Emperor Life Origination

Chapter 1157: Golden Isle

This sudden development stunned all the crowd including the elders from the Golden Isle. They didn’t dare to believe their eyes while looking at the formations that were completely activated.

“Well… this has to be impossible, right!?” These elders were slack-jawed but this was definitely happening in real time.

They had full confidence in their arrays. Only a few lineages in Heaven Spirit World had a comparable formation. Such a powerful and complete platform was the work of their Treefather. There was no chance of this being an error.

“Damn, don’t tell me? A bloodline examination platform.” Li Qiye looked and saw the refined jades all around him and immediately cursed. He was seeing stars at the moment with his blood energy churning like crazy as his body felt like it was splitting apart.

He was shot by the powerful water beam to the sky. Without the protection of the pentagate, he would have been lacerated to little pieces by that terrible beam already.

Who would have thought that an even more outrageous circumstance would happen after landing? Li Qiye naturally knew what this platform was used for.

He smiled while seeing the platform’s dao power enveloping around him with runes in order to analyze his bloodline and said: “Not bad, only an emperor level would be able to create a platform like this.”

With that, he wanted to leave but he started to stumble. His body felt especially heavy as if something was pouring into his body.

“That’s good stuff.” He murmured after realizing what has happened. Outside of being wounded by the water beam, the bead of water he got from the maelstrom was also affecting him.

He took a deep breath to adjust his body while channelling his blood energy. However, he found that something has went awry.

“Check it out.” The elders calmed down and immediately checked the formations on the platform. They found that there were no problem at all.

In fact, they also believed that there was nothing wrong at all with the array created by their Treefather.

At this time, one elder pulled Li Qiye’s hand up and loudly announced: “We got a winner!”

The defeated human youth earlier didn’t say anything. Victory was in his grasp but he had to leave grumpily right now since there was nothing else he could do. But it was not a big deal since he had absolute confidence in his bloodline. Even if he wasn’t selected by Golden Isle, other lineages would pick him eventually.

In a short time, the disciples decorated the islands with lanterns and flowers. The lively sounds of drums and laughters could be heard everywhere.

“Our groom, please follow me. I have prepared a new house for you.” One disciple bowed before Li Qiye and cheerfully smiled.

Li Qiye could only smile wryly back. He magically became someone’s groom the moment he got to Heaven Spirit World. This whole thing was too strange.

“Where is this place?” He looked around and asked.

The disciple smiled in response: “Our groom, you participated in the selection but you don’t know where this place is? This is the Golden Isle of the Jade Sea.” 1

“Golden Isle.” He couldn’t help but smile helplessly again while shaking his head: “You all are misunderstanding. I accidentally fell down from the sky and it is out of sheer coincidence that I am your groom.”

“Then that’s even better. This is the will of the heavens, a predestined fate, it will be a topic garnering even more praises and songs!” The disciples smiled once more.

Li Qiye glanced at the disciples and said: “Predestined fate? What a pleasant way to put it, it’s more like your island wanting to use my bloodline.”

The disciple was not offended by this and maintained his jolly demeanor: “Our groom, you should know that a marriage with the Golden Isle is not a bad thing at all, don’t you think?”

Li Qiye was quite amused. He naturally understood what this so-called marriage was in Heaven Spirit World for humans. The ones with good bloodlines were simply breeding stallions. Although they wouldn’t have any authority within these sects, it was a leisure life without any worries.

Because of this, many humans were willing to become these stallions. They would have a beautiful wife and an easy life. Despite not having any power to shift the clouds and winds, it was still a very happy result.

“Okay then, might as well go with the flow.” Li Qiye was pretty relaxed. Of course, he was not afraid of anyone in present time. He smilingly said: “Take me see the beautiful sceneries of the Golden Isle.”

The disciple didn’t expect this nonchalant attitude from Li Qiye. He was quite knowledgeable being a disciple from a great lineage. Becoming the groom of the Golden Isle should be exciting thing. It was the same as a carp turning to a dragon by crossing the gate. Some people would even begin to act arrogant.

