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Chapter 1169: Peacock Tree

The Peacock Peak was where the treefather died and turned into a gigantic tree.

It was tall enough to pierce into the blue clouds and sky, a giant standing and protecting everything on this continent.

Not just anyone could come here. Only cultivators at a particular level who could withstand the power of the peak could climb up.

One would see that the top of the peak was completely flat like a small martial ground. The stone surface seemed to have been polished.

In the past, countless treants disciples came here and meditated when the Peacock Treefather was still exuberant with life. They wanted to rely on the tree to understand the grand dao.

Countless people came and went, leaving their footsteps behind which was why the stone surface here were so shiny.

Li Qiye came very early to perform an offering ceremony for the Peacock Tree. In fact, this was him sending away one of the great treefather to the end of his journey.

The withering of the tree was only a matter of time. Everything would turn to ashes aftwards. The world would lose the remaining traces of the treefather.

When he and Kong Qinru got here, some people have already been worshipping the tree since earlier.

The tree itself was not very tall at around three meters. The body was old with hard barks. These cracked barks resembled dragon scales. Although they have lost their luster, one could still feel their toughness.

There weren’t that many branches left, only around three or five with very few leaves growing. Although these leaves were still quite green, they still gave off a withering sensation.

Smokes were curling before the tree. People were lighting incense in order to worship him.

There was a young man here wearing a hemp robe. Even though he didn’t show off a powerful energy, but when he blinked, a very majestic power emerged.

His whole body exuded the breath of vegetation. It made others want to come closer. He clearly was from the Treant Race. Three old men stood behind him with vast blood energy. One didn’t even need to look at them to know that they were experts. It was easy to infer the young man’s status if he had these three old men as his company.

In fact, people beside Li Qiye and this young man came to offer their respect from all over the places. Everyone knew that in the near future, the Peacock Tree was about to die.

The human cultivators in this world were grateful of his protection for many generations. This land gave them a place to live and work.

After offering the incense, the young man stood there and watched the smokes drifting away without saying anything.

Once Li Qiye and Kong Qinru made it to the top, the young man finally said: “Let’s go.”

With that, he and the old men left. As he was walking by, he also bowed to greet Li Qiye and Kong Qinru in a very polite manner.

Kong Qinru nodded back to reciprocate the gesture while Li Qiye didn’t say anything and only gave him a quick glance.

Li Qiye said flatly after that group left: “A good pair of wood pupils, it has been a while since the treants have someone like that.”

She was surprised to hear him say that. With a single glance, Li Qiye could discern the person’s secret. This was a bit too terrible.

“He is one of the descendants of the Heavenvine Citadel, Teng Jiwen. He has reached Virtuous Paragon a few years earlier, a very promising youth.” She stated.

Because of her concealment, the youth earlier couldn’t recognize her. But since she was the valley lord, she recognized many famous cultivators in this world.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else and stepped before the Peacock Tree. He placed down his incense sticks and stared at the withering tree in silence for a long time.

Eventually, he gently sighed and said: “Eternal life is too far away. Even a treefather cannot escape death and has to return to the origin eventually.”

With that, he lit up the incense and bowed towards the Peacock Treefather. In his eyes, the treefather was still an amazing existence. Moreover, he has protected the humans for many generations.

Kong Qinru did the same with reverence straight from the heart.

After the ceremony, Li Qiye gently touched the tree’s hard barks. With a buzzing sound, his hand suddenly disappeared into the tree like water dissolving.

He closed his eyes and stood there as if he was sleeping. After a while, he withdrew his hand and concluded: “The Peacock Tree will die within fifty thousand years.”

This was shocking to Kong Qinru. It was much faster than her imagination since she thought the tree could still hold on for another two or three generations.

“Only fifty thousand years?” She murmured in a daze.

Li Qiye spoke emotionlessly: “To be exact, it could struggle on for another forty thousand years. The rest of the time depends on how much it is attached to this land. Regardless, that day will come when it has to let go.”

Suddenly, she became quite dejected inside. She felt helpless because there was nothing she could do to change the situation. She sighed and said: “Even treefathers will die one day. No one can save them. I just hope that it will come slowly.”

“Who told you that?” Li Qiye chuckled under the tree: “It depends on the person. Going against the heaven to replenish longevity is not an impossible matter.”

Such words were like the bells bringing in her mind. She immediately looked up to see the nonchalant fella in disbelief while trembling.

