in this pond of water, capable of taking root into the earth!

Countless existences in the Jade Sea felt the great vitality being created. Even a dying piece of dry wood would have a second spring.

“He is really replenishing the life of the Peacock Tree so it can live longer!” An ancestor became dazed in front of the mirror. They finally understood what Li Qiye was trying to do!

Countless were astounded; some were moved and many were silenced as well.

Prior to this, someone has asked what Li Qiye was trying to do and he answered truthfully. At that time, so many people mocked him and snorted. They viewed him in disdain and thought that this fool didn’t know his own limits.

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