But this ordinary young man ahead was still very calm as if becoming the island’s groom was nothing worth mentioning.

“This way, our groom.” He didn’t say anything else and led the way for Li Qiye.

The two of them went on a sightseeing tour to check out the nice landscapes found in this place.

The Jade Sea was a blue ocean. It was vast and majestic. Few could actually explain how large it was in a clear manner. The Golden Isle was actually very large but it was nothing compared to the Jade Sea.

Here, one could see things never seen before: islands made out of gold or silver.

There were more than one hundred islands within the Golden Isle so it looked quite big. Some were floating in the sky while others were hanging on the tree branches. In fact, some islands were made from gigantic tree roots! 2

The more discerning crowd would be able to see that despite the large quantity of islands, the main foundation of Golden Isle was based on two gigantic trees. They were situated in the central area of this archipelago. One was a bamboo tree made from gold while the other consisted of silver and black iron.

One regular tree and a bamboo tree created this area. Their roots were pinned down at the depth of the ocean. Remember that in the past, this was just an empty ocean without any islands.

Not all of the islands here were created by the intertwining roots and branches of these two trees. Some of them were made from a great amount of refined sea water.

In addition to many vegetations and trees on the islands, there were also a lot of coral and seaweeds surrounding this place. They grew very well here as if they were sky-piercing trees in a very spectacular manner.

While standing on one island, Li Qiye stared at the huge tree and bamboo in the distant while commenting insipidly: “Returning to the earth… There is nothing else that can protect the future generations better than this. The Golden Bamboo Father and Silver Treefather died here to turn into the land that protects the Golden Isle for tens of millions of years. This might go on for millions more.”

“Our groom is quite insightful.” The disciple smilingly praised.

Li Qiye thought about many things while looking at these two trees, especially the origin of the treants.

It was one of the three major races of the Heaven Spirit World. They could cultivate just like the humans. The moment their flesh and blood formed, they would turn into cultivators. There was no different between them and the other cultivators since their realms and levels were the same as well.

However, the final outcome was different. Humans and the other races would have a chance to compete for the Heaven’s Will to become Immortal Emperor. The treants on the other hand did not vie for the Heaven’s Will. They would return to the earth and turn into a haven for their descendants.

Only treefathers were qualified to return to the earth. For the treants, treefathers were equal to Immortal Emperors!

When a treant was powerful enough to become a treefather, upon its death, it would return to the ultimate origin and take root on the earth. Their descendants would be able to multiply unceasingly in this created paradise.

This was the most frightening aspect of treants. When these treefathers returned to the origin and take root, they wouldn’t be able to manifest themselves as regular beings anymore but they were still extremely powerful. Some could become even stronger than when they were still alive.

This was just like the sects that once had a living Immortal Emperor to protect them. One could imagine just how mighty these lineages used to be during those periods.

“Our groom, it is getting late now, please go back and rest.” The disciple looked at Li Qiye and said.

Li Qiye gently nodded while looking back at him: “Okay, I’ll stay at Golden Isle for now but it is too early to decide whether I’ll be your groom or not.”

The disciple repeated with a smile: “Our groom, remember that it is not a bad thing to be part of our Golden Isle at all.”

“You should remember that with my bloodline, many people would want to kidnap me so that I can be their groom instead.” Li Qiye quipped back.

The disciple couldn’t come up with a response in a short time after hearing this.

Chapter 1158: Life Origination

There was quite a stir at Golden Isle due to Li Qiye’s sudden arrival and successful crossing of the one hundred and eight bloodline jade test.

Though the isle has long been prepared for this groom selection, this new bloodline coming out of nowhere caught them off guard. Thus, after the disciple arranged a living space for Li Qiye, several ancestors gathered to discuss this matter. Even the isle lord showed up.