“You, you mean to say, that you can replenish the Peacock Tree’s life?” She nervously stared at him while shaking despite being a great valley lord.

He glanced at her then back at the tree and said lightly: “Even though these treefathers take root in the earth, they are still like cultivators with a chance for life replenishment. This applies to the Peacock Tree. Moreover, it has never had this procedure done before so the probability is even higher.”

“You, you are telling the truth?” She suddenly became spirited with hope filling her heart while looking at Li Qiye with excitement.

“My words are a hundred times more precious than pearls.” He looked at her and said: “Besides, this is common knowledge. Going against the heaven to replenish life is the most basic technique of an alchemist.”

If any alchemist was present, they would be vomiting blood in anger or struck with such great insecurity and feel the urge to commit suicide by slamming into tofu.

Life replenishment was a very lofty goal for alchemists. Only Legendary Alchemists were able to do so. Moreover, success was not certain either. But now, according to Li Qiye, this was the most basic means.

“So you are saying that you can replenish the tree’s life?” Her eyes were bright as she tried to clarify.

“Possible.” He said while looking at the tree: “Since it has never done this before, the first life replenishment has very good odds and the length will be quite long. For an existence like this tree, living for another eight or ten generations is not a problem if the procedure is successful.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Hurry and replenish its life!” She exclaimed.

He slowly looked back at her and said: “Why should I replenish its life. It is not my relative or an elder.”

“You are a human!” She stated: “The tree has protected the human race so long, it is only right for you to reciprocate.”

Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head in response: “Little girl, why do you think so? There have been many people who have accomplished many things for the human race. Does that mean that I have to do something for them or their descendants as well? Countless wise sages and invincible existences have fought for the survival of the human race; compared to them, the things that the Peacock Treefather have done can’t reach the apex.”

“You…” Her face became red and she didn’t know what to say in this situation.

He glanced over her direction and said flatly: “There are choices in everything and everyone. For example, the old wise sages pushing the human race forward or the Peacock Treefather taking root in this place; they have made their decision. They walked on this path not to ask for repayment from the future generation. They simply walked on their own path with great responsibility and perseverance, true to their pursuit to the very end.”

Chapter 1170: Fate Of The Peacock Tree

Kong Qinru pondered over Li Qiye’s belief. Setting other matters aside, she didn’t really know him. Plus, he was not someone from Heaven Spirit. Why should he replenish the treefather’s life?”

Li Qiye continued on with a smile: “There are too many injustices in this world; too many powerless thoughts; too many things that people don’t want to do. Even the savior cannot save everyone in this world or satisfy all of their prayers. Moreover, I am not a savior or a charitable person.”

“How do we replenish its life?” She asked.

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “It is useless even if you know because only I can do it. Plus, the price is not small.”

She took a deep breath and solemnly asked him: “What do you want before you are willing to replenish its life?”

He smilingly shook his head: “Little girl, you can’t offer what I want.”

She breathed deeply again before offering: “If you are willing to do so and if it is a success, you can have whatever you want, including marrying me and have a great position in the Exquisite Valley!”

Her eyes directly met his gaze in a natural manner with great persistence and earnesty.

He noticed her stare and finally laughed: “I’m not looking down on you but I need to make it clear. Let us not talk about treasures, just the proposed marriage and entrance to the Exquisite Valley alone…”

“… You are thinking too highly of yourself. First of all, I have an imperial bloodline. Countless women in this world want to be my dao companion. For example, the little brat from the Golden Isle. Which aspects you have that are better than her? Beauty, intelligence, sexiness, or maybe talents?”

“… Take a step back, we’ll pretend that I don’t have an imperial bloodline. Marrying you will be my loss, it will be you taking advantage of me, not the other way around. The truth is always grating to the ears but you are still not qualified to be my wife.” He smiled and said.

Such words let Kong Qinru speechless. As the Exquisite Valley Master, she wasn’t only enchantingly beautiful but also possessed an excellent bloodline. Countless at the Heaven Spirit World wanted to marry her. As long as she gave the okay, even the descendant of the most powerful sect was willing to do so.

But now, this ordinary person that couldn’t be anymore ordinary considered these things that she had been so proud of as not worth mentioning.

Her demeanor eventually dimmed as she said helplessly: “I have overestimated myself. You are right, how can it be that easy to replenish a treefather’s life. The price must be too big.”

“You misunderstood me.” He smiled and said: “It is not that I want something outrageous but that the process itself is costly.”

She didn’t know what to say for this was beyond her scope. It was that Li Qiye gave her hope just now.