After all, the main protagonist this time was his daughter so he was more attentive about this than anyone else.

The ancestors glanced at each other. One of them spoke: “I don’t think there has ever been a bloodline that can pass through all the refined jade tests.”

“Outside of our treefathers, the Silver Treefather’s imperial prince has done so as well. I think he also passed all of the tests.” A different ancestor corrected.

Even though the apex experts of the treants couldn’t become Immortal Emperors, in the eyes of many people, they were equal to Immortal Emperors. In this way, their direct children were also imperial children.

“Perhaps something was wrong with the platform?” One ancestor questioned the validity of the test.

Golden Isle Lord gently shook his head: “Ancestor, there was definitely no problem. I have checked again and the platform is fine.”

“It can’t have a problem because it was created by the treefathers. It isn’t that easy to break it.” One ancestor was very confident with his sect’s platform.

Another added: “A bloodline of the imperial prince level… This has not appeared in the Heaven Spirit World for a long time now.”

“At the very least, not for the human race.” A third ancestor elaborated.

The isle lord mused for a second before stating: “I’m afraid it is not an imperial bloodline of the contemporary generation. It has to be an even older one if our platform cannot analyze his lineage and origin. This means that his original ancestors are even older than our treefathers.”

“Such an ancient bloodline is even more precious due to its greater purity.” An ancestor responded.

From a certain perspective, the isle lord was correct. Li Qiye’s bloodline has been polished several times. After numerous refinements, it has become very powerful. More importantly, he also refined the true blood of the Blood Progenitor and three Immortal Emperors from the Blood-devil Tribe. This made his bloodline even more powerful and ancient.

“Such a bloodline is a perfect match with our princess.” The second ancestor clapped his hands and said.

“Senior Brother, you can’t put it that way.” The third ancestor slightly shook his head: “An imperial prince bloodline, even an older one, I’m afraid that when the two of them combine, it will lead to contention between the bloodlines. This level of bloodline might lead to a descendant with a human bloodline but we want a powerful descendant of our bloodline this time.”

This opinion made the elders and isle lord stare at each other.

The main reason why these lineages like powerful human bloodlines is because of reproduction. As long as their race’s own bloodline was strong enough, the offsprings would surely inherit their branch.

But if this person’s lineage was of an ancient imperial line, then it became a different story. Perhaps the human bloodline would overcome the treefather’s bloodline and the child would be more of a human instead.

“What should we do now? Shall we cancel the marriage and give him some compensation then let him leave?” The isle lord asked the ancestor standing in front of him.

This first ancestor pondered for a bit before answering: “Nothing is impossible. In principle, we treants don’t need to preserve blood purity, otherwise we wouldn’t be marrying humans. This might actually be a good thing. We don’t have to decide to breed our bloodline in this generation.”

With that, he surveyed the rest of the group and continued: “So what if the offspring will have an imperial prince bloodline? This also mean that we can multiply this particular bloodline! At the same time, it leaves us with a better bloodline and it’s not like we can’t have human descendants in our line.”

The other ancestors wondered for a bit before agreeing: “This is indeed understandable. We can hold passing down our bloodline for now. Even if the future offspring carries an imperial prince lineage, it would only make our sect stronger and richer with legacies. If we could produce an Immortal Emperor, it could even change the current temperament of our isle.”

“An Immortal Emperor from a treant lineage, this will be an amazing experiment.” Even the Golden Isle Lord felt his heart beating faster with excitement.

For both the treants and sea demons, their final rest was stuck at the Heaven Spirit World. Due to their own powerful bloodlines, it was difficult for them to have offsprings with a different bloodline winning out in the end. Thus, they didn’t have Immortal Emperors like the humans and the other races.

But if the lineage itself could produce a human Immortal Emperor, this would be a new pattern for the treant race.

Li Qiye was staying on one island with a verdant and thick foliage. There was only one building. Living alone on this islet while gazing at the beautiful sceneries was indeed a very pleasant thing.

As the future groom, the Golden Isle treated him very well so he was particular comfortable here.

In fact, these stallions at the big lineages have always enjoyed great treatment. After all, they needed these powerful bloodlines to reproduce more offsprings. The loss of these stallions was the lineages’ loss.

After the disciple from the isle left, Li Qiye sealed the space around him and began to channel his blood energy while gauging his internal condition.

After doing so, he had better understanding of his internal injuries thanks to the water beam. But with his alchemy mastery and curing methods, these injuries weren’t much and could be healed very quickly.

He understood now that the internal injuries weren’t the complication. It was the drop of water that he got from the maelstrom that was the main culprit.

He opened his fate palace. The spring of life emerged. A casual glance wouldn’t yield any result but with a careful observation, he noticed that the drop of water was still floating within the spring.

There was nothing strange about it since it looked quite familiar with the water of life. They were all melting into life. But with a meticulous gaze, one would find that other majority of spring water here couldn’t melt this particular drop. Eventually, through sheer effort and repetition, one little strand of this drop was finally removed.

Just like that, tiny threads of beads were melting into the spring. This made the water of life suddenly become heavy and full of vitality. This process required a monstrous amount of life water in order to dilute these little threads of essences from the single drop.

It was precisely this incredible drop of water that was making Li Qiye’s spring of life feeling unbearable. Due to a shortage of life water, Li Qiye’s vitality and strength were suppressed.

Thus, it appeared as if he was a mortal rather than a cultivator. Even a stronger cultivator wouldn’t be able to tell that something special was going on with his blood energy.

Li Qiye exclaimed in admiration while seeing the essences within a single drop of water since he was aware of its true mysteries.

“So amazing, this thing combined with the maelstrom created a unique condition. No wonder why all kind of unbelievable events occurred before in the past.” He looked at the drop of water and said with emotions.

The great maelstrom was a dreadful place. It was even more ominous for the charming spirits but not too many people knew about the secret hidden within.

“Life Origination, I have finally found it.” Li Qiye watched his own life water trying to analyze this bead and murmured: “Just missing one more thing. If I can have all four, the four cores of the fate palaces will open, a profundity understood by no one throughout this entire world.” 3

He couldn’t help but smile at this point. No one has been able to collect all four things in history. In fact, Li Qiye has never seen the true appearance of these four things before. He has only heard a few legends about them.

Of course, only characters like him were eligible to even know about these rumors! In the beginning, he even questioned their existence.

Not until he got the Ancient Void Rune did he confirm that all of them truly exist. After grabbing the Heavenly Dao’s Primal Chapter as well, he began to see through their mysteries.

The rune, chapter, and now, the origination; all of them had an unbelievable mysticism and power. No need to talk about other things and focus on the Blood Progenitor instead. This person has truly grasped the mysteries of the Heavenly Dao’s Primal Chapter and even thoroughly maximized its effect.

Because of that, the progenitor was able to establish the matchless Blood Race!

After obtaining the chapter, Li Qiye had a new idea. He wanted to gather all four items. Only by doing so would he be able to truly grasp their ultimate mysticism.

The truth was that in the last millions of years, he had spent painstaking efforts to learn more about these legends. Alas, it was all for naught which made him quite suspicious about the claims.

But now, he was more determined than ever to collect all four. At the same time, he understood where to go to find the last piece.

“The ultimate mysticism of the fate palaces…” Li Qiye glanced over at all three items and murmured: “Or rather, the mysteries behind the power of this world are hidden within.”

  1. Our groom is one of those honorifics with no direct translation without it sounding stilted. The bride’s family would call the husband “groom”. It is quite respectful
  2. Golden Archipelago is probably more fitting in a geographical sense than Isle but since the author didn’t use the exact word for it, I’ll just stick to the raw
  3. This fate palace theory was mentioned during the first fifty chapters when they were introduced

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