Li Qiye continued: “Why are you so insistent on this? In fact, this doesn’t affect you too much and to be frank, if the Peacock Land ceases to exist, it would make the Exquisite Valley become even more precious, don’t you think?”

She looked at his eyes and said: “Yes, this has no effect on the valley but it is a different story for the inhabitants here. Without their home, they would have no longer have place in this world.”

“For many people, there were only two places at Heaven Spirit. The mainland of the Exquisite Valley and the Peacock Land. Without one of them, it was one less home for the human race and half of its hope extinguished. Moreover, countless creatures would perish with the withering of the treefather.” She sighed helplessly at this point.

This was not to say that she was overly humane and kind or someone who was too weak to see accept death. It was because as the Exquisite Valley Lord, the most influence person of the human race, she wanted to work for the welfare of her race. She wished for peace and hope to the rest of her kins.

“Life and death are part of nature.” Li Qiye smiled faintly: “After millions years, how many people have died in wars? And how many people are currently living in Peacock Land? I’m sure that number is less than one tenth of the amount of people who will die in a battle for the Heaven’s Will. Thus, even if this place collapses, it is insignificant in the grand scheme of things for the human race.”

“I know that.” She answered: “But it is another beacon of hope for the humans here.”

“Hope?” He was amused by this notion: “This hope is a reason for their demise, the death of their future, the death of their descendants. Because the Peacock Land and Exquisite Valley are there, more humans decide to stay at Heaven Spirit. Without these two, this amount would be quite negligible.”

She contemplated for a moment before replying: “Maybe you are right, my vision is quite short-sighted but I only want to do a few things for future generations. A little glimmer of hope is the only thing I can offer to our kind here, hope of a peaceful and happy life.”

Li Qiye looked at her in silence for a while before gently shaking his head: “Little girl, this world is not meant for a peaceful and happy life, at least not for humans. One day, you will understand why it is not their home but maybe you won’t be able to wait till that time.”

“So what if you are right? For experts and real heaven defying people, they could leave the moment the nine worlds are connected again. But what about the others? What about the mortals? Even if they wanted to leave, there is nothing they can do.”

Li Qiye answered flatly: “Like I said before, if you really think for the human race, the wisest thing to do is to prepare to move the Exquisite Valley out of Heaven Spirit. The nine worlds are vast, there will be a new foothold for you.”

“Maybe. But even if I wanted to, it won’t be that easy. Three meters deep snow isn’t formed overnight.” She said weakly. 1

Eventually, Li Qiye shook his head and commented; “It seems like I have grown old. I am not a soft-hearted person for my will is made of steel. But when one becomes older, their heart becomes soft as well.”

After hearing this, she was slightly surprised before calming down and happily blurted: “You mean…”

He glanced at her and said insipidly: “Since I’m already here, so be it. I suppose I have to try a bit. As for the fate of the human race in the future in this world, I’ll have to leave it to them, or you.”

She couldn’t believe her own ears and took a deep breath to confirm: “Are, are you serious?”

“Do I need to lie to you?” He answered: “However, you need to be mentally prepare. Defying the heavens for life replenishment is not easy. The price will be quite heavy!”

She solemnly responded while bracing herself: “What do you need? As long as it is within our valley’s capability, I will definitely get it for you.”

He shook his head: “The price I’m referring to isn’t treasures or spirit pills and alchemy ingredients. In short, it isn’t something you or your valley can afford.”

“Umm…” She was at a loss for words.

He waved his sleeve dismissively: “Such an exchange is required at times. No need to think about it any further. As for some other necessary items, you will be responsible.”

She nodded with great austerity: “Rest assured, just let me know about whatever you need. I will not let you down!”

A fire of hope was ignited within her. If the Peacock Tree could live longer, the other resting place of the human race could continue to exist. With this home, people would continue to have hope.

He didn’t say anything else and opened his fate palace. An old tree emerged. There were several green branches growing from it with fresh leaves swaying in the breeze.

Kong Qinru didn’t know what this old tree was but she felt that this inconspicuous-looking tree was not so simple.

It was not strange that she didn’t know about it or was it a lack of knowledge on her part. In fact, outside of Li Qiye’s group, those who have seen this tree were no more. The world has forgotten about its name, let alone seeing it.

At this time, the green branches of the Myriad Age Tree slowly stretched out like tiny serpents. They drilled into the Peacock Tree in an instant.

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day is the equivalent idiom

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